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Marsmobil veröffentlichen ihr fünftes Studioalbum “Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor” via Compost Records
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“Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor” ist das fünfte Album von Marsmobil und in mancher Ohren das Beste. Es knüpft stärker an “Minx” (von 2006) an, als an die beiden letzten Marsmobil Alben. Auf “Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor” gibt es wieder diese wundersamen, großartigen Songs (“And The Fishes In The Ocean”, “Shadows Of The Inner Light”), die […]

Hamad Kalkaba And The Golden Sounds – Hamad Kalkaba And The Golden Sounds (1974 – 1975) (Analog Africa)
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One of the aims of Analog Africa is to showcase the colorful diversity of styles that exist in Africa and its diaspora and today we are very proud to be able to give these Gandjal tunes their first worldwide release.

Release: 08-12-17
Analog Africa presents Hamad Kalkaba and The Golden Sounds 1974​-​1975
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I remember the day clearly. I was searching for treasures in a record shop in Yaoundé, the Capital city of Cameroon, when suddenly I came across a 7-inch record with a picture of a young man wearing a traditional hat and bearing the marks of several imposing vertical scars on the side of his face, […]

Jazzman Records releases the third volume of its Jukebox Mambo compilation series
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Since the release of their first Jukebox Mambo compilation album in 2012, Jazzman Records, with the curatorial expertise of DJ Liam Large, have been opening ears and minds to the delights of Latin-tinged Rhythm & Blues. This, the third release in the series, sticks squarely to the tried and tested formula of its predecessors; combining […]

Motor City Drum Ensemble – DJ-Kicks
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Image: 1564643 Motor City Drum Ensemble’s DJ Kicks mix is the latest installation into the outstanding discography of Danilo Plessow, and is not to be missed. The addition of a selection of MCDE exclusive tracks, and the majority of tracks being rare pieces of music from Danilo’s personal collection make this a mix of not only exceptional mixing capability.

Danilo was always incredibly young with things. He started producing at the age of eleven—“way too early” as he jokes—having his first release out just five years later: Inverse Cinematics’ “Slow Swing”, released on Pulver Records in 2002, and ended up finding its way into Ricardo Villalobos’ record bag as well as onto one of the first Fabric mix CDs. An album under the same name and a string of EPs followed. Dailo’s latest releases, the Motor City Drum Ensemble’s Raw Cuts series in 2010, had the house music world responding strongly to the charmingly fresh and dirty sounding tracks, all mixed down in spontaneous two-hour sessions. Danilo has also released on top labels ranging from 20:20 Vision to Rush Hour as well as his own MCDE and Four Roses imprints, produced for Ben Westbeech and Rainer Trüby and never ceased to amaze with his challenging remix work for artists like Caribou, Jazzanova, DJ Sprinkles and Zero 7.

His understanding of how the parts of a track can work has never been more apparent than on his DJ-Kicks mix. In 10 years, playing 80+ gigs a year, including such temples as Berghain, Fabric London, Rex and MOS, he’s absorbed dance history through hard and disciplined work behind the decks. Look at the opening selections of his DJ-Kicks mix to get a glimpse of his amazing ability to fuse totally disparate sound aesthetics into a coherent whole.

With the next months holding an extensive tour schedule for Danilo, dancers around the world will be able to experience his gift as a selector first hand. That is, before he gets back into the studio to start working on his first album as Motor City Drum Ensemble as well as a live act. All this will prove, just as his DJ-Kicks is doing now, that there is no such thing as stagnation in the ever-evolving cosmos of Danilo Plessow!

A1. James Mason – Sweet Power, Your Embrace
A2. Electric Wire Hustle – Again (Scratch 22 Remix)
A3. Peven Everett – Stuck (Original)
B1. Creative Swing Alliance – Don’t Forget Your Keyz
B2. Rick “poppa” Howard – Can Your Love Find It’s Way (Club Vocal)
B3. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Basement L.o.v.e (Dj-Kicks)
C1. Arts & Crafts – I’ve Been Searching (Walter Gibbons 12″ Mix)
C2. Philippe Sarde – Le Cortège Et Course (Edit)
D1. Recloose – Cardiology (Isolée Remix)
D2. Sun Ra – Door To The Cosmos Available from 25.08.2017

Timmy Thomas – Africano / Why Can’t We Live Together
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Image: 1610504 The Label: TK Records in essence represents the city of Miami when it came to Soul/R&B
and the early stages of Disco. In 1974, George McCrae gave the label its first #1 Disco
hit with Rock Your Baby. A little more than a year after McCrae’s hit, the record label
struck gold with KC & The Sunshine Band with five #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100.
Needless to say at the height of the genre’s cultural domination TK did pretty well.
Timmy Thomas: Without a doubt, he’s most famously known for the hit song Why Can’t We
Live Together. The record topped the U.S. Billboard R&B chart, made the top three in the
Billboard Hot 100 and was charted in top 10 in many countries including the UK. A staple
in the R&B scene, he had a succesful solo career until the mid 80s, later focusing on
the writing and production side of the business.
Why Can’t We Live Together: It may have been his biggest hit, but also one that keeps
resonating to this day. A response to the devastating news coming from the war in
Vietnam, its words “No more wars, we want peace in this world, and no matter what color,
you’re still my brother.” are indicative of a time marked by the horrors of war abroad,
and the racial discrimination in America. Written and Produced by Timmy Thomas himself
solely on a Lowrey organ, and an early rhythm machine, the song however was far from
simple as its emotive message continues to provide a profound context. And even though
it’s been covered over the years by many artist including Sade and Joan Osborne, Why
Can’t We Live Together has managed to come back on the charts again in 2015, as the
instrumental backing to Drake’s Hotline Bling, which has now sold over 2 Million copies
in the U.S. Alone. Once a hit, always a hit.
Africano: When it comes to this Deep Disco cut, Africano is one of those tracks that
probably never got much shine in America, but has since become a dancefloor favorite of
underground disco DJs worldwide. Curiously, years after its release, its biggest
supporters were Italian DJs like Danielle Baldelli, Mozart and Gianni Maselli who during
the 80s played Disco, African records, American R&B, and reggae to create what has been
since become known as the Afro-Cosmic scene at the height of Club culture in the
discothèques of Northern Italy.

