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Los Granadians Del Espacio Exterior – La Onda Cosmica
Friday, June 30th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Los Granadians Del Espacio Exterior – La Onda Cosmica

Image: 1610373 Los Granadians bring to Earth their new probe of expansive cosmic Reggae. The Cosmic Wave! (La Onda Cosmica), the long awaited new album by the underground psychotropical titans.
Young, bold and XXI century classics, having being Where No Man Has Never Reached Before (Donde Ningún Hombre Ha Llegado Jamás – Liquidator Music 2009), Los Granadians have transferred Reggae and Rocksteady galaxies in a tireless race full of anthems registered in a number of singles, EPs and albums for Liquidator Music, and that culminates in La Onda Cósmica, their ffth full length album.
With this new record, the fnal tribute to the miracle of life on our planet, Los Granadians sing to an emotion so real that it wants to seem not interstellar. To brighten this mission they propose a master game of winks and challenges to our ears: suddenly we could think in Coxsone Dodd,
Duke Reid, Lee Perry, Prince Buster, or Lloyd Charmer’s Psychedelic Reggae, but also many postcards from the sea where their artifact has landed: that one that bathes and gives rhythm not only to Jamaica, but also to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, Louisiana or Colombia. Combinations
that, shaken with the Caribbean style, surprises with ingredients from the seven seas, guessing where we want to go pleasantly delivering all our
clothes, according to progresses in the record grooves.
La Onda Cósmica has been registered at Greenville Studios in Madrid, Spain, using their famous analogíc overdubbing system on tape. Codecs
could be used for describing these 13 songs sound but, if you don’t listen to it, you will still be out of Los Granadian’s Cosmic Wave. The presentation of this new album tour, without a doubt the most important of Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior career, starts now, the machinery
is greased, the so called “party that nobody wants to stop” has arrived.

1. Cráteres y Polvo
2. Rocksteady Birthday
3. Pica Hielo
4. Festival
5. Camino A La Villaverde
6. Una Buena Costumbre
7. Saturno Primitivo
8. A Tu Lado
9. Rumbo A Lo Desconocido
10. Chocolate & Coco
11. Dónde Está
12. No Supe Que La Amaba
13. El Sonido De Las Estrellas

• La Onda Cósmica is the ffth full length album by the underground psychotropical titans
• Los Granadians have transferred Reggae and Rocksteady galaxies in a tireless race full of anthems registered in a number of singles, EPs and albums for Liquidator Music Available from 28.07.2017

Alpheus – Good Prevails
Friday, June 30th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Alpheus – Good Prevails

Image: 1610370 Born and raised by Jamaican parents in London, England, Alpheus
developed a passion for singing after seeing an old recording of Sam
Cooke perform on television, and performing on local sound systems in
London as a youth. His love for Ska rocksteady and reggae developed as
he was exposed to singers like John Holt, Marcia Griffiths, Don Carlos,
Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul, Michael Gordon, Keith Douglas, Thriller U,
Maxi Priest, and many more great artists.
Whilst Alpheus was living in Florida USA In 1997 he was discovered
by Tony Brevett of the famed vocal rocksteady group ‘The Melodians’.
Mr.Brevett took Alpheus to the legendary Clement Dodd at his great
STUDIO ONE Label in New York, where after honing his craft as a
session vocalist and singing various singles Alpheus recorded his debut
album ‘Quality Time’ which was released in 1999, on some of those
classic ‘Studio One ‘ Ska rocksteady rhythms. After Touring the USA and
learning his stage performance skills with talented artists like Everton
Blender and Richie Spice, Alpheus went on to sing a nice and even more
contemporary reggae album with ‘Special delivery label ‘ France in 2007.
Then came the delightful’ Roberto Sanchez produced singles, (7’’and
EP) “Two rocksteady riddims”-Dirty dozen and family rhythms. Alpheus
then progressed to sing his third critically and musically successful album
entitled ‘From Creation’ on A-lone label (lone ark) in 2011, also Roberto
Sanchez ‘produced. This is a superb album which consists of stunning
re-creations and original composed ska and roots rocksteady music.
After performing The ‘From Creation’ Album on various renowned festivals
in Europe, such as Garance, Rototom, Montreux Jazz, Reggae Sun Ska,
Reggae Geel and many more, the creative duo Team up again to make
yet another quality album of more ‘Ska and Roots Rocksteady Reggae’
music for all to receive and enjoy, released by Liquidator Music label.

1. Our Strength
2. Open Your Eyes
3. The Right One
4. Look In The Mirror
5. Good Prevails
6. Rudie No More
7. Secret Rendezvous
8. Pass The Test
9. Reach For The Top
10. Show Some Love
11. Stand Up
12. Liberty
13. The Shadow
14. Soul Food Available from 18.08.2017

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