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Reggae superstar Maxi Priest returns with new studio album “Easy To Love” on VP Records
Friday, June 13th, 2014 | Tags: , ,
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Maxi is back with his first new studio album in five years titled “Easy To Love”. The new album is a fine representation of lovers’ rock, an effortless blend of reggae, R&B and dancehall with universal appeal. The sophistication he brings to these tracks is the mark of true quality. His delivery and phrasing are […]

Second installment in the “Relish Compilation” series with new material and remixes …
Monday, October 12th, 2009 | Tags: , ,
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It’s been three short years since the introduction of the Relish Compilation idea. With the debut comp showcasing itss then roster, including the likes of Yuksek, Riot in Belgium, Don Cash, Nemesi, David Gilmour Girls, Franz+Shape and Dennis Young. Relish Compilation ll is the second installment in the series with new material, remixes and debuting […]

Monday, May 17th, 2010 | Tags: , ,
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Headman is Robi Insinna – acclaimed producer, DJ, and founder of Relish Records. Headman’s unique blend of house/pop/disco/rock has put him at the forefront of the ‘nu-disco’ movement, alongside contemporaries, and mates, DFA Records, Kitsuné, and Output Recordings. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. From his remixes for Franz Ferdinand, The Gossip, […]

Maral Salmassi
Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 | Tags: , ,
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Maral Salmassi, born on 24th July 1975 in Teheran, grew up in Persia and later in Jordan. With the fall of the Shah’s regime in 1979, the family was forced to return to Persia and after seven years under the Islamic regime, they managed to escape from a country subverted by the war between Iran […]

Monday, January 29th, 2018 | Tags: , ,
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Balance is the key to Hunter/Game’s music. It’s part of growing up in Milan – a sophisticated urban centre for film, fashion and art, but whose inhabitants relish the contrast of spending reflective time in the nature that surrounds the city. It started in 2010 with the “Just This” parties. Hunter/Game’s own party, held in […]

Monday, November 13th, 2017 | Tags: , , ,
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Wildly diverse, infused with exuberance and inspired by a slap of the absurd, Modeselektor’s inarguable grooves seem to emanate from every conceivable musical genre, creating a controlled chaos whose sonic expression elevates the eyebrows of critics and the heartbeats of dance floors around the world. ‘Boundary breaking’ is a phrase that today almost every artist […]

Rodriguez Jr.
Monday, July 3rd, 2017 | Tags: , ,
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A product of South Of France, between Nîmes and Montpellier far from any big city, Olivier Mateu grew up on the seaside during the 1990s where he oscillated between piano lessons and electronic music parties. As one half of French electro act The Youngsters – best known for their two studio albums and singles for […]

Lady Wray
Monday, September 12th, 2016 | Tags: , ,
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Virginia-born singer/songwriter Nicole Wray has everything you’d want in a singer: an infectious Jackson-5-family-member flare, a range like Aretha’s, and a church upbringing that’s brought a pure, healing texture to her voice. But the struggle she’s been through has made her more than a singer. Nicole Wray is an artist. When talking about Queen Alone, […]

Waifs & Strays
Monday, May 4th, 2015 | Tags: , ,
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Waifs & Strays are a duo born out of diverse musical backgrounds but brought together by a love of house music, pure and simple. They first appeared among the new wave of house-leaning producers to emerge from Bristol’s ever fertile music scene back in 2010 alongside friends like Eats Everything and Julio Bashmore. Their output […]

Glenn Astro – Throwback
Friday, April 10th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Glenn Astro – Throwback

Image: 1596138 Essen’s own Glenn Astro has called his first album Throwback, and the name is at
once a perfect fit and not nearly the extent of the story. On the one hand, Astro has
filled the double-LP with a wealth of old-school gestures and textures—the warm
whoosh of analog synths, the rattle of Rhodes tines and the sizzle of jazzy drums,
all held together by the comforting glue of tape hiss and vinyl crackle. If you’re used
to the clean sonic lines and stylistic streamlining of so much contemporary house
music, then Throwback is sure to feel less like a record you just pulled out of plastic
wrap than a well-seasoned one salvaged from a flea market or unfinished
And yet like so many Tartelet releases—particularly the label’s last two full-lengths,
Max Graef’s Rivers of the Red Planet and Uffe’s Radio Days—it feels fresh and
keenly contemporary no matter how vintage the fabric. Rather than throw back to
any one moment, he’s given us a collage of styles that’s quite literally timeless.
Astro makes brilliant work of his influences, drawing on hip-hop, house, funk and
soul in such equal measure that it’s hard to argue that one impulse dominates the
other. The sound certainly flirts with the dance floor, with Astro applying highpressure
deep house pads on the title cut, gliding on shimmering keys for “One For
Viktor,” and taking us on a vibraphone-fueled workout with “Kilometer Disco,” one of
a pair of cuts featuring Max Graef. But Astro obviously relishes the time he spends
on the sidelines absorbing the atmosphere, or at home head-nodding to the dustiest
corners of his record collection. For every house beat you hear, you’ll also dip into
juicy, 90’s-style beat science, toasty ambience and buttery chord progressions.
Expertly paced but never hustling you along, Throwback begs to be heard as a
whole but explored at your own easy pace—a record for hazy mornings-after, vibey
nights in and endless summer afternoons.

