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Saib. – Sailing
Friday, January 19th, 2018 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Saib. – Sailing

Image: 1617475 Cold Busted has navigated the smooth seas to unearth Sailing, the new
album from Moroccan guitarist and beat-flinger saib. The Casablanca-
based producer has steered his sound into warmer waters. Mixing
tempered hip-hop beats with jazzy vibes and a lounge sensibility, saib.
touches on a style that’s both chill and opulent. The album’s opener,
“Archipelago,” sets the scene with gentle piano, swirling strings, and
beachside sounds that would make Martin Denny proud. “Tropics”
pushes the agenda further, featuring delightful vibraphone lines, stand-
up bass, and boom bap beats, providing the perfect soundtrack for
poolside cocktails. The sleepy crooning of “Blue Memories,” the future-
retro sing-a-long of “Mermaid Dreams,” and the guitar/vibes interplay of
“Pastel” provide other highlights. Sailing’s twelve songs show saib. as an
artist capable of bringing a sunny climate to any listening environment

1. Archipelago
2. Beautiful Terrace
3. Casino
4. Mermaid Dreams
5. Summer in Rio
6. Tropics
7. Pastel
8. Mojito
9. Friends
10. Blue Memories
11. Grand Hotel
12. Paradise Island Available from 02.02.2018

Lanzo – Omnipotent
Friday, August 4th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Lanzo – Omnipotent

Image: 1611268 Chicago’s Carington Pierre, also known as Lanzo, has bestowed
evidence of his cosmic hip hop beatology to the Cold Busted label in
the form of a new album, Omnipotent. Previously recording for BLVNT
Records and the Natural Selection label, Lanzo specializes in a style of
experimental hip hop that draws from boom-bap, soulful downtempo, and
atmospheres that lean toward the celestial. Lanzo and his trusty MPC
1000 have been actively producing since 2008 and Omnipotent confrms
his upward trajectory, presenting ffteen tasty sonic morsels that groove
in a confdent but abstract fashion.
Highlights include “Comfort Zone” which envelopes a swinging rhythm
in dreamy strings, distant voices, and rolling bass, and the odd but
appealing “Gutter Balls”, featuring some deliciously drunken synths.
There’s also the melancholy quiet storm of “Colours”, “Against The
Wall” and its heavily processed beat magic, and the loping sci-f jazz
of “Between Friends”. Omnipotent is a heady listen, displaying textures
and swirls that accentuate the sturdiness of its drum beats. Lanzo has
provided a distinctive soundtrack that’s ready-made for day blazing or
night groovin’.

1. Marianas Web
2. Hardware Native
3. Comfort Zone
4. Caution To The Wind
5. Gutter Balls
6. Insure This Planet
7. Between Friends
8. Major
9. Against The Wall
10. Think & Grow
11. Colours
12. Brainwork
13. Fears Den
14. Bump
15. Vacanc
Available from 22.09.2017

Es-K & Loupo – Symbiosis
Thursday, July 27th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Es-K & Loupo – Symbiosis

Image: 1611152 Transmitting crucial beats from Burlington, the Vermont-based
producers Es-K and Loupo have crafted a smooth, introspective
long-player for the Cold Busted label titled Symbiosis. Holland-born
Es-K (Essential Knowledge) is known for his monthly Spontaneous
Grooves series (where a collection of tracks are created in one
sitting) and his vital 2016 album Passages. Fellow VT rhythm-
wrangler Loupo is also on the rise, with a recent album on the
Melody Soul label named Good Company. This new collaborative
release, Symbiosis, is a brilliant meeting-of-the-minds, blending the
styles of these two talents over the course of ten tracks. The result
is deep and meaningful as well as groovy and ‘headz approved,’
showcasing the duo’s penchant for envelope pushing in terms of
atmosphere, melody, and rhythm.
From the opening chords of “Aqua” – reminiscent of expansive works
from the likes of Lonnie Linston Smith – Symbiosis sets itself apart in
the realm of beat-conscious production projects. Sparkling Rhodes
piano, a winding jazz bass line, and an overall pensive vibe lead
midway into a funky drum part, which almost seems curiously added
as an afterthought. The fusion-istic instrumentation and understated,
downbeat rhythm flavor continue throughout Symbiosis, shining on
cool cuts like “Road To”, the tough, slow motion stepper “Gavel”,
“TwoTone” with its jerky beats and film noir attitude, and “CooLit”s
cosmic quiet storm meditation. Es-K and Loupo are onto something
unique and special, and Symbiosis lays out their fruit of their sonic
exploration for all to enjoy.

1. Agua
2. Valerian Root
3. Nitelites
4. Road To
5. Gavel
6. Virtuality
7. Two Tone
8. Shut
9. CooLit
10. April Available from 25.08.2017

Zak Damundo – 3AM
Friday, May 19th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Zak Damundo – 3AM

Image: 1609792 Under the glow of moonlight, Zak Damundo has arrived on the Cold Busted label scene with his fantastic debut album 3am. The alias of San Francisco DJ / producer Zach DeVincent, Zak Damundo presents eighteen original and sampled beats that are mixed continuously in the physical realm (CD and vinyl), but also available digitally as individual cuts. An underground dance music veteran, DeVincent is the host of SWIM on Digitally Imported Radio, an affiliate of the Bay Area’s independent hip hop TV program Distortion 2 Static, and has released tunes for the likes of 5 and Dime Recordings, Acryl Music, Looq Records, and Open Bar Music.

3am is aptly titled as the tracks transmit a dead-of-night vibe, with loose rhythms, spacey samples, and lush melodic constructions. The continuously mixed version shows Zak and the album in their element, as a solitary evening journey motoring through city streets is sonically intimated. Individually, the album’s cuts are prime movers for the crafty selector, perfectly elevating the after-hours lounge DJ set. 3am opens with “Soul” which draws from ‘quiet storm’ ’80s funk in the low end and dreamy, ambient ’90s electronica through its swirling pads. The stylistic combination is infectious and continues throughout this evocative album. Other highlights include the echoed guitar chops and rising pads of “Comedown”, “Drift”’s pristine, laid-back jazz-funk textures, the dramatic strings and piano over a boom-bap beat in “Say Goodnight”, and the lovely, immersive hip hop soundscape of “Venice”. Zak Damundo is on point, and 3am is recommended for any nocturnal hour.

