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Goodnight Cody – Wide As The Moonlight, Warm As The Sun
Saturday, May 7th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Goodnight Cody – Wide As The Moonlight, Warm As The Sun

Image: 1604052 Set sail onto a cartoon ocean on a quest to an imaginary world in
Wide as the Moonlight, Warm as the Sun. A perfect fit for Daedelus’
label Magical Properties, the new album by Goodnight Cody (of
Team Supreme) is an experience of powerful imagery and pure
poetic whimsy.
Synthesized vocals, colorful toy beats, and charmingly playful
dreamscapes create a captivating story of adventure. Every track is
like a different land – or level – with all the twists, turns, and emotions
that define the hero’s journey: uncertainty, excitement, loneliness,
romance, melancholy and victory.
Pack your bags for “Travel Alone,” which flips from slow and
ponderous to funky and frenetic and back again – infused throughout
with stars, so shiny and bright. “Paper Boat” launches into easy pink
waves, under a glowing green sky and butter moon.
With a childlike sense of wonder, “I Met a Whale” sways side to side
in the deep blue sea – inspiring kisses, songs and smiles. “A Walk
Through the Trees” pauses in the fresh feel of new love, and “Almost
Forgot” expands with rising energy into the sunset.
Absorbing and pleasantly unreal, Wide as the Moonlight, Warm as
the Sun is a sonic kaleidoscope that ignites the imagination and
makes music into a game.

1. Wide as the Moonlight
2. Travel Alone
3. Farewell Young Friend
4. Paper Boat
5. I Met a Whale
6. One Fading Wish
7. Alone on this Island
8. Starry Skies
9. A Walk Through the Trees
10. Heavenly Voice
11. Wonderful Dream
12. The Way
13. Reflection Pool
14. Warm as the Sun
15. Almost Forgot
16. June Bugs Available from 03.06.2016

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