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DILLINJA & LEMON D presents the first ever various artists album on Valve …
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Drum & Bass

DILLINJA & LEMON D: The Killa-Hertz …
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Drum & Bass

Homeboy Sandman – Veins
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Image: 1609642 A burning desire to just fuckin rhyme.”

“On my last couple of albums I challenged myself with regard to formats, trying to push the envelope as far as what exactly constitutes a rap record. ‘Talking (Bleep)’ and ‘Problems’ were my last two lead singles, both markedly unconventional. I adore both of those songs and I adore both of those albums specifcally for the new creative fulfllment I enjoyed while making them. There’s much more of that to come, but after spending 3 years outside of the box I was left with a
burning desire to just fuckin rhyme. That’s Veins.”
– Homeboy Sandman


1. Between The Clouds
2. As Long As You Know
3. Bamboo
4. Clarity
5. Consumption
6. A’s, J’s & L’s
7. Ceviche With Nietzsche
8. Underground Dreams
9. Lemon Ginger Tea
10. Bless Up

• “A burning desire to just fuckin rhyme,” is how Sandman describes the motivation behind this album
• Has released the single “Between the Clouds” and a music video for “Clarity” Available from 05.05.2017

Mitarbeiter-Charts 2016
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Das Jahr 2016 neigt sich dem Ende entgegen. Aus diesem Grund haben wir wieder einige der Mitarbeiter von Groove Attack, Rough Trade Distribution und GoodToGo befragt, was ihre ganz persönlichen Highlights aus Musik & Film der vergangenen zwölf Monate waren. Nachfolgend sind ihre Antworten aufgelistet. Gleichzeitig möchten wir die Gelegenheit nutzen und uns bei allen […]

Catz ‘N Dogz
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It’s a plain fact – close friends Grzegorz and Wojciech have had a stellar and prolific career as the house outfit Catz ‘N Dogz. Since 2003, the Polish producers and Pets Recordings’ label owners, known for electrifying performances and catchy cuts, have achieved a stratospheric rise through the ranks of DJ hierarchy, succeeding in all […]

Adrian Younge – The Electronique Void – Black Noise
Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Adrian Younge – The Electronique Void – Black Noise

Image: 1606391 This, too, is a story about control. It’s a manual, maybe half Rosetta Stone, half bird guide. It was made the way they made electronic music in the good old days, all
analog everything, right after synthesizers shrunk to a manageable size and you didn’t have to trek down to a university to use one anymore. Hard-earned. Tastes
different. Our parents’ electronic. And its subject is staying together, that thing we thought was their province. It’s about trying to fix what hurts. It’s about knowing better.
Black Noise is men talking to men about women, Lemonade is a woman talking to women about men, and they both orbit around a failure we take for granted like the
sun: loving you is complicated. It’s a skill, we forgot.
Adrian Younge calls The Electronique Void an academic album, by which he means it is both instructional and informational. There’s a problem at the heart of it, a
woman who’s been told that she’s loved, but she doesn’t recognize that, can’t feel it, may have heard it all before, may be worrying about the wrong things. Jack
Waterson, long a guitarist in Younge’s band, plays the role of narrator, sounding professorial and rather superior as he lays out for the woman where she’s erred. That
vocoder you hear is Adrian, talking to her on a subterranean level, the way an artist must. There’s a strong sense of rules here, a prescription and a presumption that
there is an agreed upon way to do it, and there is also a wrong way, or at least a way that won’t work. And the fact is, as didactic as that sounds, it might be the truth.
Maybe everybody who’s alone can be cured. The discourse on the album is the kind of thing that happens when you go blonde and then you can’t keep ‘em off you.
These truths are cold and hard, and our hero begrudges the well-meaning advice being rained down upon her as any independent woman would.
The science of love, its formulas and if-then constraints, causal relationships and observable properties, is best taught experientially, but learning it hurts so, so bad.
Music, especially electronic music, reliant as it is on abstraction and unrepentant as it is about hijacking your physiological responses to tempo and rhythm and
dynamics, is a way to get there without going through it. Electronic music as practiced and developed by pioneers like Dick Hyman and Raymond Scott and Wendy
Carlos is precise and intentional. In making his first electronic album, Younge took his cues from them, reminding a contemporary audience what a synthesizer, deep
in its heart, really could be.
The lady of The Electronique Void, only ever seen through a man’s eyes, who’s being told what to do by him, sounds trapped by her history and by her position, her
ancestors’ trauma echoing through her lineage and booming out of her as a phobia, distrust, misapprehension, rational response to a fucked up situation. Waterson’s
text here seems to say that if his character could go back in time, catch her before the damage was done, she would be able to love. And that’s reasonable. Don’t get
hooked. Don’t do wifey shit for a fuck boy. Don’t let it go to your head, no. It’s also possible he has no idea what he’s talking about. The lessons for men in The
Electronique Void are unspoken but plain as day.
This music is an urgent tutorial. Adrian Younge looks at us and sees the frontline of a crisis, something we only have time to triage right now. This isn’t romantic and
it isn’t about settling down. This is the fight of our lives: how to love.

