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DJ Format & Phill Most Chill – The Foremost (Project Blue Book)
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DJ Format and Phill Most Chill have joined forces to bring you “The Foremost,” an album of 10 raw hip hop tracks varying in style, tempo & lyrical content. “The Foremost” is hip hop in it’s purest, dopest form!

Release: 29-11-13
Tortoise – The Catastrophist Tour Book (Ltd.CD+Buch)
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Image: 1611549 Photographer Andrew Paynter on the project :
This book came about from the long term relationship I’ve had with
both this band and their label, Thrill Jockey. I frst came to meet some of the
members through mutual friend, Tommy Guerrero. Over the years I started
to contribute occasionally as a creative collaborator. The band used several
of my photographs for their ‘Lazarus Taxon’ packaging. Then, in 2010 they
commissioned me to both direct a music video from ‘Beacons of Ancestorship’
and to also art direct & contribute images from my ‘SF Lines’ work. The band
also used other images for additional 12 inch records and then seven years
went by. I did think often about the idea of going on the road with them, but
was patiently awaiting a return to the stage, as they took a long break between
records. So the idea to do something long form became a reality. Once it
was set, I organized to jump on the road with the band to cover the entire
West Coast of North America and with an addition of a trip to Arcosanti,
Arizona. I brought three cameras, Leica M6, Hasselblad X-Pan and a Pentax
67. I only shot b&w flm and I kept my ideas simple and did my best to not
force situations, but to simply capture them from the perspective of an insider.
My craving to shoot from the hip in a reportage fashion was fnally fulflled on
this 10 day project. I’m proud to say, this is my very frst book.
Tortoise’s Douglas McCombs on touring and the live experience:
Twenty fve years ago in the early days of Tortoise there was a
perception that we were a recording project. This perception was probably
exacerbated by the fact that we barely played any live shows in the frst three
years. The reality is that we were slow in getting our band up and running due
to a variety of logistical circumstances, internal and external.
Performing live was always a priority and a prime motivator in forming the
band in the frst place. By the time opportunities arose for us to tour in a self
sustaining manner we couldn’t have been happier. This is what we wanted to
do, and thankfully the audience showed up.
Presenting our slightly unconventional material was occasionally a challenge.
We had to lug around more equipment than your average band and often
had to deal with temperamental synthesizers and samplers that would fail at
inopportune moments. Still, it was exciting and very rewarding.
These days a band at our level makes most of our living by playing live shows.
It’s no secret that record sales are substantially lower than they used to be. At
the same time we are all maintaining families that we didn’t have twenty years
ago which makes organizing a tour exponentially more diffcult. Still, every
time we step on a stage we are trying to invest ourselves in the performance as
much as possible so that we can give the audience a unique experience. We
want you to know that we consider it a privilege to play our music for you.

01. The Catastrophist
02. Ox Duke
03. Rock On
04. Gopher Island
05. Shake Hands WithDanger
06. The Clearing Fills
07. Gesceap
08. Hot Coffee
09. Yonder Blue
10. Tesseract
11. At Odds With Logic

The Catastrophist Tour Book intimately captures Tortoise during their 2016 west coast tour in support of
The Catastrophist
The 6” x 8.5” 80 page perfect bound book features
photographs shot by photographer Andrew Paynter on
black and white flm. In addition to live performance
images, the book showcases intimate backstage moments as well as photos from the road
Packaged with the book is a download coupon for access to unreleased live recordings from the tour + a CD
of Tortoise’s 2016 album The Catastrophist with new
artwork exclusive to this book release
Simply put, Tortoise has spent nearly 25 years making
music that defes description. While the Chicagobased instrumental quintet has nodded to dub, rock,
jazz, electronica and minimalism throughout its
revered and in?uential seven-album discography, the
resulting sounds have always been distinctly, even
stubbornly, their own.
“Chicago’s Tortoise is a genre unto itself: cited as a
progenitor of post-rock, and clearly indebted to its
home town’s history of improvisers and fusionists,
Tortoise is an American underground institution.”
– Boston Globe Available from 22.09.2017

Simpkin Project – Beam Of Light
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Image: 1611299 Hailing from Huntington Beach, the six piece rock reggae band Simpkin Project put a distinct California feel into their work. From the electric guitar accents from group founder and lead singer Phil Simpkin, to the smooth vocal harmonies created with co-founder Sean Kennedy, the sound is at once familiar and refreshing. Having a strong knowledge and respect for roots reggae, the songs blend their favorite influences from Jamaica and California, including latin percussion. The live instrumentation and heartfelt lyrics give these mid-tempo grooves a broad appeal, the music shines like a beam of light. “Beam Of Light” is available as 12-track CD in a digipak) with additional 8-page booklet and as 10-track LP black vinyl in a standard jacket, and will be released on the VP Records sublabel Dub Rockers.

A few marketing facts:

– The music video for first single “Hustling” was premiered on OC Weekly in June:
– Simpkin Poject embark on a California tour beginning in August (visit for details)
– Simpkin Project will be featured performers at the World Championships of Surfing, held in Huntington Beach in August.
– Dub and acoustic mixes of the first single will be featured with targeted blogs including

1. Hustling
2. Passion
3. Never Forget
4. Some Things Don’t Change
5. Perfect Harmony
6. Coming Home
7. Beam Of Light
8. I’ll Be There
9. Many Rivers To Cross
10. The World’s On Your Shoulders
11. It’s Only Nothing
12. Try To Understand

Side One
A1. Hustling
A2. Passion
A3. Never Forget
A4. Some Things Don’t Change
A5. Perfect Harmony
Side Two
B1. Beam Of Light
B2. I’ll Be There
B3. Many Rivers To Cross
B4. The World’s On Your Shoulders
B5. Try To Understand

Simpkin Project plays a multi-faceted blend of reggae and Americana that varies greatly on its exterior layers but only atop the organic rhythms of reggae music. Their sound has been described as “uncompromising… blending authentic roots reggae rhythms with a wall-of-sound production style”. The lyrical compositions of frontman Phil Simpkin range “from the simply truthful to the stirringly anthemic”. Their dedication and respect for reggae music is both seen and heard through their nunique, enthusiastic live performances, songwriting style and studio recordings.

