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Carlos Ramos Y Su Orquesta Fuego – Candelo / Lightning & Flash
Friday, September 19th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Carlos Ramos Y Su Orquesta Fuego – Candelo / Lightning & Flash

Image: 1592118 Carlos Ramos y Su Orquesta Fuego’s LP “Tecato” was to be the soundtrack to a never-released movie of the same name. Tecato–slang for a heroin addict–speaks to the emerging madness that was beginning to bubble in the streets of Nueva York as the economic and social decay that would give birth to Hip-Hop in a few years began its reign.

The record embodies the mixture of chaos and beauty that was experienced in the streets as first generation Nuyoricans were merging the rhythms and realities of their Island-born parents with the energy and sounds of New York City. The music of this spectacular soundtrack, which was recorded in one take, mixes Guaguanco, Soul, Psychedelic Rock and Santeria.

Imagine standing on the corner of 116th and Lexington in the middle of July, while from every window there is a different sound blasting. That is what Carlos Ramos y su Orquesta Fuego sounds and feels like.

Sociedad Records is honored to release “Candelo” and “Lightning & Flash” from this incredible LP as its inaugural release. Remastered and released as a double-sided single for the first time, these two diverse & heavy sounds are an automatic collector’s piece.

Manufactured & Distributed by Names You Can Trust.

1. Candelo
2. Lightning & Flash Available from 05.09.2014

La Mecanica Popular – La Mecanica Popular
Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on La Mecanica Popular – La Mecanica Popular

Image: 1585931 On the heels of a steady rising, break out year in New York City, which has seen La Mecanica Popular perform & refine their “Psychedelic Salsa” sound in numerous venues throughout the area, as well as advance to become one of just 3 national finalists Dewar’s “Dewaristas: The Search for the Next Great Latin Sound,” Names You Can Trust presents their debut long-player to a worldwide audience for the first time. Led off by the lead single and official video which dropped earlier in the year on NYCT, La Paz Del Freak, the album weaves it’s way around the traditional stylings of Salsa & Bolero, with a heavy dose of electrico, incorporating a blend of Peruvian guitars & experimental synths, sounds and textures. They’ve been praised for their live performances and recordings alike, receiving endorsments and spins from notables such as Juanes, Quantic, Gilles Peterson & Bobbito to name a few.

The 9-track album of original compositions was recorded between NYC & Peru, written by band-leader Efrain Rozas and co-produced alongside Xuxi Lazzaro (Rita Indiana) & Manuel Garcia Orozco. Feautring a melting pot ofmusicians from New York, Colombia, Peru & Venezuela, as well as the core 8-piece ensemble that performs live, this debut album serves as a welcome connection between the roots, rhythms, and future possibilities of Tropical music and culture.

“La Mecanica Popular is the most refreshing attempt at maintaining Salsa’s integrity while introducing a completely new, unprecedented sound that I’ve ever heard. I totally see them being HUGE!” (Bobbito Garcia)
“Love it. Heavy vibes on this one! Sounds like Dax Pacem live in Peru on Ayahuasca.” (Quantic)
“Storming debut release from La Mec?nica Popular on NYCT – dancefloor-burning guaguanco meets tripped-out electronics for some cosmic salsa vibes, definitely one for the box!” (Hugo Mendez)


1. La Paz Del Freak
2. Ella Le Decia
3. Guajiro
4. Se Que Me Olvidaste
5. Arbol
6. Muy Distinto
7. Milagro
8. La Tragaespadas
9. Se Que Me Olvidaste (Alternate Version) Available from 24.01.2014

Casbah73 – Stop Where You’re Standing
Thursday, July 11th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Casbah73 – Stop Where You’re Standing

Image: 1582146 After his previous dancefloor corkers on Lovemonk and Kat records, Casbah 73 returns to the fray with four more servings of deep & funky boogie-house. “If You’re Leaving Part 1 & 2” starts off as a spacey downtempo delight, only to shift gears and morph towards that sweaty, intense area of the club where dislocated bodies rub up against each other and one-night stands are born. The powerful and stripped back house of “Too Cool To Be Careless” keeps it funky, raw and, yes, cool, just below the 120 bpm, while the irresistible “All Night Long” is meant for exactly that: grooving to that ultrafunkular bass line until dawn, and closing track “I Want A Lot” adds some tasty disco to the equation to keep that fire burning!