1. Black Noise (Interlude)
2. The Night
3. Fly Away
4. Systems
5. The Concept Of Love
1. Voltage Controlled Orgasms
2. Linguistics
3. Black Noise
4. Patterns
5. Suicidal Love Available from 07.10.2016

The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble – Out On The Coast
Friday, September 9th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble – Out On The Coast

Image: 1606140 San Diego’s own The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble is back with their
sophomore LP on Colemine Records! Cinematic soul is the order of
the day from this west coast group. Covering a lot of soulful territory
here: deep funk, soul jazz, breakbeats, and more!

1. Baja Norte
2. Rise Of The East
3. Tche!
4. Jeannie’s Getdown
5. Sunny Santa Ana
6. Lemon Grove Swagger
7. Out On The Coast
8. Pig’s Feet
9. Volcano Vapes
10. Face
11. Balboa Park Available from 21.10.2016

K-Def – The Way It Was
Friday, January 8th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on K-Def – The Way It Was

Image: 1601524 When you’ve been in an industry for over 20 years, adaptation and
evolution are key functions in any field. If you’re Kevin Hansford
aka K-Def, you’ve seen good, you’ve seen bad, you’ve seen change
and on occasion, you’ve seen history repeat itself. For some artists,
staying true and being innovative can be a fine line and a struggle.
On one hand, a reputation is built from birth creating a connection
that should always be maintained. On the other hand, growth or
lack of growth will occur whether change is embraced. A producer
like K-Def would not still exist today in 2016 without being aware of
those survival tactics. In a society dictated by technology, it’s hard
to imagine the world as we know it without the devices and digital
platforms we entertain unconsciously.
As he continues to push himself, more recently K was inspired to
track down all of his original 90’s gear and works dating prior to his
software transition after a recent resurgence of old machines from
the younger generation. That meant pulling out 2 full trash bags of
floppy disks, revitalizing his old MPC 3000 to new condition, dusting
off rack sampler modules and hunting down his MPC 60ii which
was the first machine he used debuting in 1993 under Marley Marl.
Going through that process brings us K-def’s new album, The Way
It Was. The title sums it up. Instead talking about dues he paid and
the roots of his skill set, The Way it Was is a living demonstration for
younger listeners who grew up after the 90’s and his core fans who
remember the days of his Lords of the Underground, Real Live, Mic
Geronimo and World Renown productions like yesterday. Though
mostly instrumental, frequent collaborator Blu appears on 3 tracks.
Blu was inspired to record the socially aware, “The Boys” and the
lively “Strawberry Lemonade” (featuring Damu the Fudgemunk and
newcomer Kunal) after hearing K-Def’s original demo cassettes. At
11 tracks, “The Way It Was” is a must have for 90’s fans. It IS exactly
“what it was”.

• A collection of rarities & unheard tracks from the vaults + a
handful of new, vocal collaborations
• Includes vintage instrumentals from the 90s, some that were
used for singles by Lords Of The Underground, Tragedy, & Mic
Geronimo & Others + many beats that were never released
• Includes vocal collaborations with Blu, Damu The Fudgemunk
& Others
• One of two K-Def albums released on the same day. Each
album is available on vinyl individually, or on a CD together
• Sea Blue Vinyl

