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The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Shana Halligan will release her second album
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Most well known as the lead singer/songwriter of pop group Bitter:Sweet, Shana Halligan stepped out on her own a few years ago. With more than 300,000 albums sold and 70+ album credits to her name, her music has been placed in a wide variety of films and TV shows including Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’ trailer, […]

Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express – Live In Los Angeles (Ft. Alex Ligertwood)
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Image: 1598745 Nachdem das Londoner Label Freestyle Recods schon mit “Back To The Beginning: The Brian Auger Anthology” dem englischen Meister der Tasten seinen Tribut erbracht hat, veröffenticht es nun “Live In Los Angeles” von Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express feat. Alex Ligertwood. Das Album beginnt mit einer einzigartigen Version von “Freedom Jazz Dance” und beinhaltet so großartige Tracks wie “Happiness Is Just Around The Bend”, “Inner City Blues” und viele andere Klassiker. Available from 30.10.2015

Brand new album by Los Angeles based DJ/Producer DFALT on Plug Research Records
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Dfalt’s tracks are a needle dropping on the wrist; it’s not about the beat, it’s about the pulse. Voices are pitched down, not quite human, colored with underlying tension. The wavelength is warped, staggering, snaking through the ether. Stepping into his world can be disorienting, uneasy, somewhere between a first kiss and a first fight. […]

Gaslamp Killer – The Gaslamp Killer Experience Live In Los Angeles
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Image: 1596674 The Gaslamp Killer announces The Gaslamp Killer
Experience: Live In Los Angeles, a new album recorded
live in one final take. The recording of the sold out
performance took place on November 7th at the Mayan
Theatre, just after The Gaslamp Killer’s near death
accident and against the advisement of his doctor, friends
and family.

The Gaslamp Killer curated a 15-piece band of incredibly
talented Los Angeles-based musicians including Amir
Yaghmai of Jogger on guitar, Kamasi Washington from
The Next Step on saxophone, one of LA’s most sought
after musicians, Gene Coye, at the drums and trumpet
player Todd Simon, founder of The Angel City All-Star
Brass Band. The recording captures the collaborative
performance in which The Gaslamp Killer acted as a
modern age conductor, using his iPad to interact wirelessly
with the band.

1. Intro
2. Veins
3. Apparitions
4. Nissim
5. Shattering Inner Journeys
6. Veins (Reprise)
7. In the Dark
8. Keep It Simple Stupid Available from 15.05.2015

Various – Linear Labs: Los Angeles
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Image: 1596105 Featuring songs from upcoming releases produced
by Younge, including 12 Reasons To Die II (with
Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & RZA), Something
About April II, and The Midnight Hour (with Ali Shaheed
Muhammad), alongside Younge catalog classics
dating back to 2000. LP format features bonus
track: “Sirens II,” from upcoming Bilal album.

In less than a year’s time, Adrian Younge’s Linear Labs imprint has made a very firm impression on fans of forward-thinking,
analog-based music from multiple genres. One notable fan, among many, is DJ Premier, who produced his late 2014 PRhyme
album exclusively using samples drawn from Younge’s catalog.
To give fans a chance to revel in Younge’s range and – just as importantly – give followers a sneak-peek at four impressive 2015
albums already slated for release, Younge is proud to release the compilation album, Los Angeles.
On Los Angeles, many hip-hop fanatics will impatiently skip forward to the graceful, galloping and appropriately dramatic “Return
Of The Savage,” from the upcoming Younge-helmed 12 Reasons To Die II. The song features Ghostface Killah alongside Raekwon
and RZA. But track-skippers will soon head back to the album’s opener: the dusky, Baroque soul of “Memories Of War,” from the
upcoming Something About April II, with vocals by Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier. Also on the upcoming tip: a track from the Adrian
Younge / Ali Shaheed Muhammad concept album The Midnight Hour, entitled “Feel Alive,” with silky vocals by Karolina, alongside
longtime Younge collaborator Loren Oden.

Other highlights amongst the album’s ten tracks include:
· “1969 Organ” – From Adrian Younge’s first release, 2000’s Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn
· “Panic (Ali Shaheed Muhammad Remix)” – From the 2014 Souls of Mischief / Ali Shaheed
Muhammad album, There Is Only Now Remix
· “The Sure Shot Parts 1 & 2” – An instrumental originally rhymed over by the inimitable
Ghostface Killah, on 2013’s 12 Reasons To Die
· “To Be Your One” – Taken from 2013’s Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics
· “Chicago Wind” – From the 2009 album, Original Score To The Motion Picture: Black Dynamite

1. Memories Of War
(feat. Laetitia Sadier)
2. Sirens II (feat. Bilal)
3. 1969 Organ
4. Feel Alive
(feat. Karolina & Loren Oden)
5. The Sure Shot Parts 1 & 2
6. The Last Act
(feat. Souls Of Mischief)

7. Turn Down The Sound
(feat. Loren Oden)
8. Return Of The Savage
(feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, & RZA)
9. Chicago Wind (feat. Toni Scruggs)
10. To Be Your One
(feat. William Hart & Loren Oden)
11. Panic (Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Remix) (feat. Souls Of Mischief) Available from 08.05.2015

Los Angeles rapper Jonwayne is set to release his official debut album “Rap Album One” on Stones Throw
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In around 2008, Jonathan Wayne entered the Los Angeles music scene by way of the scene-defining club Low End Th­eory. He came up alongside a new generation of hip-hop beatmakers: Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj ­Thing, Kutmah, and Daedelus. Fresh out of high school, Jonwayne jumped in with homemade rap mixtapes and immersed himself in […]

First self-titled album from Los Angeles based duo Boardwalk
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Summer of 2012 Boardwalk duo Mike Edge and Amber Quintero were introduced by mutual friends in Los Angeles. Although both were involved in different musical projects (Mike contributing his musical and production know-how, Amber contributing her vocal ability), an undeniable creative chemistry made itself present between the two within a short time of introduction. This […]

Various – Dublab – Light From Los Angeles
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Image: 1579435 Described as, “a document of vibrant creativity from an inspiring city,” Light from Los Angeles is an audio/video project curated by Dublab.

The Light from Los Angeles songs and films are available to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial copyright license, allowing for open, not-for-profit distribution and repurposing of the material.