AFRICANO Time: 4:45

WHY CAN’T WE LIVE TOGHETER Time: 4:40 Available from 11.08.2017

DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice – Back To The Essence
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Image: 1609606 In 1999, the duo of DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice formed in Atlanta.
Squashy Nice is an accomplished beats producer, and DJ T-Rock
is a scratch-master responsible for battle records on the likes of
Bomb Hip-Hop Records, Stereo-Type, and Replicant Music Trading
Corp. Together they released three party-ready instrumental hip
hop albums for New Zealand’s Why Records label. Now based from
coast-to-coast (Squashy Nice in New York and DJ T-Rock in Los
Angeles), the duo has joined the Cold Busted family for their fourth
album, the satisfying seventeen track Back To The Essence.
Showcasing the variety and breadth that Squashy Nice’s beats and
samples and DJ T-Rock’s scratches can provide, the tracks on Back
To The Essence swerve from party rockers to soulful, thoughtful
numbers featuring vocals from New Zealand vocalist Miss Glue.
Among the standouts are the opening “Hit The Breaks”, combining
harmonica, ’60s style fuzz guitar, heavy beats, and some crucial
vocal scratches, “Let Them Be”, with Miss Glue’s lovely vocals
providing a counterpoint to acoustic guitar cut-ups, and “Watch The
Clouds”, featuring gentle piano, a loungey string section breakdown,
and wistful vocals from Squashy Nice. Back To The Essence should
be ingested whole, as its plentiful tracks radiate fun, funk, and good
vibes. It’s like a virtual block party dropping down wherever its cuts
are playing.

1. Hit The Breaks
2. Back To The Essence
3. Let Them Be Feat. Miss Glue
4. We Don’t Have To (Go Through Changes)
5. Get Loose Now
6. Gyro Genius
7. They Own Your Soul Feat. Miss Glue
8. Takin’ It
9. Satisfed
10. After It Rains
11. Pretty Girl Crooked Smile (Slick Mix)
12. White Boy In New York
13. Watch The Clouds
14. Say What
15. Word Usage
16. Relax
17. They Don’t Know (Follow These Steps) Available from 14.07.2017

Franck Roger
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It must be deliciously bewildering to get recognition from those who inspired you in the very beginning. French House Music DJ – producer Franck Roger is no stranger to this feeling. When not travelling the world accepting club invitations, this devoted crate digger (don’t ask him about Serato) spends time in his Parisian studio messing […]

Shina Williams & His African Percussions – Agboju Logun
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Image: 1609896 Strut present a brand new 12” reissue of Shina Williams’ monster Nigerian disco anthem ‘Agboju Logun’, pairing the rare original album version (released on Phonodisk Nigeria) with the more sparse 12” remix which surfaced later internationally on Earthworks. This is the third release on STRUT’S new Original Masters Series.

A1. AGBOJU LOGUN (12” version)
B1. AGBOJU LOGUN (LP version)

Strut present a brand new 12” reissue of Shina Williams’ monster Nigerian disco anthem ‘Agboju Logun’, pairing the rare original album version (released on Phonodisk Nigeria) with the more sparse 12” remix which surfaced later internationally on Earthworks.
Back in 1979 when Shina Williams’ ‘Agboju Logun’ frst appeared on his ‘African Dances’ LP, Williams knew well that the track was breaking new ground. “I want to show the whole wide world that Africa is alive with modern musicians to reckon with anywhere,” he stated. Now an accepted Afro disco classic of its time, ‘Agboju Logun’ did indeed bring together the cream of Nigeria’s players as a oneoff supergroup in one inspired session. As a long-standing and well respected highlife musician and vocalist, Williams called in the ‘A’ list: Tunde Martins from Afro Collective played bass guitar, the brilliant Biddy Wright (player on albums by Lijadu Sisters, Blo and many more) contributed the famous synth lines and handled production, Fred Fisher was on trombone and Saliu Alabi played talking drum.
Enjoying limited success upon its release in Nigeria, ‘African Dances’ nevertheless gained some international attention when Earthworks’ Jumbo Van Renan licensed two tracks from it for an international 12” single release in 1984, remixing ‘Agboju Logun’ in a more stripped back mix for dancefloors. However, it was the period following Fela Kuti’s death in the late ‘90s that truly ignited interest in archive African grooves for a new
internet generation. Strut’s frst ‘Nigeria 70’ compilation featured the track in 2000 and it has been a staple in DJs’ crates ever since. ‘Abboju Logun’ is released in a picture jacket 12” featuring original artwork and all musicians’ credits and is fully remastered by The Carvery.

– First offcial reissue of 12” version and LP version together
– Restored by See Why Audio and remastered by The Carvery
– Sleeve features original Phonodisk artwork and musicians’ credits
– Essential reissue of Afro disco classic

Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, Afro disco, Livy Ekemezie, Blo, Oneness Of Juju, Osibisa, Duomo Records, Manu Dibango, Dizzy K, Steve Black, Odion Iruoje, Goddy Oku, Candido, The Funkees, Cymande Available from 16.06.2017

DJ Spinna – 1996 Beat Tape Vol.1
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Image: 1609395 Aptly titled, “1996 Beat Tape Vol. 1”, DJ Spinna’s latest instrumental album features 18 original beats all produced on the EMU-SP1200 & Akai S950 circa 1996. With over 25 years in business, the Brooklyn native is tied to nothing short of greatness and a legacy of diverse extensions since his beginnings as a house DJ in the late 80s. Many know Spinna for being in the elite group of seasoned party rockers where his resume includes collaborations with Stevie Wonder, Spike Lee, Michael Jackson & Prince (Soul Slam) tribute parties and several US/international bookings a month. Others regard him as one of house music’s best for his well orchestrated dance tracks that blend jazz, soul & funk, caribbean and latin themes into his trademark, “Intergalactic Soul”.
Producing in the mid 90s with his underground duo, the Jigmastas, Spinna acquired national recognition for remixing Das Efx’s, Microphone Master single. He would gain larger recognition for his classic remix of De La Soul’s, Stakes Iz High single originally produced by the legendary Jay Dee aka J Dilla who became a friend in addition to being a contemporary. After a deal with Rawkus Records and producing some of Eminem’s early official appearances, Spinna achieved placements as a go to beat maker for legends, veterans and new MC’s. Though DJ Spinna has found continued success away from his roots, he has always satisfed his core audience whether producing for Homeboy Sandman, Phonte, The Jigmastas or his own solo projects.”1996 Beat Tape Vol. 1” is a rare peek into his deep archive. Much of the material was sourced directly from aged dat tapes and ?oppy disks from the year 1996. Don’t let the 20 year lapse mislead that these compositions are
primitive to today’s standards. The 18 track fully instrumental LP proves the advanced production techniques and sampling ideas Spinna employed are still ahead of it’s time long before much of the resurgence of 90s revivalist themes from today’s artists. The “1996 beat Tape” is the “Real McCoy”. All music was produced before
computers, before accessible home studios and before instrumental hip-hop was a category. Many of the beats were made with vocalists in mind. Constructed on turntables, the EMU-SP1200 and the Akai S950, historians will appreciate the album cover designed by Joe Buck which depicts intimate photos of Spinna in his studio with the actual gear used to create the album’s contents. This is only the frst volume and the debut venture between Redefnition Records and
Spinna’s own Correct Technique Records. With 2 plus decades of unreleased material, who knows what the future holds, but history shows that when DJ Spinna releases an instrumental album, they sell fast.

