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Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanesi – Desillusion
Thursday, November 10th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanesi – Desillusion

Image: 1607388 Arnaud Rebotini is back on Blackstrobe Records with “Desillusion”, new EP spanning 4, back to basics, techno bangers! Limited to 500 copies.

A Side
1 – Desillusion
2 – Wildwood Orphan
B Side
1 – The Djs Wailing
2 – Sieg! Available from 09.12.2016

Arnaud Rebotini – Music Components
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Arnaud Rebotini – Music Components

Image: 1600683 Blackstrobe Records present a repressed classic from mr Rebotini on a limited run of vinyl.

A1 The Spirit of Boogie
A2 Un Cheval d’Orgueil
A3 1314
B1 Cm
B2 The Swamp Waltz
B3 Horns of Innocence
C1 Conakry Filter Sweep
C2 777
D1 Decade of Agression
D2 Mnll

LFO, Carl Craig, DJ Hell, Jackson & his computer band, Boysnoise, The Hacker, Vitalic, Tiga, Black Strobe, Front 424, Nitzer Ebb…
** A limited edition of 500 copies **

First album of Arnaud Rebotini s solo released in 2008 on Citizen records but never released in vinyl limited edition. It’s done with !K7 . in a specific and limited color edition.

After his album with Black Strobe released in 2007, Arnaud Rebotini comes back with a new album and a 100% electronic live. Arnaud hopes for entering in a new approach in which live is the beginning of the project’s conception. The idea is to build a dancefloor set without using laptop or external sequencer but
around emblematic machines (TR 909, TR 808, SH 101, JUNO 60, KORG MONOPOLY). This producer wants to let us share his studio experience in live. “Music Components” is an album of romantic and timeless techno where Rebotini goes back to hot and groovy sounds of his first productions.

Feedbacks: Laurent Garnier : “This is really huge, I am a big fan.” – DJ Hell : “ The first 2 songs are monsters very hot super elegant movers.” – Tommy Sunshine : “This is perfect music beautiful” – Dave Clarke : “I really like “Un Cheval d’Orgueil” and “Decade of Aggression”, of course “The Spirit of Boogie” is excellent! Grabbed and played it !” – Dj Chloé : “I love the analogic classic techno sound, a real unity in the sound, themes are Epic, “Decade of Aggression” = direct in my set.” – Fafa Monteco : “This EP is really Dope” Played, playlisted & supported by : Dave Clarke radio show (Eva for Dave Clarke), Beroshima (FranckMuller), André Dalcan, The Micronauts, JohnLordFonda, Javier Estalella (DJ resident razzmatazz
club/Barcelona), Jun-X, Scratch Massive, Pack Up & Dance Crew, Dj Morpheus.

Available from 04.12.2015

Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanesi – Acidmonium EP
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanesi – Acidmonium EP

Image: 1600687 Blackstrobe Records present a new EP from Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanési.

Vinyles :
A1 Acidmonium
A2 American Moonshine

B1 Acidmonium Arnaud Rebotini Mix1
B2 3X3h

UR, Kenny Larkin, Jeff Mills, Pierre Schaeffer , Pierre Henry, Bernard Permangiani…

No schools, no boundaries

These two styles of music – techno on one side and electroacoustic music on the other – are traditionally pitched against each other. However the two schools have a number of things in common, particularly the way they approach tone and the treatment of sound via electronics. Rebotini, who actually composed for the GRM, has often reaffirmed his admiration for composers like Bernard Parmegiani and Luc Ferrari. As for Zanési, after originally being in awe of Bartok and Stravinsky, he studied under Pierre Schaeffer in the1970s before discovering (rather late) the music of Kraftwerk and Cabaret Voltaire.

Sharing the same curiosity for classical, contemporary and electronic music (even noise), the two composers decided to bring together and confront their two styles of music in a shared project called Frontières, first on stage and then in the studio.

