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Brand new instrumental album by DJ Babu of Dilated Peoples and The World Famous Beat Junkie …
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The Los Angeles-based turntablist has made a noteworthy evolution and also stands as one of underground rap’s fastest-rising producers. A world-famous DJ, with active memberships in Dilated Peoples and Beat Junkies among his most notable accomplishments, DJ Babu has made a noteworthy evolution. He also stands as one of underground rap’s fastest-rising producers. In 2007 […]

World-famous turntablist ROB SWIFT release his new album entitled “Wargames” …
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Hip Hop

Infamous Mobb West & Grim Reaperz – The Cycle
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Image: 1607747 Just Listen Records and his beatmakers crew, Grim Reaperz, present their new EP, The Cycle EP, with Infamous Mobb West (Big Twins, ex Twin Gambino, from NY & XP from Rhyme Addicts from L.A.).
This new EP offers two new original tracks, “The Cycle” and “Dollars & Cents” as well as an alternative version which features a A list of French underground MCs.
Limited to 500 copies worldwide !


A1 The Cycle (Street Version)
A2 Dollars & Cents (Street Version)
A3 The Cycle (Illuminate Version)
A4 Dollars & Cents (Roots Version)
A5 The Cycle (feat. Furax, Jeff Le Nerf, Scylla)

Just Listen Records and his beatmakers crew, Grim Reaperz, present their new EP, The Cycle EP, with Infamous Mobb West (Big Twins, ex Twin Gambino, from NY & XP from Rhyme Addicts from L.A.).
This new EP offers two new original tracks, “The Cycle” and “Dollars & Cents” as well as an alternative version which features a A list of French underground MCs : Furax Barbarosa, Jeff Le Nerf and Scylla. This new connection France – USA will with no doubt set in stone !

The EP also includes instrumental versions and remixes.

Available from 06.01.2017

Sun Ra – The Heliocentric Worlds Of… Vol.2 (180g/Colored)
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Image: 1597861 Essential classic reissues of The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, Vol. 1 & 2 . Re-pressed for its 50th Anniversary in a limited edition on Esperanto-green, 180-gram vinyl housed within Sun Ra’s original, self-created jacket art.

Track Listing:
Side A
1. The Sun Myth 18:21
Side B
1. A House of Beauty 4:55
2. Cosmic Chaos 15:12

Credits: Walter Miller: trumpet: Robert Cummings: bass clarinet, Marshall Allen: alto sax, flute, piccolo, John Gilmore: tenor sax, Pat Patrick: baritone sax, flute, Sun Ra: clavioline, piano, tuned bongos, Ronnie Boykins: bass, Roger Blank: drums
Recorded by Richard L. Alderson at RLA Sound Studios, New York City, November 16, 1965

Overview: More explorations of outer space by the spokesman for the space age.
When Walt Whitman wrote, “I am vast, I contain multitudes,” he could have been channeling Sun Ra. The man born Herman Blount in Alabama, who claimed he was from Saturn, was equally at home reviving Fletcher Henderson compositions based on their original arrangements or unleashing totally free-form, athematic group improvisation – and many styles in between. It was practically a given that a New York-based (as he was in the ’60s) avant-jazz performer as colorful and eccentric as Sun Ra would end up on ESP-Disk’.

The 1965 sessions that produced the two volumes of Heliocentric Worlds came during the most extremely free-form period of Ra’s career, contemporaneous with The Magic City (Saturn Records). Volume 1, recorded in April with an 11-member band, consisted of seven relatively short tracks (none over eight minutes), recorded in November with an octet, Volume 2, in contrast, was much freer and featured the side-long “The Sun Myth” and the 15-minute “Cosmic Chaos.” The horn players and bassist Ronnie Boykins have plenty of room to stretch out and take full advantage. “A House of Beauty” offers five minutes of relatively lyrical respite between the other tracks.

It’s worth getting the vinyl LP of Volume 2 just for the iconic cover designed by Paul Frick, consisting of a German astronomical chart of the solar system and portraits of Sun Ra and famous astronomers. Re-pressed for its 50th Anniversary in a limited edition on Esperanto-green, 180-gram vinyl

Press Quotes: “Even at their most dissonant, they’re playful and spacious…’The Sun Myth’ is a panoramic 18-minute fantasia in which two or three instruments at a time toss long, buzzing tones and high honks back and forth, then fall out of orbit again.” – Douglas Wolk, #9 (in tandem with Vol. 1) on Spin’s “The Top 100 Alternative Albums of the 1960s”
“Sun Ra’s work with an ensemble often presents a stated emphasis on the percussive nature of solos as well as within the group context. The underlying freeform anti-structure allows defining contrasts that ultimately establish the progressing sonic sculpture. ‘The Sun Myth’ showcases Ra’s definitive capabilities to guide his assembled musicians from anywhere within said group. …. The resulting interactions include mesmerizing bass solos from Ronnie Boykins as well as some impassioned alto sax work from Marshall Allen. Directly contrasting the works that surround it is ‘A House of Beauty.’ The emphasis shifts, juxtaposing Allen’s unfettered piccolo solos with Ra on piano and Robert Cumming on bass clarinet. …. ‘Cosmic Chaos’ is the final and most archetypal of the ensemble works that Ra and his various Arkestras would produce throughout the ’60s. – Lindsay Planer, All Music Guide Available from 17.07.2015

7th album by famous alternative Japanese band Buffalo Daughter
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“Konjac-tion” is the 7th album of Buffalo Daughter and marks the return of one of the most famous alternative Japanese band in Europe and North America. Buffalo Daughter’s sound is heavily influenced by German progressive rock and techno pop, but also includes bits of dub, club, shoe gaze and post-rock influences. “Konjac-tion” will be available […]

Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens – Cold World (Daptone Records)
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Daptone Records is pleased to announce the release of ‘Cold World’ by Naomi Shelton and The Gospel Queens.

