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Spectact & Amiri – Soul Beautiful
Thursday, October 10th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Spectact & Amiri – Soul Beautiful

Image: 1584525 It’s hard to believe it has been 3 years since Spectac & Amiri hit the scene with their debut album Almost Famous (HiPNOTT Records, 2010). Since then, the dynamic duo have amassed a total of 4 solo albums between them: Spectac’s For The People (HiPNOTT Records, 2013), Spectac Returns (Domination Recordings, 2010),Amiri’s Vinyl Ritchie (HiPNOTT Records, 2012) and The Recipe (HiPNOTT Records, 2010). Jumping right back in where they left off, Spectac & Amiri release their sophomore collaborative album Soul Beautiful.

1. Inspired by the soulful sounds of the 60s and 70s, Soul Beautiful is comprised of 12 tracks containing the classic, fresh throwback sound
of producer Amiri, and the vivid, poetic storytelling style of Spectac.
2. Vinyl release of Soul Beautiful pressed on 180 gram black vinyl with full color jacket and limited to 500 copies
3. Soul Beautiful recieved a front page feature on iTunes during its first week of release in May 2013.
4. “I Grew Up” reached #2 on the RecordBreaker’s Collage Radio charts in May 2013

1. Invasion
2.  This, That, & Tha 3rd
3.  I Grew Up featuring Najee
4.  The Avengers (We Ready)
5.  Soul Beautiful
6. Make It Mellow
7. Natural Woman featuring D.
8.  Da Real
9.  Just Love Him
10.  Shooting Stars
11.  Looney Tunes
12.  You, U, & Yoo
Available from 20.09.2013

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