Rich guitar work that draws from influences in blues and rock’n’roll is rarely in dull company, propelled steadily forward by the band’s thumping drums, bass and percussion, and the clockwork sound of rhythm guitar that defines Jamaica’s most culturally celebrated music. Their keyboard arrangements are lush and vibrant, providing a melodic backdrop against which three-part vocal harmonies shine brightly.

These pieces come together to form a kind of living machine comprised of six cogs that change shape, size and tempo,, moveing not only bodies on a dance floor, but the hearts and minds inside them. Simpkin Project’s music can be likened to a dialect of its parent language – culturally adapted to make sense in its place and time. It is music that addresses the struggles we all face, showing us that there is beauty in all things, from love to loss to injustice, and thus remaining true to the messages of traditional roots-reggae without which it would not exist.

Phil Simpkin: Vocals/Lead Guitar
Nick Zermino: Bass
Sean Kennedy: Drums
Shawn Taylor: Vocals/Keyboards
Jules Luna: Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Sergio Sandoval: Percussion

3 Cornerstone Management:

Huffington Post – extended feature including mixtape –

A few quotes:

“Simpkin Project has it going on! The band’s ability to varnish stylistic modifications over an organic reggae rhythm, producing a gorgeously incomparable sound that is all their own. And if that’s not enough, they leaven the sound with dazzling vocal harmonies, instrumental harmonics and contagious melodies.”
(Huffington Post)

“I don’t use the word amazing lightly, but the simple fact is that there aren’t a lot of contemporary reggae bands that play roots reggae at the level of the bands I listened to growing up. The Simpkin Project is the rare exception.”
(Madcap Music Review)

“Their live performances leave you in a trance, as they often take their well-known songs and break into off-the-cuff jams.”
(OC Weekly Magazine) Available from 03.11.2017

Blktop Project (Tommy Guerrero & Ray Barbee)
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The experimental band known as Blktop Project first came about when skateboard magazine Slap organized a tour in the summer of 2002 for Ray Barbee, Tommy Guerrero and Matt Rodriguez, three of the most accomplish skateboarders ever who also happen to love making music. Their road trip retraced the route of the legendary Blues Highway […]

Soundway steps back into Africa with “Ghana Special – Modern highlife, afro-sounds & Ghanaian blues 1968-81” …
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Soundway steps back into Africa with thirty-three original and previously un-reissued tracks from Ghana delivering a follow on of sorts from the hugely successful CD/LP “Nigeria Special”. “Ghana Special” represents nearly ten years of on-going research in and around the cities of Accra, Tema, Cape Coast, Takoradi and Kumasi, knocking on musician’s doors and visiting […]

Nobody pres. Blank Blue
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Elvin Estela, aka Nobody, met Niki Randa at Fingerprints, an indie record store in Long Beach, California, where they have worked together since 2001. Estela was mulling over ideas for a sequel to “Pacific Drift”, his 2003 release on Ubiquity, and realized that the album he wanted to make needed only one vocalist.

New compilation on Soundway Records: “NIGERIA SPECIAL: Modern Highlife, Afro-sounds and Nigerian Blues, 1970-1976” …
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DJ Format
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DJ Format’s debut album “Music For The Mature B-Boy” was one of the slowburn success stories of 2003. An album of soulful, funk-fuelled hip-hop packed with infectious beats and lyrical dexterity, it delivered the promise of his early releases for ‘Mo Wax and Bomb Hip Hop. Received with quiet acclaim in the press it quickly […]

Radio Slave
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No matter what sounds you profess to be your music of choice, chances are, that at some point over the last five years, you will have got your rocks off to Matt Edwards. As Matthew E he fashions club-based, dancefloor slayers. Under that aegis he’s updated the classic Chi-town, jackin’ sound beloved of house aficionados […]

Dday One & Lex (de Kalhex) – Parallel Presence
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Image: 1610287 The Content Label presents a dynamic new split EP from Lex (de
Kalhex) and Dday One, titled “Parallel Presence”. The EP’s title
reveals some clues: ‘parallel’ refers to something similar to another,
while ‘presence’ imagines a thing that exists but is not seen. These
two producers, as kindred spirits, strive to work on this deeper level.
Parallel Presence is an expressive step forward, presenting intricate
beats, thoughtful samples, and otherworldly vibes colluding towards
a mesmerizing whole.
Los Angeles based producer Dday One bookends the EP with “Key
Signature” and “Moving Force”, displaying his undisputed acumen
for rhythm construction and skillful arrangement. The opening track,
in particular, is a beat-head’s manna, featuring a serpentine bass
line, staccato vocals, and heavy piano riffs, all synchronized at a
headnodic tempo. Alex Besikian aka Lex (de Kalhex) is a visual artist,
producer, and MC, known as the co-founder of Paris’s Akromégalie
Records and 1/3 of seminal French hip hop group Kalhex. His cuts
“Brilliant Circles” – with its night owl drum beat, tinkling electric keys,
and gentle horn line – and “Solstice” – featuring ringing tones, bluesy
guitar riffs, velvet saxophone, and some serious rhythm play –
uncannily compliment Dday One’s contributions, cementing “Parallel
Presence” as an EP best ingested from front to back.
Visual and audio art also come together in the project’s cover
design, which was a collaborative effort of the two producers. The
Content Label aims to bring together distinct forms of expression,
with sound, thought, and visual art combining through the imprint’s
releases. “Parallel Presence” is just the latest evidence.

