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Various – Function Underground (RSD)
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Image: 1608992 FUNCTION UNDERGROUND – The Black and Brown American Rock Sound 1969-1974

14 tracks by Jimi Macon, Black Maffia, Blacklites and more, many reissued for the first time. Includes a 16 page booklet with extensive notes on an overlooked and important portion of rock n’ roll’s history & a Download card to WAV files of the full album.

Nearly everyone in the world can rattle off the great African-American musical forms. Jazz, blues, R&B, soul, hip-hop, house, gospel. One influential genre is always left off of the
list: a folk music known as rock n’ roll. Rock n’ roll was a term originally coined to market the white-friendly version of a genre that already existed, prior to 1965, the line between
rock n’ roll and R&B was thin: Ike Turner recorded and released “Rocket ‘88’ ” in 1951 and, while its Chess Records release reached number one on the Billboard R&B chart, it is
regarded by many as the first rock n’ roll record.
The Great Divide between R&B and rock n’ roll came after the Beatles and the British Invasion decimated the Top 40 chart in 1964. Simultaneously, R&B entered a new phase, soon
to be labeled “soul,” which upped the music’s gospel quotient and turned its frantic twang. So somewhere in the mid to late-1960s, rock n’ roll became perceived as something for
the Caucasian kids. When Jimi Hendrix and Arthur Lee made the scene, they were said to be black musicians entering into a white world. While that couldn’t be farther from the truth,
that false dichotomy has existed in America’s popular conscious ever since, to the point where the idea of a black rock musician is on the level with the idea of a black cowboy.
In the mid-1960s, funk replaced soul as the rhythm that was going to move the world. We know all its progenitor – James Brown, The Meters, Kool & The Gang – and their
innovations: the syncopated, 4/4 dance between the bass and drums, horns repurposed as percussion, chicken-scratch and wah-wah guitar. We can trace where they came from.
But there is one crucial funk influence that no one seems to want to acknowledge – a devil-may-care attitude we can attribute to rock n’ roll. It’s not a stretch to say that funk is the
African-American answer to psychedelia and hard rock rolled into one.
The idea of “progressivism” that took over rock music after psychedelia’s heyday in the late 1960s belatedly spilled over to funk. In the early 1970s, as the underground/psychedelic
fire burnt out in the white rock world, it roared to a blaze in the black musical community. Nearly every American city with a large black population boasted self-contained funk bands
that didn’t consider themselves simply revues or backup groups, but rather fully-operational ensembles In these bands, everything from composing, arranging, record production
and distribution, was handled in house by band members. These are the bands whose music comprises this anthology, and while they’re all different, they’re unique in one way: they
kept their ears open for new developments in funk and rock music.
This anthology presents earnest questions as to why we know so little about these bands and the movement of which they were a part. While we don’t anticipate that we’ll ever find
a definitive answer as to what these ensembles’ true goals were, then, we do know that they took their charges seriously. And they knew they were onto something different,
something that, though only they and their immediate kin might recognize it, was more interesting than the status quo. Function Underground shines light on an important and
overlooked part of rock n’ roll’s history and talented ensembles that toiled in the shadows, derided by their peers
‘Do you realize that Hendrix was dead before most black people in America knew he was a black man?” Ebony Rhythm Band drummer Matthew Watson questions rhetorically. “We
was scorned. In that era, everybody else in the black community was wearing three-piece suits, processes and Afro wigs and that shit. We was the first guys to wear bell bottoms.
The first guys to wear big hats. We were off into a whole other thing.”

A1. 1984 – There’s A Wrinkle In Our Time
A2. Purple Snow – Down By The River
A3. Jimi Macon – Jimi’s Guitar Raps With The Bass
A4. Creations Unltd – Corruption Is The Thing
A5. We The People – Function Underground
A6. Michael Liggins And The Super Souls – Loaded Back
A7. Stone Coal White – Stone Coal White
B1. Blacklites – BL Movement
B2. Ebony Rhythm Band – Drugs Ain’t Cool
B3. Cisneros and Garza Group – I’m A Man
B4. LA Carnival – Blind Man (45 Version)
B5. Revolution – The Siesta Is Over
B6. Black Conspirators – Just Got To Be Free
B7. Black Maffia – I Want To Take You Higher
Available from 22.04.2017

Brugnolini & Carnini – Beat Drammatico Underground Pop Elettronico /LP+CD
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Image: 1608196 A fantastic obscure record, whose tracks simply anticipate Techno and generally Electronic music of the early 70s, including Kraftwerk’s milestone “Autobahn”. The set provides some blending Funk tunes driven by Experimental Electronic music, all with a heavy dramatic feel: the result is an unbelievable, unique and explosive library music LP, a collection of several TV synchronization themes. What we had is stunning Drama Cop scores and dark Electronic moods, all surrounded by loads of fuzzy vibes and all that weird, Industrial, Futuristic Synth FX and so on…

A mind-melting opera. Some of the tracks here simply anticipate Techno and generally Electronic music of the
early 70s. While Kraftwerk released “Ralph & Florian”, and about one year before the releasing of the milestone
“Autobahn”, maestros Sandro Brugnolini and Giorgio Carnini were already experimenting the deep sounds of
analogue synthesizer ARP 2600.
The set provides some blending Funk tunes driven by Experimental Electronic music, all with a heavy dramatic
feel: the result is an unbelievable, unique and explosive library music LP. “Beat Drammatico Underground Pop
Elettronico” is the title that Brugnolini and Carnini adopted for this collection of several TV synchronization themes.
What we had is stunning Drama Cop scores and dark Electronic moods, all surrounded by loads of fuzzy
vibes and all that weird, Industrial, Futuristic Synth FX and so on…
This reissue gives back a long forgotten and obscure session originally released on Fonit label in 1973. – Lorenzo Fabrizi / Sonor Music Editions