CD DAP033-2 / LP+MP3 DAP033-1
Release: 01-08-14
Daptone presents Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens’ forthcoming album “Cold World”
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In the six years since the release of their last full-length record, Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens have toured extensively, playing main stages at some of the most prestigious festivals in the world, including Bonnaroo, The Monterey Jazz Festival, Montreal Pop, and The Ottawa Blues Festival. Though seasoned veterans, these years of touring played […]

Gensu Dean’s solo debut is bound to take the music world by storm …
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Often referred to as The Grand Imperial, Gensu Dean may be hip-hop’s best kept secret. Currently shinning bright out of Texas like the great DJ Premier, Dean utilizes a vintage sampler by Emu Systems, the classic SP1200, as his weapon of choice. With device in hand and equipped with an extensive 7,000+ piece vinyl collection, […]

DJ Revolution of Los Angeles’ infamous “Wake Up Show” showcases the brightest artists in hip hop today …
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DJ Revolution of Los Angeles’ infamous “Wake Up Show” showcases the brightest artists in hip hop today. His new album “King Of The Decks” features KRS One, Boot Camp Clik, Guilty Simpson, Dilated Peoples, Royce Da 5’9, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, DJ Q-Bert and many others. DJ Revolution has spent 15 years perfecting his craft […]

The Shacks – Follow Me/Texas
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Image: 1617096 Big Crown records is proud to present the first single from The Shacks debut album
Haze, out worldwide March 30th. Since the release of their self titled EP in 2016 The
Shacks have been collecting fans that are fast becoming as hypnotized as we’ve
been since first hearing Shannon’s ethereal voice on top of “Strange Boy”. Highlights
of the year have been opening tours for Chicano Batman, and Khruangbin, as well as
“This Strange Effect” becoming world famous via the Apple iPhone 8 ad campaign.
The A side, “Follow Me”, was one of the first songs recorded for Haze almost two
years ago. With “black mirror” esque lyrics over a hypnotic mid tempo groove, Follow
Me leaves you feeling joyful, calmed, and queasy, all at the same time.
The B side “Texas” is an another song from their upcoming album. Recorded in Max
Shrager’s home studio in Princeton and then finished with Leon Michels at the
Diamond Mine in Queens. Texas is a perfect representation of The Shacks signature
sound with Shannon’s voice balancing out the gritty yet smooth production.

B-SIDE: TEXAS Available from 12.01.2018

DJ Rhettmatic – Rhett Got Beats
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Image: 1615553 Dj Rhettmatic of the World Famous Beat Junkies has been DJing for well over 20 years. A Dj champion, member of The Visionaries, Crown Royale and the Cypress Junkies, Rhett has been producing for just about the same period of time, creating backdrops for artists from Aloe Blacc to Ras Kass on well over 50 releases.

And now it comes time for the OG staple of the West Coast to step out with his own full-length instrumental project. November 3rd, 2017 you will find out, if you didn’t already know, that Rhett Got Beats. At 18 tracks beatin’ down the block, with a bonus feature from Hieroglyphics’ Opio and Pep Love, this will fit nicely in your Street Corner Music collection.
Available from 24.11.2017

Glen Porter – Mr.Vampire & The Deadly Walkers
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Image: 1615539 Within the mind of Glen Porter exists Mr. Vampire and The Deadly Walkers. Glen’s latest album on The Content Label tells the sprawling, heartfelt tale of Mr. Vampire as he traverses the lonely desert with his Deadly Walkers. There’s a hint of lost love, and the melancholy feeling of a distant home and a far-off destination. Glen Porter realizes these memory movies with a stunning mixture of swirling psychedelia, springy electronic rhythms, and charred western guitar riffs. Recorded over the last few years in Huntington Beach, California, Mr. Vampire and The Deadly Walkers also reveals a strong visual element courtesy of collaborator Lucien Shapiro who designed the masks worn by the cryptic inhabitants of the album cover. As with previous releases, Glen Porter plays most of the instruments and this time he’s lending his husky voice as well. Other guests on Mr. Vampire and The Deadly Walkers include Chris Alfaro AKA Free The Robots (Alpha Pup Records) and vocalist Jessie Jones (Burger Records).

1. Spunshine
2. Pale Rider
3. Mr. Vampire
4. Deadly Walkers
5. Dark Place
6. Night Walking
7. Lonesome Road
8. Mrs. Vampire

• Highly anticipated album from multi-instrumentalist / producer Glen Porter
• Features guest appearances from Free The Robots (Alpha Pup Records), Jessie Jones (Burger Records) and Warren Thomas (The Abigails)
• Music licensed to various outlets including Shepard Fairey’s OBEY Clothing
• Cover-art features bespoke masks designed by mixed-media artist Lucien Shapiro
• Executive produced by L.A based beatmaker Dday One
• Mr. Vampire and The Deadly Walker was mixed at the world famous Thee Men’s Warehouse in Anaheim, California Available from 27.10.2017

Candeias – Sambaiana
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Image: 1610498 Sambaiana the rare Bossa Nova classic from Candeias finally gets a proper reissue.

A1 – El Tren De Tom
A2 – Paolinho
A3 – Zimbao
A4 – Managua
B1 – Sambaiana
B2 – Casas De Invierno
B3 – Palmeiras


LP (180g vinyl + Old School Tip On Gatefold Cover + Download Card + Printed Inner Sleeve)

Curiously enough the story of this record begins with a song, which isn’t even featured on it. A song named ‘Guayabas’. One of Guillermo Reuter’s very first free-spirited compositions is one of his two contributions to the fourth album ‘Ese Dia Va A Llegar’ by friend and musician Agustin Pereyra Lucena, in 1975. ‘Guayabas’ was the unintended starting signal for Reuter’s career and was coincidentally the initial spark for this reissue that you, dear reader and listener, are holding in your hands right now.
But perhaps we’d better take one thing at a time and not jump ahead of ourselves. ‘Guayabas’ was the Guillermo Reuter song that first caught the attention of the Notes On A Journey founders Jürgen von Knoblauch and Stefan Leisering. It led them to discover his album ‘Candeias’ shortly thereafter, and a love affair was born. It was a similar story for Jacques Subileau, the producer for the recordings of ‘Ese Dia Va A Llegar’ (and therefore ‘Guayabas’), who was so enamored by this single composition that he proposed Reuter to cut a whole album, made up exclusively of his songs and compositional stylings. The Frenchman with an Argentinian girlfriend, had connections to European record labels like Disco Mediterraneo in Madrid and Disques Espérance in Paris which specialised in World and African music. ‘Candeias’ would be released on both labels, on the Spanish imprint under the name of ‘Sambaiana’, in France as the original title ‘Candeias’, but for inexplicable reasons, with terrible sound quality.
For the 24-year-old musician, it came as a total surprise, the once-in-a-lifetime chance to record an entire album of his own works. Raised by parents, both of who were musicians and teachers with their own school (Instituto Reuter in Buenos Aires), Guillermo Reuter was destined to wander down one road for life – to follow in his father’s footsteps, professionally and musically. Josef Reuter, born in Germany, balanced his work life where he was a dedicated occupation Headmaster with music, not only was he a passionate organist, he was the maestro of his own choir, the ‘Singakademie Buenos Aires’ and a well-known director at Buenos Aires’ world famous “Teatro Colón”. Furthermore, he was a strict and conservative father who massively disapproved when his son embraced modern music like Brazilian Bossa Nova, which back then, was just starting to take the world by storm. Despite, or as a direct result of this, ‘Samba Da Minha Terra’ by João Gilberto was a revelation for the juvenile Guillermo Reuter and shaped his freethinking approach towards music permanently.

