Sunflowers – Castle Spell

13. March 2018

Tongue twisting, teeth shattering, seizure inducing psych punk, noise pop stabs all the way from Europe’s California - Portugal.

Since 2014, the Portuguese duet has managed to cleanse the mind and body of all of those who crossed paths with them with over 100 wild shows where they’ve shared the stage with Oh Sees, Moon Duo, Black Lips, La Femme... and have played festivals such as Festival Indigènes (FR), Endless Daze Fest (SA) and Reverence Portugal (PT) to defend their first album, The Intergalactic Guide to Find the Red Cowboy (2016 - Cão da Garagem / 2017 - Only Lovers Records).

In 2018, the band returns with Castle Spell, their sophomore LP baring their characteristic meltdown of Larsen-effect-drenched riffs and acid bleached vocals into your stereo. One can say the band is young and restless, but they bring a well thought mutated slab of paranoia filled heavy shredders, while the hazed sunset fades away in the rearview mirror, darkening the desert and filling the air with some energized psych punk auras.

Castle Spell is a 10-story palace, each of them with its own atmosphere, its gloomy and murderous tenants, all narrated by Carol’s docile voice and Carlos’s intrusive howls. There’s more control and there’s more chaos, more insanity and mind-wandering trips, there’s more depth in its composition. A perfect soundtrack for those who wander into the dark alleys of the city.

01. The Siren (5:20) / 02. Castle Spell (4:05) / 03. The Maze (Act 1-2) (6:31) / 04. Signal Hill (4:03) 05. Sleepy Sun (4:03) / 06. Monomania (4:46) /07. Surfin’ with the Phantom (7:25) 08. Grieving Tomb (4:51) / 09. A Spasmatic Milkshake (3:16) / 10. We Have Always Lived in the Palace (7:18)
Erscheint am 23.03.2018