A1 Grinta
A2 L’ora di agire
A3 Azione C.I.A.
A4 La C.I.A. insegue
A5 C.I.A. massacre
B1 Scalo clandestino
B2 Omicidio bianco
B3 Alambicco cibernetico
B4 Electronic carillon
B5 Strutture generative Available from 17.02.2017

P-Original – Regeneration
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Image: 1608017 Veteran underground hip-hop producer from New Jersey, P-Original,
best known for his work with El Da Sensei (of The Artifacts),
Benefcence, Pacewon, and Dr. Becket drops a brand new LP of
blazing instrumentals.
Earthy, warm beats from the MPC and classic SP1200, emblematic
of the award winning cover design by illustrator Brad Yeo featured
in Creative Arts CA that lean on the Jazz and Soul side. A beautiful
pressing on 180 gram vinyl limited to a small run of 300 copies.

1. Re: Birth
2. Perc One
3. Dave’s Axe
4. Interlude
5. Sai Fon
6. Pat’s Conscious
7. Interlude
8. See Thru
9. Joe’s Tune
10. Pretty Funky
11. Dollar Jones
12. Dope Man
13. Brain Rhythm
14. Interlude
15. Cool Cat
16. Jack’s Sax
17. Perc Two
18. Interlude
19. Lil’ Teo
20. And I
21. Cal’s Vibe Available from 20.01.2017

Painkiller – Execution Ground (2LP)
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Image: 1605743 The seminal 1994 double album by the original PAINKILLER line-up BILL LASWELL, JOHN ZORN and MICK HARRIS on vinyl for the first time! Avant-jazz, grindcore, dub and ambient melt into eerie tracks of haunting atmospheres.

When PAINKILLER started in 1991, their first two albums “Guts Of A Virgin” and “Buried Secrets” (both released on extreme metal label Earache) were heavy attacks blending grindcore and free jazz that brought together the musical backgrounds of the three protagonists: drummer MICK HARRIS had just left grindcore legend NAPALM DEATH, JOHN ZORN explored new extremities with his NAKED CITY project while BILL LASWELL had as a member of roaring free jazz quartet LAST EXIT ( PETER BRÖTZMANN / SONNY SHARROCK / RONALD SHANNON JACKSON) proven that he was not only a visionary producer but also an accomplished bassist. But it is their 1994 double album “Execution Ground” that remains the opus magnum of the brilliant trio: ZORN’s unmistakable shrieking saxophone, HARRIS’ pounding drums and LASWELL’s growling sub-bass lines were given heavy mixing desk treatment, resulting in extended tracks that are no less intense than their early works but display the full range of the musicians’ skills. Soaked with reverb and delay, avant-jazz, grindcore, dub and ambient melt into eerie tracks of haunting atmospheres – even more so in the ambient versions of disc 2. Mastered and cut by RASHAD BECKER at D&M Berlin, “Execution Ground” is now available on vinyl for the very first time as 2x 180gr LP incl. a download code and insert in a limited edition of 500 items.

1 Parish Of Tama (Ossuary dub)
2 Morning Of Balachaturdasi
3 Pashupatinath (Ambient)
4 Parish Of Tama (Ambient) Available from 23.09.2016

Various – The Sound Of DJ International / Underground
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Image: 1599403 This very limited addition of the vinyl version represents music that became known as the “House Sound of Chicago”. The defining moment of modern music. The modern legends, Darrell Pandy, the most unique entertainer I ever met, began his career with “Love Can’t Turn Around”, Loleatta Hollaway made her comeback here from her earlier disco career, Frankie Knuckles first records were recorded with us, as well as his work being included with Jamie Principle . Marshall Jefferson, Joe Smooth, Cannon Irving, Chip E., Keith Nunnasly, Steve “Silk” Hurley, Ricky Dillard, and many more This was the time house music was created, and across the street from DJ International was the warehouse where the legends played. This all happened on Rental Street now undergoing the City of Chicago’s now and new DJ international Street. With over 400 recordings done at DJ International and Underground Studios, most of Chicago’s legendary DJ’s were there. For those who were able to be there knew that this was the basis on everybody’s mythology of house music . The full story told coming soon. This compilation is for deejays honoring “momentum’ music, and history as DJ International a house “Sound Of Chicago” music for DJ’s is the collaboration in CHICAGO, with the greatest artist / performers.

Rocky Jones
Chairman and Founder of DJ International Records & Underground Records


A1 ESP – It’s U
A2 Chip E – Time To Jack
A3 MDIII – Personal Problem
B1 House People – Godfather Of House
B2 Chip E Inc Feat K Joy – Like This
B3 The Mix Masters Feat MC Action – In The Mix
C1 Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder
C2 Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge – Its Alright
D1 Endless Pokers – !The Poke! – Original 12 Your Turn 2 Work Me Mix
D2 Joe Smooth – Promised Land
E1 Marshall Jefferson Presents Dancing Flutes – Do The Do (Original 12_ Got 2 Mix)
E2 Sterling Void – Serve It Up (Original Album Version)
E3 ESP – Let’s Move
F1 MD III – Face The Nation
F2 Frankie Knuckles – Only The Strong Survive Available from 02.10.2015

Boo Williams Vs. Glenn Underground – Boo Williams Vs. Glenn Underground
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Image: 1596090 2 supreme Chicago heavyweights go head to head across 2 slabs of wax… step up Boo Williams & Glen Underground!