Over the course of their first live shows, the two musicians began to improvise, varying the intensity and length of the songs, whether playing in a club at 2am or in more traditional surroundings. Since the beginning they had been accompanied by video artist Zita Cochet who composes images to illustrate their tracks and serve as a backdrop to their concerts.

Available from 04.12.2015

Fabrizio Rat – The Pianist
Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Fabrizio Rat – The Pianist

Image: 1610280 Blackstrobe present The Pianist the new album from Fabrizio Rat.

Tracklisting LP:
A1 – Lupu (4:34)
A2 – Michelangeli (5:14)
A3 – Horowitz (4:05)
A4 – Gould (3:40)
B1 – Aimard (5:31)
B2 – Pollini (5:41)
B3 – Argerich (4:39)
B4 – Rubinstein (4:28)

Static techno
Following two Eps, ‘’La Machina’’ and ‘’Technopiano’’, Fabrizio Rat releases his first album of hybrid techno, with an innovative sound palette. The Pianist combines the acoustic sounds and weird harmonics of his prepared piano with the acid loops of the TB-303 and the beats of the TR-909. « I’m much attracted by a certain type of techno, based on the purity of sound. This music can really approach abstraction, the immateriality of thought and ideas. » A track like “Aimard”, for example, is characteristic of his ambition. « It’s a sort of tunnel. It does not develop apart from a few ‘turning points’, in a similar way to lots of tracks by Jeff Mills, who has been a big inspiration to me for a long time. I feel attracted to his radical approach to techno and his taste of sonic exploration. Many tracks by him have an incredible character. As the records starts, you’re all of a sudden facing a new world. That’s exactly what I am most interested in, to find a strong vibe of a track, much more then constructing a form with evolution and surprises. » “Gould”, just before “Aimard” in the record, has the same strength but plays with rhythmic elements in a more subtle way. « It’s not really techno, but still hypnotic. The first version of it had lots of 909 in it, which has been little by little removed, following the advices of Arnaud Rebotini who coproduced the album and released it on his label. Arnaud pushed me towards a more
radical and extreme direction, putting the piano on the forefront and simplifying the rhythmical patterns, to be more effective. This gives to the final result more impact I think.»

Recipes for prepared piano
One of the main keys to understanding Fabrizio’s work is the preparation of his piano, inspired by the great Italian double bass player Stefano Scodanibbio. Avant-garde composer John Cage had initiated the “prepared piano” practice in the 40s by placing different types of objects (metal, wood, paper, wood…) on or between strings. The piano’s timbre is then altered into a more percussive direction, transforming pitch, intensity and resonance of each note. « I use for example packaging tape, which generates a sort of natural saturation while vibrating. I also use plastic rulers on the low strings, to generate a sort of white noise, and I struck small sticks on strings and tuning pins to create percussive sounds. I also use a lot blu-tac (Patafix), which I put on specific points of the string to obtain harmonics. I also use it to damp the lowest string of piano to produce a sort of kick-drum sound ».

Pianists trend
Fabrizio Rat is not the only pianist who tries to renew the approach towards the instrument. Over the last 10 years, interpreters and composers like Francesco Tristano, Nils Frahm, Hauschka, Guillaume Flamen, Grandbrothers and the Vanessa Wagner-Murcof duo have crossed the path of classical and electronic music.
Even if he appreciates some of them, Fabrizio moves away from that trend, to approach a much more radical techno. « I want to be in the loop, into the hypnotic process, and that’s it. I don’t want the instrument to be recognizable, people to say: « It’s a cover of that techno track on the piano » Eventually, I feel much more connected with artists of the techno scene like Ø Phase or Donato Dozzy. » Jean-Yves Leloup Available from 14.07.2017

Black Strobe – Monkey Glands EP
Friday, May 1st, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Black Strobe – Monkey Glands EP

Image: 1595958 “Monkey Glands EP” is Black Strobe’s new 12” single, taken from their second album “Godforsaken Roads” that was released in September 2014! Including an unreleased track “Over” and an industrial version of their killer Johnny Cash cover “Folsom Prison Blues”.


