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Ikebe Shakedown / Monophonics – Curitiba Strut / Hanging On
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Ikebe Shakedown / Monophonics – Curitiba Strut / Hanging On

Image: 1608008 Ikeb’s newest A-Side, “Curitiba Strut,” delves deep into disco, with four minutes of musical fire. Driven by the deep-pocketed pulse of its four-man rhythm section (Barnaby Alter, drums, Dave Bourla, percussion, Vince Chiarito, bass, Robin Schmidt, guitar) and one of the tightest horn trios on the East Coast (Mike Buckley, winds, Jason Colby, trumpet, Nadav Nirenberg, trombone), Curitiba takes flight. Adding in special guest Kelly Finnigan of the Monophonics on synth, this is a can’t-miss for DJs and dancers alike! Monophonics B Side “Hanging On” is what happens when California Psychedelic Pop meets Detroit Soul. Heavy Vocals and Horns lead the way over a steady groove of Drums, Fuzz Bass, transistor Organ and a whirling wave of 6 & 12 String guitars. Picked from their 2015 psych-soul gem ‘Sound of Sinning’, this California flip is a perfect Northern Soul answer for DJ’s and to balance such a heavy Afrofunk Instrumental on the A Side from one of Brooklyn’s finest bands!

• 1st 45 release on Transistor Sound
• Special edition split side
• Original music by 2 of the heaviest bands in the soul/funk scene
• A side is new unreleased music by Ikebe
• B side by Monophonics is off their popular LP Sound of Sinning
• Both sides are uptempo and DJ friendly
• Both bands have previous popular releases on Ubiquity & Colemine Records Available from 13.01.2017

Gene Washington And The Ironsides – Next To You / I Still Love Them All
Thursday, March 31st, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Gene Washington And The Ironsides – Next To You / I Still Love Them All

Gene Washington and The Ironsides are back with their sophomore7-inch for Colemine! Deep soul from the Bay Area is the order of theday with two sides that sound like they could have been pulled froman early Al Green record. Killer production from the …

The Sentiments – She Won’t Be Gone Long
Friday, February 16th, 2018 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on The Sentiments – She Won’t Be Gone Long

Image: 1618040 Sweet California Soul with remnants of Philly and Chicago Doo-Wop
make this new 45 from Transistor Sound a must have for fans of the
slow and low sound. The Sentiments have composed in one song a
companion for warm summer nights and long winter days. Let the sweet,
soulful sounds of “She Won’t Be Gone Long” wash over you. Lush strings
and horns compliment a brilliant falsetto lead that pull on the heartstrings.
This 45 encompasses everything you want a lowrider slow jam so don’t
sleep on it. Produced and recorded entirely at the incomparable Transistor
Sound Studio, featuring members of Monophonics, Gene Washington &
The Ironsides, Paul & The Tall Trees, His Extraordinaires Horns and The
Sha La Das.

She Won’t Be Gone Long
Instrumental Available from 02.03.2018

Dubkasm – Victory (Mala RMX) / Stealth
Friday, November 27th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Dubkasm – Victory (Mala RMX) / Stealth

To be remixed by Mala is a rare honour, and one that is perfectly in line with Dubkasm’s ethos of always moving forward while staying true to dub’s versioning tradition. This 10″ cut of ‘Victory’ – with dreamy, deep bass, Mala’s unique percussion styl…

Joey Negro – Le Freak – Music Inspired By Chic
Friday, September 18th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Joey Negro – Le Freak – Music Inspired By Chic

Image: 1599264 Z Records presents ‘Le Freak Music Inspired by Chic – Complied by Joey Negro’ contains fourteen glorious Chic inspired cuts that groove like a Disco train straight from the 70s.

A1 Charanga 76 – Good Times (Como Vamos A Gozar)
A2 Cela – I’m In Love (Joey Negro Edit)

B1 Odyssey – Together
B2 She – Easy Money
B3 Nightlife Unlimited – Lets Do It Again

C1 Van Jones – Not About That (Show Me Some Respect)
C2 Ann Margret – Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes (Part Two)
C3 Michael Zager Band – Don’t Sneak On Me

D1 Delegation – Heartache No. 9 (Special Remix Version)
D2 C.H.A.D. feat G.G Gibson – Feel The Beat (C’est Si Bon…)

Arguably, Dave Lee aka Joey Negro and his Z Records label are the contemporary go-to Disco label. And it
was only a matter of time that Mr Lee would delve deep into his vinyl vaults and pull a selection of sound-alike
tracks inspired by that late 70s Chic sound.

To date, Chic and their productions have notched-up sales of over 100,000,000, so with that in mind, it comes
at no surprise that their music has inspired others to pick up the bass & lead guitar and emulate that groovy
sound… and that ‘s exactly what this album is all about.

