DJ Spinna – Unpicked Treats Vol.1

13. March 2018

Following up his now sold out Redef debut (1996 Beat Tape, Vol 1),
veteran producer DJ Spinna returns with another wave of hard hitting
instrumentals. Entitled, Unpicked Treats Volume 1, the “Jigmasta” Spinna
has prepared the first of an ongoing series of beats that all have a similar
story. Making tracks for well over 2 decades, this latest project features a
small collection of beats that were created with the intention of backing
MC’s and vocalists, but were never officially used. Rather than archiving
the material, DJ Spinna realized his fan base would appreciate these
compositions in instrumental form. After all, he is the same producer who
has garnered respect from the likes of J Dilla, Pete Rock, Jazzy Jeff and
yes, the one & only Stevie Wonder himself. Without giving too much of his
process away, Spinna challenged himself using the latest cutting edge
software in tandem with some of his favorite gear from over the years.
The end result is a glimpse into the spontaneous execution of top notch
creativity. Listeners will have an unobstructed view into the ears and mind
of the artist. Employing several different approaches, Unpicked Treats
Volume 1 maintains a consistent vibe throughout it’s 12 songs. Whether,
you love beat tapes, instrumental music or are entertained by the art of
sampling, this record is a commodity. Plans for volume 2 are already in
progress, but in the meantime, be sure to get acquainted with Unpicked
Treats Volume 1 and the genius of DJ Spinna.

1. Brazil Bang
2. Let It Speak
3. Pull These Nuts!
4. Black Out
5. 2 Much Pride
6. X Change
7. Ware Two
8. Fancy Pants
9. Soba Noodles
10. Vital Signs
11. Horny Thang
12. Sun Busting
Erscheint am 16.03.2018