Preview the film: Light from Los Angeles –

1. Mezame – Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood Ferguson
2. Estara – Yuk & Teebs
3. Coasts – Suzanne Kraft & Brogan Bentley
4. Beautiful Venice Day – Farmer Dave Scher
5. 627 – ESP
6. Breakwater – Dntel
7. What We See – Julia Holter & Nite Jewel
8. Bus Ride – Ras G
9. Giant Slice – Butchy Fuego
10. Eye Light – Onkyovizion
11. Evening Meditations – Sun Araw
12. In Search of Summer (So Swesey Mix) – Languis
13. KCRW Supporters – Lucky Dragons
14. All This Time – Sweatson Klank
15. Your Own Backyard – The Long Lost Available from 08.03.2013

Brand new all-instrumental album by Los Angeles based funk band Orgone …
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Orgone dropped “Cali Fever”, their second album for Ubiquity earlier this year. They have also played a ton of dates including Jazz Fest, the High Sierra Festival, been touring with the Roots, and Greyboy Allstars, and opening for bands as varied as Snoop Dogg, Sharon Jones and Gil Scott-Heron. With new management pushing Orgone out […]

Beautiful folk album from Chris And Thomas out of Los Angeles …
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With sounds gathered from the landscapes of the American southwest, the music of Chris And Thomas could just as easily find its home in the rainy hills of the early 1970’s English countryside. In 2003 Chris and Thomas moved to Los Angeles where they began writing their songs together debuting on November 18, 2003 at […]

Transcontinental collabo album by Brooklyn’s Sene and Los Angeles’ Blu …
Friday, October 9th, 2009 | Tags: , ,
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Brooklyn’s Sene and Los Angeles’ Blu (of Blu and Exile fame) have collaborated for a true transcontinental classic “A Day Late & A Dollar Short”. Sene’s lyrics and east coast swagger delivery compliments the melodic musical backdrop that Blu produces. In a time where albums are released like fast food, Sene and Blu took their […]

DJ Revolution of Los Angeles’ infamous “Wake Up Show” showcases the brightest artists in hip hop today …
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DJ Revolution of Los Angeles’ infamous “Wake Up Show” showcases the brightest artists in hip hop today. His new album “King Of The Decks” features KRS One, Boot Camp Clik, Guilty Simpson, Dilated Peoples, Royce Da 5’9, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, DJ Q-Bert and many others. DJ Revolution has spent 15 years perfecting his craft […]

BLU from Los Angeles is the new MC to watch out for …
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Hip Hop

The Los-Angeles-based band ORGONE with their hot debut album …
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Paul Bley Trio – Closer
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Image: 1611979 Undisputed ESP-Disk classic back in print!

Track Listing:
Side A
1. Ida Lupino 2:55
2. Start 2:21
3. Closer 3:28
4. Sideways in Mexico 2:56
5. Batterie 3:17
Side B
1. And Now the Queen 2:17
2. Figfoot 3:23
3. Crossroads 2:31
4. Violin 2:57
5. Cartoon 2:16

Paul Bley, piano, Steve Swallow, bass, Barry Altschul, percussion

When Oscar Peterson moved from Montreal to New York in 1949, then-17-year-old Bley took over Peterson’s residency at the
Alberta Lounge on Oscar’s recommendation, in his twenties, Bley played with Charlie Parker. Bley incorporated maverick
pianist Lennie Tristano’s approach to improvisation and collaborated with Charles Mingus, and in 1958 in Los Angeles
famously put together a band with Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, and Billy Higgins. His move into free
improvisation in the groundbreaking Jimmy Giuffre 3 brought him acclaim. After moving to New York, he was one of the
performers at the Cellar Café in Bill Dixon’s “October Revolution in Jazz” four-day festival, which led to Bley being one of the
co-founders shortly thereafter of the Jazz Composers Guild. It was in the midst of that fabled month that Bley recorded his
first LP for ESP-Disk’ (sixth overall to that point), Barrage. Bley returned to the studio for his second ESP-Disk’ LP a bit less than
two months later. Closer finds Bley again heavily featuring then-wife Carla’s compositions, she’s credited on seven of the ten
tracks, including two also heard on Barrage, “Batterie” and “And Now the Queen.” They sound quite different on this quieter
trio date, and the performances are more concise (no track tops the 3:30 mark). Paul included one of his own tunes, “Figfoot,”
as well as Ornette Coleman’s “Crossroads” and future wife Annette Peacock’s “Cartoon.” Closer features the distinctive
pianism we’ve come to associate with Bley in one of its earliest recorded manifestations. The other players are fellow Jimmy
Giuffre 3 member Swallow and, in his recording debut, Altschul.
Press Quotes:
“The interplay between these three is startling in how tightly woven they are melodically and harmonically.” – Thom Jurek, All
Music Guide
“In the final analysis, however, it is his vision that propels the music forward. He fills it with vigor and dynamism, with space
and lyricism, nothing is out of focus, every challenge is within his grasp. His eloquence is shaped by his ability to balance
silence with sound, as well as his penchant for, and skill with, unusual phrasing.” – Jerry D’Souza, All About Jazz
“…a wonderful, poetic anomaly. In an era where velocity and raw story-telling were required currency, Closer had a lyrical,
Haiku-like simplicity — recalling the Japanese poet Basho’s line ‘something like a hidden glimmering.’ […] In Bley’s hands the
freedom of jazz manifests itself in the negotiating of borders and edges, between skittering, conversational interplay, serene
space and the heart-strained melodic intimacy on the part of his bandmates ” – Matt Fleeger, The New Thing, KMHD-FM Available from 06.10.2017

Crem’e – Close Up
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Image: 1605096 Alpha Pup Records is ecstatic to announce the signing of Crem’e to
the family roster, scheduled to drop his debut full-length, Close Up, this
fall. Hitting both vinyl and digital formats upon release, Close Up is a
highly personalized vehicle of sound, created over the last few years as
a response to the passing of his mother. An expression of deep roots
and a chain of connections that shattered and spliced into millions of
parts, Close Up was designed as a means of self-healing and emotional
preservation. Crem’e summed up this transition in his life with the
following, “It’s like getting rid of a scar and then feeling naked without it.”
The musical language of Close Up jumps back and forth between a
soulful balance of beauty and pain. Channeling the state of influences
his family, friends and environments have afforded him growing up in LA.
Many organic elements are seamlessly melded together, brought together
through heavy usages of sampling, vocal layering and live recordings.
Crem’e further added, “Hip Hop has always been my foundation so it
was pretty seamless to create with samples even if it isn’t on the rap tip.”
His connection to the community of Los Angeles reflects his foundations
in both hip hop and electronica, taking an internship program with the
acclaimed Stones Throw Records and becoming an integral member of
the staff at Hi Fidelity Records. He’s constantly immersed in the music
community he supported for so many years prior, living the life of a
dedicated and passionate musician with everyday’s passing.
Close Up represents bright moments that glide through mental gardens
of sonic delight, molded into unique form in every measure, note and
texture. Simply put, Close Up is music that represents the very essence of
human connection and particularly the relationships Crem’e fostered over
the last two decades. It’s a closer examination of how we transition and
embody the themes of our tragedies and triumphs. Walking in the same
footsteps as the talented producers who have generated the communities
sprawling life through electronica and LA, Crem’e is a producer that
strives to achieve beauty in every detail with his music. This detail was
amplified with the mixing and mastering work of Alpha Pup label head
and Low End co-founder Daddy Kev at Cosmic Zoo.