‘Le Freak Music Inspired by Chic – Complied by Joey Negro’ contains fourteen glorious Chic inspired cuts that
groove like a Disco train straight from the 70s.

The Chic production sound must be one of the most distinctive in disco, soul, funk or pop music generally, a
sound that was lent very successfully to Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, Debbie Harry and many more in the late 70s
and early 80s heyday. The much-copied formula has been an inspiration to many producers old and new,
most recently with the world dominating Daft Punk.

Joey Negro is one such producer who has been inspired by the production sound of Rodgers and Edwards
over the years and, until now, there has not been a collection of tracks that were influenced by rather than
produced by Chic.

There are many more artists out there that have drawn inspiration from this sound but this is Joey Negro?s
personal selection of tracks that have the unmistakable groove including one from his own Sunburst Band

Nile Rodgers continues to tour the globe with his Chic live show as well as produce and make guest
appearances on many hit records and he shows no sign of slowing down yet.

Previous ZR/Joey Negro compilations:

Remixed With Love reached No.1 on the Amazon Disco chart

Joey Negro’s name is consistently on a lot of classy music and Remixed With Love is up there with his best. In
total 18 spectacular remixes… A must have. Danny Krivit

Joey Negro is a true aficionado of Italo House as this brilliant compilation-cum-history lesson shows – Mixmag

Given his long-standing dedication to the sound, there could be few more fitting DJs to compile a two-disc set
of 90s House & Garage than Joey Negro. Excellent track list –


The Chic production sound must be one of the most distinctive in disco, soul, funk… or pop music generally.
Back when I was listening to commercial radio as a music-mad teenager in 1979/80, their records were
omnipresent on the airwaves. It seemed that when one of their own songs just dropped out of the hit parade,
it was replaced by a production for another act – be it Diana Ross, Sheila & B. Devotion or Sister Sledge – it was
a constant stream of hits. When I heard songs like Norma Jean’s “High Society” (a solo release from one of
Chic’s singers) blasting out my transistor radio, I knew straight away it was an Edwards & Rogers production,
their style was so instantly recognizable. Firstly the playing and sound of both the guitar and bass was a
giveaway, along with the precise vocal phrasing, rippling piano and discreet string parts. If it was the 12″ mix
then the bass breakdown and slow instrumental build up in the second half of the record was also part of the
blueprint. Generally, Chic songs eschewed ad-libs or long solos, the style is more defined with each instrument
having an exact placing – including the vocals.

Records like “Good Times” and “We Are Family” weren’t just big club hits – yes, they were massive on dance
floors but they were also pop crossovers all around the world. What was noticeable to me back then was
even the rock guys I was friendly with (who generally despised disco) quietly liked Chic and admired their rock
solid playing and grooves. I guess the best music has this universal appeal, from the casual listener who knows
nothing about the fine details of song writing and production right through to the hardcore muso players who
hear and appreciate its intricacies.

Of course, with all this worldwide chart success came a lot of emulators who were inspired by Chic’s stylish
image, immaculately produced records and of course their commercial success. The period we are focusing
on is toward the end of the disco era, so many producers were ditching the faster octave bassline euro disco
style and looking for a new sound that was both club and radio-friendly. I’ve no idea how many records
featured basslines inspired by “Good Times”, it was a game-changing groove, so it’s probably in the 1000s. The
Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” and Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” are maybe the most obvious
examples in terms of commercial success – however, for this compilation, I wanted to dig a bit deeper and
collect together some lesser-known songs which owe at least a modicum of their inspiration to Edwards and

Italy’s producer duo Mario Malavasi and Jaques Fred Petrus were highly influenced by Chic when they
rebranded themselves as Change. Their debut single and UK pop hit “A Lovers’ Holiday”, with its unison group
vocal, was a dead ringer for the Chic sound and even used some of the same N.Y. session players. Throughout
the early ’80s there were many records that utilised a similar style of chord progression, obviously Nile-esque
guitar, or that tight-tracked, clipped and histronic-free female vocal.

It may seem ridiculous now but Chic got quite a rough ride in the press at points, thanks to their instantly
recognizable records’ success, as well as a general hostility towards disco. Personally, I never tired of their
music, but there were comments about “the formula wearing thin” and “it all sounds the same”. I think we can
definitely say the critics have been proved wrong – turn on any Saturday night dance radio show and you’ll no
doubt hear a few of their songs. Disco has become the “Motown” of our current era, the music that unifies
generations at weddings or office parties.