Casbah 73 has had a busy year, whether it’s delivering intense Detroit-influenced jams & twisted house originals or releasing some essential edits, stripping and rebuilding those disco & jazz bombs for dancefloor duties to great effect. His joints have been supported by names you can trust like Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Danny Krivit or Belle And Sebastian’s Chris Geddes.


1. All Night Long
2. I Want A Lot
3. If You’re Leaving Part 1 & 2
4. Too Cool To Be Careless

Available from 21.06.2013

La Mecanica Popular – La Paz Del Freak
Friday, June 7th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on La Mecanica Popular – La Paz Del Freak

A mixture of Peruvian, Colombian and New York musicians, La Mecanica Popular is part of the new wave of tropical music. Steeped in the roots of 1970’s era salsa dura and heavily influenced by the psychedelic experimental sounds of Peru, the band’s fir…

Joao Donato e Donatinho – Lei Do Amor / Surreal
Thursday, September 21st, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Joao Donato e Donatinho – Lei Do Amor / Surreal

Image: 1612070 Names You Can Trust teams up with spacey synth wiz Donatinho and his father, the legendary João Donato, to release an exclusive 7-inch single from the duo’s fantastic new album, Sintetizamor. While the full-length is only available in Brazil, this crisp single, mastered especially for vinyl, will be reaching stores in the US and around the world this summer.

Included are two cuts that set modern boogie funk fans alight when they leaked out online: “Lei Do Amor,” with a sophisticated slinky groove that brings to mind a Brazilian Kashif, and the talkbox feature “Surreal,” a knowing nod to Herbie Hancock’s classic “I Thought It Was You” with all the hip touches the Rio de Janerio Donato duo do so effortlessly.

The single comes housed in a custom screened NYCT company sleeve with a full color postcard reproduction of the album cover art, a spectacular image crafted by Allan Jefferson of D.C. Comics.

1 Lei Do Amor
2 Surreal Available from 13.10.2017

Combo Chimbita – Abya Yala
Thursday, July 27th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Combo Chimbita – Abya Yala

Image: 1611154
Rooted in Colombia and based in New York, Combo Chimbita lives in
the future. Powerhouse vocalist Carolina Oliveros, synth and bassist
Prince of Queens, guitarist Niño Lento, and drummer Dilemastronauta
began experimenting with different traditional musical styles during late-
night residencies at Barbès in Brooklyn. Exploring Afro-Caribbean styles
through improvisational long-form trips, Combo Chimbita came together
as a four-piece band after they started encouraging more vocals by
Oliveros, who tightens the rhythm with her guacharaca. “Her voice is so
powerful that it leads us in that direction,” says Prince of Queens.
The band draws on “traditional music from everywhere: Panama,
Caribbean, Colombia, tamboritos, ‘70s funaná from Cape Verde,
kompa from Haiti, cumbia, dub and reggae from Jamaica. We try to
incorporate it in a way that if feels ours, so you hear these influences
there but they come from our background, and our background is heavy
rock, psychedelic funk and soul,” says guitarist Niño Lento. As Prince of
Queens puts it: “Combo Chimbita is like a comeback to that raw punk
energy, back to where it all started for me. But then obviously with the
elements that we’ve grown to love and appreciate: the African diaspora
and Caribbean and South America.”

• Album premiere on The FADER & press includes Afropop, Sounds & Colours, Time Out, Remezcla, Univision, WFMU
• First edition vinyl limited to 500 copies worldwide
• Band members also part of M.A.K.U Soundsystem, Bulla en el Barrio & Names You Can Trust releases
• Artwork & videos by Colombian artists Goske Rojo & Hugo Oro
• Numerous shows & residencies around NYC
• “No Regreso” mixed by Beyoncé engineer Stuart White

1. Dame tu Mano
2. No Regreso
3. Pachanga
4. Cachimba
5. Ampárame
6. La Raiz
7. Congo
8. Luz Available from 13.10.2017

Combo Chimbita – El Corredor Del Jaguar
Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Combo Chimbita – El Corredor Del Jaguar

