ANKHLEJOHN – The Yellow House

12. March 2019

ANKHLEJOHN's first solo album under his self-built label Shaap Records is inspired by a landmark food spot in Washington, D.C called the Yellow House. A play on from the Van Ghost album, ANKHLEJOHN dives from one theme to another with a deeper meaning of where it originates in his reality. From Van Gogh's painting to the actual breakfast spot where kids, junkies and black families of DC eat while witnessing the beauty and beast of the Northeast side of Washington. More grimey boom bap, more soul and more brag raps. ANKH blend's street content with knowledge so effortlessly with the help of some of the upcoming producers of his Era like Sadhugold and Graymatter. Welcome to the Yellow House, may I place an order for you?

1. Yellow House Intro
2. The Malitia
3. Clicquot Freestyle Pt.2
4. Fadeaway Barber
5. Supreme Elevation
6. No Features
7. The Sun
8. I Need
9. Build or Destroy
10. Yellow House Outro
LP (analog) / SHAAP
Erscheint am 29.03.2019