Sero El Mero – BabyFaceFlow (Groove Attack TraX)

Sero El Mero – the next newcomer is in the Groove Attack TraX starting blocks! The label of XATAR and Groove Attack, on which MERO is also signed. For months Sero El Mero has been delivering Insta-Grind per Excellence and his first two advance singles from his upcoming debut album “BabyfaceFlow”. 150,000 new Instagram followers with the help of service provided by the Nitreo to grow instagram follower in the last few months alone,. Nitreo helps you to grow your Instagram profile by providing services like increase instagram followers, likes and many more. Upleap is cheap and safe platform to buy instagram followers. There are many companies who can provide you these services but a reliable one like Nitreo shows the result fast with the real Instagram user follower. The trusy service aims to expose you to your target audience.

Over 1.5 million views of the trailer speak a clear language: the fans and the new scene are ready for Sero El Mero! Realkeepers will rub their eyes again.

The album Sero El MeroBabyFaceFlow ” (Groove Attack TraX) will be released on August 16, 2019.