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Various – Best of Down & Wired 4
Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Various – Best of Down & Wired 4

Image: 1610097 Get ready for two brand-spanking new chapters in Perfect Toy’s high octane, Down & Wired series of garage-mod-soul nuggets because the label has once again persuaded the man responsible for Volumes 1 and 2 – crate digger par excellence ‘Chan The Man’ – to unearth even more gems from his record collection!

The goodness kicks off with Babe Wallace’s virtually unknown, but irresistible, big band rhythm & blues monster Dizengoff which mixes up English and Yiddish lyrics followed by a cover (easily the best one you’ve never heard) of Allen Toussaint’s New Orleans funk classic Get Out Of My Life Woman by the Fabulous Impacts. Elsewhere, East Side Blues as well as Guitar Murphy deliver two solid mod instrumentals. There’s also room for The Inn Crowd’s super-rare harmonica-drenched groover Run Clarence Run and Friends’ My Land which sandwiches two minutes of organ-led craziness between its deceptively mellow intro and outro. Towards the end of this epic release comes yet another cover in the form of Hendrix’ Foxy Lady by 49th Blue Streak. The funked-up Right On may remind us to the mid 70s funk sound of The Meters and there’s an appropriate closer in the form of George Brigman’s hypnotic Drifting.

This is a super-hot collection of vintage rarities (accompanied by detailed liner notes and never-before-seen photos of the artists!) imbued with all the glorious imperfections of the golden age of the analogue era that artists now often strive so hard to recreate. Little surprise then that these cuts should sound so fresh today. Available on vinyl LP, CD and digital download.

1. Babe Wallace – Dizengoff
2. The Fabulous Impacts – Get out of My Life Woman
3. Gentle Uprising – Baby That’s All
4. The Inn Crowd – Run Clarence Run
5. East Side Blues – East Side Theme
6. Guitar Murphy – Suffering Soul, Pt. 1
7. Friends – My Land
8. 49th Blue Streak – Foxy Lady
9. Jove – Right On
10. Ready Willing & Able – Trouble
11. George Brigman & Split – Drifting
12. Guitar Murphy – Suffering Soul, Pt. 2
Available from 23.06.2017

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Both living in Zurich, each regularly performing as DJ’s, and both named Adrian S., perhaps it was inevitable that Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer would meet in 2008 and form a near instant friendship. Perhaps it was destiny. But it’s the professional bond that followed for which we are so lucky, a bond that would […]

NEP – Decadence
Friday, October 13th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on NEP – Decadence

Image: 1615738 NEP was a loose multimedia collective formed in 1982 Zagreb, ex-Yugoslavia. The founder Dejan Krsic collaborated with various artists in a quest of re-thinking the stale concepts of art history, position of the author and the barriers between pop and elitist high culture. Heavily influenced by Walter Benjamin and Andy Warhol in theory and Brian Eno and Kraftwerk in music, Krsic created NEP as an umbrella term (meaning Nova Evropa) of diverse rule-breaking activities, covering graphic design, music, photography, video, news-media and theoretical work. Musically NEP focused on experiments in ambient and tape-music, mostly self-released or hard to find compilations like “The Cassette Played Poptones” (1988). Deeply immersed in pop-culture, politics and art theory Krsic’s search for perfect pop music with cutting critical edge peaked in 1989, the year Decadance track was conceived in studio, but has never been published. Pumping Roland 808 beats, with sampled vocals from Linda Cooper asking herself “How do I dance to this music” were chosen by Fox & His Friends label owners Leri Ahel and Zeljko Luketic for a 12″ opener of the unknown NEP’s pop history. This single is a sneak-peak into the world of POP NOT POP, the album and a graphic book merged into one multimedia entity, to be released later this year. All material is restored and mastered from original reel-to-reel tapes and presented on wax for the first time and for this occasion, deconstructed and reinvented in a remix B-side by Snuffo, masked hero of the Snuff Crew fame. Snuffo splitted the title vocal into a new cut-up, now telling “Dance to this music” to its audiences. And indeed, NEP’s Decadance is meant to be danced to, either side you choose to play. NEP on this 1989 track was led by Dejan Krsic, now famous graphic designer and art historian in Croatia, but other collaborators include Laibach and Borghesia photographer Jane Stravs, artist and TV director Gordana Brzovic, Jovan Culibrk, now Bishop at The Serbian Orthodox Church and Anja Rupel, singer of cult Yugoslavian synth-pop group Videosex. Available from 27.10.2017

Mike City – The Feel Good Agenda Vol. 1
Friday, May 5th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Mike City – The Feel Good Agenda Vol. 1