Dday One – Key Signature
Lex (de Kalhex) – Brilliant Circles
Lex (de Kalhex) – Solstice
Dday One – Moving Force

• Vinyl only release – limited quantities pressed
• Part of The Content Label 7-Inch series
• 100% sample based instrumental hip-hop
• Special collectors edition vinyl
• Executive produced by Los Angeles based beatmaker Dday One
• New music from Parisian beatmaker Lex (de Kalhex)
• Recently describing Lex’s third LP “Satori” Kousuke Awane wrote, “….In this sense there is some similarities between him and Nujabes in trying to push boundaries of the defnition of Hip Hop by unique ways. Available from 21.07.2017

DJ Spinna – 1996 Beat Tape Vol.1
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Image: 1609395 Aptly titled, “1996 Beat Tape Vol. 1”, DJ Spinna’s latest instrumental album features 18 original beats all produced on the EMU-SP1200 & Akai S950 circa 1996. With over 25 years in business, the Brooklyn native is tied to nothing short of greatness and a legacy of diverse extensions since his beginnings as a house DJ in the late 80s. Many know Spinna for being in the elite group of seasoned party rockers where his resume includes collaborations with Stevie Wonder, Spike Lee, Michael Jackson & Prince (Soul Slam) tribute parties and several US/international bookings a month. Others regard him as one of house music’s best for his well orchestrated dance tracks that blend jazz, soul & funk, caribbean and latin themes into his trademark, “Intergalactic Soul”.
Producing in the mid 90s with his underground duo, the Jigmastas, Spinna acquired national recognition for remixing Das Efx’s, Microphone Master single. He would gain larger recognition for his classic remix of De La Soul’s, Stakes Iz High single originally produced by the legendary Jay Dee aka J Dilla who became a friend in addition to being a contemporary. After a deal with Rawkus Records and producing some of Eminem’s early official appearances, Spinna achieved placements as a go to beat maker for legends, veterans and new MC’s. Though DJ Spinna has found continued success away from his roots, he has always satisfed his core audience whether producing for Homeboy Sandman, Phonte, The Jigmastas or his own solo projects.”1996 Beat Tape Vol. 1” is a rare peek into his deep archive. Much of the material was sourced directly from aged dat tapes and ?oppy disks from the year 1996. Don’t let the 20 year lapse mislead that these compositions are
primitive to today’s standards. The 18 track fully instrumental LP proves the advanced production techniques and sampling ideas Spinna employed are still ahead of it’s time long before much of the resurgence of 90s revivalist themes from today’s artists. The “1996 beat Tape” is the “Real McCoy”. All music was produced before
computers, before accessible home studios and before instrumental hip-hop was a category. Many of the beats were made with vocalists in mind. Constructed on turntables, the EMU-SP1200 and the Akai S950, historians will appreciate the album cover designed by Joe Buck which depicts intimate photos of Spinna in his studio with the actual gear used to create the album’s contents. This is only the frst volume and the debut venture between Redefnition Records and
Spinna’s own Correct Technique Records. With 2 plus decades of unreleased material, who knows what the future holds, but history shows that when DJ Spinna releases an instrumental album, they sell fast.

• LP pressed on orange vinyl
• Limited edition vintage instrumental collection from legendary producer, DJ Spinna
• Will be supported by video content of Spinna in his studio, discussing his career and production techniques

1. Bleepers
2. Gruzzy
3. Lace
4. Azzy
5. Zylowah
6. Red
7. J.L.
8. Dasfunkay
9. B.T.
10. Murky
11. Uuuugghh
12. Notty
13. Fazer
14. BuildingBloxx
15. Webby
16. Hopscotch
17. Thatone2
18. Blue Available from 05.05.2017

Kevin Over – Mobilee Back To Back Vol.11
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Image: 1608862 Kevin Over is up next on the new edition of Mobilee Back to Back.

A1 Kevin Over – Look At Me Sartre
A2 Kevin Over – 2002 [Soulphiction Dub]

B1 Kevin Over – Blue Ox [Marquis Hawkes Remix]
B2 Kevin Over – Shady [Jacob Korn Remix]

C1 Kevin Over – Hillside AV
C2 Kevin Over – Pfeffi Care

D1 Kevin Over – Trevor Knows
D2 Kevin Over – Vember

Kevin Over further cements his status as mobilee’s most exciting fresh talent with a blistering collection of unheard material, deftly showcasing the work of a young artist rapidly reaching critical mass.

You don’t come to find yourself at the helm of one of the most successful underground house and techno imprints without a keen eye for fresh talent, that which has the potential to be nurtured, moulded and pushed to the next level. Anja Schneider has worked hard to hone that skill over the years, fine-tuning her instinctive, risk-taking persona, as a result, she just knows when someone is worth investing in. With that said, she new has her new protégé Kevin Over locked firmly in her sights – and with good reason.

But even so, for Over to find himself behind the wheel of one of mobilee’s annual long-form releases, despite him barely being over a quarter of a century old (not to mention having only met its founder in person less than a year ago), is quite something. But then again, Anja Schneider isn’t your usual A&R, and Kevin Over isn’t your usual ‘talent’ – as if his recent stellar run of EPs on Truesoul, Nofitstate, Avotre and of course mobilee in the last year alone, didn’t tell you already.

Part compilation, and part album, Over was keen to emphasize how this was his first musically extensive project which followed a defined musical structure, and was consistent in its vibe and mood from beginning to end, “I felt like I needed more of a defined direction at this point in my career, as many of my EPs had traversed a wide variety of styles. The whole process took around three months, drawing from my early influences in garage and Chicago house as well as older funk stuff. I definitely got lost down the Youtube rabbit hole whilst looking for things to sample! I’m also so proud of having some of my favorite artists such as Marquis Hawkes, Jacob Korn and Soulphiction on board for remixes as well.”

