Love Machine – Times To Come (LP+MP3)

13. March 2018

March 2nd, 2018 „Times To Come“ will see the light of day. It will be the third record of Duesseldorf based LOVE MACHINE.
It’s their first collaboration with Unique Records.

In times of emerging cold and fear LOVE MACHINE preach the joy of love . Their new record is an indirect witness of the last moving years that have been passed since the release of LOVE MACHINE’s last record.
„Times To Come“ shows the band’s unbound lust to play and their deep believe in the power of eternal groove.
Folk Rock and Rock’n’Roll influences connect with contemporary Psychedelia; harmonic vocals and slide guitars meet up with analog synthesizers and Voodoo percussion. All that parts melt to a sweaty, mind-opening cocktail of Americana and Kraut Rock.
Pushed be the „beardiest“ rhythm section of our time and finalized by two guitar’s great love story, LOVE MACHINE offer nothing less than salvation.
Singer Marcel Rösche is the shaman, the maniac and visionary, enthroning above everything and being beyond any doubt.
Rösche’s vocals are supported by the harmonies of Bonn based weird Folk duo The Mañana People.
With the release of pre-album „CIRCLES“ in spring 2016 LOVE MACHINE established their status as the hottest must-see in German underground.
The video of the single „Sun Paradox“ is rotating on MTV Germany, legendary Klaus Fiehe calls the album „craziest shit“ and his new favourite German album of 2016.
Followed up by endless touring all over Germany and performances on festivals such as Copenhagen Psych Fest, Open Source, c/o Pop or Burg Herzberg as well as supporting acts like von Kikagaku Moyo, Acid Mothers Temple, Boris and The Flying Eyes.

But the LOVE MACHINE is not satisfied with spreading the love only on the German territory. Also France, England, Denmark, Switzerland and Poland have already been in the machinery of love.
And LOVE MACHINE won’t rest until every human being has tasted the pulp of love and peace.

LP Tracklisting:
A1 Got To Love
A2 To The Universe
A3 Blue Eyes

B1 Solar Phallus
B2 Visions
B3 Times To Come
B4 Earth, Again
Erscheint am 02.03.2018