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Zongo Junction – No Discount
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Zongo Junction – No Discount

Image: 1591085 Electric Cowbell Records is proud to announce the release of No
Discount, the second full length album from Brooklyn psychedelic
afrobeat band, Zongo Junction. Exploding from the center of New York’s
vibrant afrobeat scene, Zongo Junction electrifies dance floors wherever
they perform. Packed with four horns, and a five-piece rhythm section,
audiences can’t help but move no matter where the band is playing. If the
Talking Heads produced a Fela Kuti record of Sun Ra’s music, the product
would probably sound something a lot like Zongo Junction.
In an industry where it has become commonplace to watch bands
perform with laptops & backing tracks instead of live musicians, Zongo
Junction takes the stage 9 strong. The Village Voice describes their live
show as “Sheer energy with the force of a tractor- trailer that roars with
power and noise” while the SF Chronicle says that “Zongo Junction plays
its own fractured version of Afro-beat and generates an unstoppable groove
when it takes the stage.”
The music on No Discount, which was produced by Mikey Freedom
Hart (Sinkane, Albert Hammond Jr, Bleachers), embraces the individual
members’ interests, from Dirty Projectors to Albert Ayler, Wu Tang to
Meshugguh. At its core, you will find the addictive West African grooves
that are the foundation of Zongo Junction’s music. No Discount will be
available worldwide on limited edition 150 Gram white vinyl, CD, and for
digital download.
The album was recorded to 24 track, two-inch tape at The Bunker
studio in Brooklyn NY, then disassembled and polished, piece by piece,
by producer Mikey Hart, over a year-long mixing process. It was mastered
by all-star engineer Brian Lucey (The Black Keys). Featuring swaths of
analog electronics, hairpin rhythmic turns, and elaborate statements from a
powerhouse 5-piece horn section, the band has become impressively adept
at nestling entire sound worlds on top of authentic afrobeat grooves. The
result is one of the most sonically intricate, and infectiously danceable
recordings imaginable.

1. The Van That Got Away
2. Longtooth
3. Invented History
4. No Discount
5. Suspects In Madina
6. Invented Search
7. The National Zoo
8. Tunnel Bar
9. Unknown Elsewhere Available from 01.08.2014

Polyrhythmics – Libra Stripes
Friday, December 20th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Polyrhythmics – Libra Stripes

Image: 1586042 People have asked, people have been patient, but now people get ready. After snapping up their limited edition 45
singles on Kept Records and Electric Cowbell Records, DJs, funk fans, vinyl heads and instrumental afro-enthusiasts
alike will finally be able to lay their hands on a full-length Polyrhythmics platter.
This is a funk record. No suspenders, emotional folksy rock ballads, vocoder or synthesized soul will be found on this
release. Multiple-horns, multiple rhythms, and multiple players. This album is a straight-up instrumental attack,
where the only voice you hear is the collective force of these eight players hitting all original cuts live and off the
floor. Let’s be clear about it: Polyrhythmics are not trying to emulate or recreate something that has already been
done. This is not “retro,” or “throwback,” this is music being made together, today in The Now. The raw, fresh and
genuine sounds captured on Libra Stripes are an instrumental testament to the universal groove and appeal of funk
and afrobeat music, and present a clear call to everyone to get up and occupy the dance floor.

1. Libra Stripes
2. Pupusa Strut
3. Moon Cabbage
4. Chingador
5. Snake In The Grass
6. Bobo
7. Skin The Fat
8. Retrobotic
9. Mr. Wasabi Rides Again Available from 29.11.2013

Drunken Foreigner Band – White Guy Disease
Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Drunken Foreigner Band – White Guy Disease

Image: 1617472 Drunken Foreigner Band is a Brooklyn-based ensemble that makes a
sprawling electrified iteration of the Akha and Lam Lao musics of Thailand
and Laos. The majority of the band’s music was learned from cassette
tapes of the largely-vocal music traditions, gathered by keyboardist
Dave Kadden on his trips to Southeast Asia. Comprising members of
Sunwatchers, Invisible Circle and other experimental Brooklyn outfits,
they are releasing their debut LP “White Guy Disease” on Electric
Cowbell Records.