• LP pressed on orange vinyl
• Limited edition vintage instrumental collection from legendary producer, DJ Spinna
• Will be supported by video content of Spinna in his studio, discussing his career and production techniques

1. Bleepers
2. Gruzzy
3. Lace
4. Azzy
5. Zylowah
6. Red
7. J.L.
8. Dasfunkay
9. B.T.
10. Murky
11. Uuuugghh
12. Notty
13. Fazer
14. BuildingBloxx
15. Webby
16. Hopscotch
17. Thatone2
18. Blue Available from 05.05.2017

Osunlade – Pyrography (2LP+Artbook)
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Image: 1608268 BBE present the iconic final house album Pyrography from Osunlade. Released as gorgeous 32 page hardbound art book.

A1 I’m Happy
A2 Envision
A3 Walkin’ In Paris
A4 Idiosyncracy
B1 Trinity Ov Me feat. Oveous Maximus
B2 ManOWirdz
B3 The Distance
C1 No Way
C2 Intro (Solemait)
C3 Pheramones
D1 Ser Al Santisimo
D2 Yeku Yeku
D3 A Day Without U

More of a cultural artifact than an album in the traditional sense, Osunlade’s ‘Pyrography’ first materialised in 2011, intended to mark the closing chapter in his House music journey, the start of a new creative phase. Titled after the ancient artistic practice of burning an image onto a surface, everything about ‘Pyrography’ implied both ritual and permanence. A few signed, ultra-limited edition CD copies of the album were accompanied by a specially commissioned art book, with original works by highly regarded Australian artist Scott Marr and a series of ‘oriki’ prayers appearing in print for the first time ever. In 2017, BBE are proud to team up with the mercurial DJ, producer and ordained Yoruba priest Osunlade to make this incredible work of art available on vinyl for the first time. Two heavyweight 12” records nestle in the front and back covers of a lovingly printed book containing a brief history of the Yoruba culture, Scott Marr’s evocative
images and those all-important traditional oriki prayers by Maria Oggun Bemi. Placed at the meeting point of art, culture, history, music and spirituality, Pyrography
simply cannot be described or compared, much like the ritual Anagó language the project celebrates.
“The work in this book was created in honour of the Yoruba Orisha gods.

Its concept, music and artistic direction by devotee and Yoruba priest, Osunlade.”

Key Selling Points:
* Osunlade’s iconic final House music album now available on vinyl for the first time.
* Packaged with an art book featuring Yoruba language, prayer and history illustrated with unique pyrography (images burned onto paper) created by award winning artist Scott Marr
* ”…a true celebration of the organic meeting the synthetic, and art meeting music.” – BPM Magazine
* Osunlade is an ordained priest of the Yoruba faith. Other devotees include legendary artists Tito Puente, Sade & Chaka Khan.
* Combining spirituality, art and music, ‘Pyrography’ is much more than an album, or a book. It’s a cultural and religious artefact.

For Fans Of: DJ Spinna, Dennis Ferrer, Black Coffee, Kerri Chandler Available from 10.03.2017

DJ Q-Bert – Battle Breaks (Colored)
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The first ever skratch sound effect tool for DJs specifically designed with the skratch battle DJ in mind! Continuous samples and beat snippets close together for skratch/juggle friendly usage makes this innovative wax a blueprint for the lot that cam…

Das New Yorker Duo The Shacks veröffentlicht sein erstes Minialbum auf Big Crown Records
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The Shacks sind Max Shrager und Shannon Wise. Die Musik dieses verspielten Duos kommt einem merkwürdig vertraut vor und ist dabei doch völlig neu und frisch. The Shacks sind eine der interessantesten New Yorker Bands der jüngeren Zeit. Nun erscheint ihr erstes Minialbum auf Big Crown Records, dem Nachfolgelabel von Truth & Soul Records, gegründet […]

Various – The Midas Records Collection
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Image: 1606282 The fifth installment of the One-derful! Collection focuses on Midas,
the gritty soul & funk imprint of this legendary R&B label group.
Midas is preceded by the One-derful!, Mar-V-Lus, M-Pac!, and Halo
compilations and will be followed by Toddlin’ Town. This series marks
the first in-depth study of what was once one of Chicago’s most
prominent African-American run labels.
Midas Records is available in 2XLP and CD formats, and within the
grooves of these 25 tracks are generous helpings of funk, southern
soul, and storming group vocals. As the shortest lived label in the
One-derful! stable, Midas also provides an opportunity to dig deep
into One-derful!’s vast tape vaults. Among the 11 never issued tracks
are gems from Andre Williams, Benny Sharp & The Sharpies, Bobby
Mack, and McKinley Mitchell.
Central to Midas is the Leaner family. In the early 1960s when
brothers George and Ernie Leaner added the Halo sub-label to their
One-derful! label, they were revered figures on Chicago’s Record
Row and beyond. They distributed material from labels like Motown
and Stax and they attracted top talent. It wasn’t uncommon for a
WVON DJ to help the Leaners sign their newest discovery, or for
their singers, musicians, songwriters, or producers to have Chess or
Motown on their resumes.

• Fifth installment of the One-derful! Collection
• This series marks the first in-depth study of what was once
one of Chicago’s most prominent African-American run labels.
• Includes 11 never before issued tracks from Andre Williams,
Benny Sharp & The Sharpies, Bobby Mack, and McKinley

1. Benny Sharp & The Sharpies
– Wagon Wheel
2. Andre Williams – Mo Jo
3. Irene Scott – Everyday
4. No No Starr – Swing Your
Love My Way
5. Lonnie Brooks – Mr. Hot Shot
6. The Danderliers – Walk On
With Your Nose Up
7. Mckinley Mitchell – End Of A
8. Andre Williams – Football
9. Benny Sharp & The Sharpies
– Hey People
10. The Inspirations – Your Wish
Is My Command
11. Reginald Day – Lost Love
12. Bobby Mack – Your Love Is A
Good Thing For Me
13. Epics and Larry & The
Hippies – Mydestination*
14. Benny Sharp & The Sharpies
– Music (I Like It) (Part 1)
15. Big Daddy Rogers – I’m A Big
16. Bobby Mack – Malnutrition
17. Epics And Larry & The
Hippies – Call Her Back
18. The Compliments – Beware,
19. Mckinley Mitchell – The World
Is In Trouble
20. Irene Scott – You’re No Good
21. Lonnie Brooks – The Popeye
22. Reginald Day – My Girl Jean
23. The Inspirations – I’ll Take A
Chance On You
24. Bobby Mack – Lovin On
Borrowed Time
25. Mckinley Mitchell – True Love Available from 07.10.2016

DJ Amir – Presents Buena Musica Y Cultura
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Image: 1604951 DJ Amir is back on BBE with deep Latin gems on the new compilation Buena Música Y Cultura