Even though Reuter satisfied his parents’ expectations by completing five years of studies in classical musical, his passion for the inauspicious sounds of Brazil never truly disappeared. On the contrary, after meeting the slightly older, Bossa Nova inspired, up-and-coming guitar player and songwriter Agustin Pereyra Lucena on the university campus, the young musician took the proverbial bull by the horns and made a massive leap of faith. On the one hand, he accepted the offer of several studio recordings (1973 ‘Climas’ and 1975 ‘Ese Dia Va A Llegar’), and on the other, he declined the request of his parents to inherit and run the private family school. At this moment in 1975, Guillermo Reuter made a clear, wholehearted decision, aware of all its consequences, and chose his own music as his further purpose in life. Music, which he finally – thanks to Jacques Subileau and ‘Guayabas’ for that matter – could record without compromise and thus give free rein to his creativity.
The recordings of ‘Candeias’ took place shortly after Subileau’s invitation, in October and November 1975, in the Buenos Aires based studio ‘Sound Center’. To realise his vision Guillermo Reuter surrounded himself with four superb musicians, who he knew from previous recording sessions: Agustin Pereyra Lucena on guitar, Uruguayan drummer and percussionist Carlos Carli, Brazilian bass player Darci Soave, and the young flute player Rubén Izarrualde. Reuter himself plays the Fender piano on all tunes (despite “Zimbao“ on which he played the upright piano) as well as 12-string guitar. The idea of adding a horn section to some tracks was quickly scrapped, mostly for financial reasons. Recorded in only a few brisk spring days (which is November on the southern hemisphere), you can feel the sheer enjoyment of the musicians in this masterpiece of timeless, universal music through its unbridled playfulness. Starting with ‘El Tren De Tom’, the album’s first track, where the sound of a departing locomotive announces the beginning of a journey. A journey that winds it’s way through the contagiously melodious, cunningly arranged and in every detail, profound world of Guillermo Reuter and his project Candeias. All of which is overseen by their heraldic spirit animal, the Toucan, which is the bird we first see on the album cover. The name Candeias, which means candles in Portuguese, was chosen democratically by all four participating musicians. The album’s carefree, casual happiness is never superficial or forced. For instance, ‘Paolinho’, driven by Izarrualde’s flute, is rooted in the folkloristic tradition of Northern Brazil and emphasizes Reuter’s almost academic approach towards his compositions. ‘Managua’ employs the Cuban Guajira rhythm and is probably the song of the album that best expresses the harmonic interaction of the four musicians extraordinaire. Throughout the whole album, Reuter’s training in classical compositions interweaving with his love of Jazz and Brazilian
music, in particular, is almost tangible.
In his homeland of Argentina, ‘Candeias’ will never be released. Subileau’s personal connections took the project to Europe, Spain to be precise. Here, with changing line-ups, Reuter played live regularly between 1976 and 1978. His playmates in Candeias (expandable from quartet to septet) include f.e. the Cuban saxophone player Paquito d’Rivera, the US trombone player Bill Smith, the Brazilian percussionist Rubem Dantas and the Spanish flute/saxophone player Jorge Pardo. Further recordings never happened, though.
The European Jazz scene at that time was much too volatile and in turmoil. Talents like Reuter were mostly getting booked as session musicians and were swamped by endless touring, leaving them little time to pursue their own projects. After his father had died towards the end of the 80s, Guillermo Reuter returned to Argentina and only infrequently returned to Europe for occasional live gigs. Back in his hometown, he made a living writing compositions for commercials and from intermittent gigs in local jazz clubs. He operated a music store for some years, worked as a composition teacher and acted as a program manager for various music and live venues in Buenos Aires. During this time he never stopped writing own songs. His fascination for South American folklore and its rhythms, from Brazil via Uruguay to Argentina, continued to increase, even until this day. In 2004 Guillermo Reuter wrote a song, ‘El Gorgojo’ (The Bug), which won the first prize at the international Latin Jazz Contest in La Habana and was praised by the French film music composer Michel Legrand, one of Reuter’s personal idols.
Having now Notes On A Journey, more than forty years after its initial release, introducing ‘Candeias’ to a whole new audience is also in the interest of its creator. For Guillermo Reuter, this album was and is a lifework, which has never lost momentum and significance. It is a record, which simply stands the test of time by bringing pure joy over its full, entertaining length, and is going under the skin at the same time. That’s why for this re-issue the original Spanish pressing has been lovingly restored, preserving the sound quality, letting you listen to it the way it should be heard, in the here and now. With the stunning new quality ‘Candeias’ will find a much bigger following this time round. Come and join the club. Available from 28.07.2017

Jazzanova – The Remixes 2006-2016
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Image: 1607846 Next year is 20 years of Jazzanova so first up on the celebration plate is a complete collection of their world famous remixes.

A1. Malika Ayane – Dimentica Domani (Jazzanova Remix Dub)
A2. Joe Bataan – Ordinary Guy (Jazzanova Rework Extended Version)
A3. Heritage Orchestra – Skybreaks (Jazzanova Remix)
B1. Furry Phreaks with Terra Deva – All Over The World (Jazzanova Mix)
B2. Spinning Motion – Naze (Jazzanova Remix)
C1. Paul Randolph – Believer (Jazzanova Remix)
C2. Atjazz feat. Dawne B – Parallels (Jazzanova Serial Remix)
D1. Outlines – Listen To The Drums (Jazzanova Remix)
D2. Hugh Masekela – Stimela (Jazzanova Remix)

This release heralds the start of the 20th anniversary of Jazzanova as internationally
renowned remixers. That is to say, it was in the summer of 1997 when the very first remix by
Jazzanova was released, the one for United Future Organization’s „Friends… We’ll Be“ on Gilles
Peterson’s founded label Talkin’ Loud. Said remix can be found on the first edition of the by
now accumulated to a trilogy compilation series. When the first part covers the early, yeasty
years from 1997 to 2000, the second episode pays tribute to the years from 2002 to 2005 and
the third sequel takes the last few years, the lapse of time from 2006 to 2016 to task. This
decade as well was – as you can hear strongly by listening to this long player – a very
prosperous, inspiring productive period for Jazzanova.
How fast time flies is displayed by these nine selected tracks from the last ten years. All of
them still sound as if they have been released just yesterday. Starting with the remix of
“Listen To The Drums” by Outlines, which evolved into a worldwide club hit over the years,
also thanks to the edit by Dixon. Most remarkably this work is already ten years old! The
remixes of Furry Phreaks’ „All Over The World“ and Heritage Orchestra’s „Skybreaks“ also
doesn’t really sound like two tunes from 2007. Au contraire, this is the trademark sound of
Jazzanova carving itself genre-spanning into eternity. Or who would dare to not declare the
2009 remix for Atjazz’ „Parallels“ as an modern day dance floor classic? And with the
reworks of tracks by Hugh Masekela („Stimela“) and Joe Bataan („Ordinary Guy“) we have two
actual funk/soul evergreens featured on this compilation’s wonderful third edition. A must is
obviously the inclusion of the remix for “Believer” by Paul Randolph from 2007. It was this
remix that was somehow the start of longterm relationship that culminated in Paul
becoming the steady guest singer of Jazzanova and with whom they’re touring worldwide
since 2009. To top „Jazzanova – The Remixes 2006-2016“ off there’s the rework of the
forgotten, but recently re-issued by Notes On A Journey Spinning Motion’s “Naze”. Available from 24.03.2017