1. Akha 1
2. White Guy Disease
3. Chan Choa Wa Chan Bin Dai
4. Akha 2
5. Farang Mao Available from 02.02.2018

Sory Bamba – Du Mali
Thursday, August 25th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Sory Bamba – Du Mali

Image: 1606010 One of the most pivotal figures in the history of Malian music is Sorry Bamba. His work spans five decades and his music bridges the gap between Mali’s cultural traditions and new the music which arose from the musical cross overs which occurred in Mali’s post-Colonial period. Bamba was born in 1938 in Mopti. This is dissected by both the Niger and Bani rivers and known for its rich cultural diversity. Bamba’s father was a distinguished veteran of Emperor Samory Toure’s military and a nobleman in Malian society, however, this meant young Sorry was forbidden to make music, as under the nation’s caste system, music was an art form reserved for the Griots.

At the age of 10, Sorry’s parents died and in traumatic times that followed the young teen found solace in music. He first taught himself to play am African six-holed flute. As he progressed he began to absorbed the rich tapestry of music of his surroundings, traditional Malian music, highlife from Ghana, local accordion master Toumani Toure, European singers and musicians. In 1957 Sorry formed his first band, Group Goumbe, named after a popular Ivory Coast dance style. In 1960 Mali gained independence from France, Bamba and his group benefited from a new openness toward local music on the state-run radio network Radio Mali. Sorry then went on to form two award-winning, further collectives Bani Jazz and later the Kanaga Orchestra. They fused Latin jazz, Western R&B, Psychadelic and funk, and traditional Malian styles made them a favourite in Mali and beyond.

In 1979 Sorry produced his third LP for the Paris based Sonafric group. Long out of print Africa Seven is pleased to be re-issuing the LP with the authorization of the newly reformed Sonafric group. The re-issue benefits from extensive restoration and re-mastering to a spectral analysis level, bringing and polishing long lost and distorted sounds.

The six track masterpiece opens with “Mayel”. It blends Afro-space grooves, cowbell and swirling organ with psych guitar and punchy horns. “Kanaga 78” was named after his band of the time. Sounding as fresh (if not more so) in 2016 as it did in 1979 the hypnotic bass, expansive drums, twisting organ and snakelike fuzz-guitar all combine to create a masterpiece of African psychedelia. “Bayadjourou” closes off Side A of the LP with its pulsating, incessant organ hook-line and driving tom drums while adding in layers of Malian vocal from a female chorus and Sorry himself.

Side B opens up with “Tjamantie Kolo” which is powered by driving conga and drums layered with traditional vocals and distorted picked electric guitar lines. “N’Nebakaidi” focuses on the song writing skill and delivery of Sorry who delivers a masterful vocal over grooves which somehow manage to sound melancholy but somehow also forlornly uplifting at the same time. The LP closes with “Nani Nani” which is a brass driven wall of African sound.

Stay tuned for further re-issues of Sorry Bamba’s first and second albums soon on Africa Seven.

1 Mayel
2 Kanaga 78
3 Bayadjourou
4 Tjamantie Kolo
5 N’Nebakaidi
6 Nani Nani Available from 23.09.2016

The Budos Band
Tuesday, September 25th, 2007 | Tags: ,
Posted in Features, Magazine | Comments Off on The Budos Band

With its twenty-two legs, three horns, and hallucinogenic venom, The Budos Band (the unheralded emperors of Instrumental Staten Island Afro-Soul) continue to rule. The band commands their listeners to follow them on their second journey into the depths of their poinsonous vision. While their debut album was itself heralded as a groundbreaking exploration of funk, afro-beat and soul music, few could predict that their second effort would not only match but surpass the realm of mind-expansion embodied on their first sessions. Through ten exciting new instrumentals recorded live at Daptone‘s House of Soul in Bushwick, Brooklyn, The Budos Band pours themes at once resonant and ethereal over Herculean rhythms …

Who Made Who
Thursday, September 8th, 2005 | Tags: ,
Posted in Features, Magazine | Comments Off on Who Made Who

The Munich based Gomma label comes up with another new band that has a very own, fresh sound: Who Made Who from Denmark. The trio plays disco, but not connecting it with (Post) Punk and New Wave like so many other bands right now – their influences come from a wider range of music, everything from surf music to folk to funk to pop, mixed with a big dose of Italodisco.

The band has already released three singles since 2004 wich caused some real buzz and heavy rotations from DJ’s all over the place. Especially “Satisfaction” became a big hit in many clubs. People realized that Who Made Who are a fascinating band and even better live. Now the Danish band is going to release their amazing full length debut …

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