After a highly-regarded debut single on Names You Can Trust back in 2014, Combo Chimbita returns, expanded and transformed into one of the most original and wild ensembles currently cutting their teeth in the New York City live arena. Their latest 4-t…

Extra Classic – In This Life
Thursday, September 29th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Extra Classic – In This Life

Image: 1606665 Based out of San Francisco, Extra Classic is a unique live band formed with a keen appreciation of vintage reggae & vintage sounds. The aesthetic, and certainly the skilled method of their production, is an ode to the art of that classic style as referenced to the term coined by the Cool Ruler himself. Recording in their own studio, Nopal Recording, the band employs a taster’s choice of analog equipment and is devotedly tracked, spliced and mixed in-house direct to tape. However, as the group’s name itself implies, there is a dose of something extra and new in this swirling mixture of space echo, heavy phase, and emotive, psychedelic California-soul.

Built upon the rock of an early-era dancehall swing, their first single in conjunction with Brooklyn-based imprint Names You Can Trust entitled In This Life, is a perfect slice of lover’s rock gone sideways, a decidedly left-coast piece of roots and bliss driven by Adrianne deLanda’s lovely lead vocals and the steady, dusty echoes of the locked in players. Presented in the traditional format with a version as per NYCT fashion, the dub mix incorporates a soothing dose of synare beams and underwater instrumental dreams.

1 In This Life
2 In This Life (Version) Available from 07.10.2016

Agrupacion Ilegal Los Imparciales – Ni chicha ni limonada
Friday, June 17th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Agrupacion Ilegal Los Imparciales – Ni chicha ni limonada

Image: 1604690 Born in 2012 on the west side of Buenos Aires, Agrupación Ilegal Los Imparciales is a mix of traditional cumbia, Peruvian chicha and instrumental psychedelia. A full live act and often transcendental experience, the group utilizes the classic instrumentation of electric bass, electric guitar, farfisa organ and percussion – an homage to older times, without the crutch of electronic sounds and samples. It’s a new generation of young and accomplished musicians bringing forward the sounds of a lost era and aesthetic, so relevant in today’s modern music landscape. Already with two studio albums under their belt and a third on its way, it’s high time the group is poised for a worldwide release sampler at the hands of Names You Can Trust.

1 Ni chicha ni limonada
2 Cumbia con sabor Available from 08.07.2016

Jagger Botchway Group – Odze Odze
Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Jagger Botchway Group – Odze Odze

Image: 1602503 Jagger Botchway ist bekannt durch seine Arbeit mit Hedzoleh Soundz und Hugh Masekela. Jagger war auch die treibende Kraft hinter dem Afro-Funk Meisterwerk “Moving World” von der Kelenkye Band aus Ghana. Jagger ging nach der Veröffentlichung mit einer Reihe von Musikern aus verschiedenen Abschnitten seiner Karriere wieder ins Studio und nahm dieses einzigartige Album mit Soca- und Highlife-Songs auf. Entstanden ist ein gelungener Mix aus Percussion, Highlife-Gitarren, futuristischen Keyboard-Sounds und afrikanischen Gesängen. Mit Hilfe der originalen Multitracks ließen Cultures Of Souls Deano Sounds und Jagger zusätzlich die besten Produzenten und Remixer der heutigen Zeit neue Mixe entwerfen. Mit dabei sind Künstler wie Africaine 808 aus Berlin, Ruf Dug aus Manchester, Alma Negra aus der Schweiz und Names You Can Trust aus New York. Available from 25.03.2016

Carmelo Torres y Los Toscos – El Chacho
Thursday, January 21st, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Carmelo Torres y Los Toscos – El Chacho

Image: 1601788 Names You Can Trust presents the debut release from Carmelo Torres y Los Toscos. Featuring acclaimed accordionist Torres, the greatest living representative of the San Jacinto accordion-led cumbia style he inherited from his teacher, the legendary Andres Landero, these recordings are the quintessential bridge between the old and new generations of Colombian musicians. Backed up by Los Toscos, a new ensemble comprised of some of Bogota’s finest musicians including NYCT alumni Mario Galeano on guacharaca (Frente Cumbiero) & Pedro Ojedo on drums (Romperayo), the resulting connection is a yet unheard of concoction of Colombian roots and Garage Fuzz. Torres’ expertise on the accordion glides over the high octane rhythm section, employing electric guitars and bugged out synthesized squelches that transform the A-Side original El Chacho into a wild vallenato gone psychedelic improvisation, while the B-Side version of the classic La Camisola is morphed into an epic uptempo proto-punk/garage rock re-imagination. With the vinyl version housed in a beautifully designed doubled sided deluxe folder from renowned artista Bogotano Mateo Rivano, it’s another glimpse into the burgeoning scene of Colombia’s capital.