• Debut album from Los Angeles-based producer Greg Saldate
• Download code included
• Limited to 300 units worldwide

1. Passing Through
2. Tenniscoats
3. Sprouts
4. Keep On
5. Edith
6. Exhale
7. Dani
8. The Morning Of
9. Dreamfare (Kristiana)
10. Thanksgiving Hands
11. Good & You
12. Cause Of You
13. Searching (Trust)
14. Sorry
15. Heavy Skies
16. Shine
17. Getting Over Available from 26.08.2016

Carlos Nino & Friends – Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening
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Image: 1603200 Influential & prolific Los Angeles artist, DJ, producer, composer, and poet Carlos Niño crafts his Space Collage Hybrid Music master opus.
Flutes, Echoes, It’s all happening! is the fourth in a series of highly collaborative records by Carlos Niño & Friends. Featuring: Iasos, Luis Pérez Ixoneztli, Madlib, Miguel Atwood- Ferguson, Kamasi Washington, Dexter Story, and more! Comes with a tip-on jacket and a printed insert!

1. Jupiter Sings (featuring Iasos)
2. Metamaravilla (featuring Luis Pérez Ixoneztli and Christopher Garcia, with Strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
3. It’s all happening! (featuring Madlib, Jamire Williams and Dexter Story, with Strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
4. Calimayan (featuring Nate Morgan and Yaakov Levy)
5. Alice’s Chord – Live (featuring Yaakov Levy and Dexter Story)
6. Joyous Gratitude – Live (featuring The Cosmic Band and Kamasi Washington)
7. Delightfulllll / Waterfall (featuring Iasos)
8. 4 Directions Collage (with Strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
9. Aetheriaztlan (featuring Turn On The Sunlight and Aztlan Unearthed)

*All songs produced and mixed by Carlos Niño

Available from 22.04.2016

2tall – Lost Stories
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Image: 1602904 Lost Stories is a collection of 18 beats from the archives of English
producer Jim Coles, best known today as Om Unit, and released by
Justin “Kutmah” McNulty’s IZWID label. The album is both a portrait
of the artist as a young man, and the completion of a circle, ten years
in the making, that stretches from London to Los Angeles.
Before he became Om Unit, Coles was working under the name
2tall. Throughout the 2000s he lived in and around London, lodging
in various smoky flats where he would set up an always shifting
home studio. Days were spent studying music, meditating, and
learning the ropes of electronic music production while also honing
sharp turntablist skills.
Between 2005 and 2008, Coles made a lot of beats, part and parcel
of his artistic growth. Lost Stories collects eighteen of the best,
unearthed from old hard drives and Cubase sessions and never
heard until now. Influence came from American labels such as Plug
Research, Ghostly International, Poobah, and Stones Throw where
a new generation of artists worked in a middle ground between hiphop
and electronic, a place of infinite possibilities.
The album shows a maturing 2tall sound while sketching out the
outlines of what would become Om Unit: you can hear it all in
the swing of ‘Potholes’, the confident chug of ‘Timeless World’, the
hypnotic bass of ‘The Roller’, the awkward loop of ’30 mins’, the strut
of ‘Night Vision’, and the uplifting vibes of ‘Over The Clouds’.
Kutmah first discovered 2tall’s music after Ras G had ordered copies
of his last album into Poobah Records. Years before they ever set
eyes on each other, the two were connected through a mutual
appreciation of their respective work. Lost Stories came together
during a joint Australian tour in spring 2014. Featuring artwork
by Kutmah, it captures a moment in time when experimentation
mattered above all else, when possibilities felt abundant, and when
a beat could be a doorway into infinity. And it also reminds us that
you must remember where you came from in order to understand
where you’re going.

1. Test
2. Industry Chant
3. Rolstrom Syndrome
4. Timeless World
5. Fish Bait
6. Skit Alpha
7. Potholes
8. The Roller
9. Raw Guilty
10. Jackson Clap
11. For My Sins
12. Basic Prince
13. The Womp Womp
14. Over The Clouds
15. 30 Mins
16. Night Vision
17. Iron Caterpillar
18. Dark Lord

• Lost Stories is a collection of 18 beats from the archives of
English producer Jim Coles, best known today as Om Unit,
and released by Justin “Kutmah” McNulty’s IZWID label
• Mastered at Metropolis, London
• Limited Edition Green Vinyl with Hand Screen Printed Jacket
by Hit+Run Available from 29.04.2016

Kutmah – Closure
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Image: 1594878 Recordings from 2004 to 2011 in Los Angeles & London. Now available on vinyl for the very first time!
In 2011 Hit+Run released the first beat tape by Kutmah entitled “Closure” [HNR15]. The legendary 12-song album consisted of tracks recorded between 2004 – 2011 in Los Angeles as well as his recently transplanted home of London. The cover art was pulled from his collection of drawings made while in US federal detainment, which was later turned into a traveling art show and accompanying book entitled “Two Soups And A Honeybun”. In 2015, after the success of last year’s vinyl reissue of Kutmah’s “Black Wave Tapes” series, HIT+RUN has decided to press up “Closure” on limited-edition vinyl for the very first time [HNR15LP]. The 20-minute record consists of 9-tracks from the original album, all pressed on 10″ opaque red wax, plus housed in a one-of-a-kind screenprinted jacket made by Hit+Run in Los Angeles.”

9. OTERO (OUTRO) Available from 03.04.2015

Lost Midas – Off The Course
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Image: 1590580 “Off The Course”, das Albumdebüt von Lost Midas, zeigt die Talente des in Los Angeles beheimateten Musikers Jason Trikakis, der einen elektronischen Sound randvoll mit modernen Pop-Melodien produziert. Seine Einflüsse reichen von einer lebenslangen Liebe zu Pop-Melodien und 80er Jahre New Wave bis J.Dilla und The Mahavishnu Orchestra. Lost Midas’ Produktionen betreten eine ästhetische Region irgendwo zwischen Neon Indian und Bibio.

“This is fluorescent, fragrant electronic music.” – Clash
“This Is Fire” – Garth Trinidad, KCRW
“Gorgeously wonky that … nice little beauty here.” – Nemone, BBC 6Music
“Just great” – Edith Bowman, BBC 6Music/Radio 1 Available from 08.08.2014

Milosh – Jetlag
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Image: 1585652 Jetlag is the fourth studio release from Canadian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Milosh. Milosh first came on the radar via
his critically acclaimed Plug Research releases, You Make Me Feel (2004) and Meme (2006), and gained further notoriety as the elusive vocalist
behind the 2013 release of Woman, via side project Rhye.
Jetlag picks up where Milosh last left off, capturing a revelatory life moment, holding tight to inspiration and artistic integrity along the way, the
ultimate testament to true and absolute love. The album is a collaboration between Milosh and his wife Alexa Nikolas, recording unexpected
intimate moments of laughter and love together, found sounds of everything from their travels around the world together to the most private spaces
in their home. Previously living in Berlin and Thailand, Jetlag chronicles the time when the couple came together and eventually settled in Los
Angeles. The refined sound plays as the ultimate romantic and joyful soundtrack, with equal parts homage to the minimal electronic artists like
Autechre and Boards of Canada that inspired Milosh and classical and jazz elements from his formal training on cello. Further, all art and video for
the project were created by and star Milosh and Alexa, adding to the multi-dimensional experience that Jetlag brings.