These 2 producers should need no introduction, they’ve both help shape the second wave of Chicago’s House sound with their own inimitable styles over a slew of classic releases since the mid 90’s. This double-pack is pure fire & was originally released in 1995 on miniscule Trax offshoot MAAD, fans of that bouncing, stripped back, funked out House music look no further, it’s all right here!

Across the 2 discs you’ll find back to back bangers, a serious addition to any DJ’s bag & throwing a whole lot of styles into the blender Boo & Glen don’t let up! This is the first time this record has ever been re-pressed since it’s original release surprisingly with prices on-line often being at the higher end of the scale for used copies. All of the tracks featured still pack a serious punch & will definitely rock any party! This is straight up, no nonsense HOUSE for the heads!

Fully re-mastered, re-pressed & re-released for 2015 in it’s original format with the permission & participation of all rights holders with all original MAAD label artwork intact.


A1. Motion Sickness
A2. Mayday Funk
B1. Cronic Groove
B2. Michael Myers
C1. Po-ta Grized
C2. Bee W. G5
D1. Lights Out
D2. Stopen Niggaz Available from 17.04.2015

Glenn Underground – The Isms
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Featuring vocals from Charles Matlock this house song is a “strong message to the club scene”. Along with mastermind Glenn Underground’s production you get a remixes by fellow Chicagoans Anthony Nicholson and Lil Louis on the flipside. A killer lineup…

The Braen’s Machine – Underground (Deluxe Edition LP+CD)
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During the ’70s, work days at Umiliani’s Sound Workshop Studios were hectic, thousands of sessions were held in order to keep up with a very busy Italian movie industry: Hundreds of soundtracks alongside with music library were recorded and released o…

Glenn Underground – Service Remixes
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This second 12″ from GLENN’s “JULY 12, 1978” album has 3 mixes of the song “SERVICE” (a “composition that could never be played enough”). Alongside the original you get Chicago’s own LATIN SOUL BROTHA RICARDO MIRANDA doing a dub remix and as an added …

Parris Mitchell – Life in the Underground
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Image: 1583303 Reissue of sought-after Dance Mania classic (DM071) remastered from the original tapes. 11 ghetto house bangers from 1994, co-produced by Jammin’ Gerald & DJ Funk, f/Funk on vocals. Pure fire!! Available from 09.08.2013

East Of Underground – East Of Underground / SOAP
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Image: 1582039 US Army-Mitglieder spielten in den frühen 70er Jahren und gegen Ende des Vietnam Krieges als East Of Underground Band Soul, Funk und Rock. Die Musiker waren in Westdeutschland stationierte Soldaten und Gewinner des “US Army’s Annual Original Magnificent Special Services Entertainment Showband Contests” der Jahre 1971-1972. Enthalten sind unter anderem Coverversionen von bekannten Songs von Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield, Funkadelic und James Brown. Available from 12.07.2013

French DJ duo Jess & Crabbe takes us on a trip to a Venezuelan underground electronic scene
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Following the much-acclaimed “Bazzerk” compilation, French DJ duo Jess & Crabbe return to curate a second collection under the Bazzerk banner, exploring a criminally unknown dance scene. “Changa Tuki Classics” takes us on an exhilarating trip to a Venezuelan underground electronic scene. Defining Changa Tuki as a genre is tricky, the respective meanings of the […]

Georgia Anne Muldrow is taking her craft to a higher ground …
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“”Kings Ballad” is a celebration of creativity and uniqueness, things that are necessary to a meaningful life expression. It’s about being yourself” – Georgia Anne Muldrow Slicing pop’n’lock-friendly funk with gospel and gracious soul, Georgia Anne Muldrow is shining as a true West Coast original. The seeds of early experimental releases are now blossoming as […]

High Contrast is back with a first-class collection of originals and remixes …
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Successor to The Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx and Underworld, High Contrast is another exceptional British dance music artist conquering the world’s dancefloors. Making his debut way back in 2001, he’s come a long way. Hospital Records – a label at the top of its game – have cherry-picked this selection to represent the very finest […]

“REWIND! 5” Original Classics. Re-Worked, Remixed, Re-Edited and Rewound …
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Ubiquity’s “REWIND! 4” – Original classics, re-worked, remixed, re-edited and rewound …
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The Herbaliser – Bring Out The Sound
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Image: 1617563 UK hip hop’s original and best live band The Herbaliser are back with a brand new album ‘Bring Out The Sound’.

