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DJ Sureshot present his highly anticipated new project The Sureshot Symphony Solution
Monday, September 17th, 2012 | Tags: , ,
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Taking the next step in his own musical evolution, DJ Sureshot is proud to present his highly anticipated new project, The Sureshot Symphony Solution. Blending hard-hitting hip hop beats seemlessly with lush live jazz-rock instrumentation, The Sureshot Symphony Solution is the perfect marriage of modern funk and psychedelic boom bap. With the popularity of soul-channeling […]

Phil Pratt & The Sunshot Band – Dial M For Murder In Dub Style (Pressure Sounds)
Friday, December 2nd, 2011 | Tags: , ,
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An extremely sought after album in the collectors’ market gets the re-issue – a Pressure Sounds highlight! Recorded at Channel One around 1979/1980 with Sly and Robbie as the rhythm section.

CD PSCD0072 / LP PSLP0072
Release: 02-12-11
Dublab’s “Secondhand Sureshots” with Daedelus, J-Rocc, Nobody, and Ras G …
Friday, March 12th, 2010 | Tags: , , , , , , ,
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“Secondhand Sureshots” is a filmed experiment in creative sound recycling. Dublab Dublab directors Bryan “Morpho” Younce & Mark “frosty” McNeill sent beatmakers Daedelus, Nobody, J.Rocc and Ras G on safari into L.A. thrift stores with orders to make new music out of five finds while the cameras filmed the whole process. The result is a […]

Big in the UK: EL-FUDGE has signed with the new british label SURESHOT ENT. Watch out for his debut album in April…
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Hip Hop

Various – Good Measure EP Pt.1
Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Various – Good Measure EP Pt.1

Image: 1607314 While the rest of the world basks in the ‘Body Glo’ of a dreamy label debut from Australia’s Bronze Savage, Moonboots & Boardman are straight back to business, uniting a diverse cast of Mancunian talent for a four track collaboration with clothing brand Good Measure.

After romancing our ears with the emotional pop of ‘Delicious Crime’ back on Nado 1001, Half Silk returns to Balearic base camp with the exotic exploits of ‘Tsukimi’, a coastal cooler for hot Summer nights. Borrowing a bustling bossa from the libraries of Japan, the mystery man canters through infectious organ licks, eleki guitars and subdued synths, darting between Surf and City Pop with a trail of tape delay in his wake.

Taking the reins for the A2, King Clyde swaps the sophisticated sway of the Far East for the well-thrown shapes and vivid colours of Nigeria, packing ‘Request Line’ with red hot Afrobeat brilliance. As crunchy guitar and distorted organ ride punchy drums and dexterous bass, the track swaggers out of the speakers like Shaun Ryder in a dashiki, demanding complete dance floor attendance from anyone in earshot.

Things take a turn for the sublime on the B1 as Dream Lovers deliver a suitably somnolent cover of the Vini Reilly masterpiece ‘For Belgian Friends’. While a stripped back rhythm section keeps its hypnotic time, airy guitars and metallic keys blend the sticky heat of Thai streets with Caribbean calm, laying us softly to rest on a bed of gossamer melody.

The Records We Never Made maintains that medicated pace to bring proceedings to a close with the horizontal beauty of ‘On A Whispered Way’, a delicate haze of melancholic downbeat for the latest night or earliest morning. The steady pulse of reverberating percussion leaves plenty of room for the gentle acoustic strum and shimmering textures which echo through the soundscape, transporting us to someplace different entirely.

Officially Aficionado.

Available from 10.02.2017

Kon – Who Shot Ya / Inhuman Nature
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You may be thinking ” uhhhh, another MJ record reworked ” but this one is different for sure. Around 1978, Michael did a cover of Bob Marley’s ” I shot the sheriff ” which not too many have heard. Kon goes to work on this one, chopping it up and addin…

Saun & Starr – Hot Shot / Gonna Make Time
Thursday, April 24th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Saun & Starr – Hot Shot / Gonna Make Time

Image: 1588420 It is our distinct pleasure to present the debut release by two women who will forever change the Soul game: Saun & Starr. Like a two-headed Phoenix rising from the ashes of a bygone era when the duets of Sam & Dave, James & Bobby Purify, and Marvin & Tammi danced upon the airwaves, Saun & Starr have redefined the possibilities of what a great Soul duo can be. Though they each posess a tone and style that commands attention, together their voices compliment each other perfectly, lifting their sound to elevations neither could reach alone –– harmonies and phrases playfully intertwining to form the architecture for a soulful fortress of vocal prowess. This is obvious to anyone who’s heard them backing up Miss Sharon Jones (on stage or on record) under the loving pseudonym “The Dapettes.”

Though they are currently in the studio putting finishing touches on their debut full length album, two of their tunes have thankfully been committed to seven inch wax. The A-Side, ‘Hot Shot’ is a feel-good shaker that features the inexplicable range of Miss Starr Duncan Lowe, backed staunchly by the “Baddest Band in the Land”, The Dap-Kings. The flip, ‘Gonna Make Time’, showcases Saundra “Saun” Williams’ smooth, smoky vocal, atop a bed of deep low-rider soul. If this 45 ain’t your bag, please go lay down on a busy street. There’s no hope for you. Available from 04.04.2014

Superb new Pressure Sounds compilation from Lee Perry and the Black Ark vaults
Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 | Tags: , ,
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A thundering 16 tracks produced by Lee Perry that takes us through the key period of his output at the Black Ark. Many of the tracks come from a single master tape. The remaining tracks are from dub plates. As re-issues go this is pretty remarkable. Maverick Productions that showcase Perry at his most imaginative. […]

A dub classic by Phil Pratt & The Sunshot Band gets the re-issue treatment …
Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 | Tags: , ,
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With the passing of time Phil Pratt is emerging as one of the great unsung heroes of Jamaican music. A talented singer himself, Pratt has been involved in music since the early nineteen sixties. Pratt started producing alongside Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee for Ken Lack’s Caltone label. He set up on his own imprints in the […]

The surf documentary “Under The Sun” features an original soundtrack by Shawn Lee, Band Of Frequencies, Low Pressure Sound System and Afro Dizzi Act …
Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 | Tags: , , , , , ,
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“Under The Sun” is a documentary film made by filmmaker Cyrus Sutton and West Coast Record and clothing label Ubiquity Records. The film features an original soundtrack by Ubiquity Recording artist Shawn Lee and alongside Australian acts Band Of Frequencies (a collective of musicians hailing from Byron Bay), Low Pressure Sound System and Afro Dizzi […]

Various – Street Player EP
Friday, July 15th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Various – Street Player EP

Image: 1604926 The “Street Player” EP covers and reimagines the Disco classic originally made famous by Chicago, and later sampled and turned into a House classic by Kenny Dope & The Bucketheads.