1. Do You Want What I Need
2. Hear In You
3. Skipping
4. Don’t Call It
5. Jetlag
1. Stakes Ain’t High
2. Hold Me
3. Slow Down
4. Water
5. This Time Available from 20.12.2013

Lalo Guererro – Los Chucos Suaves / Tequila
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Image: 1579704 One of the highlights from our current Jukebox Mambo compilation and a song which really deserved a 45rpm release in its own right, Lalo Guererro’s ‘Los Chucos Suaves’ is perhaps the definitive recording in the short-lived Los Angeles sub-genre of Pachuco music – the sounds which emanated from the Mexican youth sub-culture of the same name in the late 1940s. A hybrid of American Jazz, Pop and Latin American rhythms, with songs sung in Spanish and dense in chicano slang, the movement was an intriguing sub-plot in the emergent narrative of rock and roll in the mid-century.

Guererros ‘Los Chucos Suaves’ was the anthem to the young pachuco’s and pachuca’s of LA – young hepcat Mexican’s who decked themselves out in voluminous zoot suits. Guererro sings of how these cool kids are ditching the jitterbug and the boogie woogie in favour of the cuban rumba and danzon dances. It’s a unique, swinging number which always catches the ear and is guaranteed to set the dance floor off. On the flip side is a terrific rendition of the Champs ‘Tequila’, with added lyrics from Lalo Guererro, sung in Spanish and a loose, jazzy approach giving this well-worn rock & roll instrumental staple an earthier, more rustic appeal. Available from 11.03.2013

New set of lost tracks by legendary jazz singer Greetje Kauffeld …
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New set of lost tracks by one of the outstanding European jazz singers, recorded between 1969 and 1986. Compilation with eleven deeply emotional songs: Greetje Kauffeld performs sensitive ballads, with bands and orchestras arranged and conducted by such masters as Rob Pronk, Jerry Van Rooyen or Rogier Van Otterloo – including five previously unreleased recordings […]

Carlos Nino and Build An Ark bring their mostly improvisational companion album “Love Part 2” …
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Following up last year’s acclaimed LP “Love”, Carlos Nino and Build An Ark bring their mostly improvisational companion album: “Love Part 2”. A lot of the music for both LPs was recorded as part of the same sessions. But while the two records are related musically, they’re quite diff erent. “Love Part 2” might share […]

Hunger – Strictly From Hunger
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Image: 1617831 Die Now-Again Reserve-Serie geht in ihre nächste Runde und präsentiert Hunger – Strictly From Hunger. Hunger stammten ursprünglich aus Portland und waren als The Outcasts aktiv. 1967 zogen sie nach Los Angeles und änderten ihren Bandnamen. Hunger spielten unzählige Konzerte in ganz L.A. und nahmen ein Album für Public! Records auf. Bei dem nun vorliegenden Re-Release handelt es sich um die von der Band favorisierte Fassung des Albums – ungeschliffener, roher Fuzz-Gitarren Psych-Rock aus den späten 60er Jahren. Die Songs wurden mit Hilfe einer raren Testpressung wiederhergestellt und remastered. Die CD-Version besteht aus drei CDs, randvoll gepackt mit Bonusmaterial und einem 31 Seiten umfassenden Booklet mit vielen Fotos und Liner Notes von Clark Faville, Eothen Alapatt & Jim Cherry.

Colors • Workshop • Portland 69 • No Shame Trying To Make The Best • Open Your Eyes The Truth • Mind Machine • She Let Him Continue

Colors • Workshop • Portland 69 • No Shame Trying To Make The Best • Open Your Eyes The Truth • Mind Machine • She Let Him Continue Trying To Make The Best No. 2

Colors (Edit) • Workshop (Edit) • Portland 69 (Edit) Trying To Make The Best • Open Your Eyes (Edit) The Truth (Edit) • The Touch – No Shame The Touch – Not So Fine • She Let Him Continue (7” Version) Mind Machine (7” Version Mastered)
Colors (7” Mono Version) • No Shame (7” Stereo Version) Available from 09.03.2018

Kidaf – In The Air
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Image: 1618047 Kidaf is a New York City based hip hop artist and a member of the LOAF collective.

More than just your typical rapper, Kidaf also sees himself as a musician, whose instrument of choice is his voice, though he’s no singer, He says “The voice is the original instrument, and the best way for me to communicate”. Kidaf began writing rhymes and songs at a young age, he is heavily influenced by the greats of the “Golden Era” of Hip-Hop, but admits he listens “to a little bit of everything”.

Having released his first project “Adolessons” in 2013 to rave reviews, Kidaf has toured Domestically & Internationally and performed at famed venues like the Apollo Theater in New York City and the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, he has also maintained a steady stream of releases solo and as part of the collective “Loaf Muzik”, with his fan base growing along with his catalog.

His debut Album “In The Air” is a masterpiece when it comes to lyrics,deepness and flow as said by some industry insiders who have already previewed the music. GRABBA the first single, has generated attention at the MTV headquarters, this track is now featured for the spring TRL campaign . The album also features fellow Loaf Muzik collective member “Shine Sinatra“ and uprising Brooklyn Rapper Chelsea Reject“ as well as one of underground hip hops finest BLU. The whole album was soley produced by Shuko (Talib Kweli, B-Real, Evidence, CL.Smooth, The Clipse) who is also taking care of the distribution on his own imprinit “For the love of it” together with “Groove Attack”