2LP tracklist:
A1. Breach
A2. Seize The Day feat. Just Jack
A3. Like Shaft feat. feat. Rodney P & 28luchi
B1. Out There
B2. Submarine
B3. Over & Over feat. Stac
C2. Some Things feat. Rodney P & Tiece
C3. Tripwire
C4. Hearts of Men
D1. Twenty Years feat. Mark Keds
D3. Takedown

UK hip hop’s original and best live band are back with brand new album ‘Bring Out The Sound’, released in February 2018 on BBE Music. Founded in the early 90s by Ollie Teeba and Jake Wherry, The Herbaliser have earned every single accolade they’ve received during almost 25 years of touring and recording. Best known for delivering a series of groundbreaking albums on Ninja Tune and providing one of the all-time highlights of the ‘Fabric Live’ mix series, The Herbaliser’s most recent LP ‘There Were Seven’ was issued on their own ‘Department H’ imprint back in 2012. Having worked with hip hop royalty such as Jazzy Jef and Pete Rock over the years, not to mention releasing J Dilla’s frst and last solo albums, BBE are delighted to share in The Herbaliser’s musical journey.
Inviting a carefully chosen group of guest vocalists to join them in their London studio, ‘Bring Out The Sound’ presents a diverse blend of soulful songs, hip hop bangers and original instrumental funk breaks, made all the more impressive by its complete absence of sampling, an album from the heat of The Herbaliser. Famous for his pop smash ‘Starz In Their Eyes’ (sadly as relevant now as it ever was), Camden vocalist Just Jack lays down an incredibly moving performance over lush horns and strings on the instant classic ‘Seize The Day’. The London Posse’s own Rodney P spits lyrical fre alongside 28Luchi over the reggae-infused, unmistakably British beats of ‘Like Shaft’. Former Senseless Things member and Libertines collaborator Mark Keds creates an almost uncomfortably intimate, confessional atmosphere on the intensely personal ’20 Years To The Day’. Compared by Mark Ronson to a young Minnie Ripperton, UK singer STAC’s voice cuts through with a breathy kind of clarity on ‘Over and Over’. But the Herbaliser band has always been so much more than the sum of its collaborators. Languid, powerful hip hop beats and uncompromising production values underpin impressive performances by all the band members, especially the horn section who track after track, turn in vintage performances. These guys make it all sound so easy that by the time we reach ‘Takedown’, a track that sounds for all the world like a forgotten b-boy anthem by The Incredible Bongo Band.

For Fans Of: DJ Vadim, DJ Food, DJ Krush, Nightmares On Wax, Coldcut.
Available from 02.03.2018

Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One – Parallel Uni-Verses (Colored Vinyl)
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Image: 1617249 Remember the old-school Marvel Team-Up comic book which paired,
say, Spider-Man with Thor, Wolverine with the Human Torch, or the Hulk
and Daredevil? In the spirit of those classic collaborations, Gold Dust
announces Parallel Uni-Verses, a joint effort between Hieroglyphics
founder Del The Funky Homosapien and original Artifacts emcee Tame
One. Produced entirely by Parallel Thought, the album’s ten tracks return
to a time when inventiveness, creativity, funky beats—and, above all,
lyricism—ruled hip-hop.
Oakland’s Del The Funky Homosapien is one of the creators of the
alternative rap genre, a perennial fan favorite who, in addition to releasing
four solo albums—including 1992’s seminal, gold-selling I Wish My
Brother George Was Here–and two group albums with Hieroglyphics,
was featured on the Gorillaz’ epononymous, platinum-selling debut and
Dan the Automator’s sci-f-themed concept album Deltron 3030.
Newark’s Tame One is best known as one-half of the Artifacts, a graffitiwriting hip-hop duo active in the mid- and late-90s, whose output includes
the classic singles “Wrong Side of Da Tracks” and “The Ultimate.” In recent
years, Tame has been a member of two underground supergroups: the
Weatherman (with Cage, Camu Tao, and Aesop Rock), and the Leak
Brothers (with Cage).
Parallel Uni-Verses is that rare rap album which transcends tired clichés
and maintains traditional hip-hop values without seeming retro or passé.
“Man, I ain’t even gonna be egotistical like that and try to say that we
are trying to usher in some new revival of whatever,” Del says. However,
he adds, “I’m a say this: we ARE the element that is missing, not [just]
because I said so. That’s what’s up, we didn’t sell out for all the luxury
and monetary gains. The original ways, we kept at and built upon those.

1. Intro (Magic)
2. Flashback
3. The Franchise
4. Specifcs
5. Teddy
6. Special
7. Before This
8. We Taking Over
9. Life Sucks

• Ten year anniversary of the now classic cross country collaboration between Del The Funky Homosapien (Hieroglyphics founder and member of Deltron 3030) and Tame One of the Artifacts
• First time ever available on vinyl
• Remastered and pressed on special purple white smoke colored vinyl
• Produced entirely by Parallel Thought Available from 02.02.2018

MF DOOM – Operation: Doomday
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Image: 1617179 1999 classic debut album presented as a deluxe set, with Seven 7-Inches, 2 unique DOOM 45 adapters, new artwork by original cover artist Lord Scotch, and customer leatherette outer box with silver-foil DOOM mask and logo