As a result, the package displays a remarkably well-rounded cohesion, despite many of the tracks being wildly disparate in a musical sense. They all contain that trademark Over sound that’s hard to put your finger on, be it the piston-driven, jacking drums, the use of dirt and distortion as a textural tool, or the understated yet catchy melodies. The gloriously gravelly deep house of ‘Vember’ contrasts beautifully against the woozy, euphoria of ‘Look At Me Sartre’. There’s everything from disco-inflected bangers (‘Pfeffi Care’) to bittersweet, nostalgic house making an appearance (‘Hillside Av.’), rounding off with his haunting take on Rodriguez Jr.’s 2012 anthem ‘Satellite’

As is tradition with the ‘Back To Back’ series, the full package will also be accompanied by a ‘best of’ mobilee tracks from the previous year, with tracks from Audiofly, Ray Opkara, Rodriguez Jr. amongst many others, and of course Anja Schneider herself. Kevin’s series of original tracks and remixes will be available to buy as a 2 x 12” gatefold package. A tour is also scheduled to follow.

Available from 17.03.2017

Buck Curran – Immortal Light
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Image: 1606234 ESP Disk present Immortal Light the new album from Buck Curran.

1. Wayfaring Summer (Reprise)
2. New Moontide
3. Sea of Polaris
4. Seven Gardens to Your Shore
5. River unto Sea
6. Bad Moon Rising
7. Andromeda
8. Immortal Light (featuring Shanti Deschaine)

Album Credits
Buck Curran: vocals, guitars, harmonium, flute, banjo. Shanti Deschaine: backup vocals on “New Moontide”
and “Bad Moon Rising.” Featured lead vocals and harmonium on “Immortal Light.” Mastering by Harris
Newman at Grey Market Mastering.
Written, produced, performed and recorded by Buck Curran, ASCAP. © 2016 Obsolete Recordings ? Arborea
Music. Physical formats under exclusive license to ESP-Disk’. “Bad Moon Rising” © and ? Jondora Music
Publishing. Lyrics by John C. Fogerty, BMI.
Cover photo Blue Skies on Pluto courtesy of NASA.
Overview: Immortal Light is the debut solo album by guitarist-singer-songwriter Buck Curran. Since 2005, Buck
has recorded and performed as one half of the alt-folk duo Arborea. To date, Arborea has released five albums,
including 2013’s ESP-Disk’ release Fortress of the Sun, and produced two various- artist compilations (Leaves of
Life: a benefit for the World Food Program and We Are All One, In the Sun: a tribute to Robbie Basho). Buck has
also produced a second tribute to Robbie Basho, Basket Full of Dragons, for release on July 5, 2016 on Obsolete
Buck’s music has developed through a decade of playing with Arborea and the experience of playing Blues and
Folk throughout the 1990s. He also draws inspiration from the deep well of Folk and Rock of the 1960s (Robbie
Basho, Jimi Hendrix, Tim Buckley), American Blues and Folk music of the 1930s, British Folk and Psychedelic
Folk/Rock of the ’60s and early ’70s (Peter Green, Sandy Denny, Pentangle, Davey Graham, Nick Drake, Led
Zeppelin, Martin Simpson), Indian Classical music (Pandit Nikhil Banerjee), and Jazz of the ’50s and ’60s (Ornette
Coleman and John Coltrane).
Press: Bob Boilen, the host of NPR’s All Songs Considered, listed Arborea among his favorite concerts and
recommended live acts in 2012, which led to the invitation to perform a Tiny Desk Concert at NPR’s
headquarters. Arborea’s fourth album, Red Planet, was released in 2011 and received critical praise making:
David Fricke’s Rolling Stone ‘Best Under-the-Radar Albums of 2011’, Guitar Player Magazine Editors ‘Top Pick’,
Uncut ‘Top 100 Albums of 2011′, etc. Fortress of the Sun was released in 2013 on ESP-Disk’ coinciding with the
label’s 50th Anniversary and made AllMusic’s ‘Favorite Folk Albums of 2013’ and ‘Favorite Singer/Songwriter
Albums of 2013′, Acoustic Guitar’s ‘Best Acoustic Albums of 2013’, Best of Echoes 2013 Listener Poll, etc. Paste
also listed Arborea in their profile of top musical acts in Maine for their ’50 States Project’. We Are All One, In
the Sun: a tribute to Robbie Basho made Acoustic Guitar’s ‘Best Acoustic Albums of 2010’, Pitchfork 7.8, Guitar
Player Editors ‘Top Pick’, etc.
Guitar Player
NPR Tiny Desk Concert
Early Press Quotes for Immortal Light:
“Guitar tones linger and reverberate with a mystical translucence.” – Dusted Mag
“The wonderful new Buck Curran LP on ESP-Disk’, as gorgeous a psychedelic folk record as can be in 2016.” –
Jeff Conklin, host of The Avant Ghetto on WFMU
Facebook –
Youtube – Available from 25.11.2016

Radio Slave
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No matter what sounds you profess to be your music of choice, chances are, that at some point over the last five years, you will have got your rocks off to Matt Edwards. As Matthew E he fashions club-based, dancefloor slayers. Under that aegis he’s updated the classic Chi-town, jackin’ sound beloved of house aficionados […]

Stark Reality – Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Ship
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Image: 1594977 The Stark Reality’s legendary album, …Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop , is a funky, jazzy, fuzz-toned cult classic, consists of very original interpretations of a children’s album written by Hoagy Carmichael and was originally released on Ahmad Jamal’s boutique label, AJP
For years, the album made the rounds in underground hip-hop circles (being sampled along the way by the likes of Large Professor, J-Live, Madlib, and Black Eyed Peas), trading hands for ridiculous sums on the second-hand market — even after it saw a reissue on Now Again as
part of the Acting, Thinking, Feeling 6xLP boxset which gathered other recently discovered, previously unreleased material from the band’s career. Now,

…Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop is available on vinyl for the very first time since its initial 1970 release in a deluxe 3-LP release including 56 page booklet with never before seen photos, extensive liner notes by Egon of Now Again Records with commentary by AJP founder Ahmad Jamal and annotation and an interview with Monty Stark, the band’s frontman.
“The music of the Stark Reality is as playful as it is wild… as fantastic as it is frazzled.” – Rolling Stone
“One of the most prized ‘funk’ artifacts of all time, Stark’s project allies Hendrix-stoned guitars, heavily-fuzzed vibraphone and Bitches Brew rhythms…” – Mojo Magazine

Key Selling Points

– First-ever stand-alone reissue of one of the most sought-after funk albums of all time, the Stark Reality’s legendary …Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop.
– Extensive praise from Rolling Stone, Mojo Magazine, and AllMusic among numerous other press outlets.
– Restored and remastered from the original tapes.
– Includes 56 page booklet including extensive liner notes, an interview with Monty Stark and photos.
– Includes download card.