Available from 09.03.2018

Esbe – Bloomsday
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Image: 1617647 Esbe is an multi-genre music producer from Los Angeles, California. He
is known for his atmospheric instrumental production which incorporates
sound elements from extensive use of jazz and soul samples. His latest
release, Bloomsday, is a collection of 19 essential instrumentals.
“If you were to grab tracks at random from Bloomsday, you might not
have guessed that those songs came from the same album. However,
when you listen to the album in the way that it was arranged, it will all
start to make sense, and you can start to hear how Esbe connects the
dots from one song to the next. Esbe draws from a lot of different styles
and influences, whether it be soul, hard bop, cool jazz, bossa nova,
boom bap, down tempo, jungle, house, or drum and bass, just to name
a few. This might sound like he’s unfocused or trying to do too much with
his music, but Esbe has a good sense for not overcrowding his individual
tracks. Each song might bring in a couple of different elements, but he
keeps his arrangements clean, with just the right amount of interesting
samples to build from, and the patience to let them unfold at a steady
pace, without forcing anything. There are plenty of obscure samples that
you won’t place, but he also manages to pick a few key spots to drop
some well-known samples, but then re-purposes them in interesting
ways in which to give them new life.
Bloomsday will take more than one listen to really sink in, but it will
eventually sneak up on you and reveal its cleverness in really subtle and
interesting ways. Esbe has a large musical vocabulary, but he also knows
when to pick his spots, piling it on thick at key moments, and backing
away at others, giving the listener space to breath and soak in all the
different musical ideas floating around here.” –

1. Float
2. Fulfill / The Dream
3. Wanderlust
4. Tribute to Music
5. Autumn Bliss
6. Blossom
7. Thousands of Rhythms
8. Reverie
9. Day By Day
10. Forever
11. Songs We Danced To
12. Fragment
13. Sky Blue
14. Intimate
15. Hello World
16. Feel Good
17. Darling
18. Serenade
19. Folklore Available from 16.02.2018

Cut Chemist – Die Cut
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Image: 1615739 Der renommierte Plattensammler, DJ und Produzent Cut Chemist von Jurassic 5 aus Los Angeles, legt mit “Die Cut” sein zweites Soloalbum vor. Als Gäste sind Edan, Mr.Lif, Deantoni Parks, Myka 9 (Freestyle Fellowship), Biz Markie, Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Dntel, Hymnal und andere geladen. Available from 02.03.2018

E Ruscha V – Who Are You
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Image: 1617196 Beats In Space present Who Are You a new collection of free form, free flowing music from E Ruscha V.

Track Listing
1. The Hostess
2. Who Are You
3. Gravity Waves
4. Lights Passing By
5. In The Woods
6. Carried Away
7. Roots And Branches
8. Endless Sunday
9. All Of A Sudden
10. Blowing Through The Skies
11. In Miniature

Who Are You is a new collection of free form, free ?owing music from E Ruscha V. A wandering, wondrous search for identity rendered in brilliant musical shapes and forms, Who Are You resides in the transitional realm between calm and ecstasy. A meaningful moment along an artist’s transcendent path of self-discovery, and meaningful music to those who identify with a conscious universe.
Who Are You is the frst full-length release by Eddie Ruscha under his given name since donning the Secret Circuit guise in 2010 to administer an electronic antidote to the psychedelic / shoegaze dirge that dominated his formative music-making. Between Secret Circuit’s two 12” EPs and a colossal full length, Tactile Galactics, on Beats In Space in 2013 and now, Ruscha has remained wildly prolifc producing unfathomable fouron-the-?oor formulas for the best and brightest labels outside of Space.
The Secret Circuit hiatus suggests a return to self and an unmasked, untethered musical language, an approach Ruscha describes as “exploring melody that can mutate as different shades of beauty.” Rhythm plays a supporting role on Who Are You, an album with less concern over club constrictions and more contemplation of open, unbound spaces, areas in which Ruscha sees the music capturing “the feeling of a lost day.”
Who Are You further pares down the dub, tropicalia, and Afro / cosmic in?uences that have historically placed Secret Circuit at the dance music fringe, repurposing them as concerted instrumentals whose melodic themes are so lyrical they appear song-like, expressive without words. Brought to mind are similar instrumentalists such as Vini Reilly, Wally Badarou, Mark and Clive Ives of Woo, and contemporaries such as Gaussian Curve and Suzanne Kraft, a collaborator of Eddie’s.
A blend of electronic instruments with added emphasis on the ‘human touch’ of indigenous strings and guitar creates a parallel universe to WAY. On one track, the Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer adds an immersive, score-like quality to the music, reanimating the romantic sides of the album’s retrospective in?uences without vintage fetishization. On the other, ECM jazz chords velcro to percussive patterns in compositions that feel simultaneously open-ended and total. The exploratory quality of the tracks when intersected embraces a sense of wandering and the album’s intentional ‘lostness.’
Ruscha describes Who Are You as spanning states “from calm to ecstatic but mostly in-between these.” Though it’s an elliptical view, the description points toward the liminal atmospherics of the music, which dispose of the many hallmark genre traces that informed Secret Circuit’s galactic journeying. For Who Are You, Ruscha was content to wander more intimate environments, in search of an uncharted music rippling with humble discovery.
Companioned with the release of Who Are You and available exclusively for mail orders of the full-length will be a bonus two-tape box set compiling four volumes of Secret Circuit’s Cosmic Papers recordings, three of which were originally released in limited quantities by Cali Thornhil DeWitt’s label Teenage Teardrops in 2010, (the fourth volume will make its public debut as part of the set). The Cosmic Papers cassettes used Daniele Baldelli’s cosmic tapes as a jumping off point: Ruscha treated his own various tracks to experiments in pitch shifting and sequencing to create a larger, blended picture or mood.
E Ruscha V’s Who Are You is available March 2, 2018 from Beats In Space on vinyl, CD, and digital formats.

Artist Highlights
• E Ruscha V is the project of Los Angeles, California-based producer Eddie Ruscha
• Ruscha has previously released electronic music as Secret Circuit, co-founded the band 90s shoegaze band Medicine, and played in psychedelic rock band Maids of Gravity
• Ruscha’s list of collaborators include Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto, DJ Harvey, Luke Wyatt, Suzanne Kraft, and Tim Koh (Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffti).
• Who Are You is the frst music shared under Ruscha’s given name and will be released by Beats In Space Records.
• Atmospheric yet anchored by Ruscha’s analog touch, Who Are You resides in the transitional realm between calm and ecstasy.
• Beats In Space will offer a bonus two-tape box set compiling four volumes of Secret Circuit’s Cosmic Papers recordings in limited quantities as a D2C bonus
• Three of the Cosmic Papers recordings were originally released in limited quantities by Cali Thornhil DeWitt’s label Teenage Teardrops in 2010. The fourth volume will make its public debut as part of the set.
• UK psychedelic duo Woo will contribute a vocal and dub mix of the album’s title track “Who Are You”, to be released as a stand-alone digital single Available from 02.03.2018

Linafornia – YUNG
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Image: 1617274
1.Intro (Get Ready!!!!)
3.hi shrimp
4. brownies
5. nagchampa (In The Vortex) / Beat F
6. Wussup ft. Jack Bastian
7. wetttt
8. wrdfrmjazzoh [the oracle]
9. Dot Wav ft. Devi Wonder
10. xtrctions
11. rargroovs
12. gotchuallinCHECK!!!!
13. Dig Deep (Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow) (Vinyl Bonus Track)

