KOMPROMAT – Traum Und Existenz

12. March 2019

LP (analog) / CLIVAGE
KOMPROMAT is a new band formed by Vitalic & Rebeka Warrior. Inspired by old Berliner techno, its music fits somewhere between Einstürzende Neubauten and Crash Course in Science. Punk, rock, dark & sweet, KOMPROMAT smells like a battle cry & a call to prayer. It makes you wanna lift your arms in the air and dance while crying.

A1. Possession (03:40)
A2. Traum und Existenz (04:36)
A3. Niemand (04:04)
A4. De mon âme à ton âme (04:24)
A5. Die Tausende Herbst (03:51)
B1. Herztod (02:42)
B2. Einfach da sein (03:56)
B3. Le goût des cendres (06:14)
B4. Auf immer und ewig (05:17)
B5. Das Konterfei (03:37)

LP+MP3 incl. printed innersleeves
LP (analog) / CLIVAGE
Erscheint am 05.04.2019