A1. Junkman’s Song
A2. Thirty Days Hath September
A3. Cooking
B1. Dreams
B2. Grandfather Clock
C1. Shooting Stars
C2. Rocket Ship
C3. Bustin’ Out Of Doors
D1. Comrades
D2. All You Need To Make Music
E1. Merry Go Round
E2. The Whale
E3. The Old Prospector
E4. Traveling
F1. Clouds
F2. Swing High
F3. Blue Pillow Available from 05.06.2015

Ghostface Killah – 36 Seasons (Salvation Records)
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Tony Starks returns to Staten Island after nine years, like a man returning home from a war. He wants the company of old friends, to reunite with his girl, to live a quiet life. But New York has other plans for him …

Release: 19-12-14
Wu-Tang staple Ghostface Killa returns with his new album ’36 Seasons’
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Tony Starks returns to Staten Island after nine years, like a man returning home from a war. He wants the company of old friends, to reunite with his girl, to live a quiet life. But New York has other plans for him … Pitchfork Media has said “Ghostface has unparalleled storytelling instincts. He might be […]

Fabel – Sinestasia
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Image: 1592443 Haunt present Sinestesia the new album from Barcelona’s Fabel.

The Fabel sound is constantly morphing through stages. From the warmth and familiarity of a “wish you were here” family photo to the depths of an icy dubbed out dream were the lines are constantly blurring. Fabel’s latest album, Sinestesia takes you through the spectrum of his sonic world. Hailing from Barcelona Spain, Fabel is a sonic storyteller and multiinstrumentalist, as prolific on the keys as he is on the bass. Sinestesia is full of Fabel’s signature electric piano solos and his complex baselines of labyrinth style funk. His production is a true fusion of raw live sound with modern detailed digital synth and percussion. Accompanying Fabel on a few tracks is the lovely finesse of Dutch Harpist Anne Vanschothorst and the Bluesy Guitar of Barcelona’s Ian Currie. Both are musicians Fabel has been jamming with over the last years, with many of those improvised elements have woven their way into the album. On songs like the majestic “Here once stood Elms” and spell bound down beat of “Where’s Mo”.
Sinestesia has many faces but there is logic to the journey, the listener is encapsulated in the mood bluesy atmosphere, leading you down a winding road of crafted electronica and around each bend to melancholy depths and ethereal highs.

– Fabel has previously released albums on Barcelona¡¦s Avant Roots
– Fabel earlier album “However and Whatever” was the basis of the
– live show he presented at SONAR festival in 2012 with plans to present this project in the next edition of the festival

WEBLINKS Available from 09.01.2015

Hundred Waters – The Moon Rang Like A Bell
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Image: 1589618 The quartet’s members Nicole Miglis, Trayer Tryon, Paul Giese & Zach Tetreault played together in various formations as far back as middle school, but it took until adulthood and 2012 for them to become Hundred Waters. Living under one roof meant the band had a communal mentality, yet each maintained their own distinct projects, borrowing here and there from each other. It was in interpreting a friends’ music together that they discovered the power of their combination, and they quickly fell to work reorienting their lives around an album. The music they found was a beautiful blend of contradictions, mournful yet colorful, introverted yet aware, and brought the tradition of songwriting to a strange future. Initially released by their local label Elestial Sound, their self-titled debut soon became seen as the sound of Florida, drawing loose comparisons to Stereolab, Four Tet, and Bjork. The band has taken its live show around the world, touring with artists such as Grimes, Julia Holter, Alt-J & The xx.

“The Moon Rang Like A Bell” is released by Skrillex’s imprint OWSLA
in the US, and released by !K7 Records in Europe.

Key Points
– Toured (direct support) w/ The xx & Alt-J in 2013
– European tour dates planned for Summer 2014
– Featured on Pitchfork’s Top 40 Most Anticipated Releases of 2014
– “Down from the Rafters” named Pitchfork’s Best New Track, Stereogum #1
Track of the Week on 2/19/14
– “Down from the Rafters” featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast 2/25/14
– Biz3 US print/online press, Family UK print/online press, dedicated teams in
Germany and France.
– Remixes by Araab Muzik, Star Slinger, Blood Diamonds, Teebs, TokiMonsta
– Videos available for “Cavity,” “Down From The Rafters,” & “Crosstalk”


For Fans of: The xx, Alt-J, Stereolab, Four Tet, Bjork, The Big Pink, Friendly Fires

01. Show Me Love
02. Murmurs
03. Cavity
04. Out Alee
05. Innocent
06. Broken Blue
07. Chambers (Passing Train)
08. Down From The Rafters
09. [Animal]
10. Seven White Horses
11. Xtalk
12. No Sound Available from 23.05.2014