1. Wayne Gorbea y Su Conjunto Salsa – Paranoia
2. Chino y Su Conjunto Melao featuring Everybody – Rogelio Tiene La Salsa
3. Dax Pacem Orchestra – Bomba
4. Johnny Sedes and His Orchestra – Mama Calunga
5. LA Moderna of New York – Picadillo
6. The Orchestra Soledad – El Ritmo Soledad
7. Joey Pastrana and His New Orchestra – El Pulpo
8. Louie Colon and His Combo – Tembleque
9. Mike Hernandez y Su Sonora Casino – Asi-Asi Desarga
10. Joey Aponte and His Orchestra – Vete De Aqui
11. Cortijo y Kako y Sus Tambores – Yo No Bailo Con Juana
12. Fito Foster Salsa Pt. 1
13. Fito Foster Salsa Pt. 2
14. Dax Pacem Orchestra – Oiga El Comentario

A highly respected crate digger, DJ extraordinaire, record label go-to-guy and one half of dynamite duo Kon & Amir, we are proud to present this very special collection of music chosen by Amir. Having dedicated his life to mapping hip hop and dance music’s lineage, the Boston native has been called upon by Capitol Records, Pete Rock and Shady Records among others for his musical expertise over the years, not to mention having curated quite an incredible catalogue of compilations for BBE. Put simply, this guy has an almost unrivalled ear for a great record.
As you may well have guessed from the title, this latest outing has a distinctly latin flavour. Comprising a selection of obscure tracks from the 60’s and 70’s recorded mainly in New York (but featuring artists from Detroit and the Dominican Republic), there are bound to be new discoveries here for even the most ardent collector. Ranging styles are on display here, but the record has a definite leaning toward upbeat Salsa & Guaguancó. Latin superstars such as Joey Pastrana and Louie Colon may have been household names among the tenements of East Harlem & The Bronx back in the day, but they have never reached a mainstream audience outside the Latin community. Now thanks to Amir’s relentless digging, some of the finest and most authentic latin dance music can be enjoyed on one fiery-hot record.

Key Selling Points
• Compiled by DJ Amir (one half of dynamite duo Kon & Amir famous for their Off Track series)
• Full Press, Radio & online campaign
• The perfect compliment to long hot summer nights
• The finest and most authentic latin dance most of which has never appeared on a compilation before Available from 16.09.2016

The Grasso Brothers – Present – We Know How To Boogie
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Image: 1604660 The Grasso Brothers present We Know How To Boogie out soon on BBE.

1. Moods – Funk It Out *
2. Sharon Johnson – A Better Day
3. Gospel Seekers- Never Gonna Give You
Up (Church Door Records)
4. T.B. Funk – Free Blow (The Dub
version) )G&D Edit)
5. Arabi -Times Three *
6. Living Colour –Plastic People (G&D
Extended Edit)
7. Roller Disco – Stone Luv
8. Together Band – You Can’t Run From
Love *
9. Those Good Intentions – We Know How
to Boogie
10. Carol Meriwether – Love Ain’t Just (A
Physical Thing)
11. William Barlak – Ain’t No Doubt About It
12. Kenny Pierce – Done Been (M&D
13. Sherman Hunter – Dance To Freedom
14. Black Sun – Le Love *
Tracks marked with * are only included on CD and
digital format, not on vinyl.

Compiled by Italian DJ and purveyor of rare vinyl
Gino Grasso with the assistance of his brother
Federico, ‘We Know How To Boogie’ is a joyful
romp through the finest forgotten dance-floor disco
and soul from the 70’s and 80’s . A bona fide ‘disco
don’, Gino has collected music for over 30 years and
supplied the likes of Kenny Dope and Dimitri From
Paris with obscure gems. A familiar face behind the
decks in his hometown of Bologna and across Italy,
Gino’s music, passion and knowledge has seen him
play underground clubs the world over, including Le
Souk in NYC and the Bussey Building in London.
Many of the tracks included on ‘We Know How To
Boogie’ have become ‘signature tunes’ for DJs such
as Phil Asher, Sadar Bahar, Joe Davis and
Daniele Baldelli, rarely if ever leaving their record
boxes. Containing several exclusive edits from the
Grasso Brothers, ‘We Know How To Boogie’ is
simply filled with sure-fire hits for the discerning
dance-floor. Lesser known tracks remastered from
eye-wateringly expensive original vinyl releases by
William Barlak, Living Colour & Carol
Meriwether rub shoulders with the truly obscure
and utterly wonderful French-Canadian disco outfit
‘Black Sun’ in what can only be described as a
musical celebration like you’ve never heard before.
This ‘Italian Job’ is guaranteed to do more than just
‘blow the bloody doors off.
Key selling points:
– Full press & radio campaign in key territories with
coverage assured in key magazines & websites
– Gino Grasso has been supplying the Kings of Disco
with their dance-floor bullets since the 90’s
– Limited vinyl for new & old turntablists alike

For Fans of Al Kent, Sadar Bahar and BBE
Disco Available from 02.09.2016

The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band releases their long awaited debut “55” on Brooklyn’s own Big Crown Records
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Shrouded in mystery, hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band (BRSB) releases their long awaited debut “55” on Brooklyn’s own Big Crown Records. Long time multi instrumentalist and band leader Bjorn Wagner spent a few months in Trindad & Tobago where he became fascinated with Steel Drums. His initial intrigue with local steel […]

DJ Format – Presents Psych Out
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Image: 1602755 DJ Format presents his new compilation Pysch Out.

A1 The Quests – Hava Nagila
A2 The Tijuana Brats – Karate Chop
A3 Rainbow Family – Travellin’ Lady
A4 The CT Four Plus – Exodus II
B1 49th Blue Streak – Foxy Lady
B2 Bana Pop Band – Jet Pop
B3 Koncz Zsuzsa – Visz A Vonat
C1 La Logia Sarabanda – Todos O Ninguno
C2 Friar Tuck and His Psychedelic Guitar – Louis, Louis
C3 Flamengo – Týden v elektrickém mìstì
D1 Sergio Ferraresi – Time of Machines
D2 Krzysztof Klenczon – Nie Przejdziemy
Do Historii
D3 Aleksandr Sergeyevich Zatsepin – The Shaman’s Dance
D4 Pro Arte – Stari Dvorac