With the help of the UK’s Colonel Red on all leading vocals, Liquid Beat’s crew of in-house producers each recreated unique covers of “Street Player” in their own signature styles.

Label head Matt Nelkin’s version of “Street Player” is a tight, streamlined adaptation of the original that uses live players to add an updated soul and funk feel. Prolific producer HOT16 offers up a New Funk twist with intricate drum machine work, bass, guitar, and synths replacing the iconic horn lines perfectly. Roane Namuh on the other hand gives the whole composition a makeover transforming the track into a soulful Deep House groove with Colonel Red matching the lyrics perfectly around the rhythms. And lastly, Liquid Beat newcomer DaiN turns in an original, new school R&B styled composition that works as a culminating meditation on the Street Player theme.

The “Street Player” EP was truly a labor of love by the entire Liquid Beat crew and is aimed strictly at DJs and music lovers with a passion for the past and an eye towards the future. Anyone who is familiar with the original version will find this release to be a welcome alternate and a sure shot crate staple.

Street Player – Matt Nelkin
Street Player (J6-808 Mix) – HOT16
Street Player (Roane Zone Mix) – Roane Namuh
Street Player (Soalyk Mix) – DaiN
Street Player (Drumappella) – Matt Nelkin
Available from 26.08.2016

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – 55
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Image: 1602209 Shrouded in mystery, hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band (BRSB) releases their long awaited debut “55” on
Brooklyn’s own Big Crown Records. Long time multi instrumentalist and band leader Bjorn Wagner spent a few months in Trindad & Tobago
where he became fascinated with Steel Drums. His initial intrigue with local steel pan music culture led him to learning the instrument both
through help of local players and on his own. After he became proficient on the pans Bjorn had his own instrument built from a used oil
barrel by legendary pan man Louis C. Smith. Upon returning home to Germany, Bjorn set out to blend the Tropical Steel into his already
sharply honed Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop sensibilities. The outcome is an updated take on a classic format, a truly unique sound. Their first
two recordings were covers of The Meters “Look A-Py-Py” & “Ease Back” which they self released on a 45. Looking back on these two sides
you can tell they were just getting their chops up for what was to come next. This is evidenced by how all hell broke loose when they went
on to cover 50 Cent’s hit PIMP taking the DJ and vinyl collecting communities by storm. Many people thought the recording was the original
sample and probably still do to this day when it is played. The original Mocambo pressing sold out quickly and is now a collector’s item
fetching heavy prices when it changes hands. It was this tune that made the introduction between Bjorn and Danny Akalepse of Big Crown.
They immediately hit it off and starting making plans to do a full length project with the band.
Keeping in the tradition of Steel Drum records, 55 is a journey through re-interpolations and covers with an updated approach, pushing Steel
Pan music to uncharted territory. Flawlessly bringing previously untouched genres into the steel pan cannon ranging from Underground Hip
Hop tunes to staple Funk tracks and some of all that falls in between. From the smoothed out Reggae cover of John Holt’s “Police In Helicopter”
to the DJ sure shot cover of Faith Evan’s “Love Like This” BRSB’s 55 is reinvigorating tunes both well known and helping to shed some
light on tunes still largely undiscovered. However, some of the strongest tunes on the album are original compositions, from spaced out
Disco vibes on “Beetham Highway Ride” and “Port Of Spain Hustle” to the ugly face inspiring drums of “Laventille Road March”. Recorded
to analog 8 track tape at The Mocambo Studios in Hamburg, 55 is a gritty, punchy journey in sound drawing on music from around the world,
using production aesthetics from across both eras and genres, all coming together seamlessly. If the 45s that have already come out on
Mocambo, Plane Jane, and Truth & Soul are an indication, this full length is going to be a staple to both casual listeneners and Disc Jockeys
alike. Catch BRSB live in Fall as they tour the world with the mysterious heavy sound that is in fact, all their own.

A1. Pimp
A2. Laventille Road March
A3. Bacao Suave
A4. Tropical Heat
B1. Jungle Fever
B2. Scorpio
B3. Beetham Highway Ride
B4. Tender Trap
C1. Dog Was A Doughnut
C2. Police In Helicopter
C3. Queen Of Cheeba
C4. Love Like This
D1. Port Of Spain Hustle
D2. Goodbye
D3. Round & Round
D4. Pimp (Version) Available from 06.05.2016

Jigmastas – Grassroots – The Prologue (Deluxe Edition)
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Image: 1597582 BBE is proud to present Jigmastas Grassroots (The Prologue Deluxe Edition), lovingly re- mastered in full, expanded form, along with added bonus material & rare B sides

A1. Intro
A2. Lyrical Fluctuation 2000 Spinna Mix feat. Mos Def, Mr Complex, Pharoahe Monch, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Talib Kweli
A3. Across The Globe
A4. Keep On Rockin
A5. Matrimony
B1. Awareness
B2. Lyrical Fluctuation Original Mix feat. Mr Complex, Pharoahe Monch, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Talib Kweli
B3. Thief’s Theme
B4. Outro
C1. Beyond Real
C2. Dead Man’s Walk
C3. Iz You Dee
C4. Hip Hop
D1. Chandon feat. Monet
D2. Semi-Precious
D3. If
D4. Comments To The Sure Shot

NYC hip-hop in the ’90s fixated on streets-centric authenticity. Being “real” – musically, ethically, biographically – was paramount. From their first release, however, Brooklyn’s Jigmastas proudly defined themselves by nobody’s measure
of validity but their own. While others chased the so-called real, DJ Spinna and Kriminul claimed “Beyond Real,” the title of their 1996 independent single on the label of the same name, a debut gem that established their M.O. as purveyors
of sonic sophistication and everyman truths.

“I don’t give a fuck about your keys of coke/Glocks that you claim you tote/ Lyrics that you say you wrote/ Or even if you slit your throat/ What I’m saying is nowadays nothing matters/ My intellect’s above your head you couldn’t reach with Jacob’s ladder/ You say it’s real, son/ I’m sayin’ it’s beyond that” – Jigmastas, “Beyond Real”

Formed in 1991 in the County of Kings, this DJ/produceremcee combo in the tradition of Gang Starr and Pete Rock & CL Smooth showed enough promise to spark considerable, though ultimately unconsummated, major label interest. Such
apparent setbacks would prove fortuitous, though, as the Jay I Gees found themselves amongst the important participants in a burgeoning NYC underground hip-hop movement alongside pre-Rawkus indie crews like Co Flow, Natural E and Bobbito Garcia’s Fondle ’Em camp. As subsequent releases more than aptly demonstrated (the metaphorical minded “Chandon”, a “World Is Yours”-esque paean to self-determination, “Iz You Dee”, the purist manifesto “Hip-Hop” etc.) being beyond real wasn’t just a philosophical ethos but a musical one as well – Spinna’s predilection for Moog synth riffs, vocal chorales, and
other inventively chopped and diced samplescapes complementing Krim’s gravelly verses with an otherworldly air.