Algebra Blessett – Recovery
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Image: 1585276 BBE welcomes Algebra to the label, joining Bilal and Slakah the Beatchild, to what is a
growing roster of soul artists jumping the pond and finding a home with us.
On Recovery, her BBE debut and second full-length album, the soulful songstress known as
Algebra Blessett delivers a consistently sublime set that showcases the remarkable vocal and
songwriting gifts that have already established the versatile, charismatic artist as one of R&B’s
hottest rising performers.
Born Algebra Felicia Blessett and hailing from the R&B hotbed of Atlanta, Algebra has already
earned a reputation as one of her hometown’s most exciting new talents. Having already won
widespread acclaim with her solo debut Purpose, and for her work as collaborator with the
likes of Monica, Bilal, India.Arie, Esperanza Spalding and Anthony David, Algebra offers a
fresh, expansive creative vision on Recovery, on which she worked with three of today’s
hottest urban producers: Bryan-Michael Cox, Kwamé Holland and Shannon Sanders.
Such indelible new self-penned tunes as “Nobody But You,” “Right Next to You” and the
pointed “Writer’s Block” demonstrate Algebra’s uncanny ability to spin insightful scenarios that
are rooted in personal experience and crafted to convey maximum musical and emotional
impact. Whether she’s delivering infectious pop, swaggering funk or sensitive balladry, there
are no gimmicks here, just timelessly soulful, effortlessly accessible music that draws upon the
varied musical skills that Blessett has developed through a lifetime of creative curiosity.
“My first album was a group of songs that I’d collected along the way, and it was me saying
‘This is what I do,'” Blessett explains. “But I wanted this one to be the next level musically. I
called it Recovery because I’m a sucker for heartache and pain, but I also believe in going
through the process to get to where you need to be. I don’t want to make anybody jump off a
bridge, but I also understand that there’s more to life than gallivanting around like butterflies.
So I feel some responsibility to put my experiences out there in a way that’s relatable to
people’s lives.”
Algebra grew up steeped in music, in a religious family with multi-generational roots in gospel
music, her mother was a minister and gospel singer who also played bass and guitar. Yet she
initially resisted the urge to pursue music herself, despite singing in a gospel choir while still in
elementary school. Although she had originally wanted to attend the prestigious Atlanta
School of the Performing Arts to become a professional dancer, she was accepted after
auditioning with a song.
“I used singing to get to next level, but I still didn’t realize that it was my calling,” she recalls. “I
fought being a singer for so long, because everybody in my family were singers, so I guess
that I had to rebel. But my history of being around music, seeing my mom play bass and
seeing my great-grandmother whipping singers into shape, sparked a lot of stuff that I didn’t
know was being sparked at the time, and then something happened in my adolescence that
pulled me into music.”
Once she finally embraced her musical destiny, Blessett quickly gained a reputation on her
hometown’s booming R&B scene, becoming an in-demand backup singer and lending her
voice to such recording projects as India.Arie’s Grammy-winning 2002 platinum smash Voyage
to India, while touring with R&B artists Monica and Bilal.

1. Exordium To Recovery (Give My Heart A Chance)
2. Recovery
3. Right Next To You
4. Nobody But You
5. Struggle To Be feat. Q. Parker
6. Augment To Recovery (Give My Heart A Chance)
7. Forever
8. Writer’s Block
9. Paper Heart
10. Danger Zone
11. Mystery
12. Another Heartache
13. Better For Me
14. I’ll Be Ok

• Press & Radio (Radical Pr UK) Campaign France, Germany & UK features
confirmed for November, Echoes, Blues & Soul, SoulM8
• Dynamic online presence, growing followers on facebook and twitter,
• Nobody But You grossed over 36k viewers in 3 weeks and growing
• Algebra Blesset features on India.Arie’s Grammy-winning 2002 platinum smash
Voyage to India, & has toured with R&B artists Monica and Bilal.
• Her debut album Purpose, (which she recorded with producers Bryan-Michael Cox,
Kwamé Holland, Eric Roberson and Carvin & Ivan) spent 14 weeks on Billboard’s
R&B/Hip-Hop album chart, establishing Algebra as a vital musical force. Available from 31.01.2014

Various – Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis
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Image: 1584639 In the late 1970s, a peculiar sound began bubbling up from the land of 10,000 lakes. Buried beneath 50 solid inches of annual snow, Minneapolis made a Sound quite different than what the pop world foresaw. It issued forth as a slick, black, technologically advanced fusion, poised to storm the charts. Never known for sizable African-American populations, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in fact harbored a tight-knit community of musicians working feverishly through the late ’70s and early ’80s toward a radical manipulation of American dance music, coating futuristic funk with the glamorous sheen of guitar rock. Synthetic ebony and ivory met electricity, with sexed-up results sent shockingly across the pop heavens like violet lightning.

On 4 LPs or 2 CDs, Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound—the Numero Group’s breathlessly anticipated 50th mainline release—chronicles the scene’s first steps, false starts, and follow-throughs, sourcing the life’s work of known quantities and shadowy figures alike. In the beginning, there was Purple Haze, whose billing as Haze on two obscure albums left the color purple to their city’s incipient sound. Pepé Willie’s 94 East project gave local prodigy Prince Rogers Nelson an early chance to row along with the crew. From there, the story courses past Jimmy Jam Harris’ extroverted Philly throwback Mind & Matter collective, to Terry Lewis and Flyte Tyme, flamboyant precursor to Morris Day’s The Time. Unearthing basement demos by Prince’s childhood sidekick/departed bassist André Cymone, plus deep cuts from legend-about-town Alexander O’Neal, Numero 050 gathers relentlessly as the sprawling, nonfiction prequel to Purple Rain’s cultural takeover.

Surpassing 30,000 words, our hardbound, full-color book companion to Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound is a gorgeous, exhaustively detailed, and insight-rich guided tour across two hours of music and adecade of North Star history. Inside, dozens of supporting characters and combos seed clouds for the meteoric rise of a genre formerly known mostly as Prince’s—not to mention unheard product from his top collaborators and fiercest competitors. In game-changing sound and image-rich splendor, Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound clears a crowded stage, ushering in unsung Twin Cities future-funk talent, to bask for a spotlit moment, out of that persistent violet shadow, and to shine.

