The Buttshakers – Sweet Rewards

13. March 2018

Driven by a vicious and visceral soul, The Buttshakers are known for their fierce and fiery music: turntables steam from the heat of their records, dance floor buckle under the blistering pressure of their infectious grooves, a group with a burning Midas’ Touch.

Yet after nearly a decade of touring and recording, it was with a different musical vision that they approached Sweet Rewards, their first collaboration with Underdogs Records.
Accustomed to the raw, primitive sounds of 60s garage rock and the crude sexuality of pre-Motown soul music, the Buttshakers have created a reputation as a must see live band perfectly aligning loud rock riffs and lustful desires. A sound they could have continued to dig into again and again. Instead they decide to take another route. A creative shift, a return to a style of soul music that no longer has to rely on pure energy alone, a sound that concentrates on the quality of writing composition and interpretation rather than pure virility.

Tracklisting :
1. Sweet Rewards / 2. In The City / 3. What You Say / 4. Movin’ On / 5. Hypnotized / 6. Tax Man / 7. Trying To Fool / 8. Roll Miss Roll / 9. Weak Ends
Erscheint am 23.02.2018