Jigmastas dropped a single LP – 2001’s Infectious – during the duo’s most active period. But the collection of non-album material that forms the core of this fine sequel (or prequel given the bonus inclusion of so many essential early singles)
that you now hold in your possession serves as a reminder of the potency and timelessness of their talents. From Spinna’s classic breakbeat dissections on “Lyrical Fluctuation 2000” through Kriminul’s effortlessly fluid performance on “Thief’s Theme” some might call this that vintage NY boom-bap. A more accurate, and complimentary, descript is that it simply sounds like the Jigmastas. Long may they keep on rockin’.

BBE is proud to present Jigmastas , lovingly re- mastered in full, expanded form, along with added bonus material & rare B sides
Album features Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Talib Kweli & Mr Complex
Full participation of Jigmasta’s producer DJ Spinna, available for interview
Press and radio campaign in key territories and online viral campaign

For Fans of: Pharoahe Monch, DJ Premier, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, DJ Spinna Available from 18.09.2015

Various – Linear Labs: Los Angeles
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Image: 1596105 Featuring songs from upcoming releases produced
by Younge, including 12 Reasons To Die II (with
Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & RZA), Something
About April II, and The Midnight Hour (with Ali Shaheed
Muhammad), alongside Younge catalog classics
dating back to 2000. LP format features bonus
track: “Sirens II,” from upcoming Bilal album.

In less than a year’s time, Adrian Younge’s Linear Labs imprint has made a very firm impression on fans of forward-thinking,
analog-based music from multiple genres. One notable fan, among many, is DJ Premier, who produced his late 2014 PRhyme
album exclusively using samples drawn from Younge’s catalog.
To give fans a chance to revel in Younge’s range and – just as importantly – give followers a sneak-peek at four impressive 2015
albums already slated for release, Younge is proud to release the compilation album, Los Angeles.
On Los Angeles, many hip-hop fanatics will impatiently skip forward to the graceful, galloping and appropriately dramatic “Return
Of The Savage,” from the upcoming Younge-helmed 12 Reasons To Die II. The song features Ghostface Killah alongside Raekwon
and RZA. But track-skippers will soon head back to the album’s opener: the dusky, Baroque soul of “Memories Of War,” from the
upcoming Something About April II, with vocals by Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier. Also on the upcoming tip: a track from the Adrian
Younge / Ali Shaheed Muhammad concept album The Midnight Hour, entitled “Feel Alive,” with silky vocals by Karolina, alongside
longtime Younge collaborator Loren Oden.

Other highlights amongst the album’s ten tracks include:
· “1969 Organ” – From Adrian Younge’s first release, 2000’s Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn
· “Panic (Ali Shaheed Muhammad Remix)” – From the 2014 Souls of Mischief / Ali Shaheed
Muhammad album, There Is Only Now Remix
· “The Sure Shot Parts 1 & 2” – An instrumental originally rhymed over by the inimitable
Ghostface Killah, on 2013’s 12 Reasons To Die
· “To Be Your One” – Taken from 2013’s Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics
· “Chicago Wind” – From the 2009 album, Original Score To The Motion Picture: Black Dynamite

1. Memories Of War
(feat. Laetitia Sadier)
2. Sirens II (feat. Bilal)
3. 1969 Organ
4. Feel Alive
(feat. Karolina & Loren Oden)
5. The Sure Shot Parts 1 & 2
6. The Last Act
(feat. Souls Of Mischief)

7. Turn Down The Sound
(feat. Loren Oden)
8. Return Of The Savage
(feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, & RZA)
9. Chicago Wind (feat. Toni Scruggs)
10. To Be Your One
(feat. William Hart & Loren Oden)
11. Panic (Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Remix) (feat. Souls Of Mischief) Available from 08.05.2015

Dirty Burners – Propulsion!!!
Friday, January 30th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Dirty Burners – Propulsion!!!

Image: 1595055 A sure shot from Philly DJs Case Bloom & Personify who pump out a drum heavy, horny Brazilian number that was flipped rather nicely b/w an “up in the Bronx where the people are fresh type of shit that honestly needs to be in the hands of Bobbito Garcia! Available from 06.03.2015

Ruth Brown – Tears Keep Tumbling Down / If I Had Any Sense
Friday, January 23rd, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Ruth Brown – Tears Keep Tumbling Down / If I Had Any Sense

Image: 1594913 Two more sexy sides from the queen of R&B sass, Ruth Brown. Here, Ruth is in a more sombre mood vocally on ‘The Tears Keep Tumbling Down’, even if the swaying, stomping backing music is still apt to set feet in motion. On the flip side, our girl laments her poor life choices on ‘If I Had Any Sense’ another powerful mid-tempo R&B sure shot sounding great on this loud pressed 45.

1. Tears Keep Tumbling Down
2. If I Had Any Sense Available from 20.02.2015

Chrissy Zebby Tembo / Ngozi Family Band – I’m Not Made Of Iron / Fisherman
Friday, October 31st, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Chrissy Zebby Tembo / Ngozi Family Band – I’m Not Made Of Iron / Fisherman

Image: 1593398 Now-Again presents a series of four, limited edition 45 rpm singles ranging from Deep American Funk and Soul, Zimbabwean Fuzz Funk, Zambian Proto-Punk, and Rare Disco. 500 copies of each 7” will be produced, and there will not be a repress. These records are packaged in a die cut, picture sleeve and are packaged in a resealable plastic jacket. A download card for all eight tracks from the series is included with each 7.” The Sure Shot series continues with Chrissy Zebby Tembo and two proto-punk Zamrock tracks from the drummer behind Paul Ngozi’s Ngozi Family Band. The Ngozi Family’s output is the focus of ongoing investigation and reissue on Now-Again. “Fisherman” was originally issued on Zebby Tembo’s lauded My Ancestors album. “I’m Not Made Of Iron,” from his untitled third LP, has never been released in any form. Available from 12.12.2014