1. Soul
2. When I
3. Venice
4. Off In The Sky
5. Emptiness (Interlude)
6. Send Me
7. You Know
8. It Can Be
9. Mood
10. Hidden
11. Window Seat
12. Floating
13. Street Light
14. Say Goodnight
15. Comedown
16. Inside
17. Drift
18. Re?ections (Outro) Available from 30.06.2017

DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice – Back To The Essence
Friday, May 19th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice – Back To The Essence

Image: 1609606 In 1999, the duo of DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice formed in Atlanta.
Squashy Nice is an accomplished beats producer, and DJ T-Rock
is a scratch-master responsible for battle records on the likes of
Bomb Hip-Hop Records, Stereo-Type, and Replicant Music Trading
Corp. Together they released three party-ready instrumental hip
hop albums for New Zealand’s Why Records label. Now based from
coast-to-coast (Squashy Nice in New York and DJ T-Rock in Los
Angeles), the duo has joined the Cold Busted family for their fourth
album, the satisfying seventeen track Back To The Essence.
Showcasing the variety and breadth that Squashy Nice’s beats and
samples and DJ T-Rock’s scratches can provide, the tracks on Back
To The Essence swerve from party rockers to soulful, thoughtful
numbers featuring vocals from New Zealand vocalist Miss Glue.
Among the standouts are the opening “Hit The Breaks”, combining
harmonica, ’60s style fuzz guitar, heavy beats, and some crucial
vocal scratches, “Let Them Be”, with Miss Glue’s lovely vocals
providing a counterpoint to acoustic guitar cut-ups, and “Watch The
Clouds”, featuring gentle piano, a loungey string section breakdown,
and wistful vocals from Squashy Nice. Back To The Essence should
be ingested whole, as its plentiful tracks radiate fun, funk, and good
vibes. It’s like a virtual block party dropping down wherever its cuts
are playing.

1. Hit The Breaks
2. Back To The Essence
3. Let Them Be Feat. Miss Glue
4. We Don’t Have To (Go Through Changes)
5. Get Loose Now
6. Gyro Genius
7. They Own Your Soul Feat. Miss Glue
8. Takin’ It
9. Satisfed
10. After It Rains
11. Pretty Girl Crooked Smile (Slick Mix)
12. White Boy In New York
13. Watch The Clouds
14. Say What
15. Word Usage
16. Relax
17. They Don’t Know (Follow These Steps) Available from 14.07.2017

The 238s – The Itch
Saturday, March 18th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on The 238s – The Itch

Image: 1609334 Crucial heavyweights Poldoore and Emapea each take on a side of this Cold Busted 7“ single, the latest in a bi-monthly series of dub / reggae cuts exhumed from the label’s golden vault. Belgium’s Poldoore commandeers the A-side with an instrumental version of ”This Road“, a track originally found on his acclaimed 2016 album The Day After. Stirringly dubwise, the cut is wet with atmosphere and the ping of spring reverb, as a tuneful horn section carries the main melody. Flip the wax for accomplished Polish beat-maker Emapea and his delightfully skankin’ ”Rudeboy“. Previously appearing on the In Dub 3 compilation, ”Rudeboy” showcases Emapea’s knack for combining samples from multiple genres into one cohesive, teamy gumbo. With either track, B-boys and natty dreads alike will give the dance floor a serious workout as the needle meets the vinyl.

Side A.
Poldoore – This Road
Side B.
Emapea – Rudeboy Available from 31.03.2017

Poldoore – Hard To Forget (Moods Remix)/Midnight (Remix)
Friday, February 24th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Poldoore – Hard To Forget (Moods Remix)/Midnight (Remix)

Image: 1608706 Poldoore’s The Day After, his brilliant second album for the Cold Busted label, garnered heaps of praise, loads of play, and a multitude of heads nodding to its crafty beats. The next step is to revisit these songs with a collection of delicious remix treatments, contained in the upcoming The Day After Remixes. For an advance taste, Cold Busted has gathered two of these cool versions for a special 7“ single.

Hard To Forget (Moods Remix)
Midnight In Saigon (B. Bravo Remix) Available from 07.04.2017

Andy Fellaz – Beatbop Street
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Image: 1608704 The Greek beat-head massive is represented once again on the Cold Busted label with Beatbop Street. It’s an album from the cool new project AndyFellaz, a collaboration of Athens-based producer Billa Qause (Beatquick) and percussionist Nikos Martziokas (Wolfy Funk). Influenced Available from 07.04.2017

Poldoore / Emapea – This Road / Rudeboy
Friday, February 10th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Poldoore / Emapea – This Road / Rudeboy

Image: 1608707 Crucial heavyweights Poldoore and Emapea each take on a side
of this Cold Busted 7“ single, the latest in a bi-monthly series of
dub / reggae cuts exhumed from the label’s golden vault. Belgium’s
Poldoore commandeers the A-side with an instrumental version of
”This Road“, a track originally found on his acclaimed 2016 album
The Day After. Stirringly dubwise, the cut is wet with atmosphere and
the ping of spring reverb, as a tuneful horn section carries the main
melody. Flip the wax for accomplished Polish beat-maker Emapea
and his delightfully skankin’ ”Rudeboy“. Previously appearing on the
In Dub 3 compilation, ”Rudeboy” showcases Emapea’s knack for
combining samples from multiple genres into one cohesive, steamy
gumbo. With either track, B-boys and natty dreads alike will give the
dance floor a serious workout as the needle meets the vinyl.

Side A.
Poldoore – This Road
Side B.
Emapea – Rudeboy Available from 24.03.2017

Anatoly Ice – Something Happened (2Me)/Light
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Image: 1608695 The Cold Busted label unearths more funky nuggets from the fertile
Russian soil with this brilliant 7“ single from Moscow’s Anatoly Ice.
DJ, producer, and host of the Funk and Beyond parties and radio
show (running for nearly ten years), Anatoly Ice has been drawn
to the swing of a phat beat for a long while. This single bursts with
old school funk and new school attitude, beginning with ”Something
Happened (2Me)“. A vintage drum kit and melodic horns are joined
by a big hip hop rhythm as the vocals and horn section are expertly
cut up and rearranged. The song’s catchy hook – also the title – is left
nearly intact and should playfully dance around any b-boy’s head as
he does his thing. Flip the record for ”Light”, which exhibits a strutting
breakbeat and some G-funk sauce in its prominent synth line. Funky
piano, guitar, and bass provide the backdrop, soundtracking a
midnight cruise through the bad (as in good) part of town. Hold tight
… Anatoly Ice is at the wheel.

