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GZA/Genius – Pro Tools (Blue Vinyl)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on GZA/Genius – Pro Tools (Blue Vinyl)

Image: 1582050 Special edition blue vinyl 2LP. One of the most renowned and continually relevant hip-hop emcees of all time, GZA returns with his fifth solo album, Pro Tools. An original member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, GZA has established himself as a perennial force in hip-hop, having amassed sales of over 1.5 million units in his 13+ year solo career. Recently, GZA’s contributions have driven the phenomenal success of the 2008 Wu-Tang Clan reunion album 8 Diagrams as well as two of independent hip-hop’s flagship releases: Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture and the DJ Muggz/GZA collaboration Grandmasters (both having scanned close to 60,000+ units to date). With an entrenched and rabidly loyal fan base, Pro Tools marks the long awaited return of one of hip-hop’s most revered and respected emcees.

Key Selling Points:
* Highly anticipated fifth solo album from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan member/constituent
* Featuring: RZA, Masta Killa, True Master, Justice Kareem & more
* Production by: RZA, Bronze Nazareth, Black Milk, Preservation, Jay Waxx Garfield, True Master, Mathematics & more
* Cumulative solo career scans of 1.5 million+ units
* Wu-Tang Clan: career scans of 5 million+ units
* Success of recent Wu-Tang Clan ”peripheral” releases driven by GZA’s prominent contributions: (60,000+ units each: Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture, DJ Muggz & GZA: Grandmasters)
* Special edition blue vinyl 2XLP


1. Intromental
2. Pencil Feat. Masta Killa & RZA
3. Alphabets
4. Groundbreaking Feat. Justice Kareem
5. 7 Pounds
6. 0% Finance
7. Short Race Feat. Rock Marcy
8. Interlude
9. Paper Plate
10. Columbian Ties Feat. True Master
11. Firehouse Feat. Ka
12. Path of Destruction
13. Cinema Feat. Justice Kareem
14. Intermission (Drive In Movie)
15. Life Is A Movie Feat. RZA & Irfane Khan-Acito (of Outlines) (Bonus Live Performance)
16. Elastic Audio (Live Performance @ The Parish in Austin, TX) Available from 02.08.2013

Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol.1
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Image: 1582052 Special edition pink vinyl! A watershed release in the history of the underground hip-hop movement, ”Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture” reflects the convergence of Wu-Tang and the indie hip-hop culture. As ambitious in scope as it is creatively visionary, the album consists of Wu-Tang stylistic sensibility and production paired with some of the finest (as well as commercially viable) underground East and West Coast hip-hop lyricists.

Key Selling Points:

* Novel artistry pairing intended to highlight the diminishing schism between mainstream commercial and underground hip-hop
* Anchored by Wu-Tang members/affiliates, album features guest appearances by heavyhitter commercial (Wu-Tang) and underground elite artists including GZA (Wu-Tang), RZA (Wu-Tang), Masta Killa (Wu-Tang), U-God (Wu-Tang), MF Doom, Aesop Rock, Ras Kass, Tragedy Khadafi, Vordul Mega (Cannibal Ox), Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox), Del The Funky Homosapien, Casual C-Rayz Walz, J-Live, R.A. The Rugged Man, Littles, Prodigal Son, Sean Price, Jim Jarmusch, among others
* Combined featured artist career scans of over 2,500,000 units
* Album has scanned over 60,000 units domestically.
* Production duties exclusively handled by Wu-Tang members and affiliates: RZA, Bronze Nazareth, Allah Mathematics,Preservation, DJ Noize
* Multiple hip-hop sub-culture targeting/appeal: Rabidly loyal Wu-Tang Clan fan constituency (elevation of commercial urban profile), niche underground hip-hop fan contingent
* Guest appearances from both East and West coast underground hip-hop lyricists will facilitate the broadest consumer appeal amongst this niche demo
* Special edition Pink Vinyl