1 El Chacho
2 La Camisola
3 Mi Machete Available from 29.01.2016

Miguelito Superstar – Superficial Dubs
Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Miguelito Superstar – Superficial Dubs

Image: 1600711 Veteran recording engineer & producer Miguelito Superstar of Nación Funk Studios and Los Fulanos stuck around behind the boards after recording Fundación Tony Morero’s “Superficial” LP to assemble a selection of outta sight disco dub versions exclusively for Names You Can Trust The results are in the tradition of Imagination’s Night Dubbing and in line with the dance-floor sensibilities of Francois K’s early 80s B-sides, a selector’s choice of extended boogie bangers connecting the dots between New York City, Barcelona & the Balearic Islands.

1 Un Domingo Dub
2 Dub Piernas
3 Lo Haces Tan Dub Available from 27.11.2015

Alex Mendoza y sus Poetas del Ritmo – ¡Cumbéalo!
Thursday, June 11th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Alex Mendoza y sus Poetas del Ritmo – ¡Cumbéalo!

Image: 1597745 The Poets of Rhythm have a legendary track record in modern music. Recording under multiple aliases and a revolving-door membership list, the German group were pioneers in the revival of gritty funk and soul music, bursting on the scene in the 1990s championing a raw recording style that directly influenced Daptone, Quantic and others. Never a group to be pegged into one particular style, the Poets have successfully taken that ultra gritty realism into styles of West African Funk, Ethiopian Groove, and now, for the first time on record, courtesy of Names You Can Trust, Afro-Peruvian Cumbia. Led by drummer / multi-instrumentalist Max Weissenfeldt and Peruvian guitarist Alex Mendoza, this new iteration of the Poets blitzes its way through two original takes on cumbia. Alex Mendoza’s quintessentially Peruvian style psychedelic guitar licks lay a sabor never heard before onto Max’s typically raw and funky percussion style. ¡Viva la Poetas del Ritmo!

1. ¡Cumbéalo!
2. Bu-Gu-Luz Available from 10.07.2015

Romperayo – El Busetero Buscapleitos / Que Viva La Vida Y Que
Thursday, April 16th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Romperayo – El Busetero Buscapleitos / Que Viva La Vida Y Que

Image: 1596614 Names You Can Trust presents the debut vinyl release from Romperayo, a new band led by drummer Pedro Ojeda (Los Pirañas, Frente Cumbiero, Ondatrópica). Further expanding the burgeoning live music scene of Bogota, Colombia and featuring many of the same talented family of musicians, Romperayo similarly takes its musical cues from Colombia’s rich musical history. These recordings dive deep into the country’s coastal traditions with a unique present day twist via the inspired percussion of bandleader Ojeda, a melting pot of rhythms played with his own manic flare and style.

El Busetero Buscapleitos is deeply inspired by the rhythms and textures that made their way through the Caribbean and into the local picos (sound systems). A nod to musical outfits of the 1970’s such as Wganda Kenya & Son Palenque, the song is a mixture of styles from West Africa, Trinidad and Haiti married with popular Colombian rhythms of the Caribbean coast like cumbia and chande.

Que Viva La Vida y Que Muera La Muerte derives from the other coastal region of Colombia, the Pacific. Inspired by the Afro-Colombian form curralao, traditionally played with wooden drums, shakers & a marimba, it is here updated and electrified in a stripped down tribute to the grand orchestra of Peregoyo y su Combo.