As the ‘90s came to a close, hip-hop music was thriving in two separate ecosystems. On one side, Puffy’s Bad Boy Records, Roc-A-Fella and the rest of the major label world was pumping plenty of shiny music by bling-ed out, made for MTV stars. These pop stars sold truckloads, but it felt like a lot of “empty calories.”
On the other side of the coin, a very strong underground scene had emerged in the mid-1990s worldwide. Hungry, innovative artists who had no use for the major label system thrived artistically in this ever-growing pond, ranging from Dr. Octagon and Jurassic 5 in Cali, Atmosphere and the Rhymesayers crew in the Midwest, and Company Flow and Definitive Jux in the East, among others. As the decade closed, from somewhere even beyond both of those poles, a man who would come to rule many corners the underground universe for the next two decades appeared from depths that were darker
than most of his fans would ever know: MF DOOM. The artist formerly known as Zev Love X of major-label-but-underground heroes KMD had disappeared from most fans’ view in around 1994 – after his brother and artistic co-producer Subroc was killed, and the group’s Black Bastards album was shelved by Elektra. By 1997, DOOM started peeking his head up from the grime, with no-distribution singles on Bobbito Garcia’s Fondle ‘Em label like “Red & Gold” and
“Dead Bent.”
As other appearances and singles trickled through the underground, by 1999 the album Operation: Doomsday appeared seemingly out of nowhere, again on Fondle ‘Em, and fans who actively ran from the glitzier side of rap music ate it up like they had been on a hunger strike. Musically raw and at-times off-kilter, former Fondle ‘Em singles like the aforementioned tunes plus “Gas Drawls,” “Hey!” and “Go With The Flow” were joined by a whole slew of new tunes. It all sounded familiar but new at the same time.
It shouldn’t be overlooked that in addition to the dusty, wobbling music, the former Zev Love X completely changed up his vocal style on the tracks that would land on Doomsday, chopping his flow up and bringing a whole new approach to his formerly liquid, and often humorous lyricism.
Standouts on this bonafide underground masterwork are honestly hard to pick, since fans each have their own DOOM faves. But “Doomsday,” “Rhymes Like Dimes,” “The MIC,” the experimental “Tick, Tick…”
(with MF Grimm) and “Red & Gold” (with King Ghidra) are great examples of how stretched-out this visionary album is. This new 7-Inch Collection edition via Get On Down includes seven 7-Inches that run in order of the songs from the original issue (including interludes). The records are housed in a custom black leatherette outer-box that is laced with silver-foil renderings of DOOM’s legendary mask and bubble graffiti logo on the outside, and a never-seen-before DOOM drawing by the legendary Lord Scotch, the original artist behind the Operation: Doomsday art, on the inside.
In addition to holding the 7-inch vinyl, the box also contains two metallic-silver colored 45 adapters, each a 3D rendering of DOOM’s gladiator mask. Picture sleeves for each of the seven pieces of wax all feature brand new work by Lord Scotch (Blake Lethem aka KEO aka Scotch79th) as well: new hand-lettered track listings on one side, and incredible new color illustrations on the flip that, when laid side-by-side, fit together like puzzle pieces, to form one large image.

RECORD ONE: A: The Time We Faced Doom B: Doomsday
RECORD TWO: A: Rhymes Like Dimes B: The Finest
RECORD THREE: A: Go With The Flow B: Tick, Tick…
RECORD FOUR: A: Red & Gold B: Who You Think I Am
RECORD FIVE: A: Hey! B: Operation: Greenbacks
RECORD SIX: A: The Mic B: Dead Bent
RECORD SEVEN: A: Gas Drawls B: ?

• Seven 7-inches
• Custom black leatherette outer box with silver-foil rendered images of DOOM’s famed mask and logo
• Two never-before-commercially available silver-colored DOOM 45 adapters
• Each 7-inch has a custom sleeve designed by legendary graf artist Lord Scotch (Blake Lethem), who drew the original Operation: Doomsday cover. Available from 02.02.2018

Hüsker Dü – Savage Young Dü (Numero Group)
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Experience the punishing sonic origins of a punk icon!

Release: 05-01-18
Sunday, December 31st, 2017 | Tags: , ,
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After being introduced to electronic music back in the early 90’s in Los Angeles, a teenage David Flores was hooked. He started DJing across Southern California on the DIY warehouses, desert, and rave circuit. His style then was as varied as the local scene – a myriad of sounds ranging from house to acid to […]

The James Hunter Six – Whatever It Takes (LP+MP3)
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Image: 1616657 A permanent fixture in the world of Rhythm and Soul, James Hunter follows up five critically acclaimed albums with his latest recording, Whatever It Takes, for New York City’s renowned label, Daptone Records. At the height of his famed recording career, Hunter and Daptone co-founder and producer Bosco Mann recorded an elegantly crafted collection of 10 originals that are evermore poignant and compelling than the singer’s previous works. The James Hunter Six and Mann recorded Whatever It Takes straight to tape at Daptone’s Penrose Studios in Riverside, California. Whatever It Takes will be internationally released on February 2, 2018. Interviews and hi-res JPGs are available upon request.

The first Brit to sign to Daptone Records, Hunter is revered by critics both in his native UK and stateside, with MOJO touting Hunter as “The UK’s greatest soul singer” and the Los Angeles Times praising his “extraordinary soul voice.” Of his prior recordings, Rolling Stone called his U.S. debut People Gonna Talk, “a treat not to miss” and his second album “unbelievably awesome,” while The New York Times noted of The Hard Way, Hunter’s “tight, slithery groove” and “sweet growl.” Hunter’s accolades include milestones of reaching #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart, a GRAMMY® Award nomination for “Best Traditional Blues Album”, years as a singer touring and recording with Van Morrison, and many TV appearances on Conan, Later…with Jools Holland, and other late night TV shows.

Subsequent to his acclaim as one of today’s renowned soul singers, Hunter’s restless genius penning emotive and captivating works results in his best written compositions to date on Whatever It Takes. The needle drops on “I Don’t Wanna Be Without You” with saxophones grabbing your collar, pulling you close and moving you over the undulating curves of a rhumba. His words curl casually into your ear alongside the coquettish bubbling of the organ. The casual confidence of a song-smith who’s honed his craft beyond reproach, Hunter’s effortless intimacy on the track drives a perfect synchronicity with its crooning melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. A unified devotion serving only their master’s voice, his almost violently tender voice plucks lyrics off a seemingly endless vine and feeds them to the listener with the eager patience of a lover.