The Dontells – Move On Down / There Goes A Fool
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Image: 1608459 Produced and recorded in 1965 during a time when Chicago soul was one of the most influential sounds in R&B.The Dontells entered the studio and cut two tracks that put that sound on full display. The session was led by producer Calvin Carter, world famous Arranger Johnny Pate-along with the cities top musicians. These tracks were never released and have only been heard by a few people until now. The A side “Move On Down the Line” grabs you from the first second the needle drops. A mid tempo love song with a trademark arrangement from Pate and a vocal melody and approach in the style of Chicago’s king of soul, Curtis Mayfield. “There Goes A Fool” is the B side and is a reminder why The Dontells were one of the best groups out of the Windy City. Another brilliant production with a top notch arrangement . Horns, strings, a swinging backbeat and that signature Chicago vocal sound lead by the sweet harmonies of Nate, Leroy, Manuel & Ralph. This is no doubt a 60’s soul classic in 2017!

• Previously unreleased and unheard material from 1965, The Dontells released numerous singles from 1962 to 1970 on labels such as Vee-Jay, Beltone, Dontee & Ambassador
• Recorded in Chicago under the guidance of legendary arranger Johnny Pate (Curtis Mayfield, The Impressions, Shaft In Africa)
• Recorded at world famous Universal Recorders(Donny Hathaway, Ramsey Lewis, The Impressions & The Dells)
• Classic Chicago soul at is finest with a sound that resonated heavily in R&B during the 60’s Available from 24.02.2017

Broken Brass Ensemble – Hitchhiker / Windsurfing
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Image: 1608400 Stutter & Twitch are proud to introduce to you an alternative take on the world famous sound of New Orleans Jazz. Combining the powers of funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul, Broken Brass Ensemble act as urban brass ambassadors, pioneering on their euphoric groove. Intertwining heroic melodies and leitmotifs, against a loud and proud back-beat, STR003 will soar into stores January 27th, setting a warm and hopeful precedent for the New Year. With origins based in the Netherlands, Broken Brass Ensemble have been firing up a storm all over Europe with an energizing live shows, pairing punchy bass-lines with hard-hitting brass. Selling out on CDs and vinyl from their previous debut album ‘Brasshopper’ in just over a year, and consistently filling 300 capacity venues without promotion, on merit alone, shows that underestimating this octet is out of the question.

‘There was an undeniable feeling of fun, community and coming together when the irresistible rhythms and an abundance of high passion energy got the audience on their feet’ – Time Out

Side A ‘Hitchhiker’, highlights the band’s innate ability to orchestrate a nostalgic New York hot jazz sound, in fantastic superhero fashion. The equally thematic Side B contains an exclusive Hunrosa remix (Sam Vicary of Cinematic Orchestra) in the form of ‘Windsurfing’. Hunrosa contorts Broken Brass’ spatial image through an ambient, electronic and down-tempo journey, without ever compromising on the band’s emotive and authoritative signature tone. In addition, the globetrotting act has sold out UK venues in Manchester, London, Exeter and Norwich, with airtime from Reform Radio, Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show, BBC Radio 4 and Radio Decibel. With more than 350 shows under their belt, and no signs of stopping, Broken Brass Ensemble is becoming a live force to be reckoned with.

1 Hitchhiker (Single)
2 Windsurfing (Single) Available from 03.02.2017

The Visionaries – All Along
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Image: 1602243 DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies is starting a 45 Vinyl Series that
will feature his own production work & with artists that he worked
with (New, Old, & Unreleased). All 45s will be limited edition runs
& will be released thru the Beat Junkies’ sub-division label: Sound
Junkies Recording.
The 1st 45 single will contain 2 new songs as a ‘Double A’ side
featuring 2 groups that Rhettmatic is a part of: The Visionaries &
Crown Royale.
The Visionaries’ song “All Along” is the first official new song from
the West Coast Hip Hop Super Group in 10 years. Rhett samples
his good friend, the talented producer/musician/composer Adrian
Younge in the latest Visionaries song. Emcees Key-Kool, LMNO,
Dannu, 2Mex, & Lord Zen all trade verses over a haunting yet heavy
drum break beat talking about bucking the system!
The other song, “Stratasphere” is a new song from Crown Royale
(Jamall Bufford of The Black Opera & Rhettmatic). Jamall fka Buff1
gets down on a spacey Boom Bap track that Rhett lays down along
with traditional scratch chorus hooks, on some dynamic duo DJ/MC

Side A:
All Along feat. The Visionaries
Side AA:
Stratasphere feat. Crown Royale

• DJ Rhettmatic is a well known Hip Hop DJ/Producer, and
member of The World Famous Beat Junkies
• Rhettmatic is part of the West Coast group The Visionaries,
members consisting of 2Mex, LMNO, Key-Kool, Dannu, &
Lord Zen
• First Visionairies release in 10 years
• Rhettmatic is also in a group with Michigan’s lyricist, Jamall
Bufford of The Black Opera (fka Buff1) called Crown Royale.
• Rhettmatic is currently preparing up releases for the 45 vinyl
series: Opio & Pep Love (Hieroglyphics), Aloe Blacc, Brown
Bag Allstars, & more Available from 08.04.2016

Manfriday – Groove / Winners
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Image: 1601774 Here’s an EP with two songs that are sure to take you back. Originally mixed by the legendary Larry Levan of the world famous Paradise Garage. These two Tracks were both considered anthems when played by Larry himself. Officially released in 1986, but this Demo Mix of ‘Winners’ was never released. Larry Levan played this unreleased cut for many years. ‘Groove’ was never actually released and it was Larry’s Secret Weapon!

In January of 2016, both songs will be available for the first time together and are sure to bring back the nostalgia that has tried to be recaptured ever since. Written by Brodie Williams. Mixed by Larry Levan.


A. Groove – Larry’s Yaw
B. Winners Available from 19.02.2016

Piero Umiliani e La Sua Orchestra – Fischiando in Beat (LP+CD)
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Image: 1600192 Due to a perhaps too buoyant and unfitting title and to a ridicolously limited distribution (even at the time of its original release), “Fischiando in beat” (Whistling in beat) has often been ignored despite being one of the most entertaining works signed by Piero Umiliani (here accompanied by his orchestra). Originally released in 1969, “Fischiando in beat” presents twelve gems of instrumental beat music, fabulous specimen of that music genre often labelled with the much-abused term ‘lounge’ – or ‘easy listening’, if you prefer. Forget about the experimental “Synthi Time” (to name another Umiliani classic recently reissued by Schema Records) and abandon any intellectual ambitions: here you can only breathe an incredible desire for fun and dream of the late 60s, Rome and its exclusive cocktail party.