DJ Format’s Psych Out is a compilation of records from around the world that Format
WISHES he could play at clubs every weekend. Some of the tracks are hard to
categorise…kind of psychedelic, kind of funky, kind of crazy…but most have unmistakable
blend of distorted electric guitars, driving basslines and pounding drums. Maybe you didn’t
think it was possible for “Foxy Lady” to be played any harder…but 49th Blue Streak did it.
“Hava Nagila” never really seemed likely to lend itself to a psychedelic reworking…but The
Quests from Singapore thought differently. In Germany, The CT Four Plus did away with
boring tradition and instead praised God with their electric guitars. Advertising executives in
France thought it best to spread the word of their new chocolate bar by commissioning the
Bana Pop Band to make a cool 7″ flexi disc record. These are just a few examples of how
the boundaries of music were being pushed in the late ’60s & early ’70s when most of these
exciting recordings were made.
In DJ Format’s own words:
The idea for this compilation came about because of my search for a rare psych/funk 7″
that isn’t even included here! My friend DJ Oneofakind played me the said record and I
totally lost my mind. Some months later after a lot of asking around and searching online, a
copy turned up on for a painful amount of money. I contacted the seller to ask
a couple of questions and it turned out I was talking to Jake Holloway, BBE’s in-house
designer. I’d loosely known Jake for a few years through mutual friends so we quickly
arranged a time to meet and take care of business. Jake told me he’d offered the 7″ to a
few other DJ/collector friends but they’d passed on it as it was ‘too heavy’ for them. This got
us talking about my love for psych records with a funky slant and I explained my frustration
at buying so many records that fit that description, that were ‘too heavy’ to play at my typical
DJ gigs. Jake had the perfect solution: “why don’t you do a compilation of funky, fuzzed-out
psych stuff for BBE?”.

• DJ Format released original music on MO WAX and compiled for FABRICLIVE27
• this project is focuses on the funk rock end of the Psychedelic scene
• ultra rare tracks released for the first time digitally and on CD
• Full press & radio campaign in key territories Available from 10.06.2016

1983 to 1988 anthology from the West Coast electro hip-hop pioneer Egyptian Lover
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LA native, recognised as a pioneer of West Coast hip-hop, helping bring electro rap to the masses. The first West Coast rapper/producer to achieve international success, Egyptian Lover paved the way for early West Coast hip-hop pioneers like Dr. Dre, N.W.A. and Ice T among others. Growing up listening to Kraftwerk, Prince and Zapp, Egyptian […]

DJ Spinna & BBE Soundsystem – Presents Strange Games & Funky Things Vol.5
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Image: 1557814 Another classic compilation from the BBE back- catalogue gets re-stocked for the first time, in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

A1 Ned Doheny – Get It Up For Love
A2 Sylvia – Sweet Stuff
A3 Richard Evans ft. Linda Williams – Capricorn Rising
A4 Sylvia St. James – Motherland
B1 Eddy Senay – Cameo
B2 Cal Tjader – Morning
B3 Francisco Aguabella – Ramon’s Desire
B4 The Philly Armada Orchestra – For The Love Of Money
C1 The Ambassadors – Ain’t Got The Love Of One Girl (On My Mind)
C2 Family Tree – Family Tree
C3 The Perfect Circle – The Hands Of Time
C4 War – War Is Coming, War Is Coming
D1 Hiroshi Fukumura – Hunt Up Wind
D2 Wood, Brass & Steel – Always There
D3 C.K. Mann & His Carousel 7 – Asafo Beesuon / Obaa Yaa Aye Me Bone (Medley) Edit
D4 Bill Summers – Brazilian Skies

The ‘Strange Games’ series which began in the summer of 1997, represents the blueprint for modern R&B and rap music. It joins the dots between 70s soul, 80s rare groove and 90s hip hop. This compilation contains a wide variety styles, from classic dance-floor fillers to lesser known gems. A more accessible ‘digger’s delight’ with an emphasis on quality tracks, not just songs only worth having for a 2 second sample. Featuring a much more worldly selection than its predecessors, tracks by the multi platinum selling War and Sylvia (Founder of Sugarhill Records) sit side by side with world music icons like C.K. Mann and Francisco Aguabella. This volume is the 5th in a series of legendary ‘Strange Games…’ records, this time compiled by the one and only DJ Spinna.

For Fans of: DJ Spinna, Kon & Amir, Strange Breaks & Mr Thing, Deep Funk, Gilles Peterson, Strut Records, Real Music for Real People

Available from 13.05.2016

Various – Movements Vol.8 (Tramp Records)
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For several years, gold seekers at the most humble and tiniest record label on earth follow their dedicated passion. Their brand new masterwork, Movements 8, focuses on rare privately produced american soul, jazz and funk, and proudly bears the title as the 8th volume in the Movements Series.

Release: 18-03-16
Tramp Records proudly presents the 8th volume in the Movements series
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The intelligentsia have been claiming it for quite some time, and now finally, after many petitions, demonstrations and protests, a tiny little record label from Germany has achieved what only Google and “troubleshooter par excellence” Angus MacGyver have ever accomplished: admission into the worldwide dictionary. “To Google” and “to MacGyver” will soon be joined by […]

Various – Kev Beadle Presents Best of Inner City Records
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Image: 1601551 Kev Beadle is back on BBE with his new compilation Best Of Inner City Records.

Created by industry legend, MMO Music Group founder and true
godfather of karaoke (but that’s another story) Irv Kratka alongside
producer Eric Kriss, Inner City Records was formed in 1976. During its
decade or so in existence, the label put together a formidable catalogue
of jazz music and was voted Record Label Of The Year in 1979 by the
International Jazz Critics Poll. As well as ‘classic jazz’, the label also
gave a platform to more avant-garde material and dabbled in the
emerging ‘jazz fusion’ sounds of the day. Fondly remembered by jazz
lovers everywhere, the label boasts a particularly fervent fan-base in
London, where many of its releases found favour in the underground
dance clubs of Soho and Convent Garden. Fittingly enough, London DJ
and tastemaker Kev Beadle is the man chosen to put together this very
special compilation of Inner City’s finest moments. Having previously
curated projects for labels such as Blue Note and Cadet, Kev has dug
deep in the crates to emerge with this gem of an album.
From the soaring vocals of the jazz-fusion classic ‘The Other World’ by
Judy Roberts to the irrepressible dance-floor fire of Eddie Jefferson’s
‘Jeannine’, ‘The Best Of Inner City Records’ serves as a wonderful and
eclectic introduction to a label which is rightly remembered with a level of
affection which borders on reverence.

• limited edition double 180g vinyl and premium quality gatefold packaging
• First ever retrospective of the label with full support from the founder Irv Kratka
• Coverage assured on relevant websites & magazines, with full press & radio campaign in key territories

A1. Hiroshi Fukumura and Sadao
Watanabe – Hunt Up Wind
A2. Judy Roberts – The Other World
A3. Terumasa Hino – Send Me Your
B1. The Jeff Lorber Fusion – The Samba
B2. Helen Merrill – Vera Cruz
B3. Judy Roberts – Never Was Love
B4. Tom Lellis – Lucky Southern
C1. Janet Lawson Quintet – So High
C2. Joe Lee Wilson – Return Of The
Prodigal Son
C3. Eddie Jefferson – Jeannine
D1. Terumasa Hino – Samba De La Cruz
D2. Kellis Ethridge – Quickie Nirvana
D3. Urszula Dudziak – Shenkansen
D4. Carlos Franzetti – Pandora Available from 18.03.2016

Moodymann – DJ-Kicks
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Image: 1601685 Doesn’t get bigger than this as the one and only Moodyman is on the decks for the first DJ-Kicks of the year.

