a race of angels – We (DJ Spinna Remix)

12. March 2019

Single (analog) / CHOIDIVISION
Straight out of the Bristol, UK now Los Angeles resident Yeofi Andoh came up in a vibrant local music scene with the likes of Massive Attack, Nellee Hooper and Tricky. Recently known as the singer of The Steoples (Stones Throw Records) for this release Andoh offers another persona and moniker- a race of angels — sent to this earth to lift hearts and nourish souls. For Choidivision’s debut single, a race of angels is blessing us with a deep cut, cherrypicked by DJ Choimatic himself: “We.” Side A offers the song’s original edit, swimming in sensual, hypnotic vibes. Andoh’s songwriting is direct and endearing. For him, love is both the message and the medium. On side AA, Brooklyn's proudest son, DJ Spinna gives “We” his singular remix treatment. He darkens the tone, injecting a more assertive rhythm. By drawing on older soul stules, Spinna’s “Journey Remix,” smashes together the past and future in what ""We"" believe is an instant classic for the ages.

1. We (Original Version)
2. We (DJ Spinna Journey Remix)
Single (analog) / CHOIDIVISION
Erscheint am 15.03.2019