1. El Busetero Buscapleitos
2. Que Viva La Vida Y Que Muera La Muerte Available from 01.05.2015

NY Hustlers – Money Kill The Truth
Saturday, January 31st, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on NY Hustlers – Money Kill The Truth

Image: 1595089 Names You Can Trust presents the debut release from the NY Hustlers, a new studio project from the label’s home base, featuring the producers and players from Greenwood Rhythm Coalition & Midnight Lab Band. For their first effort, the band pays homage to the deep influence of classic New York City dance music, expanding on a rich palette of timeless, uptempo grooves with a layer of left-field samples and live instrumentation.

1. Money Kill The Trut
2. Fly Island 78
3. Fly Island 85 Available from 03.04.2015

Ticklah – Ya Llegó
Thursday, October 16th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Ticklah – Ya Llegó

Image: 1593306 Ticklah arrives with his first official maxi-single for Names You Can Trust, featuring his long-anticipated reinterpretation of Willie Colón & Hector Lavoe’s Nuyorican classic El Dia De Suerte. With countless musical endeavors under his belt, plus founding duties in the Dap-Kings, Antibalas and the Easy Star All-Stars, Ticklah, aka Victor Axelrod, remains a serious force in the studio as exhibited in his methodical deconstruction of these seminal New York City Latin anthems. Reworked entirely from the ground up with a precise and soulful approach to foundation reggae roots and dub, Ticklah’s extended take on El Dia De Suerte stretches out into new territory, yet remains faithful to the original’s timeless message via Mayra Vega’s stunning vocals. Rounding out the package are Ticklah’s renditions of Eddie Palmieri’s Mi Sonsito and Si Hecho Palante from his 2007 album on Easy Star, already deemed dancefloor essentials by soulful DJs worldwide, remastered and now available on vinyl for the first time. It’s arrived!

1. El Dia De Suerte (Vocal) [feat. Mayra Vega]
2. El Dia De Suerte (Dub
3. Mi Sonsito (feat. Mayra Vega)
4. Si Hecho Palante (feat. Mayra Vega) Available from 21.11.2014

Meridian Brothers – Lamento Calavera / El Faraon Miente
Friday, July 4th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Meridian Brothers – Lamento Calavera / El Faraon Miente

Image: 1589953 Bogota’s Meridian Brothers return to Names You Can Trust with a brand-new double-sided single. Having made their mark on the local scene in Colombia for over a decade, the last few years have brought Eblis Álvarez and his strange brew of tropical rhythms, wonderfully outrageous electronic sounds and unique, playful vocal style into the consciousness of a world wide audience. Building on the success of their previous album ‘Deseperanza’ as well as the upcoming ‘Salvadora Robot’ (both out via Soundway Records), Álvarez has concocted two new gems exclusively for this NYCT release.

Recorded inside Álvarez’s Isaac Newton Studios, these quirky yet seductive experiments in cumbia are further proof that Meridian Brothers and their rare style are unmatched in the modern landscape. Lamento Calavera, a mostly instrumental, electronic beat and synthesizer infused study on cumbion (fast cumbia) builds at a frenetic pace until the choir (as done by Los Maravillosos) resets. El Faraón Miente, a jazzy mid-tempo cumbia, rides along effortlessly with its carousel-like melody and bubbling Peruvian-influenced guitar riffs. With a cover illustration by Álvarez himself, this is another automatic collector’s piece from Meridian Brothers and Names You Can Trust.


1. Lamento Calavera ft. Los Maravillosos
2. El Faraon Miente Available from 13.06.2014

Bixiga 70 – Ocupai / Kalimba
Friday, May 16th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Bixiga 70 – Ocupai / Kalimba

Image: 1589102 Following up their critically acclaimed 2011 debut, Brazil’s Bixiga 70 arrives on Names You Can Trust with a smoking lead single from their forthcoming sophomore album (to be released on Mais Um Discos). Recorded and produced in their hometown of São Paulo by the 10-piece orchestra and mixed by ex-Brooklynite and modern roots guru Victor Rice, Ocupai is a perfect example of Bixiga’s brutal and hard-hitting approach to Afro-Brazilian Funk. A gritty, original slice of b-boy heaven, the opening drum break, fiery brass and heavy cowbell-led percussion of Ocupai bring to mind It’s Just Begun by way of Brazil! Kalimba sprinkles seductive Afro-Caribbean Soul into the stew, a pure warm weather stunner that’ll have you moving and grooving from São Paulo to Trinidad and back again.