Following a year that saw the 50th entry in the long-running series released to wide acclaim, DJ-Kicks returns in 2016 another landmark edition. Iconic Detroit DJ and producer Moodymann is at the helm for his first ever multi-artist DJ mix compilation. Born Kenny Dixon Jr., Moodymann is a one-of-a-kind electronic music icon, hailing from, and wholly synonymous with the Motor City. He is an outspoken, impossibly charismatic artist who has been putting a distinctive and soulful stamp on house and techno since the early 90s. Melting together jazz, funk, soul, blues and rock in captivating ways, he is responsible for some of electronic music’s most definitive tracks, EPs and LPs on labels like Planet E, Peacefrog and his own KDJ and Mahogani Music imprints. As able to
serve up the sweetest and most sensual sounds as he is the darkest and most depraved grooves, his own unique voice and stream of conscious musings infuse expertly sought-out samples for music that is decisively alive and authentic.
Across 75 minutes and 30 tracks, Moodymann does not disappoint: despite being a notorious vinyl fetishist, Dixon’s aim is to present music of quality, not to one-up fellow collectors. Rather than serving up ridiculously rare or hard-to-find records, he instead focuses on creating a libidinous, blues-drenched mood that takes in heart-breaking soul, gorgeous hip-hop and love-fuelled house. In addition to cuts from his own creative circle, the mix features 11 exclusive Moodymann edits. Like everything Kenny Dixon Jr. touches, DJ-Kicks showcases the taste, skill, and soul of a dance music original.

A1 Yaw – Where Will You Be
A2 Flying Lotus feat. Andreya Triana – Tea Leaf Dancers**
A3 Les Sins – Grind**
B1 Noir & Haze – Around (Solomun Vox)**
B2 Julien Dyne feat. Mara TK – Stained Glass Fresh Frozen
B3 Jitwam – Keepyourbusinesstoyourself
C1 Dopehead – Guttah Guttah
C2 Talc – Robot’s Return (Modern Sleepover Part 2)**
C3 Peter Digital Orchestra – Jeux De Langues**
C4 Jai Paul – BTSTU**
D1 Beady Belle – When My Anger Starts To Cry**
D2 Daniel Bortz – Cuz You’re The One**
D3 Joeski feat. Jesánte – How Do I Go On**
E1 Nightmares On Wax – Les Nuits
E2 SLF & Merkin – Tag Team Triangle**
E3 Lady Alma – It’s House Music ** Moodymann Edit
F1 Tirogo – Disco Maniac
F2 Kings Of Tomorrow feat. April – Fall For You
(Sandy Rivera’s Classic Mix)**
F3 Soulful Session, Lynn Lockamy – Hostile Takeover Available from 19.02.2016

Various – Hits Agogo One
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Image: 1600607 Agogo collect two years worth of classics for Volume 1 of their Hits Agogo One collection.

CD Tracklisting :
01. Funk Busters „Celestial Blues“ feat. Greg Blackman *
02. Da Lata „Going Underground“ ft. Floetic Lara
03. Sola Rosa „Can We Get It Together“ ft. Noah Slee
04. Mop Mop „Run Around“ feat. Fred Wesley & Anthony Joseph (Grant Phabao Remix)
05. Mo’Horizons „Jungle Affair“ (The Soul Session Remix)
06. Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers „Rar“ (Spiritual South Rar’est Remix) *
07. Gabriele Poso „Invocation 002“ (Opolopo Remix)
08. Renegades Of Jazz „Tempo Tempo“ *
09. WDR Big Band & GT „Now I Can“ (Mop Mop Deconstruction) *
10. Hidden Jazz Quartett „Luvlite“ ft. Bajka (The Soul Session Remix) *
11. The Hi-Fly Orchestra „I Got Hope“ ft. Julia Fehenberger (Lack Of Afro Remix feat. Herbal T) *
12. Opez „Malinco“
13. Stephan Abel Quartett „Olhos De Gato“

This compilation features some of the great music which has been released on Agogo Records the last two years. But please also find some brandnew and exclusive songs and remixes from The Hi-Fly Orchestra, Mop Mop, Mo’Horizons, Renegades Of Jazz, Funk Busters, Hidden Jazz Quartett and Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers.

Hope you enjoy this one !

Some feedback:

QUINCY JOINTZ “What a great compilation. That´s what I call jazzy and funky freestyle at its best.”
DJ JONDAL “Great selection of tracks”
FUTURERADIO UK “First Class!!!”
FREEFALL RADIO “Loving the exclusives here”
THE BOOGIE WONDERLAND SHOW “Superb album. loving it”
BAMALOVESOUL “Super groovy”
DJ SHANTISAN “After expecting another “best of” compilation I enventually ended up at this pearl with so many unreleased tracks. All time favs like Spiritual South and Christian Prommer bring in fresh sounds. I can say “Agogo Hits One” one brings the sunshine into your living rooms and clubs.”
MAKALA “Such a great compilation”
BUDAPEST FM90.3 “Keep it coming strong! Agogo is one of the strongest jazz-influenced label around, look forward to hear your new stuff. “
DJ FERRY “very nice compilation”
RADIO X “full support”
STARPOINT RADIO “suberb compilation”
FUNKHAUS EUROPA “floating & groovy”
RADIO SUISSE “great new jazz generation with groove, soul, brazil!” Available from 22.01.2016

Incredible new live album from Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express on Freestyle Records
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Brian Auger’s professional career first made headlines in 1963 when he won the #1 position in the Melody Makers Jazz Piano Readers Poll. As a prodigious jazz pianist, Brian had already amassed an amazing amount of experience on the London scene. In 1965, after hearing jazz organist Jimmy Smiths’ music – Brian began his love […]

Various – The Sound Of DJ International / Underground
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Image: 1599403 This very limited addition of the vinyl version represents music that became known as the “House Sound of Chicago”. The defining moment of modern music. The modern legends, Darrell Pandy, the most unique entertainer I ever met, began his career with “Love Can’t Turn Around”, Loleatta Hollaway made her comeback here from her earlier disco career, Frankie Knuckles first records were recorded with us, as well as his work being included with Jamie Principle . Marshall Jefferson, Joe Smooth, Cannon Irving, Chip E., Keith Nunnasly, Steve “Silk” Hurley, Ricky Dillard, and many more This was the time house music was created, and across the street from DJ International was the warehouse where the legends played. This all happened on Rental Street now undergoing the City of Chicago’s now and new DJ international Street. With over 400 recordings done at DJ International and Underground Studios, most of Chicago’s legendary DJ’s were there. For those who were able to be there knew that this was the basis on everybody’s mythology of house music . The full story told coming soon. This compilation is for deejays honoring “momentum’ music, and history as DJ International a house “Sound Of Chicago” music for DJ’s is the collaboration in CHICAGO, with the greatest artist / performers.