Side A.
Something Happened (2Me)
Side B.
Light Available from 03.03.2017

Brandon – Dreamscape Pt.4
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Image: 1608456 Hailing from within the heat of Florida, Brandon* is a gifted
producer whose musical style is an eclectic blend of hip hop, jazz,
lounge, and latin ?avors. Tough beats move alongside swirling
strings, soundtrack-ish atmospheres, and nostalgic orchestral
arrangements, all seemingly lifted from obscure vinyl thrift store
fnds in the sunny retirement capitol. It’s a refreshingly perfect mix of
elements, resulting in ‘beats music’ that is amorous and enchanting.
This is even more apparent on Brandon*’s latest long-player on the
Cold Busted imprint, titled Dreamscape: Part 4*. The producer’s
other Dreamscape releases explored his distinct sound, and this
latest brings Brandon*’s M.O. to further maturity and acclaim. From
the bombastic bossa of “Cabana Chat” to “Oasis”’s gentle acoustic
guitars to the tropical jazz vibe of “Rio Dio”, Dreamscape: Part 4*
will delight and captivate, and nicely compliments an exotic cocktail.

1. Havana
2. Desert Flower
3. Siesta Key
4. Cabana Chat
5. Oasis
6. Beyond the Sea
7. Emerald Cove
8. The Jungle Book
9. Saudade de Seville
10. Brazilian Groove (Interlude)
11. Rio Dio
12. Snowfall In Cuba
13. Heatwave
14. A Silent Goodbye
15. She Walks In Starlight
16. Journey’s End (Closing Theme) Available from 24.02.2017

The Deli – Vibes 3
Friday, December 30th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on The Deli – Vibes 3

Cold Busted is the label based in downtown Los Angeles releasing trip-hop, lo-fi, instrumental hip-hop, and other downtempo beats showcasing beatmakers from all over the place. Hailing from Austin – Texas, The Deli serves up old school vibes spread ac…

Emapea – B-Boy Stance / B-Boy Theme
Friday, December 16th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Emapea – B-Boy Stance / B-Boy Theme

Image: 1607064 The latest in Cold Busted’s 7” series – featuring previously digital-only cuts now enshrined on wax – comes from accomplished Polish beat-maker Emapea. Known for his contributions to the IWYMI and Bust Free compilations as well as his widely lauded album Seeds, Roots & Fruits, Emapea has been recently selected for inclusion in Mark Farina’s next Mushroom Jazz installment. So the time is ripe to get funky and fresh with this prime beat-maker’s new 7” single. This one goes out to the B-Boys, as “B-Boy Stance” grooves with its ‘70s-style car chase guitar, feet-shuffling rhythms, horn splashes, and energetic vocal drops. Every B-Boy needs a solid B-side, and here you’ll find “B-Boy Theme”. This one transports the floor to a raucous block party complete with breakneck scratches and energetic drum loops, alongside ‘70s funk flourishes that’ll get any private dick – who’s a sex machine to all the chicks – quickly moving his hips. Available from 27.01.2017

80s Casual / Yuri Petrovski – Fiesta / True
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Image: 1607070 Cold Busted is digging deep into their extensive catalog to issue choice cuts – previously digital-only – onto wonderful 7” wax. This latest offering collects two of the label’s biggest tracks on a split single that’s sure to get the DJs salivating. First, the cool downtempo beats and breezy latin flavor of “Fiesta” by British producer 80s Casual. Flip the vinyl for Yuri Petrovski and his fun take on “True”. Also a hit on the Beatport Downtempo Chart. Available from 27.01.2017

Mister T – The Return Of The Classic
Friday, December 2nd, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Mister T – The Return Of The Classic

Image: 1607067 The Return Of The Classic is the return of Greek beat-master Mister T. to the Cold Busted label, and he certainly explores a classic sound. Based in Athens, Mister T. has long been transmitting the jazzier side of downtempo hip hop, with top notch jams that are soulful, swinging, and undeniably funky. This album is the latest in a string of Mister T. collections on Cold Busted … as prolific as Mister T. is, his quality never falters and the tunes don’t disappoint. The Return Of The Classic contains a multitude of magical dance floor moments, including the bluesy skank of “Break My Back”, the breakdance funk of “Put The Needle On”, the high energy horn section groove of “Elephant”, and the title track’s shuffling big beat and stew of crafty samples. The Return Of The Classic has beats and funk for days, with Mister T. delivering a beloved old school sound to today’s jazzbos. Available from 13.01.2017

Funky Destination – Funkadelic Stereo Adventures
Friday, October 7th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Funky Destination – Funkadelic Stereo Adventures

Image: 1605416 Funky Destination is an exciting retro-styled funk project formed
by Vladimir Sivc, also known as Mr. Louie. Hailing from the town of
Osijek in eastern Croatia, early on Louie honed his guitar skills and
started developing the funk foundation that would guide his sound. A
move across Croatia to near the Adriatic Sea introduced Louie to new
friends and encounters with turntables and DJ’ing. All of this came
together to create Funky Destination, a full-on ‘party time’ project
fusing live, organic instrumentation alongside classicsounding
beats, sending the dance floor into a nostalgic frenzy.
Funkadelic Stereo Adventures is the latest Funky Destination album
for Cold Busted and it fulfills on the evocative title’s promise. The
set includes ten blazing tunes that bubble with choppy, wah-wah
guitar, swinging drums and percussion, delicious horns and bass
lines, and, occasionally, stirring vocals of the soulful persuasion.
The album’s opener, “The Ocean Of My Mind”, is a prime example
… lovely island-influenced vocals, disco strings, latin-influenced
horns, and booming drums all combine for some serious heat. Other
highlights include the ’70s soundtrack-worthy “Sweet Of Love”, the
hip hop flavor of “The Game Of Shades”, and the gritty high speed
chase of “Where Are The Blues Brothers”. Groove no further …
you’ve reached your destination.

