Torae – For The Record

13. March 2018

REPRESS! Poducers: 9th Wonder; DJ Premier (of Gang Starr); Diamond D (of D.I.T.C.); E. Jones; Eric G; Fatin "10"; Horton; Filthy Rich; Illmind; Khrysis (of The Away Team); Large Professor (formerly of Main Source); Marco Polo; Nottz; Pete Rock; Torae
For The Record raises the bar Torae has set with previous releases. A refreshing return to the multifarious nature of 2008's "Daily Conversation", the project is a notable change from 2009's Double Barrel with Marco Polo, and this year's mono-thematic Heart Failure EP. Fans will hear his skills sharpened; an array of cadences and intricately weaved rhyme patterns. He is also at his most vulnerable and transparent; providing a view through a wide-angle lens at the man behind the MC, as heard on "Panorama" and "Reflection." Still there's no shortage of the hard-hitting audacity we love on tracks like "Shakedown" and "You Ready."

Also distinct is the absence of other voices on For The Record. According to Torae, the choice to forego lyrical assists was deliberate. "No one can tell my story like me," he asserted.

1. Intro - prod Torae
2. Alive ft. Wes - prod Khrysis
3. You Ready? - prod Marco Polo
4. What It Sound Like ft. Pav Bundy - prod Illmind
5. Shakedown - prod 9th Wonder
6. That Raw - prod Pete Rock
7. Do The Math - prod Large Professor
8. Changes - prod Diamond D
9. Over You ft. Wes - prod E. Jones
10. Imagine - prod Eric G.
11. Only Way (Interlude) - prod 9th Wonder
12. For The Record - prod DJ Premier
13. Thank You - prod Nottz
14. Reflection - prod Eric G.
15. Panorama ft. MeLa Machinko - prod Fatin
Erscheint am 02.03.2018