Track Listing
1. 94 East If You See Me
2. Aura Taste Of Love
3. Herman Jones I Love You
4. Orville Shannon Oh Lover
5. Mind & Matter I’m Under Your Spell
6. Haze Waiting For The Moment
7. Prophets Of Peace Get It On
8. Cohesion Expense
9. Mind & Matter Sunshine Lady
10. The Lewis Connection Higher
11. Flyte Tyme It’s The Things That You Do
12.Herman Jones Ladie
13. Michael A. Dixon and J.O.Y. You’re All I Need
14. Music, Love & Funk Stone Lover
15. Cohesion Cohesion
16. Haze I Do Love My Lady
17. The Lewis Connection Got To Be Something Here
18. Walter Lewis & the Blue Stars I Have Love at Home
19. Flyte Tyme I’ve Got You On My Mind
20. Quiet Storm Can You Deal With It
21. Steven Quick
22. The Stylle Band If You Love Me
23. The Girls I’ve Got My Eyes On You
24. Sue Ann Carwell Should I Or Should I Not?
25. Alexander O’Neal Do You Dare
26. Ronnie Robbins Contagious
27. Alexander O’Neal Borrowed Time
28. Orville Shannon One Life To Live
29. André Cymone Somebody Said
30. Walter Lewis &the Blue Stars Do It Baby Do It
31. Rockie Robbins Together
32. Mind & Matter No One Else Can Do It To Me Baby Available from 06.12.2013

Numero Group’s breathlessly anticipated 50th mainline release chronicles the sound of Minneapolis
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In the late 1970s, a peculiar sound began bubbling up from the land of 10,000 lakes. Buried beneath 50 solid inches of annual snow, Minneapolis made a Sound quite different than what the pop world foresaw. It issued forth as a slick, black, technologically advanced fusion, poised to storm the charts. Never known for sizable […]

The Last Skeptik – Thanks For Trying
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Image: 1578902 We are pleased to announce the signing of DJ/producer The Last Skeptik.
Following in the label’s footsteps of releasing instrumental led hip-hop albums from J Dilla, Pete Rock &, Skeptik will be releasing his largely instrumental album entitled “Thanks For Trying” in the spring of 2013. Backed with an orchestra’s worth of musicians, the hip hop-rooted production is taken to cinematic heights. This album will be a classic.
(For those unfamiliar with The Last Skeptik’s work, he has worked with a varied list of musicians, including The King Blues, Sway, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Jehst and Lowkey, and has remixed everyone from The Streets to Marina & The Diamonds.
The Last Skeptik has come a long way from building his first beats whilst skipping class at school. From releasing his debut single in 2004 featuring
Sway, he has been steadily gaining fans with his production prowess.
Fast forward to 2012 and The Last Skeptik released the critically acclaimed “How Not To Make A Living” album with rapper Rewd Adams, with lead single “Everything’s OK” being supported by SBTV, BBC Radio One, RWD, Jump Off and KISS100. Now he is gearing up to release his second album, a highly anticipated instrumental project for BBE Records in 2013 which also features as guest Jehst, a cult hero (NME, 2011) and legend of hip hop from the UK. He has influenced nearly every modern rap artist in the country with classic albums “Return of the Drifter”, “Falling Down” and “Nuke Proof Suit”, and runs the consistently successful YNR Production label. Gavin Fitzjohn also features having previously written with and toured the globe with Paolo Nutini.
Add to that residencies at London’s best hip hop night Livin Proof and new Knowledge and a blinding showcase at SXSW and U.S. tour, and 2012 has been a big year, with 2013 fast approaching we are very excited to have The Last Skeptik join a growing roster of London based acts all signed to the label. From 2007’s “Broken Window” collaborative album with rapper Verb T to 2010’s genre-flouting “Same Day Different Sh*t”, a compilation of commissioned remixes of major label artists, Skeptik has been busy writing, remixing and producing for a bevy of world famous artists such as Gorillaz, Enter Shikari and Kate Nash.

· Full Radio and press campaign UK, France, Germany
· Full online campaign to include but not limited to youtube videos, Facebook, instagram and twitter
· The last Skeptik has been featured in among others The Independent (UK Broadsheet), DJ Mag & Clash Magazine, you can read all about
him in the links below Remixes from DJ Vadim, Yesking and Chris Read · Stickers and T-shirts will be available to key sales team, key stores
· DJ mixes available for instore and local radio play

1.Those Ones
2.Park Champ
4.The Best Part
6.Be There
7.Pick Your Battles
8.That Old
10.Ask Myself
11.Lullaby feat. Jehst
12.Hero Mask
13.Mission Failed
14.I Hate June
15.Well, Well Available from 03.05.2013

Barney Wilen – Moshi Too (Sonorama)
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Another world premiere from the estate of French jazzman Barney Wilen. A deep journey into the world of his unknown tapes from psychedelic Africa. Available as 6-page Digipak CD with booklet and limited double-gatefold LP incl. new sleeve notes and unseen photos.

Release: 25-01-13
Staff Charts 2011
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In good old tradition we asked around what the employees of Groove Attack, Rough Trade, and GoodToGo have been listening to during the past twelve months. Naturally it’s a wild mixture of rock, pop, folk, hip hop, reggae, jazz, dance music, and obscure underground stuff – as diverse as we are. Nonetheless, what you’ll find […]

Swing Republic deliver an infectious 21st century version of vintage swing classics …
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Freshly Squeezed is the leading label in an electro swing revolution. Following the phenomenal success of our “White Mink: Black Cotton” compilation series, the continued rise of our artists “The Correspondents”, a string of festival bookings and “White Mink curates …” events, national press features and much more, we are delighted to release Swing Republic’s […]

Ziggy Marley
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A five-time Grammy-winning musician, actor, artist, activist and humanitarian, Ziggy Marley has established his presence on the public stage for over a quarter-century. Which is why, perhaps, there’s a wisp of irony in naming his upcoming album Wild and Free, given not only the focused writing and recording of his fourth solo studio album, but […]

Rykarda Parasol
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Musician and songwriter, Rykarda Parasol describes her dark and mysterious music as “rock noir”. It calls up cinematic imagery akin to David Lynch or Alfred Hitchcock giving way to an icy blonde plot and Parasol’s husky low sing/talk embodies the essence of the sharp fearless femme fatale. Often compared to the likes of Nick Cave, […]

Various – Nigeria Afrobeat Special (Soundway)
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The fourth addition to the “Nigeria Special” series focusing on Fela Kuti’s impact on Nigerian music. Compiled by Soundway Records owner Miles Cleret. Available as CD digipak with 16 page booklet and triple LP.

