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IDE – Force Fed
Friday, March 10th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on IDE – Force Fed

Image: 1609111 In celebration of the 10th anniversary of “Force Fed” we have teamed
up with Fat Beats to release this limited edition colored vinyl.
“The debut album from Ide the Shanty One, “Force Fed” is a verbal
maelstrom whipping through the placid seas of 21st century
underground hip-hop with thunderous beats and lightning-strike lyrics.
Ide displays his furious command of the mic over 23 dark and storming
beats, his imaginative and visceral word-warping and unrelenting ?ow
striking listeners with gut-punch directness. Following Jak Progresso’s
“Random Violence” as the 2nd full-length release from Creative Juices
Music, “Force Fed” heralds the charge of this new artist onto the NY
underground scene: Ide the Shanty One. Already earning respect for
expert production and engineering for various underground artists, now
Ide brings forth this manifesto of disgust and impatience with a twisted
culture and reminds listeners why hip-hop is NOT dead. Throughout his
frst lp, he avoids lecturing about society directly but instead proclaims
this gritty mission statement championing subversive artistry and
psychic exploration. This Creative Juices Music release gathers a total
of 10 producers, including Domingo, Deep and Ben Boogz (2 Hungry
Bro’s/Creative Juices), DJ Connect (Elite Fleet), and others, as well as
Ide himself, yet projects a unifed sonic stampede of steel-toed hip-hop.
Joining The Shanty One on the mic are U.G. (Cella Dwellas), Savage
Messiah (formerly of Scienz of Life), Critical, Madness, Alucard, Jak
Progresso, and L.I.F.E.Long (Stronghold), all contributing cinematic
similes in an unrelenting ?ood. Ide’s “Force Fed” is compelling in
its ferocity, and ftting that he is initiating his chapter in music in the
company of these well-known fgures on the underground scene.”Force
Fed” is for hungry listeners, who’ve had enough of the formula, and
don’t mind a little pain if their rap would only get its edge back. This
brazen debut album from Ide the Shanty One is a sure classic for 2007
and another strong product from the Creative Juices Music label.

• 10th anniversary release – Colored vinyl limited edition 300
• IDE’s frst album from 2006 with all scratches from DJ Mista
Sinista from the X-Ecutioners
• Features U.G. (Cella Dwellas), Critical, Madness, Alucard and
• IDE recently produced Portals, the solo release from U.G.
(Cella Dwellas)
• IDE has worked with: Jeru The Damaja, Sadat X, Killah Priest,
Hell Razah (Sunz Of Man), Ill Bill, Necro, The Outsidaz, Kool
G Rap, Smif N Wessun, Casual (Hieroglyphics), U.G. (Cella
Dwellas) Critical and more
• IDE continues to run his label Creative Juices Music releasing
independent music year round

1. Intro
2. Never ft. Alucard
3. Bounty Hunter ft. DJ Mista Sinista
4. Field of Orbs
5. Hidden Network ft. DJ Mista Sinista
6. Coat Of Arms
7. Haight & Ashburyft. Savage Messiah
8. Condemned
9. Ravenous ft. Alucard & Jak Progresso
10. Psilasylum ft. Alucard
11. Serpentine Movements
12. What Happens ft. UG, Critical, Madness, Life Long
13. Trade & Kinship
14. Sun Pyramids ft. Alucard
15. Superior Knowledge ft. Savage Messiah & Jak Progresso Available from 19.05.2017

DJ Oil – Phantom
Saturday, August 30th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on DJ Oil – Phantom

Image: 1591852 DJ Oil of the Troublemakers present Phantom his sophomore solo album out on BBE.