Split Decision Band – Watching Out (Original & Unreleased Version)
Friday, October 31st, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Split Decision Band – Watching Out (Original & Unreleased Version)

Image: 1593399 Now-Again presents a series of four, limited edition 45 rpm singles ranging from Deep American Funk and Soul, Zimbabwean Fuzz Funk, Zambian Proto-Punk, and Rare Disco. 500 copies of each 7” will be produced, and there will not be a repress. These records are packaged in a die cut, picture sleeve and are packaged in a resealable plastic jacket. A download card for all eight tracks from the series is included with each 7.” The last release from the first round of the Sure Shot series comes courtesy of the Split Decision Band: one of the best independent disco songs ever released, out of the unlikely locale of Des Moines, Iowa, in the late 1970s. A reissue of the original 45 version of this song is paired here with an unreleased version, taken from an album that the band recorded but never released. We will issue it at Now-Again in full in 2015. Available from 12.12.2014

D-Fekt – Schattenseite (Vinyl+CD)
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Image: 1591285 D-Fekt ist der Hip Hop-Szene in erster Linie als MC der Band Weltuntergäng bekannt. Zusammen mit Grasime und L-One brachte er kürzlich das Album “Dokmatiker’s Elfen” (Tieftonkultur) heraus, auf dem er seine Fähigkeiten als Rapper unter Beweis stellt. Darüber hinaus produziert das musikalische Multitalent D-Fekt auch einen Teil der Beats für sich und seinen Bandkollegen Grasime. Mit “Schattenseite” veröffentlicht er nun sein erstes Instrumental-Album auf 58Beats und zeigt verschiedene Facetten seiner Songs – mal melodiös, soft, chillig, treibend, fast poetisch, manchmal melancholisch, aber immer mit einer positiven Grundstimmung fernab der ausgetretenen Pfade des Mainstream. Während andere Menschen schlafen, nutzt D-Fekt die Ruhe der Nacht für kreatives Schaffen: Viele Songs sind so in den letzten drei Jahren entstanden, von denen 15 Stücke für das Album “Schattenseite” selektiert wurden. Weltraumklänge, zerstörerische Synthiemelodien, erdige pumpende Drumsounds, knarzige Bässe und soulig, jazzige Flächen finden hier auf “Schattenseite” zusammen.

“Die Beats sind Fresh, er ist auf dem Weg ein ganz großer zu werden” – Edward Sizzerhand (Square One/Sure Shot)
“Nice warm bits and slo beats, like the horns here and there, my faves are “Error” and “Nachttram” – Michael Reinboth (Head of Compost Records)
“D-Fekt, you are the bomb! Ich habe es sehr genossem, die Reise durch die souligen hiphop angelehneten Stücke gepaart mit den smoothy groovigen Elementen! Es wird einem nicht langweilig und erzeugt was Neues und gleichzeitig ein Back in the day Feeling!!! Thumbs up!” – Marzenka Nowinski (Beanfield) Available from 26.09.2014

The Legion – The Lost Tapes
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Image: 1591556 Straight from The Bronx, the home of hip-hop, comes the trio,
The Legion (Chucky Smash, Molecules and Cee-Low). As signees to
Black Sheep’s One Love imprint, they debuted in 1993 with the brilliant
underground classic, “Jingle Jangle” – an ill piano sample driven track with
a highly quotable finishing verse from Dres of Black Sheep. The Legion
followed up with the sweet laden Roy Ayers looped up single, “Legion
Groove” and their now much sought after debut album, ”Theme + Echo
= Krill” (1994) featuring affiliated acts like Black Sheep, Chi-Ali and
Showbiz & A.G.
After a hiatus for a few years, they resurfaced with the 12-inch,
“Street Thing / Caught Up” (1998) on Legion Records/Fat Beats and some
appearances on Dres’ “Sure Shot Redemption” album. Then the Bronx trio
went quiet.
While Molecules handled dope production for Dres, Mos Def,
Milano, Amanda Marshall and even appeared on P!nk’s “Stupid Girls”,
Chucky Smash’s been hosting radio shows in the BX. The three long-time
friends never stopped doing music together but it was already 2011 when
the trio finally made a dope comeback on the Beneficence collabo track,
“Aim, Fire, Spit”.
“The Lost Tapes” ain’t only a simple compilation of rare and
unreleased tracks, it’s rather a musical documentation of a group that has
been staying in its lane creating raw, uncut, and uncompromising Bronx
flavor for more than two decades now. So this 20-track strong album
includes the rare 12” single only “Freestyle Demolition” from 1994, rare
old and unavailable on CD tracks, unreleased joints and instrumentals plus
3 brand new bangers (“For You”, “Stereo”, “Stereo [Remix]”), produced by
The Legion, Buckwild, and Confidence.
Take a trip down memory lane with these dope Bronx tales and street
beats from The Legion and stay tuned for a brand new album plus the
Molecules & Showbiz “A Bronx Tale” EP.”

1. Stereo (Prod. by Buckwild)
2. Stereo (Instrumental)
3. Stereo (Acapella)
4. Straight Flow
5. Freestyle Demolition
6. For You
7. For You (Instrumental)
8. Stereo (Confidence Remix)
9. Stereo (Remix
10. Live On Arrival (feat.
E-Dub, Ralo Square &
Droopy Dog) Available from 22.08.2014

Psychemagik – Sun Stepper / Rendezvous
Friday, August 1st, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Psychemagik – Sun Stepper / Rendezvous

Psychemagik are back with a super fresh new edits label Hot Midnight with a couple of monster bangers! Side A kicks off with a dubbed out disco boogie jam from one of the rarest grail 45’s and is a sure shot summer dance floor killer. The flip ‘Rendez…

Kon / Reflex – PYT / Get On The Floor
Friday, July 18th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Kon / Reflex – PYT / Get On The Floor

This time around Kon teams up with The Reflex to drop a summertime sure shot. It seems MJ stopped by the lab to drop off a few sessions, heaven sent indeed. Two anthemic dance floor bombs that should rock just about any disco party. Kon goes to work o…

Shawn Lee – Golden Age Against The Machine
Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Shawn Lee – Golden Age Against The Machine