Rocky Jones
Chairman and Founder of DJ International Records & Underground Records


A1 ESP – It’s U
A2 Chip E – Time To Jack
A3 MDIII – Personal Problem
B1 House People – Godfather Of House
B2 Chip E Inc Feat K Joy – Like This
B3 The Mix Masters Feat MC Action – In The Mix
C1 Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder
C2 Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge – Its Alright
D1 Endless Pokers – !The Poke! – Original 12 Your Turn 2 Work Me Mix
D2 Joe Smooth – Promised Land
E1 Marshall Jefferson Presents Dancing Flutes – Do The Do (Original 12_ Got 2 Mix)
E2 Sterling Void – Serve It Up (Original Album Version)
E3 ESP – Let’s Move
F1 MD III – Face The Nation
F2 Frankie Knuckles – Only The Strong Survive Available from 02.10.2015

Various – Sources: The Sam Records Anthology
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Image: 1598578 Sources is a brand new series which will examine the output of a number of extremely influential independent U.S. labels throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. In an age where corporate anonymity reigns supreme and music is being treated like aural wallpaper, the Sources series will go back to a time when record labels really meant something via their A&R policies, their ground-breaking releases, their everyday modus-operandi and their general philosophies. What made these operations unique? How did they manage to compete with the major companies? How did they protect their artist rosters? What sort of people ran these operations and how did they manage to survive in the cut-throat music business?

The fourth package in the Sources series covers one of the most loved New York independent record labels ever, the iconic Sam Records. Formed by industry veteran Sam Weiss in 1975, the label launched with a the killer atmospheric funk anthem “Woman Of The Ghetto” by Doris Duke before heading into Disco territory with several hugely successful albums from John Davis & The Monster Orchestra before hitting big internationally with a brace of Disco smashes from Gary’s Gang including their most successful single “Keep On Dancing”. By the beginning of the 1980s Sam managed to deftly circumnavigate the Disco backlash and re-invent themselves as a bona-fide 80s Dance label immediately scoring with Rhyze’s “Just How Sweet Is Your Love”, Convertion’s “Let’s Do It”, Scandal’s “Just Let Me Dance”, K.I.D.’s “Don’t Stop” and Mike & Brenda Sutton’s “We’ll Make It” among others. This proved to be a fortuitous direction and by the end of 1982 Sam had scored high-profile successes with Vicky ‘D’’s “This Beat Is Mine”, Komiko’s “Feel Alright”, The Evasion’s “Wikka Wrap”, K.I.D.’s “Hupendi Muziki Wangu?! (You Don’t Like My Music)” and the sumptuous “Dreaming” by Greg Henderson. Sam’s impressive dance hit tally continued into 1983 with further successes like Steve Shelto’s pumping “Don’t Give Your Love Away” and Klassique’s “Somebody’s Loving You” before the label wound down for much of the next decade. Over the ensuing 30+ years Sam’s 70s and 80s releases have seldom been off DJs turntables whether via the Disco, Rare- Groove and Electro scenes or by the almost relentless re-edits that appear of Sam’s main output throughout this period. ‘Sources: The Sam Records Anthology’ continues the run of comprehensive anthologies of the most important labels in the evolution of Dance music.


A1. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Up Jumped The Devil
A2. K.I.D. – Don’t Stop
A3. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – I’ve Got The Hots For You
B1. K.I.D. – Hupendi Muziki Wangu?! (You Don’t Like My Music) (Original Jonathan Fearing 12″ Club Mix)
B2. Vicky ‘D’ – This Beat Is Mine
C1. Greg Henderson – Dreamin’
C2. Komiko – Feel Alright
D1. Gary’s Gang – Keep On Dacing
D2. Kreamcicle – Hold On (Original John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez 12″ Club Mix)
E1. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – I Can’t Stop
E2. The Webboes – Under The Wear (Original Webboe 12″ Mix)
F1. B.B.C.S. & A. – Rock Shock
F2. Mike & Brenda Sutton – Don’t Let Go Of Me (Grip My Hips And Move Me) (Original Shep Pettibone 12″ Club Mix) Available from 18.09.2015

Brazilian drum & bass pioneer DJ Marky has announced his long-awaited debut artist album ‘My Heroes’
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After more than 25 years in dance music, Brazilian drum & bass pioneer DJ Marky has announced long-awaited debut artist album ‘My Heroes’ – scheduled for release in April this year. No stranger to success and an icon in his South American homeland, DJ Marky is an internationally renowned DJ and producer and label boss […]

Sam Smith – The Lost Tapes (Remixed) (Kosmo Records)
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For ‘The Lost Tapes – Remixed’, Kosmo Records had talented DJs/producers re-work the Sam Smith numbers from the years 2007 to 2010. This album is an absolute must for anyone wanting to gain the complete picture of Sam Smith and how he got where he is today.

CD KOS3058
Release: 29-05-15
Your Old Droog – Kinison
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Image: 1597289 Free download album on limited edition white vinyl!

“Fresh off his debut LP, which Rolling Stone named one of the 40 Best Rap Records of 2014, Coney Island enigma Your Old Droog has returned with the 11-song Kinison EP. Though keeping true to the moody, clouded, sample-based boom-bap of frequent collaborators DJ Skizz, El RTNC and Marco Polo, Kinison has a vague “rock” theme, with Droog name-checking Alternative Nation acts like he’s Matt Pinfield.

The album also features a song that plays like a nostalgic letter to Rage Against the Machine, which involves memories of buying the Godzilla soundtrack. ‘Everything in that song is factual,’ says Droog. ‘When I was 10, I stole 20 out my grandama’s purse….I actually came home and said, ‘I found 20 dollars by the church’ to buy the CD. It was fucked up.’” -Rolling Stone Available from 24.07.2015

“The Sit-In” is the new album by Twit-One from Cologne
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“The Sit-In” is the new album by Twit-One. It is quite different to his previous works but Twit’s music has never been easy to predict. Featured artists on “The Sit-In” are singer May, poets PB Louison and Imam Ally Salam and keyboard player Ruoy Yaw. Artwork has been done by Van Lagerstein and Robert Winter. […]

