Various – Eccentric Soul: The Saru Label

13. March 2018

The 20th volume of our flagship Eccentric Soul series has all the boxes checked: Guntoting, skip-tracing record producers, child stars, rip-offs, the “World’s Greatest Bail Bondsman,” swindles, soaring falsettos, and a dwindling rust-belt cityscape offering mere glimpses of hope before the record industry escaped for the coasts. Helmed by the O’Jays Bobby Massey, Saru was a creative vortex that pulled Cuyahoga County’s greatest talent in, making a strong case for Cleveland to contend with Detroit, Philly, and Memphis as America’s soul music’s capital. Includes obscure and unknown sides from the Out of Sights, the Elements, Pandella Kelly, David Peoples, Sir Stanley, the Ponderosa Twins + 1, Ba-Roz, Bobby Dukes, and of course, the O’Jays.

Track Listing Vinyl:

1. Out Of Sights - For The Rest Of My Life
2. The O’Jays - Now He’s Home
3. Pandella Kelly - Stand In For Love
4. The Ponderosa - Twins Bound
5. Elements - Son In Law

1. Sir Stanley - Are You Man Enough
2. Bobby Dukes - Just To Be With You
3. David Peoples - Got To Get My Broom Out
4. Michael Bell - Can’t Make It Without You
5. Out Of Sights - I Can’t Take It

1. The Ba-roz - The Last Time
2. Elements - Hey Lady
3. The Ponderosa - Twins I Remember You
4. Out Of Sights - My Woman’s Love
5. Out Of Sights - Baby You Got It
6. The O’Jays - Shattered Man

1. Sir Stanley - I Believe
2. Out Of Sights - Tears Don’t Care Who Cry
3. Elements - Prove It
4. The Ba-roz - Come Back Boy
5. Out Of Sights - You Made Me Beg
6. Out Of Sights - I Was Wrong
Erscheint am 23.03.2018