Image: 1588336 Golden Age Against The Machine is a total passion play. A living audio love letter to The Golden age of hip-hop. For Shawn this spans the early 80s to mid 90s. Like many other musicians, sample based production effected him deeply. It permeated the how and what of his musical performances. The sonic qualities of his productions, the arrangements and his drumming, in fact his whole approach. Hip-hop at it’s best was fresh raw and unconventional. There is something magical about grabbing a loop from an old funk record and layering it with some strings from an easy listening record and pitching down a horn stab from a jazz record and a guitar lick from a psych rock Record and then pinning it down with a fat beat!!! Shawn loves the pick and mix aesthetic of hip-hop music. His personal connection goes back to the early 80s, playing live accompaniment on drums vamping on Chic’s Good Times while budding rappers would pass the mic doing their bedroom rhymes. A year or 2 later, playing Rufus’ Ain’t Nobody while b-boys break danced to it. From there, he moved on to programming beats on Linn drums, Dmx’s, SP 12 & 1200’s and MPC drum machines. Not to mention, he is the same “Shawn Lee” that made all those drum break records back in the 90’s. So he’s not new to this, simply true to this!!!
In terms of inspiration, Prince Paul and De La & and his old friends The Dust Brothers producing the Beastie’s Paul’s Boutique, laid down the gauntlet/blue print for sample based productions. 3 Feet High still stands tall for him after all this time. For Golden Age he employed a similar mind set for much of the album except for not using samples. He played everything from scratch, this includes every one note stab, lick and drum beat. Every little nugget a production in it’s own right. It certainly kept him busy and was a rewarding process. “There ain’t no school like the Old School Y’all “… This is Golden Age Against The Machine. Sure shot!!!!

• Stellar cast of guests including Ohmega Watts, Ugly Duckling, Miles Bonny & Princess Superstar
• Shawn Lee wrote it, performed it (except the horns) and produced it, all original productions
• Shawn Lee is about to go on tour with Kellis, as a session musician and songwriter, he has worked with an array of globally renowed artists such as Kylie Minogue, The Sugar Babes, as well as soundtracking ads for Jaguar and BMX

For Fans Of:
3 Feet High and Rising, DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, DJ Jazz Jeff The Magnificent – and of course Shawn Lee

1. Forward to the Past
2. Stay on Course feat. Braille
3. Back to the Future feat. MC Think-Tank
4. Rock Steady feat. Lightheaded
5. We Got the Jazz feat. Ohmega Watts
6. Boom Bap
7. Big Bad Wolf
8. Hip Hop Harp
9. Wake Up feat. Miles Bonny
10. Christophe feat. Busdriver
11. I Just Had A Baby feat. Princess Superstar
12. Jackie Chan feat. Earl Zinger
13. Ashes to Ashes feat. Andy “The Undertaker” Cooper
14. School House Funk
15. Baby Breakin’ feat. MC Shawny Shawn
16. Marimba
17. Muson Magic Available from 02.05.2014

Paskal & Urban Absolutes – LUX Remixes 1
Thursday, March 13th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Paskal & Urban Absolutes – LUX Remixes 1

Image: 1586954 Paskal & Urban Absolutes, return with the LUX Remixes 1 , the first in a series of remix ep’s highlighting tracks from their recently released debut album.

Paskal & Urban Absolutes are celebrating the release of their debut album „LUX“ (released in november 2013) with a big bash, encompassing a special remix package and with an illustrious group of liked minded peers. Same as with their own work credo of cross-city collaborating (Paskal aka Alex lives in Berlin, Urban Absolutes aka Adrian lives in Essen) the twosome assembled half of Germany for the first, now available 12inch of the Lux remixes.
They take us from Berlin via Leipzig down to Essen and Dortmund and from there to Düsseldorf and Cologne. One of the album’s standout tracks, “Take The Fall” featuring the guest vocals by Pete Josef from Bristol, has gone under the knife all in all four times. The outcomes couldn’t be more diverse: Manuel Tur, the Essen based eminent deep house authority, operates yet again most meticulously and precisely to produce a true grace of a dance-floor sure shot as if by magic. As a little surprise an infinitely meandering 303 acid bassline sets in in the second half of the track for sheer delight.
Sevensol & Bender, two of the founders of Leipzig based quality techno imprint Kann Records, don’t apply less effort either and chop the track to its pieces. Without further ado the track’s vocals fall by the wayside, only dare to surface muffled in a setting that couldn’t be more contemporary and more today. This is German handcraft at upmost grade.
The Paskal & Urban Absolutes party continues with two remixes for “Here Again” – another hit of the album. The former Sonar Kollektiv warhorses Trickski seem to almost have been waiting for this assignment. The sound the Berlin based trio has been sported to perfection on their last few releases on labels like Delusions Of Grandeur and SUOL is being refined even further with this top-notch remix. This is full throttle peaktime club music with an aesthetics that will be style-defining in 2014.
And since we are making these superlative comparisons we can easily tag the remix by Henry L & Ingo Sänger (from Cologne and Dortmund) as the next blueprint of how the updated version of Chicago house has to sound like this season. Of course the awe-inspiring voice of Jazzanova singer Paul Randolph helps enormously to raise the already regal original to unexpected heights. To tell the truth, a high you don’t wanna come down again from.
That’s what the second release in the Lux remixes series will most definitely cater for. Stay tuned!


A1 – Take The Fall feat. Pete Josef (Manuel Tur Remix)
A2 – Take The Fall feat. Pete Josef (Sevensol & Bender Remix)
B1 – Here Again feat. Paul Randolph (Trickski Remix)
B2 – Here Again feat. Paul Randolph (Henry L & Ingo SängerRemix) Available from 21.02.2014

Manhooker & Snax – Based On Misunderstandings 07
Thursday, September 19th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Manhooker & Snax – Based On Misunderstandings 07

Image: 1583024 The seventh episode of the Based On Misunderstanding series is true show-stopper: Last summer the ultra hot duo Manhooker (Tomasz „Guiddo“ Switala and Sebastian „Mavin“ Magassouba) digged itself together with Paul Bonomo aka Snax (Capatain Comatose) in its studio to record with „Cloud 9“ a veritable late summer hit. Once their first 12inch on Ostgut Ton caused a burst of enthusiasm, the hype will be fuelled with this release. This is pop music at its best with lots of soul for the sophisticated dancefloor.
You can’t think of a more appropriate remixer than Justus Köhncke for this sensitive tune. The Cologne based producer aims even more directly to the club, but doesn’t takes the soul out of the track neither Snax’ captivating piano solo. Another magnum opus in Köhnckes already superior portfolio of remixes. On the flipside we get a „Special Deal“. Here you can hear Snax’ presence even more boldly. His affection for 80’s electrofunk meets the adorable soul of Mavin’s voice. Would „Cloud 9“ not already bea stupendous stand-out track, you’d have to speak of a definite sure shot here. Airplay guaranteed!
For the „M1 Space Dub“ version Manhooker used the legendary Patch #17, Organ 2 of the Korg M-1 (of Robin S’ „Show Me Love“ fame from 1990). Spreading this way some magic dust on the track to make it even deeper.
And then we have one of the best DJs from Brazil added to the game. Marcio Vermelho from Sao Paolo is by now widely across the borders of South America known for his stylistically confindent mix of Nu Disco, Boogie Funk and sentimental house. This on eright here is one of his first official remixes. It won’t be his last one for sure!

