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Broken Brass Ensemble – Hitchhiker / Windsurfing
Saturday, January 21st, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Broken Brass Ensemble – Hitchhiker / Windsurfing

Image: 1608400 Stutter & Twitch are proud to introduce to you an alternative take on the world famous sound of New Orleans Jazz. Combining the powers of funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul, Broken Brass Ensemble act as urban brass ambassadors, pioneering on their euphoric groove. Intertwining heroic melodies and leitmotifs, against a loud and proud back-beat, STR003 will soar into stores January 27th, setting a warm and hopeful precedent for the New Year. With origins based in the Netherlands, Broken Brass Ensemble have been firing up a storm all over Europe with an energizing live shows, pairing punchy bass-lines with hard-hitting brass. Selling out on CDs and vinyl from their previous debut album ‘Brasshopper’ in just over a year, and consistently filling 300 capacity venues without promotion, on merit alone, shows that underestimating this octet is out of the question.

‘There was an undeniable feeling of fun, community and coming together when the irresistible rhythms and an abundance of high passion energy got the audience on their feet’ – Time Out

Side A ‘Hitchhiker’, highlights the band’s innate ability to orchestrate a nostalgic New York hot jazz sound, in fantastic superhero fashion. The equally thematic Side B contains an exclusive Hunrosa remix (Sam Vicary of Cinematic Orchestra) in the form of ‘Windsurfing’. Hunrosa contorts Broken Brass’ spatial image through an ambient, electronic and down-tempo journey, without ever compromising on the band’s emotive and authoritative signature tone. In addition, the globetrotting act has sold out UK venues in Manchester, London, Exeter and Norwich, with airtime from Reform Radio, Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show, BBC Radio 4 and Radio Decibel. With more than 350 shows under their belt, and no signs of stopping, Broken Brass Ensemble is becoming a live force to be reckoned with.

1 Hitchhiker (Single)
2 Windsurfing (Single) Available from 03.02.2017

Matuki – Sanimenteren / INJO (Shunya Remix)
Thursday, December 1st, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Matuki – Sanimenteren / INJO (Shunya Remix)

Image: 1607606 12-piece Afro-beat band Matuki are releasing their debut 7″ single on December 2nd via Stutter & Twitch, which paints a juxtaposed image of the band’s versatile style. Side A ‘Sanimenteren’ showcases fiery horn melodies and liquid guitar riffs, whereas Side B ‘INJO’ changes direction completely as Manchester producer Shunya takes the reins. By morphing Matuki’s steadfast rhythm into a lucid downtempo glitch, Shunya creates a unique and mesmerizing new perspective towards the urban band’s signature style.

‘Turbo-boosted grooves and fusing Afro Manding with intoxicating Fela Kuti horn lines, Matuki creates a rhythm so deep and hypnotic it takes you on a journey’ – Rhythm Passport

‘Matuki mix the classic ingredients – brass, beats, vocals and electricity – into something suitably hot’n’spicy…, If Bristol’s Afrobeat scene gets any hotter we might as well move to Lagos’ – Canteen Bristol

Fronted by master drummer and vocalist, Abraham Ebou Sanyang (Savanna, Magoma), Matuki mixes traditional afro-beat sounds with heavy doses of contemporary urban funk into an exciting concoction of world music. Collaborating with the likes of Bristol Samba, Jamba Horns and a variety of versatile session musicians, the densely talented ensemble infuse years of wisdom and experience into their music. After a successful debut performance at Glastonbury Festival’s Glade Stage, 2016 saw the airwaves overflowing with the band’s signature tracks. Matuki received airtime on BCFM, Bristol City Radio, Radio Ujima and Radio Helsinki, and some of their repertoire was also featured on playlists curated by DJ Hiphoppapotamus and Miles Chambers of Lyrical Minded. Touring the UK festival circuit, with appearances at Secret Garden Party, Green Man, Farmfest, Kendal Calling, and Glastonbury, Matuki have been transforming unassuming audiences into dancing frenzies wherever they perform.

1 Sanimenteren
2 INJO (Shunya Remix) Available from 09.12.2016

Bugalu Foundation – La Cadena / Rocksteady Bugalu
Thursday, September 29th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Bugalu Foundation – La Cadena / Rocksteady Bugalu

Image: 1606661 Stutter & Twitch Records proudly presents the first in an exclusive series of 7″ record releases, debuting two previously unreleased tracks on vinyl, from Latino Funk crusaders, Bugalu Foundation. These two spellbinding sides combine the irresistible fusion of Reggae, Funk and Soul with the beats of ‘El Barrio’ and the Hispanic traditions of Latin America.

“Sounds amazing. Blown away. Great studio sound. Heavy!” – Snowboy

“it’s the latin sound done seriously well, this is the real deal” – Craig Charles, Funk and Soul Show, BBC 6 Music

As well as attracting the attention of Craig Charles, appearing as his support act at Hull’s Freedom Festival and being regularly played on his Radio 2 and 6 Music shows, Bugalu Foundation have been busy increasing their following with a number of high profile appearances across the UK, including at Gateshead International Festival, supporting Riot Jazz at legendary venue Antwerp Mansion, and opening the 19th Manchester Jazz Festival to glowing reviews.

1 La Cadena
2 Rocksteady Bugalu Available from 07.10.2016

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