Aaron Abernathy – Epilogue

12. March 2019

Rising pianist/singer Aaron Abernathy has created a stir with his last two solo albums "Monologue" and "Dialogue" and now returns with the final installment of the series: "Epilogue." Widely known for his live performances and collaborative efforts with artists including Black Milk, Slum Village, and Foreign Exchange, Abernathy has embarked on solo tours in the US, Europe, and Japan in support of his solo work, and this new release is his most personal work yet.

This follow up to Monologue and Dialogue focuses on restoration after heartbreak, an album that Abernathy has lived through and through and was uncertain about sharing. This vulnerable complex true story is made up of three acts touching on situations Abernathy and his peers are currently in the midst of living. The acts of HIS, HERS, and OURS take us through Abernathy’s more adventurous electro-soul compositions as he tells the story of his breakup with a woman he loved dearly and how he react to their ending, a woman named Noelle’s relationship with a man she was dearly in love with and how’s she’s coping with their relationship ending, and lastly how him Noelle are discovering if it's possible to heal and love again after major heartbreak.

Abernathy said "I wrote this album because I’m aware that everyone wants LOVE but many of us lack restoration and healing which is the most important step. Somewhere along the way we have been socialized to forgo healing and move to the next relationship without working on the spaces we need to grow in prior to finding love again and walking in prepared to do our part to create a love that will last. The optimistic outlook I found in creating "Epilogue" is that by definition it’s a piece of writing at the end of a work literature, usually used to bring closure to work. This is the last piece of writing in this series of albums in which I want to express that we’re bringing an ending to continuous heartbreak surrounding love and every ending leads to a new beginning. I’m praying our new beginnings will be filled with healing so that we can have the love our hearts desire."

1. H I S
2. End of an Era
3. Lonely Nights
4. Time Bomb
5. Vent of Love
6. The Bitter Things in Life
7. H E R S
8. Noelle
9. Wishful Thinking
10. I Want You Again
11. ???
12. Wounded Hearts Club
13. Revisions (feat. Cecily)
14. O U R S
15. Sucka 4 U // Facts Only
16. Complexities
17. Song & Dance
18. Epilogue (Just Be Serious)
Erscheint am 29.03.2019