• Limited pressing, Linafornia’s first vinyl as well as the first full length LP on Dome of Doom Records
• Clear green vinyl with vinyl only bonus track featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow,
• She’s taken over the decks at Low End Theory, L.A.’s famed experimental club night & scored back-to-back first place finishes at the prestigious Beat Cinema Beat Battle
• YUNG is intimate and personal, a journey through her own taste and a worthy continuation of the work done by predecessors like Madlib and Erykah Badu, who have both strongly influenced her
• Remastered by Daddy Kev

In the short existence that the YUNG LP has been available to the
world, Linafornia’s debut album has captured the minds of a whole
new generation that loves loops, samples, and heavy rhythms.
Launched on the Los Angeles based label Dome of Doom in
the cassette and digital domains, YUNG is seeing its first vinyl
pressing to begin 2018, supplanted with a bonus track featuring
the legendary Georgia Anne Muldrow. With early support from
The Wire, Impose Magazine, L.A. Record, LA Weekly, and many
more, YUNG has become a celebrated album from the storied LA
beat scene.
2017 catapulted Linafornia’s music career to another level,
pushing over 700 cassettes across the world, headlining gigs
through multiple US regions, opening up for Tune-Yards across
the west coast, and building out her first residency in Los Angeles
under the ‘Queens of the New Age’ moniker. The festival circuit is
finding introduction to Linafornia as well, including performances
at Soundset Festival in Minnesota, with acts Gucci Mane,
Atmosphere, Denzel Curry, Talib Kweli, Lauryn Hill, Pusha T,
D.R.A.M., and Pete Rock, along with Hiero Day 2017, featuring
artists such as Lil’ B, Ras Kass, Dead Prez, and Toro y Moi.
Her energy on stage and on record is magnetic, with YUNG still
blazing a trail in the beat maker community.
YUNG takes its final form on clear green vinyl, and will be served
up in a limited edition first pressing of 500 copies. Available from 02.02.2018

Mestizo Beat – Featherbed Lane / Handcuffed
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Image: 1617277 Mestizo Beat is a Los Angeles-based band blending the styles of Afro- beat, Afro-Cuban, Funk, and R&B. Their debut release for Colemine is a fiery cover of Mongo Santamaria’s “Featherbed Lane” and is sure to set
dance floors on fire!

• Blended styles of Afro-beat, Afro-Cuban, Funk, and R&B
• A breakbeat feel for DJs
• For listeners of Mongo Santamaria, Jungle Fire, Cal Tjader, Willie Bobo

A.Featherbed Lane
B.Handcuffed To The Shovel Available from 02.03.2018

Anenon – Tongue
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Image: 1616643 Friends of Friends present Tongue the fourth album from Anenon. Imagine Brian Eno producing a ambient album for Fela Kuti…

Anenon’s Tongue is a beautiful album. That’s an adjective whose meaning has
The fourth LP from the musician and composer born Brian Allen Simon was created in
just under a month far away from his native Los Angeles near the small town of Palaia in Italy’s
Tuscany region—home to some of the history’s finest creators from Dante to the Florentine
Renaissance painters, Puccini to Andrea Bocelli. It’s reminiscent of Brian Eno trying to produce
an ambient record for Fela Kuti or Mulatu Astatke. Hints of John Cage and Steve Reich suffuse the
former UCLA music history student’s deft manipulation of space, time, tension, and mood. It’s a
beauty that’s both plaintive and prismatic. A jazz album, an electronic album, an ambient album,
a classical album, an agnostic spiritual. It’s Tongue—a self-contained universe, a place where
emotional and intellectual articulation coalesce and are physically let go into the world through
sound and human communication. A masterwork of ineffable and profound beauty.

Two For C

Press Quotes:
The Guardian: “Future 50: The Most Exciting Independent Artists In The World”
Pitchfork: “A major step forward”
The Fader: “Smooth and meditative” Available from 09.02.2018

The James Hunter Six – Whatever It Takes (LP+MP3)
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Image: 1616657 A permanent fixture in the world of Rhythm and Soul, James Hunter follows up five critically acclaimed albums with his latest recording, Whatever It Takes, for New York City’s renowned label, Daptone Records. At the height of his famed recording career, Hunter and Daptone co-founder and producer Bosco Mann recorded an elegantly crafted collection of 10 originals that are evermore poignant and compelling than the singer’s previous works. The James Hunter Six and Mann recorded Whatever It Takes straight to tape at Daptone’s Penrose Studios in Riverside, California. Whatever It Takes will be internationally released on February 2, 2018. Interviews and hi-res JPGs are available upon request.

The first Brit to sign to Daptone Records, Hunter is revered by critics both in his native UK and stateside, with MOJO touting Hunter as “The UK’s greatest soul singer” and the Los Angeles Times praising his “extraordinary soul voice.” Of his prior recordings, Rolling Stone called his U.S. debut People Gonna Talk, “a treat not to miss” and his second album “unbelievably awesome,” while The New York Times noted of The Hard Way, Hunter’s “tight, slithery groove” and “sweet growl.” Hunter’s accolades include milestones of reaching #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart, a GRAMMY® Award nomination for “Best Traditional Blues Album”, years as a singer touring and recording with Van Morrison, and many TV appearances on Conan, Later…with Jools Holland, and other late night TV shows.

Subsequent to his acclaim as one of today’s renowned soul singers, Hunter’s restless genius penning emotive and captivating works results in his best written compositions to date on Whatever It Takes. The needle drops on “I Don’t Wanna Be Without You” with saxophones grabbing your collar, pulling you close and moving you over the undulating curves of a rhumba. His words curl casually into your ear alongside the coquettish bubbling of the organ. The casual confidence of a song-smith who’s honed his craft beyond reproach, Hunter’s effortless intimacy on the track drives a perfect synchronicity with its crooning melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. A unified devotion serving only their master’s voice, his almost violently tender voice plucks lyrics off a seemingly endless vine and feeds them to the listener with the eager patience of a lover.

The mood and tempo then climb up into the swaggering backbeat of the title track. Drums then tear into the bottom of the groove with the full-throated rapture of “I Got Eyes.” Hunter is egged on by complicit background singers here and there. They ease in and out of Whatever It Takes, serving harmonies like tuxedoed waiters in an expensive restaurant, offering perfect pairings for each melodic course.

“Mm-Hmm,” suddenly a tender mood hits. Verses of regret cascade in delicate shapes over dancing rhythms. A word-less chorus paints a painfully detailed picture of misfortune with an eloquently barren hum. Then, a bang. “Blisters,” an instrumental cigarette before you have to get up and turn the record over. Hunter’s guitar work is fearless like a buck knife carving initials into the knobby bark of a Freddy King shuffle.