1. Uneke
2. How Nice I Am
3. KRIS Beat ’93
4. For The Family
5. The Boys (Ft. Blu)
6. Lord Jazz hit Me One Time
1. Return of The Life
2. Fundamentals (Real Live Remix) (Ft. Blu & Quartermaine)
3. Strawberry Lemonade (Ft. Blu, Damu The Fudgemunk, &
4. Some Ole Sah B Shh
5. What Im After (K-Def Remix) Available from 05.02.2016

Ahzz – New York’s Movin
Friday, December 25th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Ahzz – New York’s Movin

Image: 1601294 One of the most powerful Disco Cuts in the P&P Affiliate “Land of Hits” Label, New York’s Movin’ is
faithful to the name. A seven-plus minute Disco Gem of percussive breakdowns, a solid bass groove, classic
strings, and enough guitar licks to make Nile Rodgers a little jealous. Released in 1981, Ahzz was a studio
project by Osborne Hunter and Steve Boston who’s better known for his work with Kenny Lehman on
Roundtree and Lemon. Despite the Backlash of Comiskey Park’s Disco Demolition in 1979 and the commercialization
of Disco, it was clear New York City was Still Movin’ in ’81. Underground hits like these
were just undeniable. Like a lot of the titles on Peter Brown’s labels, today New York’ Movin’ is a rare and
highly sought after record. A holy grail for many. Go Ahead, check Discogs then thank the Disco Gods for
this re-issue. Let’s Keep on Movin’.

Side A Time
New York’s Movin’ …………………………. 7:54
Side B Time
New York’s Movin’ (Instrumental) …………….. 7:54 Available from 05.02.2016

Iba Mahr
Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 | Tags: , , ,
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Iba MaHr, the young sensation for authentic Jamaican reggae/lover’s rock genre. Born January 21, to Ms. Roselin Embden and Mr. Glendon Greaves, he was given the name Mario Greaves at birth but has emerged with strong African culture, thus granted the name by friends, Iba MaHr, ‘Iba’ African name, meaning Humble and Calm while ‘MaHr’ […]

Uffe – Radio Days
Friday, February 6th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Uffe – Radio Days

Image: 1594826 Uffe returns to Tartelet Records with his new project Radio Days.

Uffe Christensen says he’s not listening to much house music these days.
“If I could,” he said from his home in Amsterdam, “I’d make a jazz album.”
But the Danish sound-smith doesn’t sound like he’s resigned himself to
make a standard dance floor record, exactly. Returning to Tartelet for the
first time since his debut release under his own name, 2012’s Straess! EP,
Uffe has delivered an uncommonly graceful and assured first album,
assembled from a few years’ backlog of tunes and a young lifetime’s worth
of disparate musical influences.
On “Radio Days”, you’ll hear shades of hip-hop (Uffe’s first musical love,
he says), smoky soul, generations of jazz styles and, of course, a distinctly
Detroit strain of grooving house music—often all on the same track. But
even if you know the constituent parts, you haven’t heard them pieced
together quite like this before.
„Radio Days“ turns on Uffe’s toasty sound design, built from the sampled
shards of his record collection and material recorded a friend’s studio in
Copenhagen. It’s as warm and coaxing to the ears as a fresh tray of
chocolate cookies is to the nose. Analog synths sizzle and zap, tube amps
and surface noise hiss ever so subtly in the corners, and drums pop artfully
through spacious mixes. Uffe’s self-taught as an instrumentalist, producer,
and vocalist, but his intuition is impeccable—hear it on easy floor-fillers like
“Die For You (I Won’t)” and “My Luv Was Real,” where hefty basslines
saunter through the ample space between cymbal splashes and Uffe’s
breathy voice builds alluringly strange chords, or on tense ballads like “I
Can Show You High,” a dual testament to the producer’s songwriting chops
and sampling dexterity. In true Tartelet form, the sound is modern and
direct, but in form, „Radio Days“ recalls an era of true albums spread
across two sides of a single record, where each cut represents one layover
on a flight around the artist’s world.
We expect your turntable’s stylus hasn’t cut many grooves like it.