Dreddy Kruger – Introduction 1:12
GZA & Ras Kass – Lyrical Swords 3:25
Vast Aire, Byata, Timbo King & Prodigal Sunn – Slow Blues 4:49
U-God, Sean Price, Prodigal Sunn & C-Rayz Walz – Still Grimey 4:15

Various – Skit 0:32
Casual, Tragedy Khadafi, Rock Marciano & Vordul Mega – Think Differently 4:33
Various – Informercial: #1 0:38
RZA & MF Doom – Biochemical Equation 3:56
Various – O.D.B Tribute 1:51
Del Tha Funky Homosapien – Fragments 3:31

Various – Intermission: 0:27
Bronze Nazareth, Solomon Childs & Byata – Street Corners 3:17
Littles, Khalid & Planet Asia – Listen 3:40
Various – Informercial: #2 0:45
Scaramanga Shallah, La The Darkman, Ras Kass & GZA – Verses 4:33
Aesop Rock & Del Tha Funky Homosapien – Preservation 2:26

C.C.F. Division – Cars On The Interstate… 2:17
R.A. The Rugged Man & J-Live – Give It Up 3:46
Bronze Nazareth – Black Dawn 3:23
Available from 02.08.2013

DJ Format – Presents Psych Out
Friday, April 29th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on DJ Format – Presents Psych Out

Image: 1602755 DJ Format presents his new compilation Pysch Out.

A1 The Quests – Hava Nagila
A2 The Tijuana Brats – Karate Chop
A3 Rainbow Family – Travellin’ Lady
A4 The CT Four Plus – Exodus II
B1 49th Blue Streak – Foxy Lady
B2 Bana Pop Band – Jet Pop
B3 Koncz Zsuzsa – Visz A Vonat
C1 La Logia Sarabanda – Todos O Ninguno
C2 Friar Tuck and His Psychedelic Guitar – Louis, Louis
C3 Flamengo – Týden v elektrickém mìstì
D1 Sergio Ferraresi – Time of Machines
D2 Krzysztof Klenczon – Nie Przejdziemy
Do Historii
D3 Aleksandr Sergeyevich Zatsepin – The Shaman’s Dance
D4 Pro Arte – Stari Dvorac

DJ Format’s Psych Out is a compilation of records from around the world that Format
WISHES he could play at clubs every weekend. Some of the tracks are hard to
categorise…kind of psychedelic, kind of funky, kind of crazy…but most have unmistakable
blend of distorted electric guitars, driving basslines and pounding drums. Maybe you didn’t
think it was possible for “Foxy Lady” to be played any harder…but 49th Blue Streak did it.
“Hava Nagila” never really seemed likely to lend itself to a psychedelic reworking…but The
Quests from Singapore thought differently. In Germany, The CT Four Plus did away with
boring tradition and instead praised God with their electric guitars. Advertising executives in
France thought it best to spread the word of their new chocolate bar by commissioning the
Bana Pop Band to make a cool 7″ flexi disc record. These are just a few examples of how
the boundaries of music were being pushed in the late ’60s & early ’70s when most of these
exciting recordings were made.
In DJ Format’s own words:
The idea for this compilation came about because of my search for a rare psych/funk 7″
that isn’t even included here! My friend DJ Oneofakind played me the said record and I
totally lost my mind. Some months later after a lot of asking around and searching online, a
copy turned up on for a painful amount of money. I contacted the seller to ask
a couple of questions and it turned out I was talking to Jake Holloway, BBE’s in-house
designer. I’d loosely known Jake for a few years through mutual friends so we quickly
arranged a time to meet and take care of business. Jake told me he’d offered the 7″ to a
few other DJ/collector friends but they’d passed on it as it was ‘too heavy’ for them. This got
us talking about my love for psych records with a funky slant and I explained my frustration
at buying so many records that fit that description, that were ‘too heavy’ to play at my typical
DJ gigs. Jake had the perfect solution: “why don’t you do a compilation of funky, fuzzed-out
psych stuff for BBE?”.

