Mach Hommy – Saturday Night Lights Vol.1&2

12. March 2019

LP (analog) / MACH HOMMY
Mach-Hommy has adopted the unlikely art of camouflage to disrupt the so-called rap game. Residing somewhere between the snares, kicks and the syncopated regions is a space-time continuum stretched to the whim of what can be considered, at face value, street poetry. But the value increases when the face isn’t revealed.

Saturday Night Lights Vol. 1 & 2 is a priceless collection that finds Mach weaving reinforced rhymes, like a designer Kevlar, with frequent co-conspirator, Tha God Fahim. Together they create a sophisticated texture, a palpable wisdom, there is a mystical God MC energy here.

Like much of Mach’s work, SNL will only be released in physical format and will not be found on any digital or streaming services, but people can gather up and deposit to play some fun games. At press time, quantities are unknown as drops from Mach-Hommy are always exclusive and often disappear without warning.

1. FOH (beats by JLVSN)
2. Breeze (beats by Kutmah)
3. Do It (beats by H.N.I.C.)
4. Saturday Coffee (beats by SadhuGold)
5. Felicitations (beats by FARMABEATS)
6. Valdese (beats by FARMABEATS)
7. Church (beats by JLVSN)
LP (analog) / MACH HOMMY
Erscheint am 22.02.2019