1. The Ocean Of My MInd
2. I Got Soul
3. Sweet Of Love
4. The Journey
5. The Game Of Shades
6. Psychedelic Spaghetti
7. Havana
8. Where Are The Blues Brothers
9. Uh Yeah
10. Mr. Brown’s theme Available from 18.11.2016

Es-K – Passages
Saturday, September 24th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Es-K – Passages

Image: 1606571 Es-K (Essential Knowledge) was born in Holland, raised in Kansas
City, Missouri, and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. He starting
seriously making beats as a teenager, with his first release coming
out on the Cold Busted label in 2011. Es-K is also known for his
monthly Spontaneous Grooves releases, where a set of instrumental
tracks are created in one sitting, the result being truly ‘spontaneous’
and diverse. This exemplifies Es-K’s prolific and workman-like ethos
of beat-making, with creative and top notch hip hop soundscapes
constantly pouring out of his Vermont studio.
Passages is Es-K’s latest release for Cold Busted and it shows
his growth as a rhythm-obsessed music producer. With guitar
and occasional keys by friend Max Bronstein-Paritz and a couple
of crucial studio collaborations with fellow Vermont beat-maker
Loupo, Passages adds extra depth and musicality to Es-K’s drum
mechanics. The album opens wistfully with “IEV”, offering a minute
and a half of instrument textures and snatches of percussion before
the full beat kicks in. “Monastic” showcases Max’s funky guitar
contribution, “Elevation” features some deep bass line play, and
“Mistakes Made” is filled with melodic layers and melancholic moods.
These are just some of the highlights from this twelve track album …
Es-K satisfyingly goes beyond the beats throughout.

1. IEV
2. Monastic
3. Orbit
4. Second Reunion
5. Elevation
6. Take Me There
7. Mistakes Made
8. Kilo
9. Ritualistic
10. Ella
11. Vina
12. ADTN Available from 21.10.2016

Boogie Belgique – Volta
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Image: 1606141 “Nostalgic, soulful and, of course, boogie-woogie.” That’s how
Belgian DJ producer Boogie Belgique (AKA Oswald Cromheecke)
describes the enticing combination of styles and sources from
different decades that make up his music. Taking vintage inspirations,
most notably from swing and jazz eras, and merging them with
contemporary beats and textures is the young producer’s forte. This
is pleasingly evident on Volta, the latest Boogie Belgique album for
the Cold Busted label.
“Jungle Law” gives a glimpse into Boogie Belgique’s sonic palette.
Tough hip hop beats and funky live guitar follow an intro of jungle
ambience as a trumpet presents the melody. Soon some swingy
big band jazz enters the song in an almost ghostly manner, while
the insistent beat keeps the dance floor moving. Album opener
“Go Slow” shows a different side to the coin giving the listener an
uptempo broken beat rhythm, some bouncy bass guitar, snippets
of string loops, and a lovely, forlorn vocal line that echoes the past.
It’s a beautiful concoction, and Boogie Belgique delivers on many
aspects of this style throughout his eleven track album. Volta is a
satisfying trip in an aural time machine.

1. Go Slow
2. Need Somebody
3. Goodnight Moon
4. Every Time
5. Volta
6. Enigma
7. Jungle Law
8. Happening Again
9. Old Song
10. Taboo
11. Lights Out Available from 18.11.2016

My Neighbour Is – Moon’s Reflection On A Quiet Lake
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Image: 1604818 The stunningly prolific Manchester-based beat-monger My Neighbour Is has returned to the Cold Busted label for his eighth album of head nodding delights. Elegantly titled Moon’s Reflection On A Quiet Lake, this set of funky dance floor nuggets showcases the producer’s acumen for punchy, rolling rhythms, smooth melodic textures, and cleverly woven sample tapestries. Moon’s Reflection On A Quiet Lake is perhaps the most accomplished effort yet from My Neighbour Is, evidencing an innovative producer on the rise. Don’t miss it.

1. The Gas Lamp 04:14
2. Flash Mob 03:15
3. Neverm!nd 03:39
4. Moon’s Reflection 03:09
5. portoCuba 02:32
6. Abstract Paranoia 03:15
7. Quiet Lake 03:22
8. Shortcut To Perdition 03:24
9. Little Friendly Ghost 03:57
10. Those Moments 05:00
11. 2Souls (The Beginning) 02:05 Available from 14.10.2016

Moderator – Street Bangerz Vol.10
Friday, May 20th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Moderator – Street Bangerz Vol.10

Image: 1604174 Cold Busted’s famed Street Bangerz series has reached its tenth installment, continuing to, in the words of the label, “define the street sound of today.” Indoctrinating global beatmakers into Cold Busted’s extended family, the series promises nimble sample archeology and breakbeats both funky and soulful, combining flavors from the new and old schools. The Athens, Greece, producer Moderator has been tasked with number ten, and he delivers in a champion fashion. Last year’s The World Within album for Cult Classic Records gave a tantalizing taste of what to expect from Moderator as Street Bangerz Volume 10 now rolls onto the scene. Fifteen tracks of bouncing beat-head hotness are introduced by the crucial soul-breaks of “Ain’t Nobody Change My Mind” … and it won’t take much further than “Trouble”’s Jamaican-style skank in the following track to realize the variety of sounds presented here. “Underground Dopiness” and “Keep On”, a couple of classic-themed hip hop tracks featuring Los Angeles rhyme crew Revolutionary Rhythm, and appearances by female emcee Maicee and soulful vocalist Heeni also display Moderator’s impressive sonic breadth. But the cohesive thread throughout is Moderator’s keen production acumen and solid beats, keeping this edition of Street Bangerz on track for repeated listens and dance floor plays. Available from 01.07.2016

Poldoore – The Day After
Saturday, May 7th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Poldoore – The Day After

Image: 1604056 Belgian producer Poldoore (born Tom Schillebeeckx) has revealed
The Day After, handily providing a sequel to his well-received
previous album on Cold Busted, The Day Off. Within its eleven
distinctive tracks Poldoore has further developed his vibe-rich
sound, creating deft blends of funk, soul, lounge, and reggae topped
with punchy drum breaks.
The Day After is filled with highlights and shows Poldoore’s keen
ability at crafting floor-effective instrumental head-nodders as well
as delicate melodic arrangements featuring talented guest vocalists.
“No Face” and “A Higher Intelligence” (featuring Kabanjak of Ancient
Astronauts) are examples of Poldoore’s fine-tuned beatology, mixing
hip hop samples and tough DJ-ready rhythms over impressively
produced musical elements. The result is much headier than the
usual ‘instrumental hip hop’ fare, with cuts equally at home in the
clubs as in the earphones. But it’s with the vocal tracks that The Day
After really shines.
The lovely and soulful “Midnight In Saigon” presents vocalist Astrid
who entices the listener with her intoxicating melodies, while
London-based rapper Barney Artist adds compelling verses to
Poldoore’s proper beats on “Broke For A Minute”.A pleasant surprise
also comes in the form of “The Road”, a skankin’ reggae primemover featuring Thievery Corporation collaborator Sleepy Wonder,
as well as sax and flute from Garrett Kobsef who recently recorded
with Grammy winners Morgan Heritage. These ambitious moments
heighten the resonance of Poldoore’s The Day After, placing it firmly
in the realm of something special.

