DyE – Inside Out

13. March 2018

Tigersushi present the third album Inside Out from DyE.

Tracklisting LP:
A1 – Amours Satellites
A2 – K-Fun
A3 – 3MMC
A4 – Inside Out
A5 – Emo Machine
A6 – Caprice Classic
B1 – Mo5
B2 – Turquoise Days
B3 – SathorN
B4 – Pearls of Mercury
B5 – Arkanoid

The 3rd album is often an important step, where one can
keep on digging the same hole or change direction. On
“Inside Out”, DyE didn’t really make that cornelian choice
and found a third way, keeping on exploring his futuristic,
teen nostalgic and colorful idea of electronic Pop while
paying a tribute to 80s classics like Martin Dupont, Liaisons
Dangereuses or OMD.
Although it started as a cover album, DyE quickly moved
away from that concept and reached out to collaborators,
personal friends as well as inspirational characters who
helped him find new directions.
A few milestones compilation series paved the way : Toxic
(by French underground hero Uncle O), Dirty Sound System,
Italians Do It Better. Inspired by the cutting edge diversity of
those records, DyE’s “Inside Out” songs range from the
French House sounds of “Turquoise Days” with Benjamin
Diamond (of Stardust fame) to the epic New Wave of “Emo
Machine” featuring Mark Kerr (Maestro) and Guillaume
Teyssier; from the sweet and sour French Pop of “Amours
Satellites” featuring Alice Lewis to the ethereal poetry of
French writer Angie David on “Caprice Classic” or the urgent
Synth Pop of DyE’s cover of Martin Dupont’s “Inside Out”.
DyE didn’t forget his outstanding musician skills either,
especially on those instrumental bits : channeling his inner
Funk on the bass on the PPUesque “KFun” and “MO5”, or
his love of chemically enhanced Electro and House with
Sathorn and Arkanoid. Elsewhere, voices are echoes of a
contemporary Parisian bubbly life.
The album was mixed by Tigersushi boss Joakim in his New
York Crowdspacer Studio and Tu Sais Qui designed the
LP (analog) / TIGERSUSHI
Erscheint am 23.03.2018