Various – M-Pac Records (The One-derful! Collection)
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Image: 1595936 The third installment of the One-derful! Collection focuses M-Pac!, the blues
and hard soul imprint of this legendary R&B label group. M-Pac! is preceded
by the One-derful! and Mar-V-Lus compilations and will be followed by
releases of the Halo, Midas, and Toddlin’ Town sub-labels. This series marks
the first in-depth study of what was once one of Chicago’s most prominent
African-American run labels.
M-Pac! Records is available in 2xLP and CD formats, and within the grooves
of these 24 tracks lie superb group harmonies from The Ringleaders and
The Accents, gritty hard soul leads from Willie Parker and Stacy Johnson,
and songs from one of Chicago’s most under-appreciated soul shouters in
Harold Burrage, plus 10 tracks that were never issued!
Central to M-Pac! is the Leaner family. By 1962 when brothers George and
Ernie Leaner added M-Pac! as a sub-label to their One-derful! label, they
were revered figures on Chicago’s Record Row and beyond. They distributed
material from labels like Motown and Stax and they attracted top talent. It
wasn’t uncommon for a WVON DJ to help the Leaners sign their newest
discovery, or for their singers, musicians, songwriters, or producers to have
Chess or Motown on their resumes. The Leaner family were among the
most important black businessmen of music’s golden era, yet much of their
history has only been superficially documented until now.
Between 1962 and 1971, the One-derful! family of labels released 180+
45s of stunning soul, funk, and gospel. Over two years of painstaking
research and work, including countless hours spent cataloging, transferring,
and mastering 250 of the label’s tapes, has contributed to an amazingly
extensive reissue collection. In addition, some of the world’s leading experts
have contributed liner notes and interviewed virtually every known surviving
artist, producer, and otherwise involved party. In total, the six volumes of the
One-derful! Collection include 12 LPs/6 CDs with 147 tracks, 57 which were
never issued, and 144 pages of 12” x 12” liner notes stuffed full of rare and
never before seen photos and memorabilia. Spanning 1962 to 1971, these
compilations bring forth a wealth of overlooked and never before heard
recordings and history.

01. Willie Parker – I Live The Life I
02. The Accents – New Girl
03. The Ringleaders – All of My
04. Harold Burrage – Bad Situation*
05. Dorothy Prince – Hey Mister
06. Andrew Tibbs – Change of
07. Bobby Davis – Damper Down
08. Maurice Dollison & The
Turnkeys – The Earth Worm PT. I
09. Willie Parker – Let Me Make It
Up To You*
10. Harold Burrage – Things Ain’t
What They Used To Be (Since
You’ve Been Gone)
11. The Ringleaders – I’d Like to Win
You Over*
12. Benny Turner – Angel*
13. Harold Burrage- Mountain of
14. Stacy Johnson – I Stand Alone
15. Willie Parker – Never In A
Million Years*
16. The Ringleaders – Baby, What
Has Happened To Our Love
17. Big Daddy Simpson – Lonely
18. The Accents – Do You Need A
Good Man
19. Stacy Johnson – Don’t Try To
Fool Me
20. Harold Burrage – Got To Find A
Way (Extended Version)
21. Willie Parker- So Glad*
22. Benny Turner – Come Back
23. The Ringleaders – Let’s Start
24. Dorothy Prince – Every Night
*=unreleased” Available from 27.03.2015

B-Tight – Retro (Raid Records)
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B-Tight ist zurück – hart, ohne Blatt vor dem Mund, aber immer mit einem frechen Grinsen in der Fresse. Featuring Sido, Frauenarzt, Tony D, Eko Fresh, Vokalmatador, MC Bogy, u.v.a.

2CD BT0901P / CD BT0901A / LP+CD BT0901V
Release: 09-01-15
Vidal Benjamin presents “Disco Sympathie” on Versatile Records
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This December, the compilation Disco Sympathie will be released on Versatile, it’s author is Vidal Benjamin, an outstanding DJ/digger, considered by his pals as one of the most brilliant in his category, and that says a lot! On this Disco Sympathie, Vidal Benjamin makes us rediscover the sound that was so characteristic of a certain […]

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DJ W!LD’s rise to prominence was no overnight phenomenon. Without hype or fanfare, he has grown from hero of the Parisian underground to resident at some of the world’s most acclaimed clubs, including Circoloco at DC10 in Ibiza. With an expansive discography backing up his formidable DJing skills, and a new album out in October […]

Gogo Penguin – v2.0
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Signed to Matthew Halsall’s Gondwana Records and championed by DJs from Mike Chadwick to Gilles Peterson and Jamie Cullum GoGo Penguin’s skittering break-beats, telepathic interplay and a penchant for anthemic melody all contribute to a sound that’s w…

Gogo Penguin – v2.0
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Image: 1592045 “V2.0” heißt das neue Album, mit dem sich GoGo Penguin im Jahr 2014 auf Matthew Halsalls Label Gondwana Records zurückmelden. Die treibenden, intelligent verschachtelten Breakbeats, gepaart mit eingängigen Melodien, basierend auf einer bandinternen Chemie, die fast schon an Telepathie grenzt – das sind die Gründe, weshalb der Name GoGo Penguin längst für einen vollkommen eigenen, unvergleichlichen Sound steht. Chris Illingworth, dessen Wurzeln in der klassischen Musik liegen, schlägt auch mal sehnsüchtige Töne auf seinem Klavier an, während Bassist Nick Blacka und Schlagzeuger Rob Turner darunter ein Fundament ausbreiten, das ganz klar aus Dance- und Electronica-Elementen gespeist ist – und mit jedem neuen Track unerwartete Energien freisetzt.

“Eingängige Riffs und dahinjagende Beats – damit bricht dieses Klaviertrio in die Zukunft auf.” – Jazzwise
“Obwohl das Fundament ganz klar der Jazz ist, bewegt sich diese Band im selben Spektrum, in dem man sonst Radiohead, Portishead oder Massive Attack antrifft.” – STV Entertainment
“Es liegt auf der Hand, weshalb die Club-DJs von Manchester voll auf diese Band abgehen.” – The Guardian Available from 19.09.2014

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist – Renegades Of Rhythm (Exklusive Tour Book
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Image: 1592426 Available in a limited edition of 2500 copies! Hand silk-screened cover w/ art by Paul Insect! 80 full-color perfect bound pages!

To commemorate Cut Chemist & DJ Shadows Renegades Of Rhythm tour Boo Hooray has prepared this limited edition tour book. Inside you’ll find exclusive texts by DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and Afrika Bambaataa detailing the history of the Zulu Nation, the history of Hip Hop DJ-ing and Bambaataa as well.

Included are full color reproductions of numerous original records, test pressing and acetates from Afrika Bambaataa’s collection. As DJ Shadow says of the records used on the tour and featured in the book, “They’re his records, with his blessings. this isn’t just ANY copy of ‘X’ breakbeat, it’s THE copy, THE copy that started everything.”

Also included are full color images of dozens of funky-fresh, original Bambaataa hip hop flyers (examples below), rare drawings, rare photographs and more including lists of Bambaataa’s favorite breaks.

Available from 19.09.2014

Fools Gold Records – Pres. Pyrite Breaks (Serato Pic. Disc)
Friday, August 29th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Fools Gold Records – Pres. Pyrite Breaks (Serato Pic. Disc)

Fool’s Gold sent fans into a frenzy when they dropped their first Serato pressing in 2011, the long sold-out 4 Deep translucent gold vinyl set. DJs and collectors worldwide have been clamoring for a sequel, and it’s finally here in the form of Pyrite …

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