Image: 1609930 Featuring a host of luminaries from the world of Soul &
R&B, chart-topping songwriter and award winning
producer Mike City presents new album ‘The Feel Good
Agenda Vol.1’.
Earning his big break back in the year 2000 as writer and
producer of a #1 hit in the form of ‘I Wish’ performed by
Carl Thomas, Mike went on to work with Brandy, Rihanna,
Angie Stone and Jamie Foxx as well as penning Sunshine
Anderson’s smash hit ‘Heard It All Before’. Renowned for
his deeply rooted, melodic production style and
distinctive vocal arrangements, Mike City consistently
fnds himself in-demand from A-list hip hop, R&B and pop
artists, as well as fnding favor in dance music circles
during recent years. Placing him inside their ‘Top 100
Soulful House Artists of 2016’, Traxsource declared Mike
“one of the soulful scene’s most in-demand producers,
singers and songwriters” and “a name synonymous with
quality music, no matter the genre”.
A highly accomplished vocalist in his own right, ‘The Feel
Good Agenda Vol.1’ sees Mike take centre stage,
showcasing a selection of previously unreleased songs
with a little help from his friends. Best described as R&Binfused dance music, the album boasts cameo vocal
appearances from leading lights of the urban music scene
including: Faith Evans, Lalah Hathaway, Dwele, Teedra
Moses and the man whose voice kick-started Mike’s
stellar career, Carl Thomas.
About the guest artists:
Teedra Moses was the frst female artist to be signed to
Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group and has written
material for Macy Gray & Mary J. Blige among others.
Maysa is a long-time collaborator with Acid Jazz legends
Incognito and a Grammy nominated solo artist, currently
celebrating 25 years in the business.
Dwele is a leading light of the neo-soul scene,
collaborating with Kanye West and J DIlla as well as
working regularly with Mike City.
Lalah Hathaway is the daughter of Donny Hathaway,
carving out an impressive space all her own in the world
of Soul music, releasing on the legendary Stax Records.
Terri Walker got her start collaborating with UK Garage
artists such as 187 Lockdown and Shanks & Bigfoot
before embarking on a critically acclaimed solo career
and providing backing vocals for Jennifer Hudson & Fergie
among others.
Crystal Johnson is a singer, songwriter and producer
who has collaborated with Usher, Mobb Deep Heavy D &
Dr Dre as well working as arranger and lyricist on a
multitude of high profle projects.
Carl Thomas is a chart-topping R&B / soul artist,
formerly signed to Sean ‘Pu?y’ Combs’ ‘Bad Boy

01. I Rock Wit U feat. Dwele
02. Everybody Loves A Winner
03. 100 Miles feat. Carl Thomas
04. When I Luv feat. Faith Evans
05. Been Too Afraid feat. Teedra Moses
06. Head Over Heels feat. Maysa
07. Up To It
08. More Of Me feat. Crystal Johnson
09. Here Together feat. Terri Walker
10. You’re The Kind
11. Sang & Dance feat. Junior
12. You’re In Heaven feat. Lalah Hathaway Available from 16.06.2017

Catz ‘N Dogz
Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 | Tags: , ,
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It’s a plain fact – close friends Grzegorz and Wojciech have had a stellar and prolific career as the house outfit Catz ‘N Dogz. Since 2003, the Polish producers and Pets Recordings’ label owners, known for electrifying performances and catchy cuts, have achieved a stratospheric rise through the ranks of DJ hierarchy, succeeding in all […]

DJ Format – Presents Psych Out
Friday, April 29th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on DJ Format – Presents Psych Out

Image: 1602755 DJ Format presents his new compilation Pysch Out.

A1 The Quests – Hava Nagila
A2 The Tijuana Brats – Karate Chop
A3 Rainbow Family – Travellin’ Lady
A4 The CT Four Plus – Exodus II
B1 49th Blue Streak – Foxy Lady
B2 Bana Pop Band – Jet Pop
B3 Koncz Zsuzsa – Visz A Vonat
C1 La Logia Sarabanda – Todos O Ninguno
C2 Friar Tuck and His Psychedelic Guitar – Louis, Louis
C3 Flamengo – Týden v elektrickém mìstì
D1 Sergio Ferraresi – Time of Machines
D2 Krzysztof Klenczon – Nie Przejdziemy
Do Historii
D3 Aleksandr Sergeyevich Zatsepin – The Shaman’s Dance
D4 Pro Arte – Stari Dvorac