Release: 19-02-10
Exclusive reissue of the Festival Big Band’s legendary Philips Jazz-LP from 1971 …
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“Sensational concert”,”fascinating big band”, “orchestral firework”, “one of the best orchestras ever heard in this country”: the critics were unanimous in their praise of this music when it was performed at the Jazz Festival Loosdrecht in the summer of 1971 by seventeen top musicians from different countries under the leadership of Jerry van Rooyen. Fortunately, […]

Eugene Blacknell
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Oakland guitar ace Eugene Blacknell released multiple singles that ranged in style from raw R&B to power house funk. His musical career stretched from the early 1960s when as a talented and sharp dressed kid, he would become the youngest musician from the Bay Area to play the Apollo in New York, to the end of the 1980s when he died too young.

During that time he established himself as an East Bay original, an entrepreneur, and an activist. His ability to cross-over from R&B to blues, funk and soul put him at head of the Bay Area scene and he was often compared to the likes of Albert and BB King. His business dealings were inspirational. His band were able to break into new scenes and live circuits, and he helped improve standards of pay for African American musicians in the Bay Area. With so many accomplishments it’s an irony of fate that he died before releasing an album despite having recorded enough material for several …

Home Video
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It is five in the morning and still dark outside. Your eyes flutter and open heavily. You see a disembodied blue glow pulsating on the ceiling. You have no idea where you are, but you know you are alone. The only sound you hear is the hiss of a nearby radiator, but in the movie version of your life this moment would be punctuated by the music of Home Video.

Home Video are Collin Ruffino and David Gross, transplants from the misunderstood landscape of New Orleans, now living in the brooding brownstones of Brooklyn, New York. Here they revel in a self-created world of references to Edward Gorey, Massive Attack, The Brothers Quay, Smashing Pumpkins, and a dusting of Chopin, references that they have been collecting for nearly ten years …

Radio Citizen
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Strains of film noir-worthy dark jazz, chunky tropical dub, and snake-charming soul permeate “Berlin Serengeti“. Chanelling Mulatu and Coltrane in a dub shack studio a barrage of big horns blast blacksploitation flavors with an Eastern funk twist. Hailing from Berlin, it is Radio Citizen, aka Niko Schabel and a talented collective of Berlin, Germany-based musicians, who are behind this adrenalin-infused and spiritually-charged debut album.

Radio Citizen was brought to Ubiquity’s attention by Quantic. “Have a listen, you might like this”, he said handing over a CD-r to Ubiquity A+R rep Andrew Jervis after a gig in San Francisco. He was right. In summer 2005 Ubiquity released lead-off track “The Hop” on the “Music Is My Art” compilation. The mad DJ-friendly mix of dub and soul turn heads and rocked decks worldwide. A limited edition “EP1” added Afro-beat, jazz and funk to the Radio Citizen (released as Radio City) arsenal in Spring 2006. Selling-out quickly, the EP earned “single of the fortnight” from Blues and Soul magazine in the UK, and nods from DJs worldwide. …

Ubiquity present the debut album of RADIO CITIZEN …
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Re-release of MEMPHIS BLACK’s rare soulful album “Soul Club” on Sonorama …
Monday, January 23rd, 2006 | Posted in News | Comments Off on Re-release of MEMPHIS BLACK’s rare soulful album “Soul Club” on Sonorama …


The highly successful “I LIKE IT” compilation series on Compost Records continues …
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005 | Posted in News | Comments Off on The highly successful “I LIKE IT” compilation series on Compost Records continues …


Staff Charts 2004
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Same procedure as every year. Once again we asked around what Groove Attack’s employees have been listening to during the past year.

A sure thing in 2004 was the huge comeback of house music. Moody 4 to the floor rhythms ruled the office. Theo everywhere. And there was the return of rock music. A sort of Eagles Of Death Metal rock music. Hot and sweaty. Maybe we’ll grow out of the hip hop box real soon. But what the hell do I know? Just wondering what the next year has in store for everyone. Read on ‘cuz this list is for you …

Rainer Trüby
Wednesday, December 1st, 2004 | Tags: , , ,
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Rainer Trüby is a former member of Germany’s internationally well known Compost-project A Forest Mighty Black from Freiburg in the Black Forest. Diggin’ in the vaults of his huge record collection he compiled the fantastic and still in-demand European fusion compilations “Glücklich” and the “Nitrogen – Trip Hop Sources From The Past” compilation with Placebo […]

Alex Attias
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Alex Attias is a renowned international DJ. Starting off in 1988, with pulsating sets embracing House, Funk and Disco classics, he later progressed on to the “Eclectic Jazz thing”. Throughout the late 80`s and early 90`s, he established himself as one of Switzerland’s top DJ’s running his own successful weekly nights (i.e. COOP sessions at […]

MC Paul Barman
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MC Paul Barman’s rapping requires an appreciation of sex and school – the major topics of his mixes of geeky, dark humor. His clever wordsmith extends beyond humorous rapping to word puzzles in Games Magazine and doodles featured in New York Times Book Review and Screw Magazine …

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