A1. Curtains
A2. Die For You (I Won’t)
A3. My Luv Was Reel
A4. Space Loop
A5. I Can Show You High
B1. Your Reality
B2. Saw Your Laughing
B3. Lemon Nights
B4. Those Insercure Designers (Skit)
B5. For A While Available from 20.03.2015

Danny Kroha – Angels Watching Over Me
Saturday, January 24th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Danny Kroha – Angels Watching Over Me

As a mainstay on the Detroit music scene for over thirty years, Danny Kroha has consistently pushed himself to reinvention. As founding member of garage legends the Gories, he’s influenced countless imitators and poseurs. His axe work with Rocket 455 …

Jungle – Jungle
Thursday, August 14th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Jungle – Jungle

Image: 1591139 Jungle are based around a core musical duo of lifelong friends known simply as ‘J’ and ‘T’, who expand to a thrilling seven piece live, and make mesmeric, kaleidoscopic modern soul that’s unmistakably born in the UK but has true global appeal. The album was recorded between the band’s own home studio in Shepherds Bush, London and the XL Recordings studio in nearby Ladbroke Grove.


1. The Heat
2. Accelerate
3. Busy Earnin’
4. Platoon
5. Drops
6. Time
7. Smoking Pixels
8. Julia
9. Crumbler
10. Son Of A Gun
11. Lucky I Got What I Want
12. Lemonade Lake Available from 25.07.2014

Various – Taang! Rec. – The First 10 Singles (RSD)
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Image: 1588209 Hand-picked and lovingly curated and annotated by label founder Curtis Casella, Taang! Records: The First 10 Singles consists of ten 7-inch records, a 24-song CD, and a 24-page liner notes book, all housed in a deluxe outer case. It tells the stories of the artists who built one of the most impressive music catalogs in all of American punk and hardcore. Each 7-inch is housed in a full recreation of its original sleeve, and all musical selections are also found on a CD included in the set.
From snot-nosed Gang Green anthems like “Alcohol” and “Terrorize” to the Lemonheads’ melodic, proto-alternative “Glad I Don’t Know” and Slapshot’s instant moshpit creator “Same Mistake,” these 10 groundbreaking singles are what made Taang! an undeniable force to be reckoned with. Taang! Records [an acronym standing for “Teen Agers Are No Good!”] was formed in 1984, as an outgrowth of and support system for the explosive Boston punk and hardcore scene that produced SS Decontrol [SSD], DYS, Jerry’s Kids, the F.U.s and so many more. Like its counterpart in Los Angeles, SST Records, each new Taang! platter unleashed a sonic fury and inventiveness that made the ‘80s one of the most unique musical decades of the 20th Century. As Casella says in the set’s liner notes: “There was no real record label [for punk music] in Boston at the time. At least none that I felt were representing Boston properly. That’s where I stepped in.”

A: Sold Out
B: Terrorize

A: Mine Caroline
B: Tell Me

A: Same Mistake
B: Might Makes Right

A: Chunks
B: So Ends Our Night

A: Same All Over
B: She’s Not Leaving

A: Skate To Hell
B: Alcohol

A: Scum Guns
B: Injun Joe

A: V.F.W.
B: Mind Control/Negative FX/
Together/Feel Like A Man

A: Less Than Gravity
B: Faith / Squares & Circles

A: Glad I Don’t Know / I Like To
B: I Am A Rabbit / So I Fucked Up

Available from 19.04.2014

Schema Records presents the new album from Italian jazz maestro Alessandro Scala
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The new album by Alessandro Scala connects itself to the fertile and alluring scene of contemporary Hard-Bop that is constantly proving its quality with solid results, especially in Italy. This work is a perfect balance of traditional influences and contemporary inspirations, an intense and fruitful study that leads to a new, rich and articulate way […]

Staff Charts 2013
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The year 2013 is almost over. In good old tradition we asked around what some of the employees of Groove Attack, Rough Trade, and GoodToGo have been listening to during the past twelve months. These are the results … On this occasion the entire team would like to wish everybody Merry Christmas and a happy […]

Blu – The Clean Hand
Sunday, September 1st, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Blu – The Clean Hand

Image: 1584160 Limited edition EP from Blu featuring production from Pete Rock on Redefinition Records. The Clean Hand is a monumental collaboration between everyone’s favorite mc, Blu (of Blu & Exile) and legendary producer Pete Rock! Also featuring the thirst-quenching hit, “Lemonade,” with cuts by Exile. This 12” EP includes instrumentals and acapellas of both songs. A modern day masterpiece.