The mood and tempo then climb up into the swaggering backbeat of the title track. Drums then tear into the bottom of the groove with the full-throated rapture of “I Got Eyes.” Hunter is egged on by complicit background singers here and there. They ease in and out of Whatever It Takes, serving harmonies like tuxedoed waiters in an expensive restaurant, offering perfect pairings for each melodic course.

“Mm-Hmm,” suddenly a tender mood hits. Verses of regret cascade in delicate shapes over dancing rhythms. A word-less chorus paints a painfully detailed picture of misfortune with an eloquently barren hum. Then, a bang. “Blisters,” an instrumental cigarette before you have to get up and turn the record over. Hunter’s guitar work is fearless like a buck knife carving initials into the knobby bark of a Freddy King shuffle.

Take a breath. Side Two: “A tender word too few, came a half a day too late…” “I Should’ve Spoke Up” comes pitter-patting down a rain-soaked sidewalk, lost in sweet, soft, sentimental regret. Then come the talkings-to. “Show Her,” with ostinato bass, drums and organ scrawling “actions speak louder” dutifully on the chalkboard behind Hunter’s lessons. The frenetic tutorial of “Don’t Let Pride Take You for a Ride” practically tears itself apart in its final cautionary refrains. “How Long” is a yarn spun out on a porch with its gospel harmonies and foot stomping. And stepping out just as he stepped in, “It Was Gonna Be You,” an affectionate simplicity and sincerity that defies the quirkiness of the tim-tom clockwork over which it’s delivered.

There is a common theme on Whatever It Takes. It’s not a record about infidelity, shallow seductions, fleeting backdoor trysts, or any of the other common clichés of R&B. These are poetic testaments to truer love. Loyalty, devotion, humility, and the inevitable regret of those who take love for granted. Clearly inspired by his new bride, Hunter is singing about the preciousness of a love he plans to keep, Whatever It Takes.

Track Listing:
01. I Don’t Wanna Be Without You
02. Whatever It Takes
03. I Got Eyes
04. Mm-Hmm
05. Blisters
06. I Should’ve Spoke Up
07. Show Her
08. Don’t Let Pride Take You for a Ride
09. How Long
10. It Was Gonna Be You Available from 02.02.2018

Cajmere – Brighter Days (Remixes) (feat. Dajae)
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Image: 1616750 BBE are excited to present the first in a new series of strictly limited 7” pressings exploring some of the most iconic House tracks of all time, as chosen by DJ Spinna and Kai Alce. 1st release features the iconic Cajmere & includes a Masters at Work Mix.

A (North Side) Cajmere feat. Dajae – Brighter Days (Masters At Work Mix – Kai Alce’s Edit)
B (South Side) Cajmere feat. Dajae – Brighter Days (Underground Goodies Mix)

BBE are excited to present the first in a new series of strictly limited 7” pressings exploring some of the most iconic House tracks of all time, as chosen by DJ Spinna and Kai Alce. With global interest in ‘45s on the rise, ‘Foundations’ aims to fill those frustrating gaps in all our collections by releasing specially crafted edits of classic house tracks on 7” vinyl for the very first time.
Part one of the ‘Foundations’ series celebrates Chicago producer Cajmere’s early masterpiece ‘Brighter Days’ featuring Dajae. Best known in recent years by his ‘Green Velvet’ moniker, Curtis Jones has been blazing a trail through House and Techno since launching his Cajual imprint back in ’91. Reaching #2 on Billboard’s dance chart in 1992, ‘Brighter Days’ was Cajmere’s breakthrough hit and continues to educate and inspire producers, DJs and dancers to this day.
With artwork lovingly adapted from the original 12”, the record’s ‘North Side’ features a deft Kai Alce edit of the monstrous 10 minute Masters At Work ‘Brighter Days’ remix. Introducing those distinctive skipping, syncopated rhythms later adopted by UK Garage pioneers, Louie’s MAW mix has lost none of its dance-floor impact over the last 25 years. Lurking on the ‘South Side’ you can find the raw, potent ‘Underground Goodies Mix’, a production credited by Rashad and other pioneers as the catalyst for Chicago’s ‘footwork’ movement.
About the series (in their own words): Kai: “Well my interest in 7”s is new. I have been a collector of 12”s all my life, House & Disco. Being inspired by JRocc after playing one of Discogs’ Crate Diggers events, my initial focus was on finding House 7”s which proved to be harder than I thought… Most were not available in 7” format & the popular ones that existed were quite rare. So now me and Spinna are trying to fill some of those empty spaces.” Spinna: “45 DJing has become a new excitement among vinyl DJs, but although endlessly repressed on other formats, a few classic house titles have simply never been pressed on 7” vinyl. We ran our ’45 wish list past BBE and the rest is history. When creating the edits we tried to imagine we worked for the original record label and were cutting the ‘radio edit’.
The aim: to keep the heart of the track intact while reducing the length to fit the format.”