This LP’s moods are easier to understand just by reading the track titles: starting with the classic beat of the title-track and “Il motivetto delle 10:30” (The 10.30am tune) followed by the brazilian joints “Highway to Rio” and “Samba mah nà” (a sort of alternative version of his most known composition, the world famous “Mah-nà Mah-nà”), the trip goes on with the sicilian flavoured “Marranzano boogie” and then touches the US with “Ti piace New York?” (Do you like New York?), another track that swings just right. It all ends to a tribute to Japan with “Tokyo Blues”, anticipating the final “Go, go, go”, almost a jazz standard and perhaps an homage to Umiliani’s past, who had cut his teeth with this genre at the beginning of his career (and not only). The only mellow moment comes with “Sono nostalgico” (I’m nostalgic), a sad and smoky ballad, a tear-inducing moment.

Complice un titolo forse troppo poco serio e non troppo azzeccato e una circolazione così limitata da risultare di difficilissima reperibilità persino all’epoca della sua pubblicazione, “Fischiando in beat” è spesso passato sotto traccia nonostante sia uno dei lavori più divertenti di Piero Umiliani (qui accompagnato dalla sua orchestra). Uscito originariamente nel 1969, “Fischiando in beat” infila dodici perle di beat strumentale che danno un senso compiuto al tanto abusato termine ‘lounge music’, o ‘easy listening’ che dir si voglia. Dimenticate le sperimentazioni di “Synthi Time”, tanto per citare un altro disco appena ristampato da Schema, oppure la ricerca di lavori più meditati, qui si respira solamente un’incredibile voglia di divertimento tra cocktail party e profumi tardi anni Sessanta.

È più facile comprendere le atmosfere fin dai titoli che compongono questo album: si parte con il beat classico della title track e di “Il motivetto delle 10:30”, per poi fare un salto in Brasile con “Autostop per Rio” e “Samba mah nà” (sorta di versione alternativa del suo pezzo più famoso, quella “Mah-nà mah-nà” che tutti conoscono), un altro in Sicilia con “Marranzano boogie”, poi negli Stati Uniti per “Ti piace New York?”, altro pezzo swingante al punto giusto. Si chiude con l’omaggio al Giappone di “Tokyo Blues”, che anticipa il finale di “Go, go, go”, quasi uno standard jazz, omaggio forse al passato dello stesso Umiliani, che con quella musica si era misurato spesso agli esordi (e non solo). L’unico momento di calma arriva con “Sono nostalgico”, ballatona triste e fumosa, piccola concessione alla lacrima.

Originally released in 1969, “Fischiando in beat” presents twelve gems of instrumental beat music, fabulous specimen of that music genre often labelled with the much-abused term ‘lounge’ – or ‘easy listening’, if you prefer. Forget about the experimental “Synthi Time”: here you can only breathe an incredible desire for fun and dream of the late 60s, Rome and its exclusive cocktail party.
Available from 11.12.2015

Piero Umiliani – Psichedelica (LP+CD)
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Image: 1600186 Before talking about Psichedelica, one of the many and rare library albums signed by Piero Umiliani, we must step back in time, until June 1968, when Umiliani was working on the score of “Svezia Inferno e Paradiso” (Sweden Heaven and Hell), one of the many collaborations between director Luigi Scattini and the Maestro. In fact, a large part of the music recorded for that movie, one of Umiliani’s most popular works, would be later selected for this library release. Originally issued by the label Omicron, which pressed 200 copies, not even destined to be sold. Despite the title, a misleading “Psichedelica”, and a suitable colored cover, this LP walks – of course, one might say – along the lines of Scattini’s film soundtrack, among beat outbursts, orchestral tracks and some references to the rock sound of the time, as can be heard in the second of the two versions of “Hippies”.

Those who know will remeber that “Psichedelica” contains the first version of Umiliani’s most famous composition: “Mah-Nà Mah-Nà”, a track that will be a mixed blessing of his artistic life. Considered a filler and discarded from the soundtrack of “Svezia Inferno e Paradiso”, it was originally called “Viva la sauna svedese” (featuring Alessandro Alessandroni and his wife Julia on vocals, as well as in “Birra, Vermouth e Gin”), it was then retitled and re-released in the US a few months later, achieving unprecedented success and even ending up in the charts, later known as ‘The Muppet Show’s song’, it became almost immediately a world famous cult track, an authentic hallmark of Piero Umiliani’s popular genius.

Prima di parlare di questa ennesima e rara sonorizzazione di Piero Umiliani, tocca fare un breve passo indietro, fino al giugno 1968, quando erano in corso le registrazioni della colonna sonora di “Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso”, ennesima collaborazione tra il regista Luigi Scattini e il Maestro. Proprio molto del materiale registrato per quella colonna sonora, divenuta una delle più celebri della sua carriera, andrà a far parte di questa library, uscita originariamente per Omicron in sole 200 copie e neppure destinata al mercato. Nonostante il titolo, un fuorviante “Psichedelica”, e una copertina colorata e in tema, questo lavoro di Umiliani prosegue – ovviamente, verrebbe da dire – sulla falsariga della colonna sonora della pellicola di Scattini, tra sfuriate beat, brani orchestrali e qualche accenno alle sonorità rock dell’epoca, come nella seconda delle due versioni di “Hippies” presenti.

Inutile ricordare come, all’interno di “Psichedelica”, trovi spazio la prima versione del più celebre pezzo di Umiliani, quella “Mah-Nà Mah-Nà” che sarà croce e delizia della sua vita artistica. Scartata dalla colonna sonora di “Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso” e ritenuta un semplice riempitivo, “Viva la sauna svedese” (questo il titolo originale, alla voce c’erano Alessandro Alessandroni e sua moglie Giulia, così come in “Birra, Vermouth e Gin”) viene rititolata e ristampata negli Stati Uniti qualche mese più tardi, ottenendo un successo senza precedenti e finendo persino in classifica. Il brano, conosciuto in seguito come ‘la canzone del Muppet Show’, diventerà ben presto un culto mondiale assoluto, autentico marchio di fabbrica del genio popolare di Piero Umiliani.

This LP walks among beat outbursts, orchestral tracks and some references to the rock sound of the time. “Psichedelica” contains the first version of Umiliani’s most famous composition: “Mah-Nà Mah-Nà”, a track that will be a mixed blessing of his artistic life, here appearing as an outtake from the “Svezia Inferno e Paradiso” OST, under the title “Viva la sauna svedese”.