A1 Goneville (feat. Max Graef)
A2 Computer Killer
A3 Throwback (album cut)
A4 Shit iz Real
B1 (Forgotten Intro) 4 my peeps
B2 Bochum (feat. IMYRMIND)
B3 You Can’t Groove
B4 To the Beat Interloot
C1 Still Shining
C2 Kilometer Disco (feat. Max
C3 Ødland
D1 One for Viktor
D2 Long Live Human (One for
D3 A Bit Warmer
D4 Brother T (Greeting to Rasho) Available from 22.05.2015

Powell – Sylvester Stallone / Smut
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Powell – Sylvester Stallone / Smut

Image: 1595741 Powell brings it yet again – ‘Sylvester Stallone / Smut’, his debut release on XL Recordings. Will leave them jerkin’ ……. destruction.
This release is an uncompromising start to 2015 for the much-raved-about artist, and comes off the back of a busy year in which he released the critically acclaimed Club Music EP and a 2CD collection, 11—14, on his own Diagonal Records.

Powell’s debut for XL distills all that energy in two visceral cuts that balance future-shocked, electronic extremity with direct dancefloor impact and playful intent. Alternating between analog and digital sources, hands-on hardware and envelope-pushing edits, it eschews tried and tested formulas in favour of calculated chaos, relishing wild unpredictability as opposed to recorded-in-one-take, grid-locked-grooves. This single embodies the spirit of XL’s founding releases, yet it ventures into new territories rather then retreading old ground.

Powell has established himself among this decade’s most singular, exciting artists working at the bruxist face of hardcore electronic dance music.
Available from 13.03.2015

Maxi Priest
Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 | Tags: , ,
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Maxi Priest, a British reggae vocalist of Jamaican descent, is best known for singing reggae music with an R&B influence, otherwise known as reggae fusion. Priest’s joyous brand of reggae and lovers’ rock, infused with charismatic R&B have brought him a level of success that no other British reggae singer has matched. Maxi Priest holds […]

Rodriguez Jr.
Monday, April 15th, 2013 | Tags: , ,
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Olivier Mateu’s wide-ranging inspirations and interests find their ultimate outlet as Rodriguez Jr., positioning him as mobilee’s new master of eclecticism. As one half of French electro act The Youngsters – best known for their two studio albums and singles for Laurent Garnier’s F-Communications – Mateu has already received enough plaudits and praise to last […]

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011 | Tags: , ,
Posted in Artists, Magazine | Comments Off on Zanshin

Zanshin is a versatile beast, a swiss army knife of electronic music. His influences are as out-of-space and farfetched as they are near-field and heartfelt. Like a painter in a white room he extends his arms to the fullest to paint what’s left in a musical landscape of his own, using all available colours and […]

The Alchemist and Oh No join forces to become Gangrene …
Thursday, November 18th, 2010 | Tags: , , , ,
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The Alchemist and Oh No, respected and accomplished MCs and producers in their own right, weren’t acquainted until they met at a show headlined by Dilated Peoples member and mutual friend, Evidence. Inspired, Al contacted Oh No and proposed a collaborative project. The creative sparring continued, and they began to refer to the work as […]

Friday, March 7th, 2008 | Tags: , , ,
Posted in Features, Magazine | Comments Off on Headman

2007 has been a busy year for Robi Insinna aka Headman. With remixes for Chromeo, Punks Jump Up, The Gossip, Zombie Nation, Poney Poney and Roxy Music, the rise of his own imprint Relish Recordings and his busy DJing schedule all over the world from London to Sydney, who could have thought that he would find the time to produce a new album in between? But since Robi is always creative and full of new ideas, he returned to his keyboards to record his electrifying third album entitled “Catch Me” for Germany’s No.1 disco label Gomma Records.

After 7 years of intensive producing Headman hardly needs any introduction. Always ahead of his time Robi is at the origin of the punk-funk/rave disco movement with his mates of DFA and Playgroup a few years ago, when releasing his first album “It Rough” on Gomma Records. After the success of his second album “On” (2006) that featured a who’s who of music personalities such as Stephen Dewaele of Soulwax and Matt Safer of The Rapture, Robi wanted to reach the next level and produce an album showing his maturity in writing and composing …

Headman is back with a new album on Gomma …
Friday, February 8th, 2008 | Tags: , , ,
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Morgan Heritage
Monday, June 6th, 2005 | Tags:
Posted in Features, Magazine | Comments Off on Morgan Heritage

Morgan Heritage is arguably the best live act in reggae. Having toured internationally the past seven years including stints on the Van’s WARP Tour, this self-contained unit stretches the borders of reggae on stage and on record. The Morgan’s musical excursions have positioned them at the forefront of the international reggae scene, while Jamaican radio hits like “Down By The River” and “She’s Still Loving Me” keep them strong with the fans at home in Jamaica.

Their new studio album “Full Circle” showcases the range of their musical abilities. Having enlisted musical guests Cobra, Damian ˜Jr. Gong’ Marley, Bounty Killer, Sizzla and sibling performers LMS the listener will get a spectrum of reggae flavors on the disc. Key tracks include the current hit “Your Best Friend”, and “Hail Up The Lion (Uncomfortable)” and the R&B flavored “U’ve Got Me (remix)” …

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