Available from 26.01.2018

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It can be the similarities between two people that draw them together, but it’s the differences between them that create something special. It would be nothing if those two polar opposites failed to meet in the middle. Such is the story of Pan-Pot. Tassilo and Thomas met at Berlin’s renowned SAE, and were drawn together […]

Blu & Exile – In The Beginning: Before The Heavens
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Image: 1615548 10 years after Blu and Exile released their magnum opus Below the Heavens, the California duo have reunited to release 14 tracks from the original 2007 sessions. In the Beginning: Before the Heavens contains previously heard songs and unreleased gems – the best of the best chosen from over 40 songs in the vault. Their third collaboration follows 2012’s Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them, and is slated for an October release.

In The Beginning: Before the Heavens is made of up songs that are raw and untouched, keeping the authenticity of Blu and Exile’s creativity at the time. The album has guest appearances from familiar names like Dr. Oop, Donel Smokes, Aloe Blacc, and Blame One. While “Soul Provider,” “Another Day,” and “Party of Two” appeared on Blu’s Lifted EP, the majority of these songs showcase Blu rapping at his peak, maintaining his underground attitude as he dishes on reaching star status (“Constellations”), getting radio play (“On the Radio”), or opposing views in a problem-ridden world (“You’re Gonna Die Someday”). Exile, meanwhile, builds a golden hip-hop era feel with head-nodding samples and DJ scratches.

1. Soul Provider
2. Another Day
3. Constellations
4. All These Ladies featuring Dr Oop
5. Party Of Two
6. Back To Basic’s
7. On The Radio
8. You’re Gonna Die Someday
9. Life Is A Gamble featuring Donel Smokes, Trek Life & Co$$
10. Things We Say featuring Aloe Blacc
11. Hot For Yall featuring Donel Smokes
12. Hard Workers featuring Blame One
13. Sold The Soul
14. Stress Off The Chest

Available from 15.12.2017

Edu Imbernon
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Sprouting from city of “valour” – Valencia – the multifaceted artist: producer, remixer, DJ, label owner and event promoter Edu Imbernon is a truly global electronic music proposition. Edu has carved out an emotive, melodic sound focusing on songcraft that is all his own: a unique blend of electronica, house and indie. This sound was […]

Michael Cosmic / Phill Musra – Peace In The World / Creator Space
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Image: 1616303 The latest release in Now-Again’s Reserve series is Michael Cosmic’s Peace In The World & Phill Musra Group’s Creator Spaces, packaged as a double LP.

Free improvisation, first touched on by messengers like John Coltrane, Sun Ra and Albert Ayler, gives us an exuberant maelstrom that rejoices in life while it shoves back at complex, unforgiving social-political environments. The 70s Boston underground brought twin brothers Phill Musra and Michael Cosmic together with Turkish-born drummer Hüseyin Ertunç, as a trio, and with other Boston jazzers (John Jamyll Jones of Worlds Experience Orchestra, the 2nd Now-Again Reserve Edition entry), the twins each privately issued an album. Potent mixes of spirituality, expressionist fire and electrified newness, these LPs are presented as the 7th entry in the Now-Again Reserve Edition, mastered from the original tapes. Contains download card for .Wav files of the full release – including bonus tracks by Phill Musra Group and World’s Experience Orchestra – and a booklet with extensive liner notes by jazz historian Clifford Allen, photos, show flyers and many other unpublished gems. In an homage to the original issues, both front and back cover feature hand-printed, pasted-on slicks.

Michael Cosmic – Peace In The World
A1. Arabia • B1. Space On Space • B2. Peace In The World
Phill Musra Group – Creator Spaces
C1. We Love You Malcolm X • C2. Egypt • D1. Arabia
D2. • The Creator Is So Far Out • D3. The Creator Spaces Available from 17.11.2017

Sweat Band – Sweat Band
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Image: 1616307 The 1970s saw the rise of Funk as we now
know. Nothing fueled the 70s funk revolution
quite like George Clinton’s massive musical
collective known as Parliament-Funkadelic.
One of the main contributors to the P-Funk
sound was Cincinnati native and former JB’s
member Bootsy Collins. Literally, there would be
no Mothership without Bootsy, aka Bootzilla, a
true monster on the bass.
1980’s Sweat Band was originally envisioned to
be the 5th release from Bootsy Collin’s
funktacular Rubber Band. But somehow Bootsy
lost the rights to the Rubber Band name to, of all
things, a folk act. But rest assured, though the
name may be slightly different, all the funk is
intact. For this outing Bootsy’s background with
James Brown and as a major contributor to the
Parliament Funkadelic family are in full effect.
Players on the project include Michael Hampton
and Garry Shider on guitar, Bernie Worrell on
the keys, as well as a horn line comprising Fred
Wesley, Richard Griffith and Maceo Parker. And
being that this is a full-fledged P-Funk outing,
George Clinton himself is Executive Producer.
Anchoring the entire project, the amazing bass
work of the one and only Bootsy Collins.