Music composed and directed by Piero Umiliani
Recorded in Sound Work-shop Studios – Rome, Italy
Liner notes by Stefano Gilardino Available from 04.03.2016

Various – Daptone Gold Vol.2 (2LP+MP3)
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Image: 1598622 Six years after the release of acclaimed greatest hits and rarities collection Daptone Gold, Daptone Records announces the release of Daptone Gold II on September 18, 2015. Where the original put a spotlight on Daptone’s unique sonic mission, Daptone Gold II reveals just how far things have come, packed with favourites from the last six years, along with tracks previously unavailable or only obtainable via 45. The release also follows Daptone’s 2014 Super Soul Revue, a series of shows that saw the entire Daptone roster perform together, culminating in three sold out nights at the world famous Apollo Theater. This new double album brings fans up to date with the Brooklyn label that has become a premier source of new soulful music and a model for independent labels everywhere.

Featuring some of the most popular songs ever released by Daptone, the album includes Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings’ “Better Things” (from the 2010 album I Learned the Hard Way), “Inspiration Information,” (a Shuggie Otis cover from Soul Time!) and “Retreat!” from their latest album Give the People What They Want.

Other favourites include Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens’ 2014 track “Sinner”, “Strictly Reserved For You” and “Heartaches and Pain”, by Charles Bradley, “Hot Shot” by 2015 breakout band Saun & Starr, “Dirty Money” by Afrobeat outfit Antibalas, and “Got To Get Back To My Baby” by The Sugarman 3, as well as many others.

Songs previously only available on 45 include “Luv Jones,” a duet by Charles Bradley and LaRose Jackson, “Little Boys With Shiny Toys” by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, and “Out Of The Wilderness” by The Como Mamas. Previously unreleased songs include the instrumental “Thunderclap” by The Dap-Kings and “You Got To Move” performed by Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens.

In the spirit of Daptone’s commitment to beautiful physical products, the Daptone Gold II double LP is packaged in a silver foil gatefold sleeve and comes with a poster, liner notes and iron-on, and the CD is in a deluxe embossed silver foil digipak.

“This is a label, a family of musicians, at the top of its game…witness Daptone in its prime” – Mr. Fine Wine, WFMU

“Daptone is a very special, one of a kind place and I am honoured to be part of this family. No other record label can compare.” – Saundra Williams, Saun & Starr

Tracklist For Daptone Gold II

Side One
1. Better Things To Do (from I Learned the Hard Way) – Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
2. Strictly Reserved For You (from Victim of Love) – Charles Bradley (Featuring Menahan Street Band)
3. Sinner (from Cold World) – Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens
4. Hot Shot (from Look Closer) – Saun & Starr
5. Dirty Money (from Antibalas) – Antibalas

Side Two
6. Inspiration Information (from Soul Time!) – Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
7. The Traitor (from Make The Road By Walking) – Menahan Street Band
8. Heartaches And Pain (from No Time For Dreaming) – Charles Bradley
9. Unbroken, Unshaven (from The Budos Band III) – The Budos Band
10. Retreat! (from Give the People What They Want) – Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
11. Witches Boogaloo (from What The World Needs Now) – The Sugarman 3

Side Three
12. Look Closer (Can’t You See The Signs?) (from Look Closer) – Saun & Starr
13. Keep Coming Back (from The Crossing) – Menahan Street Band
14. I Learned The Hard Way (from I Learned The Hard Way) – Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
15. Got To Get Back To My Baby (from What The World Needs Now) – The Sugarman 3
16. Aphasia (from Burnt Offering) – The Budos Band

Side Four
17. Out Of The Wilderness (Previously Released on 45 Only) – The Como Mamas
18. Little Boys With Shiny Toys (Previously Released on 45 Only) – Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
19. You Got To Move (Previously Unreleased) – Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens
20. Luv Jones (Previously Released on 45 Only) – Charles Bradley & LaRose Jackson
21. Thunderclap (Previously Unreleased) – The Dap-Kings Available from 18.09.2015

Art Blakey / Digable Planets – Stretching (J Rocc Edit) / Rebirth Of Slick
Thursday, June 25th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Art Blakey / Digable Planets – Stretching (J Rocc Edit) / Rebirth Of Slick

The bassline/horns from Art Blakey’s ‘Stretching’ were sampled to great effect back in ’92 by Butterfly of the Digable Planets and here it gets the 45 edit treatment by the one and only Funky President, J Rocc of the world famous Beat Junkies – two in…

Res – Refried Mac (Colored Vinyl) (RSD)
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Image: 1595746 Philly based indie singer Res has never been afraid to push boundaries and challenge herself and her listeners. So it should come as no shock that her recent undertaking to cover classic songs of the legendary band Fleetwood Mac was met with respect and precision. Injecting her blend of soul, Res both pays homage and recreates these classic hits all at once. Released by Talib Kweli’s label Javotti Media, this extremely limited Record Store Day exclusive features a one sided clear vinyl EP, with a screen printed B side by the world famous Hit & Run crew.
Available from 18.04.2015

Little John / Colin Roach – Jammys Rule / Hey Yo
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Little John / Colin Roach – Jammys Rule / Hey Yo

Little John praises King Jammys Super Power with his melancholic vocals and serious lyrics. Anthony Malvo and Collin Roach, who both recorded at King Jammys Recording Studio regularly, combine their lyrical talents on the world famous song ‘We Are The…

Jamaica 69 – Ven Dame Tu Amor / Olvidame
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Debut 7″ vinyl from Mexican imprint TNT DISCOS, run by world famous Latin crate digger RUFFT TNT. A fantastic single that mixes boogaloo, Northern soul, and Jamaican ska with seductive MINNIE RIPERTON style female vocals. Flip is SKATALITES style ska …

DW Edits – This Is The Music We Dance To
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Image: 1592917 A very warm welcome back to the marvellous CREATIVE USE imprint. Life in the Balearic fast lane, may well be moving at a distinctly slower rate than fans of this cult label may like, but we like to think each carefully considered and crafted release is worth the wait!

Kelvin Andrews’ world famous stable for his own and likeminded producers (like Mark E & Mark Seven to name but two) secret DJ weapons is back to the fray with another 3 track salute to exceptional dancefloor moments.

A diverse trio of 45’s provide the inspiration for their tenth excursion, as a lovingly amended Funk beauty sits alongside Indian infused Mexican Rock & Jazz-Fusion gems, which are all subjected to the highest quality creative use treatment!

As with all the previous Creative Use 12’s, we’re expecting this to sell out on presale, so figures ASAP please. Available from 17.10.2014

Crown (Of Grim Reaperz) – Pieces To The Puzzle EP
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Image: 1586616 Crown, French Beatmaker, member of The Grim Reaperz Collective (Enemy Soil affiliate) exclusively  presents it’s two first brand new titles taken from it’s next beat production album “Pieces To The Puzzle” scheduled to air February 3rd 2014.
These two titles are a collaboration with Rasco, member of The Cali Agents and Belgium artist SCYLLA with whom Crown has realized number of smashing hits in France including the world famous clash video “Emcee Versus Beatmaker”.
Crown is introducing his new opus with two titles “Ecrans de Fumée (Smoke Screen) and “Pieces to the Puzzle” available on 12inch LP’s and limited to 300 copies, all numbered, with and instrumental as well as acapella version all in bonus!

