Thiago Nassif – Tres

13. March 2018

Foom present Três the album from Thiago Nassif produced by Arto Lindsay of legendary No Wave pioneers DNA!

01. Desordem
02. Pensamentos
03. Algodões
04. Shiu (Coçar Onde Coça)
05. Senhora Moda
06. O Asco
07. Time Thick (Tempo Denso)
08. Bulgado
09. Quiçá (Leito Eito)
10. Beira

Recorded in Rio De Janeiro, and produced by ARTO LINDSAY (who also
appears as co-writer on several tracks, as well as (inimitably) on guitar, in
places), THIAGO NASSIF's Três strikes a balance between lyrical tunes,
rock, electronic music and noise. It was born out of NASSIF's desire to
distil the content of his lyrics into his instrumentation. The fashioning of
timbres, with both analog and digital resources and the use of silence are
also integral to the record's overall aesthetic.
With THIAGO NASSIF handling lead vocals, most guitar and some bass
and synth parts, ARTO LINDSAY and NASSIF carefully selected key
players from the new Brazilian music scene (a scene heavily indebted to
Tropicalia as well as No wave and electronic music) for the ensemble cast.
This includes DOMENICO LANCELLOTI (collaborator of MORENO
and former GAL COSTA band
member), MARCELO CALLADO (collaborator of
MIMS (whom NASSIF met while living in the US).
THIAGO NASSIF previously co-produced ARTO LINDSAY's 2017
album Cuidado Madame (which LINDSAY & NASSIF also co-edited).
They are currently collaborating on other projects together.
THIAGO NASSIF lives in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
LP (analog) / FOOM
Erscheint am 06.04.2018