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John Heartsman & Circles – Mr. Magic / Talking About My Baby
Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on John Heartsman & Circles – Mr. Magic / Talking About My Baby

Jazzman Records released the Holy Grail LP of John Heartsman. I did my own edit of ‘Mr. Magic’ whilst mastering the LP and spun it since then on Dub but never thought to put it out. It fixes the D.J Kryptonite fade-in so it’s straight in on the action…

Annie Williams/Baby Jane & The Rockabyes – I Got A Man / My Boy John
Sunday, March 31st, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Annie Williams/Baby Jane & The Rockabyes – I Got A Man / My Boy John

Image: 1579708 OK there are not many artists who have had such a hugely influential and broad career as Ray Charles and many of his tunes have been covered for the detriment of betterment of a hundred different styles. Well here at Jazzman we always like to find little gems hiding in plain sight and here we have two beauties that are exactly so. One answer and one reimagining of the classic ‘I Got a Woman’ – both super fun dancefloor versions. Let’s start with the Annie Williams, practically unknown apart from within the deep soul record collector circuit, this version is stronger on the dancefloor than even the Ray Charles original, with its stronger backing and rawkus r&B style vocal it smashes any dancefloor! One for the ladies (so I’m told!)

On the flip we have Bronx-born girl group Baby Jane & The Rockabyes (Madelyn ‘Baby Jane’ Moore, Yolanda Robinson, Yvonne DeMunn, Estelle McEwan) doing their girl pop interpretation of another classic from Ray. One of the busiest backing session groups in New York City of the period they released 15 singles in their career and were backing singers for Baby Washington on her early Neptune singles, two sides of which we have coming up on Fryers very soon.

Available from 11.03.2013

Staff Charts 2007
Monday, December 17th, 2007 | Tags: ,
Posted in Features, Magazine | Comments Off on Staff Charts 2007

It’s no big secret that 2007 was another shocker for our beloved industry. You probably heard about it in the news. Artists were so broke they had to start to work at McDonalds. Record labels went out of business. Distribution companies had to close their doors. And almost every music industry jibb-jabb complained about disastrous records sales, the fucking internet and all these god damned kids who don’t want to spend their money for music anymore.

But you know what? That’s only one side of the coin. The other truth is that 2007 was a freaking great year for new refreshing music. One more reason to ask around again what Groove Attack‘s employees have been listening to during the past twelve months.

On this occasion the entire Groove Attack family would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year. Enjoy your holidays. And buy more records in 2008 …

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