BBE is proud to present Phantom, the sophomore solo album from Lionel Corsini, aka DJ Oil. A true veteran of the underground music and party scene in his native Marseille, Lionel released his well-received solo debut as recently as 2012 (Black Notes for French label Discograph) but is probably better known as one part of The Troublemakers, who had the (probably unique?) distinction of being signed to both the legendary ‘90s house label Guidance and the most famous of all jazz labels, Blue Note. The latter didn’t work out too satisfactorily for Lionel, who found himself constrained by Blue Note’s corporate ways as part of a major and yearning for the freedom he’d had as an independent artist at an independent
Nonetheless, the trajectory from Guidance to Blue Note gives you some idea of the range of Oil’s music. Phantom (so-called because ‘all these tracks live on my computer like ghosts, waiting to get out, and some never did get out’) begins with an incredibly low-slung mutant rhythm’n’blues instrumental (imagine Link Wray taking guitar lessons from John Lee Hooker on acid), and ends with a kind of abstract spiritual… and seems to take in pretty much the whole spectrum of black music on the way, music in which Lionel is thoroughly steeped (his father was a collector of soul and R&B, a passion that has continued to course through the Corsini blood), ending up somewhere altogether other-worldly. It’s a dark, edgy, angst-ridden soundscape (‘why don’t I just drop out?’ asks a voice, repeatedly) that invokes the untrammelled energies of ‘60s and ‘70s Black radicalism, animated jive-talk juxtaposed with the soothing tones of Africanist scholars discoursing on ‘rhythm’…
As singers are not to the forefront and it’s hardly a ‘dance’ record, Phantom is likely to be labelled ‘trip-hop’, but it’s far meatier than the usual trip-hop fare, and owes more to hip-hop itself in its passion for recontextualizing sound. Furthermore, contrary to the initial assumption (based on its diverse sounds and gritty analogue ‘feel’) that it must be a sample-based record, DJ Oil has recorded the whole album live: ‘sometimes at parties, sometimes at home, but never at the mixing desk.’ With a few exceptions any samples are his own creations: beats, percussion, basslines, Moog and other synth sounds are all played by Lionel, while many of the voices we encounter are street scenes, chat, collaborators met during Lionel’s extensive world travels, more phantoms preserved as files on DJ Oil’s laptop. ‘This album is like a collection of spontaneous paintings, not re-touched,’ says Lionel, ‘that’s why there are so many “accidents” in the music you hear.’ Any ‘accidents’ are surely serendipitous, and result in real sonic diversity, as the music veers from mood to mood, constantly referencing music and cultures from Africa and across the Atlantic as well as urban France, past and present, and a hint of the future too.
From country blues, through township jive and Rahsaan Roland Kirk-style ‘flute’ vocalizations, with the occasional nod to four-to-the-floor house, DJ Oil runs the musical gamut, using modern technology to recreate the virtual orchestra existing in his head and gifting us an astonishingly assured and rather exceptional album, which surely should break this stalwart of the French underground scene to a larger international audience. Making up for the ‘lost years’ with Blue Note, Lionel Corsini’s creative juices are clearly flowing freely at the moment. Listen out especially for the track featuring rapper Josh (and singer Hope Malike) from Zimbabwean band Monkey Nuts: this is another DJ Oil project with a full album also forthcoming soon from BBE.

• As part of The Troublemakers he sold over 100,000 copies of his debut album and was subsequently signed to Blue Note.
• Full Radio and Press campaign in key territories
• DJ Oil (real name Lionel Corsini ) is revered globally for his unique experimental production techniques

A1 Yes It Is
A2 Afrotress
A3 Paolo
B1 Drop Out
B2 Seasons
B3 Echoism
C1 Beetlejuice
C2 Plastic Man
C3 Le Rhythme De La Vie
D1 Burn It
D2 New Lord
D3 A Day

1. Yes It Is
2. Drop Out
3. Afrotress
4. Paolo
5. Seasons
6. Echoism
7. Beetlejuice
8. Plastic Man
9. Le Rhythme De La Vie
10. Burn It
11. New Lord
12. A Day

For Fans of Theo Parrish, Madlib, Moodyman, Sun Ra, Anchorsong

Available from 16.01.2015

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