A1 – Cloud 9 (Original Mix)
A2 – Cloud 9 (Justus Köhncke Remix)
B1 – Special Deal (Original Mix)
B2 – Special Deal (Manhooker’s ‘M1 In Space’ Dub Version)
B3 – Special Deal (Vermelho Remix) Available from 30.08.2013

Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown – 12 Reasons To Die (The Brown Tape)
Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown – 12 Reasons To Die (The Brown Tape)

Image: 1582353 Ghostface Killah’s 12 Reasons to Die may be just a few months old but it’s already consider one of his best releases to date. Many say the project, featuring production from Adrian Younge, is Ghost’s best album since Fishscale. So good that it gets a second look and a
whole new sound with the Apollo Brown version 12 Reasons to Die: The Brown Tape. Apollo Brown was asked by Soul Temple Records to record an alternate to the Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge album. To date it has only been released as a bonus cassette version (Hence The Brown Tape tag). Keep in mind, the up and coming Detroit producer did not create a remix album, Brown was in fact given access to Ghostface Killah’s
acapellas and constructed beats around GFK’s work. This made the project one of the budding producer’s most challenging projects to date. That hard work has paid of as The Brown Tape is also one of Brown’s best works to date and certainly an indication of the quality body of work still to come from Apollo Brown.

Beware of the Stare
Rise of the Black Suits
I Declare War
Blood on the Cobblestones
The Center of Attraction
Enemies All Around Me

An Unexpected Call
Rise of the Ghostface Killah
Revenge is Sweet
Murder Spree
The Sure Shot ..Parts 1 and 2..

Full Brown Tape Instrumentals Available from 09.08.2013

Ghostface Killah – 12 Reasons To Die
Thursday, May 9th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Ghostface Killah – 12 Reasons To Die

Image: 1580203 The sounds of classic 36 Chambers-era RZA meld with Portishead and the Italian film music of
Ennio Morricone on 12 Reasons To Die, the new album from Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge. This project
is a daring, full-length Crime/Horror concept album. 12 Reasons’ Executive Producer and Ghostface’s
longtime Wu-Tang Clan collaborator The RZA, refers to the album as “groundbreaking” in the hip-hop genre.
Ghostface Killah’s prominence in hip hop has grown steadily over his 20-plus year career – including recent
high-profile appearances on Kanye West’s Cruel Summer, RZA’s The Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack and
the new Wu-Block album – 12 Reasons catches the gifted MC at the height of his lyrical prowess.
Composer/producer/instrumentalist Adrian Younge represents the next generation of black music producers.
His aim is an organic re-appropriation of hip-hop circa the mid-90s. His previous releases, the Black Dynamite
soundtrack album (2009) and Something About April (2011), touched on psychedelia, blaxploitation, and the
cinematic soul of the 1970s. 12 Reasons is Adrian’s first project in which he’s immersed himself
in the world of hip-hop.

01. Beware of the Stare
02. Rise of the Black Suits
03. I Declare War (feat. Masta Killa)
04. Blood on the Cobblestones (feat. U-God &
Inspectah Deck w/ cuts by DJ-Mark Luv)
05. The Center of Attraction (feat. Cappadonna)
06. Enemies All Around Me (feat. William Hart of Delfonics)
01. An Unexpected Call (The Set Up) (feat. Inspectah Deck)
02. The Rise of the Ghostface Killah (Cuts by DJ Mekalek)
03. The Catastrophe (feat. Masta Killa & Killa Six)
04. Murder Spree
05. The Sure Shot [Parts One & Two]
06. 12 Reasons to Die Available from 19.04.2013

Freux – Delfshaven EP
Friday, September 9th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Freux – Delfshaven EP

Brand new addition to the ever growing Transatlantyk catalogue. After an excursion into the hot, equatorial waters of Transafryka, the fleet went back up north to visit Europe’s busiest port and meet with Freux.He comes from the same creative crew fro…

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band
Monday, May 2nd, 2016 | Posted in Features, Magazine | Comments Off on Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

Shrouded in mystery, hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band (BRSB) releases their long awaited debut “55” on Brooklyn’s own Big Crown Records. Long time multi instrumentalist and band leader Bjorn Wagner spent a few months in Trindad & Tobago where he became fascinated with Steel Drums. His initial intrigue with local steel […]

The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band releases their long awaited debut “55” on Brooklyn’s own Big Crown Records
Monday, May 2nd, 2016 | Tags: , ,
Posted in Magazine, News | Comments Off on The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band releases their long awaited debut “55” on Brooklyn’s own Big Crown Records

Shrouded in mystery, hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band (BRSB) releases their long awaited debut “55” on Brooklyn’s own Big Crown Records. Long time multi instrumentalist and band leader Bjorn Wagner spent a few months in Trindad & Tobago where he became fascinated with Steel Drums. His initial intrigue with local steel […]

DJ Z-Trip
Monday, July 23rd, 2007 | Tags: ,
Posted in Features, Magazine | Comments Off on DJ Z-Trip

Z-Trip is one of the biggest DJs of our time. Doing over 100 shows a year, every year, he is also known as the founding father of the mash-up movement. His major label debut “Shifting Gears” was given 4 stars by Rolling Stone – it’s highest honor.

Decon and 2K Sports are now pleased to announce the release of the latest “All-Pro Football 2K8” video game soundtrack, Z-Trip’s “All Pro“. The soundtrack showcases 13 original tracks, remixes, and mash-ups featuring top-notch hip hop artists like Slug of Atmosphere, Rakim, Dead Prez, Chali 2na, Aceyalone, Casual of Hieroglyphics, and rock favorites like Deftones, Rush and Chevelle to name just a few. “All Pro” is stirring and pioneering, but most importantly maintains the party vibe Z-Trip is famous for …

DJ Day
Friday, March 16th, 2007 | Tags: ,
Posted in Charts, Magazine | Comments Off on DJ Day

DJ Day is a typical product of modern day hip-hop-culture. He is a dedicated record digger and serious DJ who cut his teeth in the LA undergound scene alongside his friends Aloe Blacc and Exile. But selling beats to rappers was never his main ambition. Instead of doing beat-tapes he got himself a Fender Rhodes, […]

Paul Armfield
Thursday, April 1st, 2004 | Tags:
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Its not a coincidence that an artist such as Paul Armfield has arrived at this point in time. The current celebration of new singer / songwriter has seen the arrival both here and in the states of what can only be described as left of centre folk music that allows itself much more poetic license that is traditionally thought of, the likes of which have not been heard since the halcyon days of the late 50’s, mid sixties and early seventies.