1. Ocupai
2. Kalimba Available from 25.04.2014

Various – Puro Show
Friday, May 2nd, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Various – Puro Show

The latest in Names You Can Trust’s series of tropical 45s is a sublime Dub Cumbia from El Combo Chimbita, an offshoot of the fast-rising MAKU Soundsystem. MAKU and El Combo Chimbita are comprised of young first-generation New Yorkers from Colombia, a…

Brukky – Why Yu Nuh
Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Brukky – Why Yu Nuh

Image: 1585325 Pure ’80s dancehall niceness from Names You Can Trust! Your ears may tell you this is a vintage Jammy’s release or a lost Barry Brown classic, but this irresistible bubbler comes straight from the hotbed of Brooklyn’s roots scene, with production by Victor “Ticklah” Axelrod and vocals by the honey-voiced Brukky, taking time off from his main job as lead singer of Rock Steady revivalists the Frightnrs. An effervescent dub version, eye-grabbing labels and a custom-printed paper sleeve complete another essential release in the NYCT catalog.


1. Why Yu Nuh
2. Why Yu Nuh (Version) Available from 25.10.2013

LascaMao – Rufar Dos Tamborins
Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on LascaMao – Rufar Dos Tamborins

Image: 1582312 Names You Can Trust presents the International debut release of the Brazilian percussion ensemble LascaMão. Comprised of eight members including one of the true masters of Brazilian percussion, Robertinho Silva, the sound of the group is the fruit of several years researching the different rhythms and interactions of Brazil’s rich musical influences. The result is a modern & heavy mix of Afro-Brazilian traditions created specifically for the dance, an invitation for your feet to travel throughout the sound of the drums and the texture of the voices. This sure-fire single lets the rhythms breath in full on both tracks, lead by the seductive timbre of the cuíca on Rufar dos Tamborins, and the bubbling intensity of the vocal chants on Caminho de Minas. Another worthy and staple piece in your traveling record box from NYCT.

“LascaM?o, the new percussion project from the legendary Robertinho Silva, one of Brazil’s greatest drummers, is a firestorm of beats and rhythms, matched up with great chanted hooks. This promises to be big!” (Greg Caz)

“LascaM?o brings traditional Batucada Samba school drums to its peak, adding a solid modern/avant garde edge, ultimate DJ material for dance floors worldwide” (Gregoire de Villanova)


1. Rufar Dos Tamborins
2. Caminho De Minas Available from 09.08.2013

Quitapenas – Ya Veran
Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Quitapenas – Ya Veran

Head an hour east of Los Angeles and you’ll find yourself in the Inland Empire of San Bernardino / Riverside, where a thriving Latinx DIY music and art scene is on display to a melting pot community and audience. It is out of this grassroots local sce…

Malphino – Lalango
Thursday, July 28th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Malphino – Lalango

Malphino is a mysterious band from an imaginative tropical island of the same name that plays cumbia and a heady mix of exotic sounds. Their music serves as a cinematic score to the backdrop of this mystical isle and its ethos.The musicians of Malphin…

Rolando Bruno y Su Orquesta Midi – Supermercado Chino / Marionetas
Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Rolando Bruno y Su Orquesta Midi – Supermercado Chino / Marionetas

Guitarist Rolando Bruno hails from Buenos Aires and got his start playing a raw brand of Garage and Punk with his band Los Peyotes. A few years back he took a step into the not-so-distant world of Afro-Peruvian Psicodelico that’s had a recent renaissa…

Nobody pres. Blank Blue
Monday, May 5th, 2008 | Tags: , , ,
Posted in Features, Magazine | Comments Off on Nobody pres. Blank Blue

Elvin Estela, aka Nobody, met Niki Randa at Fingerprints, an indie record store in Long Beach, California, where they have worked together since 2001. Estela was mulling over ideas for a sequel to “Pacific Drift”, his 2003 release on Ubiquity, and realized that the album he wanted to make needed only one vocalist.

C/O POP – music business meet up in Cologne in August 2004 …
Wednesday, July 7th, 2004 | Posted in News | Comments Off on C/O POP – music business meet up in Cologne in August 2004 …


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