Take a breath. Side Two: “A tender word too few, came a half a day too late…” “I Should’ve Spoke Up” comes pitter-patting down a rain-soaked sidewalk, lost in sweet, soft, sentimental regret. Then come the talkings-to. “Show Her,” with ostinato bass, drums and organ scrawling “actions speak louder” dutifully on the chalkboard behind Hunter’s lessons. The frenetic tutorial of “Don’t Let Pride Take You for a Ride” practically tears itself apart in its final cautionary refrains. “How Long” is a yarn spun out on a porch with its gospel harmonies and foot stomping. And stepping out just as he stepped in, “It Was Gonna Be You,” an affectionate simplicity and sincerity that defies the quirkiness of the tim-tom clockwork over which it’s delivered.

There is a common theme on Whatever It Takes. It’s not a record about infidelity, shallow seductions, fleeting backdoor trysts, or any of the other common clichés of R&B. These are poetic testaments to truer love. Loyalty, devotion, humility, and the inevitable regret of those who take love for granted. Clearly inspired by his new bride, Hunter is singing about the preciousness of a love he plans to keep, Whatever It Takes.

Track Listing:
01. I Don’t Wanna Be Without You
02. Whatever It Takes
03. I Got Eyes
04. Mm-Hmm
05. Blisters
06. I Should’ve Spoke Up
07. Show Her
08. Don’t Let Pride Take You for a Ride
09. How Long
10. It Was Gonna Be You Available from 02.02.2018

Lara Saint Paul – Saffo Music
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Image: 1616976 1977 reiste die als Model, Schauspielerin und Sängerin vielseitig tätige Lara Saint Paul von Italien nach Los Angeles, um ihr sechstes Album aufzunehmen. Dieses Mal arbeitete sie mit Produzent, Songschreiber und Sänger Leon Ware zusammen, der jeden Song des Albums mitkomponierte. Zusätzlich assistierte Quincy Jones bei der Produktion mit renommierten Session Musikern wie Ray Parker Jr., Jimmy Gadson, King Errison und Chuck Rainey sowie Backroundgesang von The Pointer Sisters. Das Album war eine Abkehr von ihrem bisherigen Easy-Listening / Pop- Sound und bietet klassischen sexy Disco-Funk-Sound aus der Hochzeit der Disco-Ära. Nun erscheint das Album erstmalig auf CD.
Available from 09.02.2018

Groundislava – Groundislava (Repress)
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Image: 1616585 Repress of the heralded debut self-titled album from Los Angeles producer and Wedidit (alongside Shlohmo, Ryan Hemsworth, D33J) founder/member Groundislava.

Side A:
Pregaming The Rapture
Panorama ft. Jake Weary
A Grass Day
Young Lava
Final Impasse

Side B:
The Dig
Animal ft. Jake Weary
Shlava ft. Shlohmo & Jon Wayne
New Flesh
One For Her

Repress of the heralded debut self-titled album from Los Angeles producer and Wedidit (alongside Shlohmo, Ryan Hemsworth, D33J) founder/member Groundislava. Drawing inspiration from 8-bit, synth-pop and video game soundtracks, Groundislava’s sound is distinct and unique and his fans continue to clammer for this long out of print title. Also includes features from long time friend and actor Jake Weary (Animal Kingdom etc). The repress is accaompanied by the release of the long lost sequel, ‘Groundislava 2’ scheduled for digital release on the same day.

“It would be easy to dismiss the next hour as one of those dime-a-dozen bleeps & beats video game albums that are cropping up all over. However, Jasper Patterson proves himself to be a much more complex and thoughtful producer than most.” FACT Magazine Available from 26.01.2018

Illa J – Yancey Boys (2LP)
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Image: 1527360 Repressed ! / Jay Dee aka J Dilla / feat. Guilty Simpson, Frank Nitty, Affion Crocket & Debbi Nova / John “Illa J” Yancey, younger brother of late, great genius producer James Yancey (aka Jay Dee, J Dilla)

John “Illa J” Yancey, younger brother of late, great genius producer James Yancey (aka Jay Dee, J Dilla), is currently completing his debut album for Delicious Vinyl. With the multi-talented Illa J rhyming and singing over a treasure trove of previously untouched Jay Dee gems, the project represents both a full-circle collaboration and a whole new beginning in the story of the musically exceptional Yancey brothers.

When Jay Dee passed away from complications relating to lupus in February 2006, he left behind an extraordinary legacy of production work, including hits for Common, Janet Jackson, and Busta Rhymes. One mother lode of previously untouched beats dates from his time working on the Pharcyde’s sophomore album “Labcabincalifornia” (1995). As DV owner and founder Michael Ross explains, “From ‘95 through ‘98 Jay Dee was my go-to guy for hot beats and remixes. He was always making beats, always. So there was a select amount of tracks that he composed for me during that time, tracks as good as anything he’d done, only they never got used. When I finally met Illa J last year, I gave him a CD containing those unreleased beats.” It was a case of pure serendipity, since 21-year-old Illa J had just relocated to Los Angeles and constructed a studio built around Jay Dee’s own recording equipment, dubbing it Yancey Boy Studios in tribute to their fraternal bond. “Dilla was twelve years older than me,” Illa J says. “So back in the day in Detroit I was just a little kid, sitting on the stairs in our house, watching him make those first beats for Slum Village. So I always
felt my brother’s tracks and had an instinct for what I wanted to do over them.”

When Illa J set to work in early 2008 on recording the album, the project flowed quickly as he entered the proverbial can’t-miss zone. As Illa J says, “One of the things I learned from my brother is that you don’t get that much time, so make the most of it. That’s why I’ve decided to dedicate my life to doing what I love: music. To work with Delicious, the label that released those hits my brother made with The Pharcyde (“Runnin’” and “Drop”) is really special.” Michael Ross says, “Illa J can write, sing, play instruments and rap. Not just a little bit of each, he’s really the complete package! And anyone who loves Jay Dee’s music is going to flip out when they hear what Illa J’s been laying down. For over a decade these beats have been waiting in the vault for this moment. It’s like Jay Dee made these tracks with an extrasensory purpose, so that Illa J could make this album. There is no question that this is exactly what they were meant for. These beats belong to Illa J, they’re his birthright, and I really believe Jay Dee would be proud of what his brother is doing.” Available from 05.01.2018

World’s Experience Orchestra – The Beginning Of A New Birth
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Image: 1616402 World’s Experience Orchestra’s first album was recorded in and around Boston, in the mid 1970s and
committed to vinyl in miniscule press runs by a visionary, bassist/composer/arranger John Jamyll
Jones. Jones is a magical type, who communicates with his instrument, his ensembles, and jazz’s
ancient lineage in a manner so profound that his late-‘70s album are out of time with jazz’s trajectory,
but timeless when presented today. By the late ’90s the music of World’s Experience Orchestra was
circulating throughout the collections of esoteric jazz fans, the likes of Gerald “Jazzman” Short and
Gilles Peterson, who played “The Prayer” for those, the Coltrane-enthralled searching for something
new, something different. Something spiritual and honest.
Peterson first offered to reissue “The Prayer,” as part of an anthology he was putting together with
Los Angeles reissue label Ubiquity Records and that, to date, is the only official issue of any of
Jones’ music. “I knew it was going to happen, but I didn’t know when,” says Jones of the road to
seeing his music re-issued. “It’s 35 years or more now, and I’ve been waiting for this, and I’m quite
sure I’m not the only one.”

