Gizelle Smith – Ruthless Day

14. March 2018

"The more I hear this the more I'm loving it. As a starter while we wait for the main course which will be the album this is just perfect."Craig Charles on S.T.A.Y. (feat Eric Boss)

"It's fabulous and it sees the return of one of my favourite UK vocalists – the pocket rocket that is Gizelle Smith" - Craig Charles on S.T.A.Y. (feat Eric Boss)

"such a powerful singer...a real british soul talent" - Eddie Piller (Acid Jazz)

1 Dust
2 Hero (feat. Eric Boss)
3 Scared of Something
4 Love Song
5 Sweet Memories
6 Around Again
7 S.T.A.Y. (feat. Eric Boss)
8 Ruthless Day
9 Hey Romeo
10 Twelve
11 Amen
LP (analog) / JALAPENO
Erscheint am 30.03.2018