A1 : PIECES TO THE PUZZLE feat. Rasco (street)
A2 : PIECES TO THE PUZZLE feat. Rasco (instrumental)
A3 : PIECES TO THE PUZZLE feat. Rasco (acapella)

B1 : ECRANS DE FUMEE feat. Scylla (street)
B2 : ECRANS DE FUMEE feat. Scylla (instrumental)
B3 : ECRANS DE FUMEE feat. Scylla (acapella)
Available from 14.02.2014

Yasu-Pacino & Sato Beats – Rebel Music
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Image: 1585608 PRE-ORDER ONLY, DEADLINE, OCTOBER 21st. /

Features John Robinson?Laidlaw…and grooveman Spot Remix!!

Here introduce collaboration of underground fame beat maker Yasu-Pachino and Sato Beats!

Yasu-Pachino is famous underground DJ and Producer .And recently well known as remix works for Hotel New Tokyo and original productions.
Sato Beats is well known works for ‘s compilation for worldwide,and his recently 3rd album ?Almost Feel?got big reactions from headz.

And here deliver fantastic collaboration of Yasu-Pachino and Sato Beats.

?Rebel Music?features world famous John Robinson’s rhythmical flow on reggae based rugged and funky laid back beats and groove. And there fewtures ?Instrumental?and ?Tenjin Dub?!

C/W features Jazzy Sport beatmaker grooveman Spot ‘s remix for ?The Way I Live feat.Laidlaw?.grooveman Spot takes dope straight hip hop sounds with raw groove and mystic rhythm and electric sound arrange.Ya! Here deliver new way of Hip Hop approach of grooveman Spot.

-Track List-
A-1 Rebel Music feat. John Robinson / Yasu-Pacino×Sato Beats
A-2 Rebel Music instrumental / Yasu-Pacino×Sato Beats
A-3 Rebel Music Tenjin Dub / Yasu-Pacino×Sato Beats
B-1 The Way I Live feat.Laidlaw grooveman Spot Remix / Yasu-Pacino
B-2 The Way I Live feat.Laidlaw grooveman Spot Remix instrumental /Yasu-Pacino
Available from 28.02.2014

WordySoulspeak – Let The Rhythm Hit
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Image: 1582413 SALES TEXT
WordySoulspeak is the sound of the new China. Formed as a musical alliance in the country’s capital Beijing, the dynamic duo of 3 X DMC China champion DJ Wordy and production partner Jeff Soulspeak, WordySoulspeak combines cutting edge electronic production techniques, Native Instruments Maschines, intricate turntablism trickery, live Akai MPC routines and classic boom bap Hip Hop to make a unique blend of avant-garde forward thinking Chinese art.
High profile fans of the groups sound include RZA, Diplo, Pete Rock, DJ QBert, and Stones Throw engineer Dave Cooley of Elysian Masters. With Gap, VW Beetle, Adidas, and art collective DD172 (New York) already enlisting their musical talents, the group are set to bring the sounds of the Far East worldwide with the release of their forthcoming album ‘Let The Rhythm Hit’ which will be released Autumn 2013 on BBE Records.


“I can’t believe this sound from China , this is crazy”- Pete Rock
“I wanna rap on these beats.” – RZA from Wu Tang Clan
”This album is in my favorite playlist now” – Dj Qbert
“Good Stuff, I can listen to this album over and over” – Kid Koala
“This album brings me back to that good ol’ hip hop feeling.” Dj Craze
“Wow. Amazing work.” – Dave Cooley

• DJ Wordy is the 3 x DMC China Champion. No mean feat in a country with over 1 billion people!
• WordySoulspeak have released a an EP ‘ One More Day’ featuring Chinese Trip Hop singer Cha Cha, and their debut self titled LP received worldwide praise from the artist and dj community.
• VW Beetle enlisted DJ Wordy to launch their new vehicle in China with a huge promotional campaign, and used the group’s music in the TV advertisement
• Gap featured DJ Wordy alongside super producer, Mad Decent label head and tastemaker supreme Diplo in a huge Chinese advertising campaign. Photography for the promo was undertaken by the highly regarded portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz.
• RZA of Wu Tang Clan is a fan of the group, and entrusted DJ Wordy with rocking his parties whilst filming his directorial debut ‘ Man With The Iron Fists’ in China.
• Dame Dash, entrepreneur and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella and Rocawear is a fan of the group, hiring Wordy to spin at his launch parties for DD172 in Hong Kong in association with Adidas Originals.
• WordySoulspeak were personally asked by Snoop Dogg to remix ‘La La La’ from his Snoop Lion reggae project.
• Let The Rhythm Hit was mastered in Los Angeles at world famous mastering house Elysian Masters by Dave Cooley (Jay Dilla, Madlib, Stones Throw, Peanut Butter Wolf, Cut Chemist)
• Hotpot is Beijing’s number 1 monthly Hip Hop and Bass party hosted by DJ Wordy. Available from 27.09.2013

The Last Skeptik – Thanks For Trying
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Image: 1578902 We are pleased to announce the signing of DJ/producer The Last Skeptik.
Following in the label’s footsteps of releasing instrumental led hip-hop albums from J Dilla, Pete Rock &, Skeptik will be releasing his largely instrumental album entitled “Thanks For Trying” in the spring of 2013. Backed with an orchestra’s worth of musicians, the hip hop-rooted production is taken to cinematic heights. This album will be a classic.
(For those unfamiliar with The Last Skeptik’s work, he has worked with a varied list of musicians, including The King Blues, Sway, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Jehst and Lowkey, and has remixed everyone from The Streets to Marina & The Diamonds.
The Last Skeptik has come a long way from building his first beats whilst skipping class at school. From releasing his debut single in 2004 featuring
Sway, he has been steadily gaining fans with his production prowess.
Fast forward to 2012 and The Last Skeptik released the critically acclaimed “How Not To Make A Living” album with rapper Rewd Adams, with lead single “Everything’s OK” being supported by SBTV, BBC Radio One, RWD, Jump Off and KISS100. Now he is gearing up to release his second album, a highly anticipated instrumental project for BBE Records in 2013 which also features as guest Jehst, a cult hero (NME, 2011) and legend of hip hop from the UK. He has influenced nearly every modern rap artist in the country with classic albums “Return of the Drifter”, “Falling Down” and “Nuke Proof Suit”, and runs the consistently successful YNR Production label. Gavin Fitzjohn also features having previously written with and toured the globe with Paolo Nutini.
Add to that residencies at London’s best hip hop night Livin Proof and new Knowledge and a blinding showcase at SXSW and U.S. tour, and 2012 has been a big year, with 2013 fast approaching we are very excited to have The Last Skeptik join a growing roster of London based acts all signed to the label. From 2007’s “Broken Window” collaborative album with rapper Verb T to 2010’s genre-flouting “Same Day Different Sh*t”, a compilation of commissioned remixes of major label artists, Skeptik has been busy writing, remixing and producing for a bevy of world famous artists such as Gorillaz, Enter Shikari and Kate Nash.