DJ Format’s Psych Out is a compilation of records from around the world that Format
WISHES he could play at clubs every weekend. Some of the tracks are hard to
categorise…kind of psychedelic, kind of funky, kind of crazy…but most have unmistakable
blend of distorted electric guitars, driving basslines and pounding drums. Maybe you didn’t
think it was possible for “Foxy Lady” to be played any harder…but 49th Blue Streak did it.
“Hava Nagila” never really seemed likely to lend itself to a psychedelic reworking…but The
Quests from Singapore thought differently. In Germany, The CT Four Plus did away with
boring tradition and instead praised God with their electric guitars. Advertising executives in
France thought it best to spread the word of their new chocolate bar by commissioning the
Bana Pop Band to make a cool 7″ flexi disc record. These are just a few examples of how
the boundaries of music were being pushed in the late ’60s & early ’70s when most of these
exciting recordings were made.
In DJ Format’s own words:
The idea for this compilation came about because of my search for a rare psych/funk 7″
that isn’t even included here! My friend DJ Oneofakind played me the said record and I
totally lost my mind. Some months later after a lot of asking around and searching online, a
copy turned up on for a painful amount of money. I contacted the seller to ask
a couple of questions and it turned out I was talking to Jake Holloway, BBE’s in-house
designer. I’d loosely known Jake for a few years through mutual friends so we quickly
arranged a time to meet and take care of business. Jake told me he’d offered the 7″ to a
few other DJ/collector friends but they’d passed on it as it was ‘too heavy’ for them. This got
us talking about my love for psych records with a funky slant and I explained my frustration
at buying so many records that fit that description, that were ‘too heavy’ to play at my typical
DJ gigs. Jake had the perfect solution: “why don’t you do a compilation of funky, fuzzed-out
psych stuff for BBE?”.

• DJ Format released original music on MO WAX and compiled for FABRICLIVE27
• this project is focuses on the funk rock end of the Psychedelic scene
• ultra rare tracks released for the first time digitally and on CD
• Full press & radio campaign in key territories Available from 10.06.2016

Staff Charts 2014
Friday, December 19th, 2014 | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Das Jahr 2014 neigt sich dem Ende entgegen. Aus diesem Grund haben wir wieder einige der Angestellten von Groove Attack, Rough Trade Distribution und GoodToGo befragt, was ihre ganz persönlichen musikalischen Highlights der vergangenen zwölf Monate waren. Nachfolgend haben wir ihre Antworten aufgelistet. Gleichzeitig möchten wir die Gelegenheit nutzen und uns bei allen Geschäftspartnern, Medienpartnern, […]

Monday, July 30th, 2012 | Tags: , ,
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Fresh off the heels of his Gangrene collaboration with MC/Producer Oh No, The Alchemist steps back into the spotlight announcing his latest project, Russian Roulette, dropping on record label/production house/idea shop Decon. A collection of 30 tracks woven into a tapestry of insanely obscure samples and jaw-dropping verses from the top names of indie-rap’s recent […]

Monday, July 23rd, 2012 | Tags: , ,
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It’s almost an overwrought subject to mention the power of names; the idea whether they choose us or we choose them and if, in reality there is any difference. Religious converts, celebrities, super heroes–they all take on names that fit their attributes, their ideas of self. Malcolm X. Marilyn Monroe. Superman. Mudfoot. Doesn’t sound right. […]

Martin Eyerer
Monday, March 12th, 2012 | Tags: , , ,
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Martin Eyerer is a wayfaring globetrotter and he often talks about his adventurous journeys through the continents. But those foreign places quickly become familiar territory when he sets up his digital DJ-system and starts to play his groovy electro-tech house sets. The sound is a world language of its own, that is euphorically absorbed through […]

Staff Charts 2005
Wednesday, December 21st, 2005 | Tags: ,
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Holy moly, the year 2005 is almost over. And so many changes happened we can’t even remember. Most recently we had to congratulate Mrs. Merkel for becoming the first female chancellor of Germany, but honestly nobody really cared. As always the much more important news came from overseas. Have you heard that our beloved newlyweds Jessica and Nick split up after they had stolen the hearts of audiences everywhere? And Britney sold Kevin’s Ferrari. Oh boy…But through all these times of melancholy one thing will remain the same and stay forever, and that’s our pure love for music.

So in good ol’ tradition we asked around what Groove Attack’s employees have been listening to in 2005. Read on ‘cuz this list is for you …

Biz Markie
Monday, October 6th, 2003 | Tags:
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The true hip hop legend Biz Markie returns with a must have album. Biz has gone from being the beatbox “Clown Prince of Hip Hop” to platinum selling rapper, legal landmark and now one of the most in-demand black DJs in the world, backing Will Smith, spinning at the Super Bowl, the NBA All-Star Game, The Grammy’s ” wherever the party is needed.

The video of “Let Me See You Bounce” featuring Elephant Man & Lil Kal was directed by Kirk Fraser. Watch it !

Let Me See You Bounce (Windows Media / low)
Let Me See You Bounce (Windows Media / high)
Let Me See You Bounce (Real Media / low)
Let Me See You Bounce (Real Media / high)

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