• DJ Format released original music on MO WAX and compiled for FABRICLIVE27
• this project is focuses on the funk rock end of the Psychedelic scene
• ultra rare tracks released for the first time digitally and on CD
• Full press & radio campaign in key territories Available from 10.06.2016

Various – Destination: Boogie
Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Various – Destination: Boogie

Image: 1581718 What was the true sound of the underground in UK Clubland in the early 80’s? At a time when most young people from inner cities chose their musical paths – soul-head, reggae, indie or rock – and stuck with them ’til they knew better, BOOGIE WAS THE BIG THING in the UK’s (mainly) black clubs.

Now, Z Records is releasing a gatefold double vinyl pack of the influential Destination Boogie album that was first released back in 2006 but only as a double CD.

As Sean P says: “Its taken a long-time for Boogie to surface from the underground, its largely been ignored, or regarded as Disco’s poor cousin – perhaps too electronic…too black even but it kick-started a musical grounds well which would see club-music topping the charts all over the World again. The post-disco era represented by BOOGIE was a turbulent and creative time for independent dance music in general and one where the early trends in music technology are easy to spot”.

So how, you may ask, does Boogie differ from its glitzier forbearer DISCO?

Well its still a continuation of disco, though dressed up differently – for example, as you’ll hear on the CD, its rhythms weren’t always the ubiquitous four-to-the-floor.

Rather Boogie is all about the groove – tempo down, or up, the rhythm has to groove. It’s a heady blend of disco, funk, soul/R&B, jazz and electronic, fused by and for the party-heads of the day.

Among the gems unearthed on this DOUBLE CD comes the quirky synth pop of Karen Young, Lowrell Simon’s fat-bottomed love odyssey “Love Massage”, Carol Sylvian’s beefy gospel funk “Think” and Color’s life-affirming R&B stormer “Am I Gonna Be the One?”.

Elsewhere the compilation showcases the creative and brilliant mixing techniques of top notch producers Shep Pettibone, Butch Ingram and Wayne Braithwaite –alchemists who turned even basic tracks into the kind of complex sonic masterpieces still capable of turning heads even now.

LP 1: Mid Air – Ease Out / Samson & Delilah – I Can Feel Your Love Slippin’ Away / W.A.G.B. Band – I Can Get You Over / Lisa Hill – I Am On The Real Side / UDM – To Please You
LP 2: Brenda Watts – Love Treatment / The Last Poets – Long Enough / Electric Smoke – Freak It Out / Radiance – You’re My Number 1 / Lowrell Simon – Love Massage Available from 07.06.2013

Friedman & Liebezeit – Secret Rhythms 5 (Nonplace)
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The Volume 5 in the series with all brandnew recordings by Jaki Liebezeit (Can) and Burnt Friedman – available as CD and double vinyl in an original Nonplace packaging!

Release: 19-04-13
The Volume 5 in the series with all brandnew recordings by Jaki Liebezeit and Burnt Friedman
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The Volume 5 in the series with all brandnew recordings by Jaki Liebezeit (Can) and Burnt Friedman – available as CD and double vinyl in an original Nonplace packaging! Over the past 12 years Secret Rhythms has become the leading Nonplace trademark. In April 2013 Jaki Liebezeit and Burnt Friedman will add a fifth album […]

World-famous turntablist ROB SWIFT release his new album entitled “Wargames” …
Monday, June 27th, 2005 | Posted in News | Comments Off on World-famous turntablist ROB SWIFT release his new album entitled “Wargames” …

Hip Hop

Accoustic music in digital times: SPECTRUM WORKS go FOLKY…
Friday, March 23rd, 2001 | Posted in News | Comments Off on Accoustic music in digital times: SPECTRUM WORKS go FOLKY…


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