A Side
1. Monkey Glands

B Side
2. Over
3. Folsom Prison Blues (Industrial Version)

“The track [Monkey Glands] is an out and out rocker, again electro essences stirring up ears for a gripping entrance before vocals and riffs finding seeds in fifties rock ‘n’ roll which in turn infuses even greater captivating colour into the devilish engagement. Wonderfully exhaustive in its dramatic vivacity and hungry energy, the track sets a new plateau for the album “ The Ringmaster Review

“Monkey Glands is based around a manic riff that travels up and down the fret board like a switchblade across your throat” (Blackplastic)

“The track [Monkey Glands] is hook-laden, opening quickly and ferociously, much like the rock and roll of the 1950’s as creativity was in its peak, but the fascinating difference is the contemporary disco synthesiser from straight out of the 1970’s. Holdupnow

For fans of: Nick Cave, Depeche Mode…


Available from 11.09.2015

Arnaud Rebotini – Eastern Boys Extended
Friday, February 13th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Arnaud Rebotini – Eastern Boys Extended

Image: 1594713 Blackstrobe are releasing a EP of the exteded versions from 2 track off of the Eastern Boys Soundtrack.

Arnaud Rebotini was born in Nancy in 1970. Author, songwriter, producer and remixer, he has become an iconic figure of electronic music. Its force majeure stay at the crossroads of genres, as well avant-garde than timeless, and combined it. It is therefore natural that Robin Campillo, director of Eastern Boys appealed to Arnaud Rebotini to compose the original soundtrack to his 2nd film produced by LesFilmsDePierre.Robin Campillo found the famous “good distance” is not an ethnological trading between distance and near hysterical – in favor of the worst, the middle – but a dance and angry diagonal where each viewpoint the argument other, the counter to hate as much as he likes.
Arnaud Rebotini invites us to navigate between powerful and intoxicating techno to contemporary music.

• From the original soundtrack of “ Eastern Boys” Mostra 2013 Award
• Included exclusive new tracks

A Side
A1. Un peu de Verre cassé Extended
A2. L’éternel retour
B Side
B1. Cette fête dont je suis l’otage Extended
B2. This World is Not My home Available from 27.03.2015

Black Strobe – Godforsaken Roads
Friday, September 19th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Black Strobe – Godforsaken Roads

