Lloyd Miller – Jazz At The University Of Utah

13. March 2018

Reissued for the first time! Modal and Eastern Jazz by Spiritual Jazz Maestro Lloyd Miller, originally issued in a run of 500 copies in 1967. This reissue was overseen by Miller and pressed from new stampers made from the original metal parts. The album contains an extensive booklet detailing Miller’s story by Francis Goding and also includes a download Card for WAV files and video of late 60s performances as well as Miller’s autobiography ‘Sufi, Saint & Swinger’ included.

“...a soundtrack for discovery, suitable for escapism, reflection or something else entirely.” – NPR

1. Amber Eyes (Güzel Gözler)
2. Yona
3. Natanie
4. Blue Rue
5. Sixty Years Of Jazz New Orleans Street March New Orleans Dance Gall Band Chicago Jazz Post Chicago And Modern Jazz Dixieland
6. Gol e Gandon
7. Hue Wail
8. Sakura
9. Impressions Of Bhairavi
10. Midsummer Moon
Erscheint am 30.03.2018