Paul Armfield’s debut long player “Songs Without Words” could be described as just that. The words are meant to act as illustrations into different worlds and scenario’s, a soundtrack for every Saturday night, every lonely Sunday morning or those special moments that happen every so often in a lifetime …

It’s FAT CITY time again: “MYSTIC BREW “ FOR PLAY” another freeflowing bag of goodies from up north…
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2001 | Posted in News | Comments Off on It’s FAT CITY time again: “MYSTIC BREW “ FOR PLAY” another freeflowing bag of goodies from up north…


The RAP ROCKSTARS TOUR with EL FUDGE, RUBIX, MR.COMPLEX, APANI and CROSSPHADER is in full swing. Peep the photos …
Friday, March 9th, 2001 | Posted in News | Comments Off on The RAP ROCKSTARS TOUR with EL FUDGE, RUBIX, MR.COMPLEX, APANI and CROSSPHADER is in full swing. Peep the photos …

Hip Hop

Ruth Koleva – Confidence.Truth
Friday, February 16th, 2018 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Ruth Koleva – Confidence.Truth

Image: 1618028 Intimate and melancholic, this stunning new soul/r&b album by Bulgarian songstress Ruth Koleva features beautiful vocals, deep lyrics, sensual harmonies and a full philharmonic orchestra.

Think music and Bulgaria is probably not the first place that springs to mind. But it’s definitely got soul and Ruth Koleva is leading the pack. Born into the hardship of post-Communist Eastern Europe, she quickly developed into a rounded artist. There were multiple excursions into local scenes, a stint at the Hollywood Pop Academy… Then came her debut album. RUTH scooped the top prize at the BG Radio Awards in 2014 and JAJ awards in Japan in 2015. Hit-making producer Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga) called it “amazing”.

Koleva has since become a national treasure. She’s shared the stage with legends including jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin, wooed kindred spirits like N’Dambi and Lianne La Havas and performed a sold-out concert at Bulgaria Hall with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. The power of her music is subtle yet absorbing, rewarding those who spend time with it. On Confidence. Truth expect an even more affecting set of songs with a contemporary twist, produced by Crooked Waters’ Kan Wakan and bolstered by tight band of musicians (Thundercat’s little brother Jameel Bruuner, Ron Avant from the Free Nationals and more ).


1. Oceans
2. Run
3. Tokyo
4. A New Home
5. Basil
6. The Rain
7. I Don’t Know Why
8. Wantchu
9. What You Say To A Girl?
10. Didn’t I?


· Tour in 2018, North America, Europe and Asia.
· Album Featuring Ron Avant- piano – Anderson.Paak, Gene Coye – drums – Flying Lotus, Jameel Bruuner – piano – The Internet. produced by Kan Wakan, featuring Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra.
· Remixes by DJ Spinna and Kaidi Tatham.
· 4 Videos shot on 4 continents
Available from 30.03.2018

Mirage – Just Cause I’m Guilty / Can’t Stop a Man in Love
Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Mirage – Just Cause I’m Guilty / Can’t Stop a Man in Love

Preservation Records dug out two killer blue eyed soul tracks from the Mirage vault. Here is the original version of “Just Cause I’m Guilty”, taken from the unissed tracks from the group. Shelved for over 40 years. The soulful B side is another suresh…

Monophonics – Mirrors (Ltd. Colored Vinyl)
Monday, January 15th, 2018 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Monophonics – Mirrors (Ltd. Colored Vinyl)

Image: 1617309 Fuzzed out and psychedelic covers of rare and classic tracks performed by San Francisco’s Monophonics.
Monophonics are back with a six-song EP that fuses the complimentary and explosive soul, rock and funk influences, proving themselves to be the rightful inheritors of the Bay Area’s impressive psychedelic soul sound. Mirrors is comprised entirely of cover tunes, except that I doubt you’ve ever heard of half the deeply funky and soulful originals that inspired these soulful, tastefully produced, and timeless Monophonics treatments. “We wanted to do a couple songs that were more familiar to people and then shine some light on groups we’re big into,” lead singer, keyboardist and co-producer Kelly Finnigan explains. It takes a lot of guts to cover your favorite songs, your van jams, that song you play as a shot of inspiration to break-up a marathon studio session. “Not only are these great songs, but these are artists that we listen to and are influenced by.”

“It’s not about making records that sound old, it’s about making records that sound cool,” Kelly says. Not that he and the other five members of Monophonics mind if you confuse their albums for classic-era recordings. Even musician friends regular mistake a sweaty and greasy Monophonics original for an unheard Bar-Kays’ side, or a deep soul cover tune might pass for an original to a novice ear, except that Kelly makes sure to give credit where credit is due, which is what they do explicitly on this EP, Mirrors.

Even the familiar tunes, iconic, better said, receive a fresh treatment as instrumentals, despite their ubiquity as vocal songs. The EP opens with a ‘tip of the cap’ to The Main Ingredient’s version of “Summer Breeze” before the band unfolds a hazy, mellow-funk opus worthy of inclusion on a Bob James CTI album. The next four songs, all featuring vocals, range from the lowrider soul ballad, a cover of the The Invicibles’ “My Heart Cries” with a pleading and plaintive vocal by Nicole Smith, to the psychedelic blues stomp, “Lying,” originally by the archetypical psychedelic soul band nearly signed to Motown, Black Merda. Add in Kelly’s monster vocal take on Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Northern Soul classic, “Beggin” (to be released as a 7” single with an instrumental version on the b-side), and the deep-funk pop-soul of Nu People’s “I’d be Nowhere Without You” with back-up vocals by Jeanine Jones and Veronica Johnson, and you have a highly-entertaining, toe-tapping, backbone-slipping, masterclass in deep funk and soul.

The final tune is the band’s singular take on the Mamas and the Papas hippie standard, “California Dreaming,” as an explicit and heartfelt tribute to their fans in Greece. The discerning music lovers of Greece fell in love with Monophonics after their 2012 hit “Bang Bang” resulting in multiple tours of the Mediterranean, where these native Californians imbibed on the fine ouzo, good vibes, and Grecian hospitality. Gifted a prized bouzouki (a traditional Greek guitar) by a local fan, Monophonics’ guitarist Ian McDonald and band infused this classic pop song with a soulful cinematic air and Mediterranean flavor, evoking a tune from an imagined Fellini film with a soundtrack by David Axelrod.