· Full Radio and press campaign UK, France, Germany
· Full online campaign to include but not limited to youtube videos, Facebook, instagram and twitter
· The last Skeptik has been featured in among others The Independent (UK Broadsheet), DJ Mag & Clash Magazine, you can read all about
him in the links below Remixes from DJ Vadim, Yesking and Chris Read · Stickers and T-shirts will be available to key sales team, key stores
· DJ mixes available for instore and local radio play

1.Those Ones
2.Park Champ
4.The Best Part
6.Be There
7.Pick Your Battles
8.That Old
10.Ask Myself
11.Lullaby feat. Jehst
12.Hero Mask
13.Mission Failed
14.I Hate June
15.Well, Well Available from 03.05.2013

Royal Dust – Royal Dust
Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Royal Dust – Royal Dust

Image: 1579583 Haunt Music present the self-titled album from drummer extraordinaire Royal Dust. With such a wide range of sounds imagine a mixture of Tom Waits, Stan Getz, Colin Stetson & Mulatu Astatke playing under a film noir setting in the desert: its that type of record!

Venezuelan-born Miguel Toro is an impulse generator: a versatile drummer and percussionist. Rhythm is his motor, but rhythm here does not just denote a motion within a certain beat. Rather it means a fundamental, ever changing pulse, vibration, resonance. Inspired by aesthetic forms as intense and diverse as the jungle of sounds ascending from his royal dust, Miguel Toro succeeds in giving them an extraordinary voice. Imagine a mixed chorus of Tom Waits, Morphine, Talk Talk, Stan Getz, bass sax player Colin Stetson, Canonball Adderley, Mulatu Astatke and a bit of Emil Richards in a Film Noir setting in the desert under the stars: It’s the spirit of their collective poetry that soars up.
A sound designer for famous artists and institutions like Olafur Eliasson and the Bauhaus Dessau, a remixer for Tony Allen’s Afrobeatmakers, and a collaborator with exceptional artists like epic chanteuse Aerea Negrot and Mambolectro project Mambotur, Miguel Toro accumulates a lot of experience and expertise. In a most sophisticated way, the result of his work marks the birth of a vibrant musical lifeform that exists in Selva Swing time. “Royal Dust” is a concept: utilizing one single microphone, one computer and several apartment rooms for a most unique and efficient recording process. It is a creation that transfuses an abundance of colour and soul to the amalgamation of Jazz, Lounge and Electronics, soaked with inspiration.

Imagine nature as a sound system. Hear it grow (on you).

· Miguel Toro is a session drummer and sound designer for institutions like Olafur Eliasson and Bauhaus Dessau.
· Toro is a remixer and producer for world famous “Fela Kuti” drummer Tony Allen

WEBLINKS Available from 12.04.2013

Various – African Music Today (Truth & Soul)
Monday, August 30th, 2010 | Tags: ,
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“African Music Today” is the culmination of a project started seven years ago by world famous record collector Phillip Lehman, who brought his musical knowledge and expertise to help create this collection of some of the funkiest Afro grooves known to man.

CD TS014-2
Release: 27-08-10
London Elektricity
Monday, November 2nd, 2015 | Tags: , ,
Posted in Features, Magazine | Comments Off on London Elektricity

For those that know him and those that don’t, Tony Colman (no ‘e’!) cuts a formidable figure. The co-founder and CEO of Hospital Records and sister label Med School, mastermind behind the multi award-winning Hospital podcast, producer and vinyl-only DJ, has been instrumental in the development of D+B as we know it today. Responsible for […]

“Are We There Yet?” is the sixth studio album from London Elektricity
Monday, November 2nd, 2015 | Tags: , ,
Posted in Magazine, News | Comments Off on “Are We There Yet?” is the sixth studio album from London Elektricity

“Are We There Yet?” is the sixth studio album from London Elektricity on his own nineteen-year-old label Hospital Records. Over 14 tracks the album combines beautiful chord progressions recorded from his own Steinway piano – a family heirloom passed down through generations – with perfect vocal harmonies from Tony himself, Emer Dineen, Pete Simpson and […]

Various – Daptone Gold Vol.2 (Daptone Records)
Friday, September 18th, 2015 | Tags: ,
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Six years after the release of acclaimed greatest hits and rarities collection Daptone Gold, Daptone Records announces the release of Daptone Gold II.

CD DAP036-2 / 2LP+MP3 DAP036-1
Release: 18-09-15
Daptone Records announces the release of Daptone Gold II
Monday, September 14th, 2015 | Tags: ,
Posted in Magazine, News | Comments Off on Daptone Records announces the release of Daptone Gold II

Six years after the release of acclaimed greatest hits and rarities collection Daptone Gold, Daptone Records announces the release of Daptone Gold II. Where the original put a spotlight on Daptone’s unique sonic mission, Daptone Gold II reveals just how far things have come, packed with favourites from the last six years, along with tracks […]

Boris Werner
Monday, October 6th, 2014 | Tags: , ,
Posted in Charts, Magazine | Comments Off on Boris Werner

Boris Werner: a charismatic leading figure of the house music scene, who is forever young at heart. He has promised himself he will continue to keep pushing dance floors and promoters worldwide. It isn’t easy not to fall under his spell when he plays his sound that is filled with lush grooves, thick baselines and […]

DJ Q-Bert – Baby Super Seal
Thursday, December 12th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on DJ Q-Bert – Baby Super Seal

Almost every DJ that shops for vinyl has a mini portable turntable they bring with them so they can hear records before buying. Many DJs cut out skratch records to fit on the small platter so that they can skratch on them at shows, while traveling or …

DJ Q-Bert – Baby Super Seal (Picture Disc)
Thursday, December 12th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on DJ Q-Bert – Baby Super Seal (Picture Disc)

THE FIRST EVER PICTURE DISC SKRATCH VINYL – This version contains a limited variation of Baby Seal with skratch samples on Side A and a beat on Side B. Packaged in protective plastic sleeve. Almost every DJ that shops for vinyl has a mini portable tur…

Strong Arm Steady
Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 | Tags: , , ,
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Strong Arm Steady was formed in the shadows of the West Coast’s Death Row Records movement, which at one time, loomed large over much of the region’s talent. Many Los Angeles artists—themselves students and children of Death Row—were becoming frustrated at the gang mentality that colored perceptions of their burgeoning underground. Out of that frustration […]

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