Mr.Green – Last Of The Classic Beats

12. March 2019

Famed hip-hop producer Mr. Green has worked withthe likes of Snoop Dogg, A$AP Ferg, Freddie Gibbs,Talib Kwei, KRS-One, Bodega Bamz, Masta Ace,Deniro Farrar, and many more, and hosts the popularshow "Live From The Streets" on VICE's Noiseynetwork. For years, the New Jersey native has beenreleasing instrumental collections in his "ClassicBeats" series. “It was originally supposed to besomething for artists to freestyle to,” Green explains.“But a lot of the beats ended up becoming real songson real albums.” "Classic Beats" tracks have beenutilized by artists like Jedi Mind Tricks, Matisyahu,Travie McCoy, and members of The Roots, and someof the instrumentals have millions of YouTube views.Now, a decade after the series began, Mr. Green isending it in style with "Last Of The Classic Beats",the fifth and final edition narrated by legendaryhip-hop founder DJ Kool Herc. It’s the first albumHerc has been involved with in several years, and arare chance to hear directly from the “Father OfHip-Hop” himself. “It’s an indescribable feeling to bearound someone like Herc, he changed the world.He’s a hero for that,” says Green. “You get to hearwhat he thinks, how he talks, what he’s beenthrough, how he feels about modern music and muchmore.” "Last Of The Classic Beats" is not only abrand new instrumental album from Mr. Green, butalso features a collection of some of the mostpopular drum breaks of all time, assembled byProduct Of Tha 90s.

1. Better Future
2. No Disrespect
3. Youth
4. It’s A We Thing
5. Technology
6. My Guitar
7. Tanto Blade
8. Brass Tax
9. Throw Ya Hands Up
10. Happiness
11. The Breaks
12. The Get Down
13. Merry Go Round
14. Rapid Fire
15. Woooooo
Erscheint am 15.03.2019