“We Are Family” is up there with the greatest disco albums of all time, containing the title track, “Lost In Music”,
“Thinking of You” and “He’s The Greatest Dancer”. Chic productions continue to be sampled in modern dance
music – I was out at a “Nu-Disco”-type night last year and heard 3 tracks during the evening based around their
songs. Recently, Chic have been back on the road and their legacy as one of the greatest acts of the era has
been cemented.

So onto this compilation, I recently thought it would make a nice and unique album to gather together a few
of the lesser known Chic-influenced songs onto one release. The only track on here Edwards and Rogers were
behind is Odyssey’s “Together”, which is one of their more obscure productions and I thought would be a cool
one to include as many won’t know it. The only actual cover is from Charanga 76 who released an album in
1979 which featured several raw, Latin disco-style Chic reworks, of which their “Good Times” was perhaps the
best – otherwise, the likes of Delegation’s, Van Jones’ and Michael Zager’s are original songs, not pastiches – just
simply great music inspired by Chic’s blueprint.

Hope you enjoy

Dave Lee aka Joey Negro – August 2015

Available from 30.10.2015

Basso Valdambrini Quintet – Fonit H602 – H603 (Deluxe Edition 2LP+CD)
Friday, October 10th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Basso Valdambrini Quintet – Fonit H602 – H603 (Deluxe Edition 2LP+CD)

Image: 1592891 “Two obscure albums by Basso Valdambrini Quintet originally released for TV and Radio Shows on Usignolo Series by Fonit Cetra. Now available for the Basso-Valdambrini’s lovers.”

We might shout “Long live CD!” when we look at the reissue you hold in your hands. But don’t forget that the staff of Schema Records have also generously provided us with a vinyl version. “Long live CD!” might sound odd at a time when the age of the CD seems to be all but over. Yet the compact disc remains the most democratic format: not as elitist as the beautiful old 33 rpm record, which today is unfortunately absent from many home hi-fi systems – and above all, not as ephemeral as the digital download format that seems so much in fashion today. To some listeners the phonograph record is still important: it’s associated with care, attention, concentration. Like going to the cinema, compared to watching a movie on the screen of a PC, another habit particularly in vogue today. Is it really comparable to walking into a cinema, switching off the mobile and being captivated by a story, as you empathise or identify yourself with an actor? Yes, the same is true of listening to music, whether you’re a fanatic or a casual devotee: reverently handling the record case, admiring the packaging, browsing the booklet and probing the details of archive photos… and maybe reading these few introductory notes. These are all aspects that, even if they can’t equal the experience of listening, can surely enrich it. At least for the help they provide in putting the listener in the right frame of mind. The iPod is definitely a beautiful thing, but perhaps is most suited to being attached to joggers’ arms. Here, the choice is up to you: Schema Records has made these recordings available both as utilitarian CDs and beguiling vinyl.

Why this sociological introduction for the reissues of two Italian jazz records of the early seventies? Because fate decided that these recordings of the Gianni Basso and Oscar Valdambrini Quintet (cryptically entitled H602 and H603 respectively) were born under a bad sign and were to be considered second-class recordings by music professionals, and sometimes by the musicians themselves. Fading into oblivion and unappreciated, these records then reappeared as objects of worship, highly sought-after by avid collectors. Desired, exchanged or sold for astronomical sums. In fact, these two discs by the “Basso-Valdambrini Quintet” – the name by which one of the longest lived and most prolific Italian jazz combos was known to aficionados – originated as library music. A humble term, but one that indicates music recorded to accompany radio and later television shows, to act as jingles or simply provide musical interludes. They all date from December 1970. These records had no commercial release and weren’t available in stores. That’s one of the reasons why they were viewed with some disdain. Yet they were important for allowing musicians to earn a living, especially among what Franco D’Andrea, remembering his early years, calls «the first [Italian] generation to realise, despite all the obstacles, that being a Jazz musician could be a profession». And even more, these records were a way to spread Jazz beyond the small Jazz clubs and to ensure that, while hardly realising it, more people became acquainted with this music. It reached a wide audience as a background for various forms of popular entertainment.

2LP + CD
H602: A1 Mick B1 Corton A2 Valba B2 Invertime A3 Plinius B3 El Gato A4 Maglione B4 Local Times A5 Muy B5 From Me
H603: C1 Gum D1 The Jolly C2 Gold Mine D2 E’ Molto Facile C3 Glaucus D3 Mercury C4 Pick Up D4 Costa Dell’Ovest C5 Washington Bridge D5 Transistor

Gianni Basso – tenor sax, clarinet
Oscar Valdambrini – trumpet
Ettore Righello – piano
Giorgio Azzolini – bass
Lionello Bionda – drums

H602 recorded in Milan 11/12/1970
H603 recorded in Milan 16/12/1970
Informations taken from dictionary of
Italian Jazz Personnell Available from 21.11.2014

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