Side A.
1. The Clean Hand prod. by Pete Rock (Original)
2. The Clean Hand prod. by Pete Rock (Instrumental)
3. The Clean Hand prod. by Pete Rock (Acapella)
Side. B.
1. Lemonade (Original)
2. Lemonade (Instrumental)
3. Lemonade (Acapella) Available from 12.08.2013

Darren Emerson
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Darren Emerson is one of a handful of bona fide global dance music legends. Alongside UK peers such as Carl Cox, Sasha and John Digweed, Darren Emerson helped create the template for the underground dance music scene we enjoy today. And uniquely, Darren wrote and produced million selling albums and singles as part of the […]

Erol Alkan
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At the end of 2006, Erol Alkan was at a crossroads. He’d been voted DJ of the year by Mixmag. He’d made landmark, expectation-defying remixes for bands he loved: a crunching “glam racket” reworking of ‘Do You Want To’ for Franz Ferdinand, a wonderfully wistful reinterpretation of Hop Chip’s ‘Boy From School’, a psychedelic take […]

Staff Charts 2012
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Let me make one thing perfectly clear, 2012 was amazing! Number-one position in the German Media Control album charts, gold, platin, multiple awards – CRO took it all. The artist with the famous panda mask infected the entire country with his genre-bending mixture of rap and pop. Other artists / bands like alt-J, Anastacia, Baroness, […]

Erol Alkan
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At the end of 2006, Erol Alkan was at a crossroads. He’d been voted DJ of the year by Mixmag. He’d made landmark, expectation-defying remixes for bands he loved: a crunching “glam racket” reworking of ‘Do You Want To’ for Franz Ferdinand, a wonderfully wistful reinterpretation of Hop Chip’s ‘Boy From School’, a psychedelic take […]

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After his acclaimed debut album “Frankie Splits” (COMP208-2) on Compost, various remixes for labels such as G-Stone, Bingo, Fineart or Konsequenz and stunning dj-sets at clubs all over the globe, the Munich based DJ and producer Muallem returns with a massive strike on Compost Black Label. While his name popped up all over the place […]

Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt
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Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt are two music enthusiasts straight outta Leipzig, Germany. Their music comes with a twist on the edge between house, techno and disco. Good Guy Mikesh is already an established artist in Germany’s underground music community. His name stands for quality electronic dance music, whereas Filburt is a popular resident DJ, […]

Bryan Gee & V Recordings present “Big Bad And Heavy” mixed by DJ Ruffstuff & Mosus …
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Bryan Gee’s legendary Chronic label has had a massive resurgence in the last year. The label that cemented the careers of Drum & Bass luminaries such as Roni Size, Dillinja, Lemon D, Krust, Ray Keith and more, has hit hard with a succession of dancefloor destroying releases that prove once more that Chronic is at […]

Staff Charts 2008
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Oh boy, what a year! 2008 wasn’t a bad one. Once again our beloved industry gave us a full package of spectacle and entertainment. First a fat guy from Fishponds who made a living by selling mobile phones, came right out of nowhere and entered the global charts. Madonna became 50, but she’s still doing […]

Staff Charts 2006
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In good ol’ tradition we asked around what Groove Attack‘s employees have been listening to in 2006. Read on ‘cuz this list is for you …

Dudley Perkins
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You might know Dudley Perkins through one of his many roles as an essential player in the West Coast 805 Hip Hop crew that brought you the likes of Lootpack, Quasimoto, Wildchild, Oh No, and Medaphoar. Although a rapper since 1987, Dudley first came on the scene in 1995 under the MC alias Declaime, featured on the opening track of The Alkaholiks second album, “Coast To Coast” (Loud). A few years later, hip hop fans saw different talents at work as his illustration of the Lootpack coincidentally became the album cover for their debut release: Soundpieces (Stones Throw) ….

Will DUDLEY PERKINS full length get more than just “A Lil Light”? …
Monday, May 26th, 2003 | Posted in News | Comments Off on Will DUDLEY PERKINS full length get more than just “A Lil Light”? …

Hip Hop

Groove Attack Staff Charts 2002
Tuesday, January 7th, 2003 | Tags: ,
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Have you ever asked yourself what the people at Groove Attack listen to when they’re sitting at home alone? Is it true that they’re all thugs n shit? Or do they like the more sensitive sound of Donny Osmond and Mick Guzauski? Here’s the answer!

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