1. No Face
2. Midnight In Saigon Feat.Astrid
3. Hard To Forget
4. A Higher Intelligence
5. A Beautiful Eve
6. This Road Feat. Sleepy Wonder
7. Reason Why
8. Corn Syrup
9. Broke For A Minute Feat. Barney Artist
10. Lost In Heaven
11. Antarctic Circle Available from 03.06.2016

Axion117 – One Thousand Horizon
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Image: 1603345 From Utsunomiya, Japan – a place previously famed for its delicious gyoza – comes the equally tasty beat concoctions of producer Axion117. Also known by Sato Shuya, this disciplined rhythmologist has dropped releases for Collective Resonance, Expansions Collective, and Mellow Orange and is now revealing One Thousand Horizon, a nineteen track long-player for the Cold Busted label. These sample-built constructions swing and shimmy with the best in instrumental hip hop, showcasing intricate cuts and melodic intervals that’ll bring the heads into a nodding state of smoked-out bliss. “Through The Looking Glass” is a particular highlight, with its filtered flute, creative drum programming, and jazzy breakdown interlude … this displays the skill of Axion117’s technique in a brilliant twoand-a-half minute capsule. One thousand Horizon’s eighteen other nuggets follow through on this promise, capturing moods that can be jazzy, masterfully funky, dreamy, and soulful, all buoyed by solid breakbeats and a contemplative, laid-back attitude. One Thousand Horizon is the perfect soundtrack for a hazy afternoon.

1. Circle of Cycle (1:44)
2. Ymnm Fonk (2:40)
3. Kettle River (2:20)
4. Other Earth (1:26)
5. Lost Number (2:16)
6. Through the Looking Glass (2:24)
7. Control (2:21)
8. Grain of Salt (2:55)
9. Morning Again (1:46)
10. Singularity (1:14)
11. Son of the Sun (3:08)
12. Sleepwalking (2:08)
13. SW Part 2 (1:09)
14. Reminiscence (2:48)
15. Partition (1:00)
16. Oh, Ah Ha (1:24)
17. TMTR Disco (2:16)
18. Final Letter (2:35)
19. Beyond the Time (3:31) Available from 17.06.2016

Chop Juggler – More Is Less
Friday, April 8th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Chop Juggler – More Is Less

Image: 1603343 Greek rhythmrustler Chop Juggler has dropped his debut album –
More Is Less – to follow up the well-received Diggasmic EP on Cult
Classic Records. Released onthe prolific Cold Busted label, More
Is Less collects eleven top notchbeat-heavy jams from the young
producer, now in his early twenties but involved in music making
since the beginning of his teens. His artist name is apt, as Chop
Juggler is adept at taking loops and samples and melding, twisting,
and – yes – chopping them into intricate compositions.
“Amethyst” provides convincingevidence, seemingly disparate
sources are cut into sonic snatches, layered andbursting in and out
of the mix to any beat-head’s delight. There’s also themore uptempo
“Night Travel” which sounds just like that … if one is travelingby
moonlight in a ’70s television crime drama. Slower, spacey moments
like “Money Can’t Buy Time” and “Brave New World” showcase Chop
Juggler’s depth, but with his ear for striking samples and tough hip
hop beats still in full display. More Is Less follows through in its title’s
statement by never overwhelming, but the album’s satisfying flow will
indeed find the listener looking for more from this talented producer.

1. Line Drive (2:49)
2. Amethyst (2:52)
3. Chopin’ Madness (2:38)
4. Night Travel (3:59)
5. Loungefunk (4:05)
6. Temper (2:57)
7. Tomorrow Night (4:26)
8. Money Can’t Buy Time (3:34)
9. Feel The Funk (4:13)
10. Brave New World (3:09)
11. Paradox of Choice (3:34) Available from 20.05.2016

Singularis – What A Time
Thursday, March 31st, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Singularis – What A Time

Image: 1603327 Singularis, the talented young beat-wrangler from the Netherlands,
first appeared on the Cold Busted label at the age of 16 with his
impressive debut album Evening Hours. Since then he’s grown both
as a producer and in age, now unveiling What A Time, his third fulllength
for the prestigious downtempo imprint.
The album’s sixteen tracks combine Singularis’s agility with tough
hip hop beats, G Funk style lead lines, and spaced-out vibes for
a listening experience beyond easy categorization. The album’s
“Introduction” (appropriately subtitled “Slowmotion”) sets the tone
with big chords in a layered progression, loping – but swinging –
drum machine beats, and Singularis’s trademark synth leads.
The way Singulars takes this template and playfully twists it throughout
is what makes What A Time a memorable ride. Take “Crassinez” for
example, which adds strange synth dives and other digital hijinks,
as if Aphex Twin stepped in the studio for a quick moment. And also
“Bang”, a very Singularis-ish interpretation of southern low-rider
hip hop, clouding the genre with cosmic atmospherics and vague
melody. There’s much more to discover here and it’s exciting to know,
that at his young age, Singulars is just getting started.

