rkls – rkls

13. March 2018

R2 present self titled the new album from rkls.


1. rkls feat Melo B Jones – Where You At?
2. rkls feat Sio – Hours Go By
3. rkls feat BK – Situations
4. rkls feat White Nite – Fourth Tune
5. rkls feat John Robinson & Sio – Break Up
6. rkls – Turn It Up (Intermission)
7. rkls feat Kev Brown & Melo B Jones – To The Rhythm
8. rkls feat Sio – Speechless
9. rkls feat Daev Martian & Dee C’rell – Waste No Time
10. rkls – Interruption
11. rkls feat Daev Martian & Sharka – Vibrations
12. Kid Fonque & D-Malice Feat MdCL – Word Up (rkls Version)

Both D-Malice and Kid Fonque are well-established players in their native cities; both boasting long-term involvement and impressive credentials. After meeting in 2013 and nurturing a very natural and obvious predilection for golden era hip-hop, 90s R’n B, soul and trip hop they decided to pool their creative resources and rope in a wealth of talent from their combined networks under a new moniker. Enter rkls.

On this debut offering the pair have worked with LA’s broken beat visionary Marc De Clive-Lowe, legendary emcees John Robinson and Kev Brown, dazzling new vocal and production talent from South Africa - Sio, Melo B Jones, Daev Martian and White Nite to name but a few.

This diverse list of guests flex their dexterity allowing the album to shift easily between ballads and more up-tempo beats effortlessly. Punctuated with spacey interludes, the resulting twelve tracks glisten with sumptuous textures, swelling harmonies and organic instrumentation. Familiar but fresh, rkls feels like you’re meeting an old friend with enthralling new stories to tell.
LP (analog) / R2
Erscheint am 30.03.2018