Catch the band on the road this Spring to hear some of these songs, favorites and new tunes from their forthcoming LP.

1. Summer Breeze
2. My Heart Cries
3. Beggin’
4. Lying
5. I’d Be Nowhere Today
6. California Dreaming Available from 09.03.2018

DJ Andy Smith Presents – Reach Up – Disco Wonderland
Monday, October 16th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on DJ Andy Smith Presents – Reach Up – Disco Wonderland

Image: 1615761 Best known to most people for his early work as a Portishead collaborator and International tour DJ, Andy Smith earned his ‘Legendary’ title among crate diggers in 1998 when he released seminal mix album ‘The Document’. In the years since, Andy has continued to live up to his reputation as one of the finest and most creative DJs on the planet, tirelessly digging in the crates and emerging with pure gold. Following in the footsteps of his 2006 exploration of Trojan’s mighty reggae vaults and his two compilations exploring funk music from New Orleans and Jamaica, Andy turns his attention to disco and boogie for the very first time.
The concept for ‘Reach Up – Disco Wonderland’ was born from ’Reach Up’, a DJ collective founded by Andy in 2012 to reflect the spirit of legendary NYC clubs such as Paradise Garage and Studio 54. ‘Reach Up’ showcases 80s boogie, disco and proto house, the foundations upon which dance music culture was built. As you might expect, Andy Smith’s selections for the album are not only delightfully obscure but highly memorable. Many titles will spark recognition, having been sampled for more contemporary hip hop and R&B tracks. Disco & Boogie this compilation may be, but it’s been put together with a b-boy mentality. As Andy himself puts it “At my ‘Reach Up’ and ‘Boombox’ nights a fair few of these will have been played, but interestingly some of these tracks might well get played at more ‘hip hop orientated’ nights i do too because of the disco breaks: tracks like “T Connection” & “Freedom.” Containing a raft of undeniable dance-floor fillers and slept-on anthems, ‘Reach Up – Disco Wonderland’ also at times displays that indefinable, other-worldy, almost eerie sonic fingerprint that’s been present in Andy’s productions and DJ sets since day one. Above all, this album is testament to a youthful obsession with home taping. As Andy puts it: “just being able to officially put these tracks out that i used to play on my ghetto blaster in the streets is an amazing thing!”

A1 Don Laka – I Wanna Be Myself
A2 Freedom – Get Up & Dance
A3 Advance – Take Me To The Top
B1 Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair (Reach Up Re-edit)
B2 Sure Thing – Holding You Tight (Extended DJ Mix)
C1 Joanne Wilson – Got To Have You (Whiskey Barons Re-edit)
C2 Neddy Smith – Give It Up
C3 T-Connection – Groove To Get Down
D1 Jimmy Young – Times Are Tight
D2 World Premiere – Share The Night
E1 Jimmy Bo Horne – Is It In
E2 Tamiko Jones – Let It Flow
F1 Cloud 1 – Patty Duke
F2 Shot – Main Thing
F3 Disco Dub Band – For The Love Of Money Available from 17.11.2017

Various – IF Music Presents Black Saint & Soul Note
Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Various – IF Music Presents Black Saint & Soul Note

Image: 1612003 IF Music and BBE present You Need This: An Introduction to Black Saint & Soul Note Records (1975 to 1985) Compiled by Jean-Claude.

Side A A1 Don Pullen feat. Sam Rivers – Joycie Girl
A2 Enrico Rava – Il Giro Del Giorno in 80 Mondi
Side B
B1 Hamiet Bluiett – Oasis
B2 John Stubblefeld – Confessin’
Side C
C1 Henry Threadgill’s Air – B.K.
C2 Billy Bang Sextet – The Nagual Julian
Side D
D1 M’Boom – Mr Seven
Side E
E1 George Adams & Dannie
Richmond – Joobubie
Side F
F1 Rava String Band – Verde Que EuTe Quero Ver
F2 Archie Shepp – Down Home New York

Following two successful volumes of ‘Journey Into Deep Jazz’ on BBE, proprietor of London’s ‘IF Music’ record store and walking musical encyclopedia Jean-Claude kicks o? a new “Introduction To…” album series with this a?ectionate retrospective of sister labels Black Saint and Soul Note. Cited by some as Italy’s answer to Blue Note, Black Saint and Soul Note have together amassed a catalogue in excess of fve hundred albums between 1975 and 2008. Founded by Giacomo Pellicciotti (producer of Enrico Rava’s seminal “Katcharpari” album), Black Saint scored a home run with it’s very frst release: Billy Harper’s 1975 “Black Saint” LP, the follow-up to his much lauded “Capra Black” album on Strata-East. Following the blueprint laid down by iconic Italian jazz imprint Horo, Black Saint started life catching recording sessions with American artists as they passed through Italy on tour, as well as releasing Stateside recordings. For nearly three years Black Saint released a plethora
of jazz albums by the great and good of the Free-Jazz movement: Archie Shepp, Don Cherry, Oliver Lake, Muhal Richard Abrams, Malachi Favours and Hamiet
Bluiett, to name but a few. At the same time, the label was struggling fnancially and a series of owners came and went in quick-fre succession. In 1978, the
company was fnally bought by Giovanni Bonandrini and his team, who by 1979 had launched a second label, the brilliant Soul Note. As Black Saint had done
previously, the frst release on the ?edgling sister-label had to be another by Billy Harper. The two labels went onto enjoy much critical acclaim during the mid to late
‘80s, winning ‘The Down Beat Jazz Award’ from 1984 through to 1989. Even Sun Ra and his Arkestra got in on the act, his 1989 epic “Hours After” was released on
Black Saint.
A snapshot of Black Saint and Soul Note’s frst ten years, this album presents only the very choicest cuts, lovingly remastered to vinyl. If you’re already a fan of
these labels, you should delight in Jean-Claude’s selections, while if you’ve never come across these jazz jewels from Lombardy / Italy, this compilation will
surely blow you away.

About the series:
A side-bar to Jean Claude’s ‘Deep Jazz’ album series, ‘An Introduction To…’ aims to highlight an artist or, as is the case for this frst volume, a particular label that
might have gone unnoticed by all but the most ardent collectors.

For Fans Of: Mikes Davis, Archie Sheep, Sun Ra, Inner City Records, Strata, Gilles Peterson, Art Blakey Available from 20.10.2017

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