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Kratos Himself – Stay True
Thursday, January 12th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Kratos Himself – Stay True

Image: 1608192 As a formal conclusion to 2016, Youngbloods’ 13th release is the sophomore album from Dutch producer and vocalist Kratos Himself, ”Stay True”—on Powder Blue 12” vinyl.
As a stunning follow up to 2015s Loon Garden and its exploration of the zeal behind new love, Stay True soundtracks the producer’s iliadic journey from betrayal to the forging of new independence and
self love. Opening to a quick descent, Kratos Himself (real name Jethro Hopmans) carefully narrates his transformative ascension, playfully winding through footpaths lined with warm Rhodes piano
chords and off-kilter percussive rudiments. In telling his story, Hopmans finds himself the humble servant to a beast larger than himself, and in doing so puts his musical aptitude on display while
illuminating the woodland caricatures of contemporaries Caribou, Bonobo, and Shigeto.
As if leaving a watermark on a tale bound to outlive him, Stay True sees the introduction of Hopmans own voice, most prominently featured on “Heartless” and woven throughout the rest of the album.
Stay True also sees the return of London’s Bev Lee Harling and Hopmans’ first collaboration with Toronto Hip-Hop artist and singer Copasetic.

“Loose synths and gently swaying rhythms comprise each of the ambient, jazz-infused tunes…pulling at your heartstrings with unwavering persistence. Quivering melodies, Four Tet style percussive loops, and delicate accents fluttering in the background mark…the LP as easy listening, awe-inspiring headphone music.” – NESTHQ

“Building ever so gradually in the beginning, Kratos slowly introduces gentle splashes of colour and melody before a relaxed beat takes the lead, guiding us through a series of fragile, interweaving melodies.” – Complex UK

1. It’s Love
2. For Me
3. For You
4. Nostalgic
5. Float (ft. Copacetic)
6. Heartless
7. Stay True
8. Regret
9. Your Body
10. Needless
11. T(h)rust
12. It’s Me
13. Bits & Pieces (ft. Bev Lee Harling) Available from 27.01.2017

James Zabiela
Monday, December 14th, 2015 | Tags: , ,
Posted in Charts, Magazine | Comments Off on James Zabiela

James Zabiela is a rare breed of artist. Over the last twelve years he has become something of a heritage act despite still being two decades younger than his peers currently sharing that title; this, in part, is owing to his unrivalled technical abilities in his live performance which have cemented him into the hearts […]

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