Image: 1590341 A small cellar in a smart building. A carefully curated collection of analogue synthesisers. A pot of
Brylcreem on a table. ZZ Top and Muddy Waters vinyl sitting in a corner in front of a gleaming guitar
and an old amplifier. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Arnaud Rebotini’s lair in Montmartre, Paris.
A hulk of a man, Rebotini may look physically impressive but inside he’s really a big softy who loves
singing the blues and has an almost carnal attachment to his keyboards and vintage drum machines.
His musical career is now divided between two projects: one uses his own name, Arnaud Rebotini,
releasing instrumental electronic albums, both nostalgic and futurist, that he plays live on stage –
alone – surrounded by his favourite machines. The other is Black Strobe, where he sings and plays a
steamy mix of rock and electronic music heavily influenced by blues and country ‘n’ western. The
project comes to life fully on stage with the energy of a four-person group.
In September 2014, Black Strobe will release his second album, Godforsaken Roads. The record
confirms Rebotini’s rock sensibility and debt to the great American tradition of songwriting, with
songs touching on the classic themes of the blues – the randomness of life, the very weight of
existence and the strong emotions that run just below the surface (love, lust, loneliness…). He
plunges into this world of the bayou, prison and the devil with real passion and the voice of crooner
often compared to Iggy Pop or Nick Cave.
Godforsaken Roads contains ten new tracks, including the latest singles Going Back Home and
Broken Phone Blues. The digital edition adds Boogie In Zero Gravity and The Girl From The Bayou
released as singles in 2012. On the album, Rebotini also reappropriates Folsom Prison Blues, a
Johnny Cash classic, once again with the aim of keeping the blues/country ‘n’ western flame alive
(the group’s first album already contained a cover version of Bo Diddley’s famous track I’m A Man).
This new version, entirely synth-led with not a guitar in sight, transports the song to another spacetime
continuum with swathes of keyboard worthy of Tangerine Dream, perfectly resuming the spirit of
Black Strobe in 2014.
However, don’t think that Godforsaken Roads is all retro – in fact it’s bang up to date, using
electronics, sometimes even of a disco slant, to give Black Strobe its futurist dimension. The album
allows Arnaud Rebotini to capture the spirit of America’s cowboy era and transport it to the present
day with resolutely modern production, much like the spirit of the blues that seeps from the music of
electro-pop idols Depeche Mode.
This contemporary western feel, both melancholic and polished, came to the notice of Quentin
Tarantino – who used Black Strobe’s cover version of I’m A Man for the trailer of Django Unchained
– and Dior, who chose the same track to advertise their perfume Eau Sauvage. By creating a link
between the past, present and future, the group’s music has also appealed to Martin Scorsese (the
trailer of The Wolf of Wall Street), Guy Ritchie (the soundtrack to RocknRolla) and the creators of the
videogame Grand Theft Auto V (GTA).
With this new album, layered and feverish, the group is back with renewed faith in the power of the
blues and a passion for motivating beats.

For fans of
Nick Cave , Depeche Mode, LCD Soundsystem, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash…

1 – Broken Phone Blues
2 – Monkey Glands
3 – He Keeps On Calling Me
4 – Going Back Home
5 – Blues Fight
6 – For Those Who Came on Earth Thru The Devil Asshole
7 – Folsom Prison Blues
8 – Swamp Fever
9 – Dumped Boogie
10 -From The Gutter
11 – Promised Moon
12 – Boogie in zero Gravity Available from 03.10.2014

Black Strobe – Going Back Home
Thursday, July 17th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Black Strobe – Going Back Home

Image: 1588709 Busy with solo projects under his real name, French musician Arnaud Rebotini’s Black Strobe project had been on ice until relaunching in 2012 with two new singles: Boogie In Zero Gravity and The Girl From The Bayou.
Both tracks dealt with his favourite themes – the life of the American cowboy, the legacy of rock ‘n’ roll – mixed with the Parisian artist’s electronic sensibility.
This contemporary western feel, both melancholic and polished, came to the notice of Quentin Tarantino – who used Black Strobe’s cover version of I’m A Man for the trailer of Django Unchained – and Dior, who chose the same track to advertise their perfume Eau Sauvage.
And now comes the single Going Back Home, with two new compositions and a cover version of Rufus Thomas’ Tiger Man, made popular by a certain Elvis Presley. Three tracks that allow Arnaud Rebotini and his gang to mix rock and blues guitars with electronic loops and dancefloor beats, all crowned by the silky smooth crooning of Rebotini himself.
The EP is the first taste of Godforsaken Roads, Black Strobe’s second album to be released in September 2014.

A Going Back Home Extended Mix
B1 The House Of Good Lovin’
B2 Tigerman Available from 27.06.2014

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There are loads of rock bands making music for the dancefloor. Digitalism make electronic music that everyone can rock to. For the past two years, they have been the go-to men for indie remixes, having reworked the Klaxons, The Test Icicles, Cut Copy and The Futureheads. Digitalism is Jens Moelle & Ismail Tuefekci from Hamburg. […]

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Jonas Imbery is one of the two masterminds behind Munich’s Gomma Records (the other is Mathias Modica of Munk), Germany’s leading record label for all kinds of new and freaked out disco-inspired music. Having launched the label at the start of the new millennium, they became part of a new scene of freestyle labels that […]

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