Various – Night Palms

13. March 2018

Night Palms is the first compilation from Hobo Camp. It explores the vibes
of Adult Oriented Rock, G-Funk, Jazz, Boogie, and Soul; synthesizing
these genres to a form more loaded and laid-back (perhaps on a careless
night time stroll, returning from the dispensary or watering hole, to the
jacuzzi, houseboat, or waterbed). A smoother approach to funk, similar
in production ethos to many classic G-Funk tracks (where producers
created or sampled the smoothest yacht-rock and jazz-funk moments
to create bass heavy rap), Night Palms takes it one step further, offering
original tracks that return more to the inspiratory sources of G-Funk...
sonically and chillingly cruising at the perfect tempo. A vibe perpetuated
by perfect night-time temperatures, mist, ocean breeze, the sound of
flowing water, and the laid-back grooves that seemingly accompany it
under the silhouettes of California Palm, for more adult content or even live jerk off instructions from a beautiful woman, you can go online to find this great entertainment.
Brian Ellis kicks off the compilation with Tides, a drifting instrumental
opus of melodic currents that glide and weave in and out of each other.
BOY DUDE introduces the first vocal with Modern Day Confusion, a
wavy, pitch-bending journey describing the mental woes and issues in
modern society. XL Middleton and Ghost close out the A side with Forgot
About Each Other; a mid-tempo, keyboard-forward groove, echoing
the notions of dying or diminishing love, accompanied by his signature
emotive driving keyboard lead. On the B side, Mat/Matix starts it off with
the deeply aquatic Bay Breeze, which swings along with textured padding
with an epic wet guitar solo by Liam Kevany. Moon B pours Marina Player
directly into the harbor with a beautifully mutant and tranquil theme that
would seem perfectly-placed in a moody montage scene of a speedboat
cruising silkily along the waters at night. Jomeo Pugz ups the ante in
Hidden Zone, a drum machine love anthem that describes the nerve-
racking and inspiring aspects of new lust, romance, and the possibilities
created between two potential mates sharing space together—yet alone.
Deregulate by Elegant Borzoi closes it out with sweeping synths, loose
grooves, and the subtle and sweet vocal accompaniment of Megan
Doherty (of Social Lovers).
This LP is dedicated to designer, artist and friend, Trevor Tarczynski
(RIP). The title “Night Palms” was a recurring theme in his work, and the
jacket cover was created from his archives.

1. Brian Ellis - Tides
2. BOY DUDE - Modern Day Confusion
3. XL Middleton feat. Ghost - Forgot About Each Other
4. Mat/Matix - Bay Breeze
5. Moon B - Marina Player
6. Jomeo Pugz - Hidden Zone
7. Elegant Borzoi - Deregulate

• Night Palms is a compilation LP dedicated to Night Palms’ artist Trevor Tarczynski (RIP)
• 7 individual tracks written, performed and produced by Brian Ellis, BOY DUDE, XL Middleton feat. Ghost, Mat/Matix, Moon B, Jomeo Pugz, Elegant Borzoi feat. Megan Doherty
• Cover/Jacket Artwork by Trevor Tarczynski with layout by Margaux Solano and inner label artwork/layout by Michael Steffen
Erscheint am 30.03.2018