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Jacques Renault
Thursday, May 11th, 2017 | Tags: , , , ,
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Jacques is a DJ and producer from the Washington, D.C. are​a​ who lives and works in Brooklyn. He runs Let’s Play House, a roving house, disco, and techno party as well as a​n imprint​ of the same persuasion, with friend and partner, Nik Mercer. He owns three plants, a rotary mixer, thousands of records, and […]

Staff Charts 2007
Monday, December 17th, 2007 | Tags: ,
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It’s no big secret that 2007 was another shocker for our beloved industry. You probably heard about it in the news. Artists were so broke they had to start to work at McDonalds. Record labels went out of business. Distribution companies had to close their doors. And almost every music industry jibb-jabb complained about disastrous records sales, the fucking internet and all these god damned kids who don’t want to spend their money for music anymore.

But you know what? That’s only one side of the coin. The other truth is that 2007 was a freaking great year for new refreshing music. One more reason to ask around again what Groove Attack‘s employees have been listening to during the past twelve months.

On this occasion the entire Groove Attack family would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year. Enjoy your holidays. And buy more records in 2008 …

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