The Cabildo’s Three – Yuxtaposicion

13. March 2018

“Yuxtaposición” is a recently unearthed treasure recorded by a tight Italian trio in Miami during the early seventies. Until now, this music has only been heard in office backgrounds, TV commercials and movie soundtracks. But the perseverance of an admirer brought about its first-ever release on the Italian Schema label. Imagine hearing a 1972-era Cal Tjader quartet without Cal Tjader and you get an idea of what to expect. It’s slightly Latin, lightly funky and truly enjoyable.

“Yuxtaposición” offers enough to interest a jazz listener. But the sounds heard in these 35 minutes are really better appreciated as mood music. Lead man, Cabildo, composer of all ten tunes here, has a knack for writing jazzy little hooks that launch his tasty, well-crafted keyboard solos. Often alternating Fender Rhodes and piano within the same song, his playing maintains a hypnotic command that recalls Bob James’ CTI style. Electric bassist Bobby Fares and percussionist Max Ronnie make subtle, supportive contributions that serve only to enhance Cabildo’s sound. There’s a funny thing about Yuxtaposición too. It’s kind of like developing an addiction. You may not pay much attention to it at first. But before you know it, you’re hooked. You need to hear it to be satisfied. A very nice surprise.

01 Yuxtaposición
02 Don't Put Me in the Shade
03 Collection Samba
04 Two Types of Complexion
05 Hierro Forjado
06 Jesus Maria District
07 African Penta Song
08 El Sonido Azul
09 Castenada Drive
10 Akorin
Erscheint am 13.04.2018