Plush – Fed (RSD)

13. March 2018

Released only in Japan in 2002, Plush's second album lives up to the acclaim it has garnered ever since. Fulfilling the promise of their pared-down debut, More You Becomes You, Fed is a symphony of Burt Bacharach-inspired pop, blaxploitation-influenced soul and timeless balladeering, bound together by Liam Hayes' uncompromising vision. "My creation has drowned me," he sings in Whose Blues, yet he orchestrates the shifting moods and fast-flowing stream of ideas with skill. Greyhound Bus Station evokes Jimmy Webb's easy warmth. The strings are dramatic yet plaintive, while the keyboards are at times hymn-like, at times audiciously funky. Hayes' vocals swing from a low, defensive shrug to a tender, emotive falsetto. As nourishing as it is satisfying, Fed will leave you craving more.

"Fed is beautifully excessive, ornamented with dazzling soul/pop arrangements. And the songs are glorious..." - Uncut *****

"Fed is something of a lost classic" - Mojo ****

"Fed can be finally heard as a testament to Hayes's widescreen obsessions." - Q ****

"It's a banques of sonic gorgeousness." - NME 8/10

"...soulful symphonic masterpiece..." - Rolling Stone

1. Whose Blues 05:04
2. I've Changed My Number 03:33
3. Blown Away 03:03
4. So Blind 03:20
5. Greyhound Bus Station 02:49
6. No Education 05:22
7. Sound of San Francisco 03:33
8. Born Together 02:53
9. Unis 00:26
10. Whose Blues Anyway 01:35
11. What'll We Do? 03:03
12. Having It All 04:03
13. Fed 06:50
14. The Woods 02:56
Erscheint am 21.04.2018