1. Introduction (Slowmotion) (2:41)
2. Forth and Back (2:31)
3. Train (2:11)
4. It’s All About You (2:21)
5. A Place Not So Far Away (2:09)
6. Brandyyyyy! (2:01)
7. Duke Almond (1:46)
8. Amsterdam (2:32)
9. Fly (2:11)
10. Bang (2:26)
11. Fine China (2:19)
12. Grizzly Bear (2:30)
13. Words (1:46)
14. With You (2:46)
15. Crassinez (3:13)
16. Dawn (1:35) Available from 20.05.2016

Captain Supernova – Doors Of Perception
Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Captain Supernova – Doors Of Perception

Image: 1602683 Captain Supernova has re-entered the atmosphere from out of
nowhere with a fantastic new album, titled Doors Of Perception.
An ‘American astronaut’ sent to interact with extraterrestrials using
synthesizers, but also a multi-instrumentalist with high profile
appearances at San Jose Jazz Festival, Rendezvous LA, and
Loftsess under his belt, Captain Supernova has developed a unique
and confident sound that draws upon equal portions of jazz, hip hop,
funk, and synthy trip hop to complete his vision. After the acclaim
and success of his self-released debut Visions of the Unknown –
which made its way on many ‘best of 2014’ lists – Captain Supernova
has adjusted his flight plan to orbit the Cold Busted label. Doors Of
Perception builds on his stunning musicality and deft stylistic fusions
to reveal seven tracks of smooth and uncompromisingly funky jazzinfluenced
The secret weapons in the Captain’s arsenal are an amazing crew
of guest vocalists. Jackie Gage, who was heard on Visions of the
Unknown, contributes her soulful tones to “Only One”, with the lovely
music providing an ample showcase for the Bay Area singer. “Without
Gravity” is a smooth, jazzy wonder that dreamily incorporates the
voice of Notown Sound’s Angela Muhwezi … the result is a fine
sonic approximation of ‘floating.’ Globally active Los Angeles-based
vocalist Laura Mace waxes wistfully with “Leaving The Past Behind”,
capturing a feeling of psychedelic balladry when mixed with Captain
Supernova’s flowing music-field. Also from Los Angeles, Natasha
Agrama collaborates on two very different songs: the late night waltz
“Searching Forever” and the pensive but upbeat groover “Free Fall
(Of Your Soul)”. Despite the variety of vocal contributors, Doors Of
Perception has a cohesive, story-telling sequence, glued together by
Captain Supernova’s smart and melodic arrangements.
So, have a seat in the smoking lounge of Captain Supernova’s star
cruiser, grab a glass of galactic libation, and have a deep listen to
Doors Of Perception. You will be blissfully floating in no time at all.

1. Doors Into Doors
2. Only One Feat. Jackie Gage
3. How Could I
4. Without Gravity Feat. Angela Muhwezi
5. Searching For Forever Feat. Natasha Agrama
6. Leaving the Past Behind Feat. Laura Mace
7. Free Fall (Of Your Soul) Feat. Natasha Agrama Available from 25.03.2016

Mac Dusty – Distorted Dreams
Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Mac Dusty – Distorted Dreams

Image: 1602246 Distorted Dreams, released by Cold Busted, is an instrumental
album by Swedish beatmaker Mac Dusty. This beat tape, produced
on the MPC3000, is full of bass-driven Hip Hop instrumentals and is
strictly limited to 100 copies.

1. Mind Expansion
2. Clarke
3. Forest Funk
4. Oh Lord
5. Inner Mind
6. Outer Space
7. Saturnus
8. Intermission
9. Sit Back
10. Play the Game
11. Burnt
12. A Dusty Mind
13. The 80’s
14. Go 4 It Available from 25.03.2016

Emapea – Seeds, Roots & Fruits
Friday, December 4th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Emapea – Seeds, Roots & Fruits

Image: 1601147 Accomplished Polish beat-maker Emapea has made memorable
appearances on many Cold Busted label compilations – such as
in the IWYMI and Bust Free series – and has been selected for
inclusion in Mark Farina’s next Mushroom Jazz installment. All this
activity has mouths watering for the debut full length album from
Emapea, and the appearance of Seeds, Roots & Fruits doesn’t
disappoint one bit. Featuring sixteen exceptional tracks ranging from
hip hop to acid jazz to psychedelic trip hop in the style of Mo’Wax,
Emapea’s long player is indeed, as a wise man once said, “a
journey into sound.” Seeds, Roots & Fruits rises above the average
beats album to reveal the enduring depth of this young producer …
Emapea is one to watch.

1. Laka (3:26)
2. Stinky Freaky Sticky Icky (2:04)
3. Jazzy (3:00)
4. Orange (3:09)
5. Ruffneck Madness (2:23)
6. Strange Seed (3:03)
7. Yugen (3:58)
8. Enjoy (3:58)
9. Smooth Walk (3:19)
10. Sun Is Life (3:47)
11. Timewarp (3:45)
12. What The Funk (3:02) * Bonus Track
13. Workout Theme (2:05)
14. Good Old Days (3:23)
15. Milky Haze (4:33)
16. Baby Mind (3:36) Available from 29.01.2016

Boogie Belgique – Blueberry Hill
Thursday, November 12th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Boogie Belgique – Blueberry Hill

Image: 1600833 The Belgian beatsmith and producer Boogie Belgique drops his
debut album on Cold Busted. From top to bottom
‘Blueberry Hill’ is filled up with electro swing moods, funky hip-hop
rhythms and tasty jazzy samples.

1. Dance With The Democrat (3:30)
2. Stairway to the USSR (2:46)
3. Once Have I (3:55)
4. Oh Lord (4:20)
5. The Little White Duck (5:19)
6. Black Train (5:10)
7. Drop Out (3:30)
8. The Getaway (4:44)
9. Moriarty (4:39)
10. The Ogres (2:59)
11. Boogieman Penthouse (6:09)
12. Blueberry Hill (3:17) Available from 19.02.2016

Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto (Aksin Alizadeh Mixes)
Friday, September 18th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto (Aksin Alizadeh Mixes)

Image: 1599353 Cold Busted’s 100th release is now available on a 12 inch. How does a label celebrate such a milestone? By going one above today’s current wild wild west landscape of digital sampling and officially licensing a legendary ‘60s-era song that’s made its rounds in the golden era of sample based hip-hop. Akshin Alizadeh, the man from Azerbaijan, is the lucky one tapped from the label’s roster to remix Marlena Shaw’s “Woman of the Ghetto.”