Includes a download card to WAV files of
the entire album and a digital booklet.

The Beginning Of A New Birth
The Prayer Available from 24.11.2017

Bohannon – Stop & Go
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Image: 1616310 Even if Hamilton Bohannon had never started his
own solo musical project, he would have a long and
rich background to his name. Before the 60s had
ended he’d played in local bands with Jimi Hendrix,
toured as a drummer with Stevie Wonder, and
served as the bandleader and arranger at Motown,
providing backing for top-like acts like Smokey
Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, and many
more. Gradually he made his way to Los Angeles to
sign with Dakar Records in 1972, recording and
releasing his debut album the next year, after
recruiting a backing band which included session
giants like Ray Parker Jr, Wah Wah Watson, Eddie
Watkins, and Leroy Emmanuel, to name but a few.
Stop & Go was released in 1973, and featured a
tried and true formula of hard-hitting, bass-heavy,
accented disco-funk. Although the album was only
a muted success on the Hot 100 charts, it excelled
on the club charts, making dancefloor hits out of
tracks like “The Pimp Walk”, “It’s Time For Peace”,
and “The Stop & Go.” It also featured Bohannon’s
most well-known tracks, in the club banger “Save
Their Souls”, which over time became a
frequently-used well of sampling material, notably
on tracks by Jay-Z, Large Professor, Kool G Rap,
Public Enemy, and DJ Vadim, among many others.

A1. The Stop & Go
A2. Getting To The Other Side
A3. The Pimp Walk
A4. Run It On Down Mr. D.J.
B1. Save Their Souls
B2. Singing A Song For My Mother
B3. It’s Time For Peace
B4. Happiness Available from 17.11.2017

Ryan Porter – Spangle-Lang Lane
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Image: 1615588 Running in parallel with the powerful wave of transformation that occurred
with the advent of recording technology in the 1800s, children’s music has
been a critically important part of the evolving pace of modern culture.
Through the entire body of children’s music, few have truly deviated from
the normal harmonic and melodic structures of past composers. This is
about to change in the fall of 2017 as West Coast Get Down co-founder
Ryan Porter will present Spangle-Lang Lane, a collection of music
that revamps and puts a facelift on some of the world’s most beloved
children’s songs.
The ethos of Spangle-Lang Lane equally lives in the visual realm,
coupled with puppets and a flm series that takes on the life of the West
Coast Get Down and various jazz luminaries. From episode to episode,
you can expect to see main characters Ryan Porter and Crazy Jake,
along with puppet versions of Duke Ellington, Kamasi Washington, Louis
Armstrong, Brandon Coleman, Tony Williams, Terrace Martin, Miles
Davis, Thundercat, John Coltrane, and many others. As the in?uence
of Sesame Street started to flter into Ryan Porter’s dreams, he quickly
sought out the right tools and knowledge for creating his own puppets.
Ryan adds more detail on how the puppet world of the album formed.
“The vision for having puppets as part of Spangle-Lang Lane came
from the in?uence of the magical world of Jim Henson, but I also had a
dream where I could see all of these puppets so vividly playing gigs and
recording. I had these dreams so much that I looked into puppet making
classes so that I could learn how to make these characters that I saw so
vividly in my dreams. After a few years of learning how to make puppets,
which is not an easy thing to do, I fnally made prototypes of the puppets
that I had seen in my dreams. These puppets are the ones that I use
to flm in my videos to help teach kids music lessons and history about
older musicians that aren’t with us any longer. The type of musicians that
made a huge impact on how music sounds today, revamped through the
power of puppetry.”
For the Spangle-Lang Lane record release event, Ryan Porter will take
the puppets he’s created and the momentum of the video series for a
special concert in Los Angeles this fall. The puppets will take the stage
with Ryan to perform the music off the LP, striving to create a unique
concert experience the jazz world has never seen. This fall will serve as
a very special stretch of time for Ryan Porter and Spangle-Lang Lane,
bringing to light a lifelong pursuit that will have the power to beneft
thousands of people across current and future generations. SpangleLang Lane is an achievement unlike any other, serving as the latest
chapter of the West Coast Get Down’s growing legacy and the beginning
of Ryan Porter’s tenure in the spotlight.

1. Spangle-Lang Lane Theme
2. ABC Song
3. Itsy Bitsy Spider
4. Little Boy Blue
5. Rain Rain Go Away
6. Ants Go Marching One By One
7. Row Row Row Your Boat
8. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

• Features and collaborations across Spangle-Lang Lane include renowned LA based musicians Kamasi Washington (alto sax, percussion), Ronald Bruner Jr. (drums), Adam
Turchin (tenor sax), Miles Mosley (bass, percussion), Cameron Graves (piano, vocals) and more
• “The LP is something that I would like to see impact children in a creative way, helping them to see the power of positive change through music.” – Ryan Porter Available from 09.02.2018

NxWorries (Anderson.Paak & Knxwledge) – Yes Lawd! (Remixes)
Monday, October 16th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on NxWorries (Anderson.Paak & Knxwledge) – Yes Lawd! (Remixes)

Image: 1615768 NxWorries (ausgesprochen “no worries”) sind Multitalent Anderson.Paak und Produzent Knxwledge aus Los Angeles. “Yes Lawd!” erschien im Oktober 2016 auf Peanut Butter Wolfs Stones Throw Label und enthält die 2015 erschienene Single “Suede”, den Katalysator für Anderson.Paaks Zusammenarbeit mit Dr.Dre auf dessen “Compton” Album (2015) und die anschließende Unterschrift bei seinem Aftermath Label. Anderson.Paak sorgte Anfang 2016 mit seinem gefeierten “Malibu” Album sowie Kollaborationen mit The Game, Schoolboy Q, Kaytranada, Mac Miller weiterhin für viel Furore. Knxwledge stieg im Umfeld von Los Angeles’ Low End Theory-Szene von Flying Lotus & Konsorten auf und produzierte neben Platten für Stones Throw, Leaving und All City inzwischen auch Tracks für Kendrick Lamar (sein Beitrag für “To Pimp A Butterfly” brachte auch ihm einen Grammy ein), Earl Sweatshirt, Joey Badass und Action Bronson. Nun erscheint das “Yes Lawd” Album in der Remixversion von Produzent Knxwledge. Available from 17.11.2017

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