Fatlip & Blu – Good For The Soul (feat. Hemlock Ernst)

1. July 2020

Single (analog) / GBA STUDIOS
Two of hip hop’s most talented and enigmatic artists, La Mcees Fatlip (of The Pharcyde) and Blu (of Blu & Exile) come together on this timely single release from LA-Tokyo based collective GBA Studios, produced by Christopher Shaw.

“Good for the soul” features a verse from hemlock Ernst, the rap moniker of Samuel T. Herring, lead singer of synth-pop band Future Islands. this is the first single from Fatlip & Blu, an unexpected and refreshing combination, hinting at a full project on the horizon.

This special edition 7'' vinyl features an unreleased b side remix by Nottz.


Good for the Soul (Main)
Good for the Soul (Nottz Remix)

Key Selling Points

First release for Fatlip & Blu.
For Fatlip (of the Pharcyde), this is rare new material.
Blu (of blu + exile), is a prolific artist, previous collaborator with Madlib, Anderson paak, Oh No, and countless others.
Features a guest verse from Hemlock Ernst (rap moniker of Samuel T. Herring, lead singer of Future islands, also a Madlib collaborator.)
Track produced by Tokyo based collective GBA Studios and is their first official release.
Vinyl features a B side remix by Nottz.
Will have an accompanying animated visual.
Vinyl is custom Mint Green color.
Album artwork features a painting by 1950s Abstract Expressionist artist Harold Anton.
Single (analog) / GBA STUDIOS
Erscheint am 31.07.2020