Available from 13.11.2015

Kill Emil – Salvation
Friday, September 4th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Kill Emil – Salvation

Image: 1599354 Kill Emil is a DJ and producer based in Athens, Greece –
by way of Brazil – who, since 2009, has created a healthy
discography of potent beats and sublime atmospheres.
With an early inspiration in hip hop and, importantly, Gang
Starr’s Daily Operation, Kill Emil has been prolifically
chopping up breaks on his MPC and is now up to his third
artist album, the intriguingly titled Salvation.
Its twelve tracks introduce dense soundscapes and
clever samples over rough, funky rhythms, providing fuel
to the DJs and head-nodders alike. Highlights on this
Cold Busted release include the bouncy and somewhat
spacey “When I See Your Smile”, the wistful yet playful
“Can’t Find It”, and the surprisingly cosmic “Such A Long
Time”. Kill Emil’s constructions contain many twists and
turns within the layers … this imaginative producer keeps
things interesting for the full run of his captivating album.

1. Pen Without Ink (3:53)
2. The Happening (3:28)
3. When I See Your Smile (3:03)
4. Can’t Find It (4:09)
5. Give Up (3:02)
6. Such A Long Time (2:56)
7. Microchops (2:52)
8. Where Is Lu (3:25)
9. Troubles (2:54)
10. Out Of Town (3:52)
11. In You (3:29)
12. A Taste Of Honey (2:56) Available from 09.10.2015

Akshin Alizadeh – Street Bangerz Vol.8
Friday, April 17th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Akshin Alizadeh – Street Bangerz Vol.8

Image: 1596584 The Cold Busted label is back again with their defining funky and soulful downtempo beat series Street Bangerz® , welcoming in Volume 8 with a body of work by Akshin Alizadeh, the man from Azerbaijan. Taking his cue from his native country, this album sits at a crossroad between East and West incorporating the producer’s strong funk and nu jazz influences as well as his ability to combine funky groves with punchy hip-hop beats. Expect exotic flutes, sidewinding strings, and hypnotic horns accompanied by groovy guitar riffs and slick percussion from hi-hats, snares, claps, and sometimes castanets. Vocal chops and scratching accent select cuts. Like a set of sensational spices, this release is certain to leave a lasting trail of sweet aromatic memories in its wake.

1. Once Upon A Time 03:23
2. Pebbles On My Road 03:12
3. In All Respects 04:39
4. Yiddish Love 03:38
5. Southern Man 03:57
6. Estrella De Plata 04:00
7. Inner Struggle 04:02
8. Widow Jones 03:26
9. La Venganza 03:11
10. Occupy The World 03:34
11. Trouble Child 03:02
12. Lost Generation 03:12
13. A Lil Bit Of Truth 03:08 Available from 29.05.2015

Koka Mass Jazz – Groovy Jam Shoes
Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Koka Mass Jazz – Groovy Jam Shoes

Image: 1595946 Koka Mass Jazz is the solo-project-turned-party from Konstantin Katsarski. Katarski is a sound designer, musician, songwriter, composer, producer, and engineer — he does it all — based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Konstantin could remain a solo artist, but after creating the concept of Koka Mass Jazz in 2013 a band of musicians quickly became involved. Their sound is that of a drunken funk brigade … fun and full of embellishments. Listeners can expect this talented group’s work to cover styles ranging across funky breaks, nu jazz, funk, soul, and even a bit of afro-beat. Much of the music and arrangement of the songs are composed by Katarski while the lyrics are written by vocalist Denitsa Georgieva.

Their first single, “Smile”, made its way onto Cold Busted’s Bust Free compilation before receiving the full remix treatment from the label’s family of beat-smiths in a well-received follow-up release. That just whetted appetites for KMJ’s new twelve track album Groovy Jam Shoes, where the party continues on in true, feel-good funk fashion. It features a barrage of big band energy, jam-packed with highlights. Highlights include the limb-liberating cut “Freedom” which layers on rhythmic guitar, wah-wah licks, and screeching organs. A fierce percussive workout, “Rhythm By Rhythm” unleashes rickety, afro-cuban drums, vocal scatting, and chants sure to lift dancers out of their environment and drop them into another land. “Keep The Groove” sees Denitsa’s singing at its finest and most commanding while horns, sax, and flairs of a psychedelic guitar riff propel the song forward. Rounding off the album, “You Will Be Done” serves as a more introspective cool down after so much heated funk. This debut full length on Cold Busted — Groovy Jam Shoes –leaves no doubt that the ‘mass’ in Koka Mass Jazz is short for massive sound. Available from 08.05.2015

Mister T. – Funk Around The Sun
Friday, August 1st, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Mister T. – Funk Around The Sun

Image: 1590855 Athens, Greece DJ and producer mister T. has readied another ace album
for the Cold Busted label — the appropriately titled Funk Around the Sun
LP — and this one is sure to be in heavy rotation. mister T. is a master of
instrumental, soulful, and upbeat dance floor funk, and this album further
solidifies this fact. Retro party sounds get the beat-down with a playful
attitude in twelve funk-tastic tracks, just in time for summer. It’s hard to
pick highlights, but here’s a few: “Mo Style” has powerful vocals from the
‘60s era that some may find familiar, but reimagined over funky breaks
with rhythmic guitar licks, brassy horns, and soul organs. The horn section
comes further front-and-center over the drum spatter of “Dig This,” with
the addition of humor through a sparingly used vocal sample. Then, in the
style of swing, “The Usual” is set to have people twirling about the dance
floor in dramatic arms flailing, feet kicking fashion. Delicious stuff, primed
and ready for the dancehall. Available from 11.07.2014

Poldoore – The Day Off (Picture Disc)
Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Poldoore – The Day Off (Picture Disc)

Image: 1587168 Cold Busted returns to familiar label artist Poldoore (born Tom Schillebeeckx) to release his new album, The Day Off. It features some talented guests, including the mysterious Maverick, emcee duo The 49ers, American blues singer Bodhilynn, and trumpeter Will Magid.

Based out of Belgium, Poldoore started producing at an early age and eventually his potential was realized by Cold Busted’s offer to release his debut L.A.X. EP . From there the pairing has only grown stronger. Poldoore’s sound is about good vibes, creating warm atmospheres that blend funk, soul, lounge, and reggae with punchy drum breaks.

