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Various – As 10 Mais Boogie Vol.1
Friday, November 24th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Various – As 10 Mais Boogie Vol.1

Image: 1616677 What exactly is Boogie? Is it a genre, an era, a style? Colours, clothes,
textures are all part of its make up. Boogie is the “top shelf” music of the
80s. Anything from this era that brings along Moog synths, vocoders,
DX7s, or triggered Oberheim drum sounds, is Boogie! Brasil has a huge
archive of underground dancefloor heat. Dierent styles of music ranging
from Macumba to Samba, MPB to Pop, Electro to early Hip-Hop, were
all stung by this Brasilian “Boogie Bug”, cleverly orchestrated by geniuses
of the style, Robson Jorge, Lincoln Olivetti, Junior Mendes, Mister Sam,
Sergio Sá, to name a few, were the backbone of uncountable projects by
big names of Brasil ´s pop and underground music scene during the 80s.
This compilation brings together a bunch of non-obvious “compactos”
(33 RPM 7” singles), most of them, promos, which never saw the light
of record store shelves, but instead sat for years in the dead-vaults of
radio stations or ended up in second hand shops, flea markets, church
basements to junkyards.
We, SDB Discos, are excited to put together this eclectic selection inspired
by the best in Brazilian 80s music. In this compilation we gathered 10
rare Boogie hits from very well know maestros of the genre such as Tim
Maia, Cassiano, Tony Bizarro and other underground artists like Elizio
de Buzios with his only recording, the funky boogie joint “Tamanqueiro”,
Gaby Whiskadão featuring the disco hit “Super Amor”, the B-Boy Crew
Electric Boogies with their very fresh early 80s rap hit “Break Mandrake”
as well as the very obscure group called Let ´s Dance featuring their
version of “Riguera” sung in Portuguese entitled “Dance com a Gente”.
Even after so many years, Brasil’s most obscure boogie gem is yet to be
found on a long diggin’ session thru thousands of records full of weird
looking haircuts, somewhere near São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. This
project is dedicated to all the “Boogie Heads” doing what they do best,
keep searching!

1. Vê Se Me Esquece – Tony Blue
2. Tamanqueiro – Elizio de Búzios
3. Estou Livre – Tony Bizarro
4. Velho Guerreiro – Rubão Sabino
5. Break Mandrake – Electric Boogies
6. Dance Com a Gente – Let ´s Dance
7. Ta Dando Mole Zé – Cassiano
8. Macaco Pesado – Newton Drinckwater
9. Super Amor – Gaby Whiskadão
10. Vê se Decide – Tim Maia Available from 15.12.2017

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