Hoodna Orchestra – Ofel

12. March 2019

A1. Intro (02:26)
A2. OFEL I (04:09)
A3. Breathe (03:58)
A4. Rexico (04:02)
A5. Power Ballad (03:36)
B1. OFEL II (04:17)
B2. EF-M (02:41)
B3. Beit Lechem (08:58)
B4. Outro (02:07)

The Hoodna Orchestra is a 12 member orchestra who
studies and investigates the African origins of western
popular music. The Orchestra was formed in 2012, in the
south side of Tel Aviv, by a group of musicians, and it
functions as a collective and a record label. Hoodna's
musical director is the guitarist and composer Ilan Smilan.
The cultural and musical environment that surrounds the
group has a great effect on its creative process. Exposure to
Ethiopian', Eritrean and Arabic musical traditions, coupled
with an ongoing study and exploration of different jazz
styles, creates a unique blend which has made The
Hoodna Orchestra one of the most appreciated and
sought-after live shows in Israel.

The Band
Elad Gelert - Baritone Saxophone
Rom Shani - Alto Saxophone
Eylon Tushiner - Tenor Saxophone
Uri Selinger- Trombone I
Asaf Oseasohn - Trumpet
Sefi Zisling - Trumpet # 2, 6
Arthur Krasnobaev - Trumpet # 3,4,5,8,9,10
Tomer Zuk - Keyboards
Amir Sadot - Bass Guitar
Ilan Smilan - Electric Guitar
Matan Asayag - Drums
Rani Birenbaum - Percussion
Shahar Ber - Percussion
Raz Eytan - Percussion
Erscheint am 19.04.2019