Among the album’s many highlights is “Morning Glory,” featuring a rocksteady beat with bright arpeggiated synths at select moments, with the bulk of the track carried by wailing guitars and chopped up blues vocals. “Ahhh Yeah” enters like a walk in the park with bright keys, lovely strings, and funky rhythms, the results of rearranging an original sample into suitable bits and pieces with a little help from Maverick. “Heard It All Before” has Bodhilynn’s soulful vocal hook accompanied by The 49ers’ rhymes and a key-based beat with soaring highs. “Natural High” elicits psychedelic vibes with plenty of effects, a sporadic, low electric shock, and interwoven, layered guitar play. “Unconditional” uses a Motown-like backing track beefed up by a strong kick and slow, sizzling hats, cymbals, and snares. Midway through “Unconditional” Poldoore is joined by Will Magid’s saucy, bayou-evoking horn solo. “Call It A Day” is a dreamy funk affair full of shimmery, echoing melodies, teetering guitars, forward-staggering key stabs, and a stand out bass line.

The Day Off is full of sonic sunshine, exactly the kind of sonic weather fit for enjoying what little time there is for leisure and much appreciated in today’s musical climate. Available from 28.02.2014

Vitamin D – Hard Times
Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Vitamin D – Hard Times

Image: 1586357 The ‘Hard Times’ LP from Cold Busted label owner Vitamin D is a Trip Hop soulful 20 track experience with original yet vintage sounds and techniques accentuated by the excellent analog Mastering. Done by Mark Dann from NYC, analog gear as well as ½” inch 30 ips analog tape were used in the process, bringing out the warm and overall feel of this LP. Fresh Hip Hop beats and a cunning bass kick off the first track ‘No Love for Hard Times’ with powerful samples and builds. Displaying a keen dexterity of styles throughout the album, Vitamin D hits us with songs like ‘The Drop By’ with suave chilled beats, and an infectious gangster melody. ‘Rumble In the Park’ picks up the tempo with soulful hard breaks, exciting and expressive this is one for the break dancers, as is the following track ‘Something Smells Funky’ with a get down and boogie bass, organ keys and active beats. Enticing and slower songs like ‘Fire Island In Dub’ and ‘Chilling In The Land Of Make Believe’ showcase relaxing rhythms, drums and reggae organic sounds complete with warm analog crackles. ‘That’s One Sly Fox’ showcases energetic, frisky beats and amazing drum work. ‘Rotating the Hips’ has a jazzy bass and subtle beat repeats, filtering and a steel guitar sample making for a relaxing sunny track. Finally, ‘Theme from 1971’ with it’s progressive, soulful feel of clever arrangements ends this vivid, idiosyncratic Trip Hop album. ‘Hard Times’ from Vitamin D is cinematic, well executed, and diverse, encourages and oozes expression all with those much appreciated warm subtle sounds and pops. Available from 24.01.2014

Poldoore – Nothing Left To Say
Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Poldoore – Nothing Left To Say

Image: 1581086 ‘Nothing left to say’ is Poldoore’s new release on Cold Busted, full of
funk, electro and future beat sounds. The tracks include samples from
a psychedelic folk song called ‘What The Young Minds Say’ by the late
sixties band The Art Of Lovin’. Belgium based DJ and producer Poldoore
proves again to be a true genre blender. This instrumental track starts off
with a smooth chilled guitar accompanied by a walking bass, followed by
punchy drums and a mean, wobbling bass. After a vocal break the song
keeps evolving with different rhythms until it manifests into drum and bass.
Poldoore’s own remix of the track is more relaxed and leaves out some of
the rougher parts of the original song.

Nothing Left To Say
Nothing Left To Say (Remix)

Part of the Vinyl Series that features 2 tracks from 1 Artist. Small
hole style vinyl with large hole cut on back jacket. Limited Edition Hand
Numbered (350 copy limited press)

LISTEN: Available from 31.05.2013

Shinji – Second Wind / Grand Mash
Friday, February 16th, 2018 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Shinji – Second Wind / Grand Mash

Image: 1618045 The sandy beaches of New South Wales, Australia, give way to dusty
beats of Aussie producer Shinji in this funky seven inch single on Cold
Busted. Taken from his forthcoming album In Colour (coming in April
2018), this single features two retro-tastic tracks that will send the
beatheads swinging across the floor. “Second Wind” opens up with heavy
Rhodes piano chords accompanied by a crucial rhythm and streetwise
horns. Evoking the soundtrack to a TV detective series from the ‘70s, the
cut unloads serious action in a 45-slinger’s DJ set. Flip the record for
“Grand Mash,” which begins in the hip hop zone before soundtracking
a movie scene of the pimp-mobile once again in pursuit. Groovy horns,
tough beats, and a way-cool-for-school spoken interlude move this one
to the top of the crate-digging charts. Shinji strongly delivers the goods,
queuing things up nicely for his sure-to-be essential long-player. Available from 02.03.2018

Ideaz – Motion Capture
Friday, November 4th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Ideaz – Motion Capture

Image: 1607065 Introducing Ideaz, two skilled beat-makers discovered by Cold
Busted, hailing from within the funky heart of Russia. Marat and
Nicolay make their Ideaz debut with Motion Capture, a fantastic
15-track album that showcases the laid-back, blunted flavor of the
duo’s rhythmic constructions. Jazzy samples, vinyl pops, and crafty
scratches abound as the album speaks the universal language of
the instrumental hip-hop head-nod. “Every Day” hypnotizes with its
funky handclap stomp, quick guitar riffs, and fleeting splashes of
vocal. A gentle approach is revealed on “Blossom Fell”, featuring a
dreamy female vocal hook, slowly tremolo’ed electric piano chords,
and an overall air of wistfulness. “Lines” brings Ideaz into futuristic
funk territory as its loping cut-up beat, abstract synth melodies,
and ascending bass line imagine a robot dance-off on a year 2054
episode of Soul Train. Those are just a few of the highlights to be
found on Motion Capture.

1. Abstract (Part Two)
2. Linez
3. Every Day
4. So Amazing
5. Feeling
6. Far Earth
7. Blossom Fell
8. Abstract (Part One)
9. Dollar
10. Games
11. Tribute
12. Cosmo View
13. Jazz Lover
14. One Night
15. Ideaz – Washington Available from 16.12.2016

Moodprint – Moodprint
Thursday, January 15th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Moodprint – Moodprint

Image: 1594747 Made up of nine tracks, Moodprint’s eponymous album is syrupy. Bright melodies, heavily sweetened synths, well-sourced vocals, and no-stone-left-unturned rhythms make it a treat to digest. Available from 30.01.2015

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