A1. Hyper Space
A2. Freak To Freak
A3. Love Munch
A4. We Do It All Day Long
B1. Jamaica
B2. Body Shop
B3. We Do It All Day Long (Reprise) Available from 17.11.2017

Sunny & The Sunliners – The Missing Link (BF RSD)
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Image: 1615557 $2 from each copy of The Missing Link sold on Black Friday Record Store Day 2017 will go to The Greater Houston Community Foundation to help with relief for areas of Texas that were affected by Hurricane Harvey When it comes to living legends in the Texas and Latin Music pantheon, few have been at it longer and are more revered by their fans and peers than vocalist, songwriter and bandleader Sunny Ozuna. Born and raised in San Antonio, where he still resides, Sunny became a star right out of high school in the late ‘50s and hasn’t looked back in the six decades since.
After releasing dozens of albums since the mid-1960s (in Spanish and English), Sunny still keeps a busy schedule and loves performing as much as he did as a
teenager. His classic 45s regularly change hands for hundreds of dollars among collectors around the world, affirming his timeless appeal.
As a logical next step after Big Crown’s excellent (and Sunny-approved) Mr. Brown Eyed Soul compilation from September, the label has started digging into the vaults of Sunny’s Key-Loc Records label to unearth some legit soul classics – which are hard to find even in San Antonio, and clean originals will cost you a pretty penny if you ever luck into one – and have not been on vinyl since the late ‘60s. Each has been remastered and includes original album art.
Second in the reissue series is The Missing Link, a 10-cut, all instrumental album, and the tracklist is a wild ride indeed. Ranging from hip soul – James Brown’s
“Soul Pride,” The Inclines’ Muscle Shoals groover “Pressure Cooker,” and the Meters classic “Cissy Strut” – to a wide swath of ‘60s Texas Latin party essentials (“Uno,” “Rosita Bonita” and “La Pecosita”), the Sunliners are in top form all throughout. It won’t take much to envision a San Antonio backyard BBQ in the early ‘70s with this long player spinning in the background, on repeat.
Instrumental party albums were all the rage back when this hit in the late ‘60s, and Sunny Ozuna and crew show here that they could groove with the best of them. Throw it on, break out the back deck smoker, and let the good tunes roll.
Available from 24.11.2017

Daedelus – Invention And The Quiet Party (BF RSD)
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Image: 1615560 Like his mythological namesake, Daedelus – otherwise known as Alfred Darlington – is an inventor, a creator of sonic labyrinths combining sounds from an eclectic palette into an innovative genre all his own. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Daedelus is repackaging his seminal debut Invention in a 2XLP package with the complimentary EP The Quiet Party (including appearances from Madlib, Yesterday’s New Quintet and Busdriver) in a color vinyl masterpiece. Containing the track Experience, known in part as a sample in Madvillain’s accordion, Invention is a genrespanning opus that marks the start of what has become an illustrious career.
As Pitchfork writes, “Daedelus’ debut album manages to fnd common ground between 21st century electronics and the string arrangements of yesteryear. He never obscures one with the other, nor allows one to shine through at the other’s expense. The disparate elements are in harmony and at the command of Daedelus’ personality.”

1. Playing Parties
2. Pursed Lips Reply
3. Astroboy
4. Adventress
5. Elegy (At Last)
6. Muggle Born
7. Aplomb
8. Experience
9. Loded
10. Quiet Now
11. Minor Detour
12. Perchance A Bit
13. Soulful Of Child
14. Thus The Whirligig
15. Quiet Now (with Busdriver)
16. Pursed Lips Reply (with Sach)
17. Playing Parties (YNQ – The Stars Remix)
18. Madlib Bonus Beats
19. Muggle Born (High Priest ESP Remix)
20. Girls (feat. Abstract Rude and Busdriver)
21. Girls (Instrumental)
22. A Touch Of Spring

• Originally released in 2002, out of print for 10+ years
• Upcoming show in El Paso, Texas with Huxley Anne, & Wylie Cable on November 4th
• “Wears House” mix tape coming out on Dome of Doom on October 13
• 15 year anniversary edition pressed on blue/beige vinyl
• Pitchfork review from 2002 (8.8) Available from 24.11.2017

Albert Ayler – Bells
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Image: 1611980 Undisputed ESP-Disk classic back in print!

Track Listing/ISRCs:
A:1. “Bells” 19:45
B:1: “Vibrations” (a.k.a. “[tune Q]2”) 7:49

Personnel: A:1: Albert Ayler, tenor saxophone,
Donald Ayler, trumpet, Charles Tyler, alto
saxophone, Lewis Worrell, bass, Sunny Murray,
drums. Recorded live at Town Hall, New York City,
May 1, 1965. Engineer: Richard Alderson
B:1: Albert Ayler, tenor saxophone, Gary Peacock,
bass, Sunny Murray, drums.

Recorded at Variety Arts Studio, New York City, July 10, 1964.
Engineer: unknown. Sound file/mastering
courtesy of Martin Davidson.

All compositions by Albert Ayler (Syndicore Music BMI).

Overview: The transitional Bells was just under 20 minutes, released originally as one side of a clear vinyl LP with the
other side empty of music. It was recorded at a May 1, 1965 Town Hall concert of ESP artists, displaying Ayler’s new
group, which added Albert’s brother Donald and Charles Tyler. The denser sound of “Bells” shows Ayler moving towards
the bigger sonic statement made on Spirits Rejoice, his September 23, 1965 Judson Hall session. By the way, “Bells” as
heard here is not, in fact, a single composition, rather, it is a medley moving from “Holy Ghost” to an unnamed theme
and then into “Bells” proper. ESP-Disk’ founder Bernard Stollman was so excited by Bells that it was released without
delaying to record additional music to fill the other side of the LP. Both Donald Ayler and Charles Tyler were making
their recorded debuts, Tyler would go on to record for ESP as a leader (ESP1029, Charles Tyler Ensemble, and ESP1059,
Eastern Man Alone).
One vinyl pressing of Spiritual Unity in the ’60s substituted a different track for “Spirits.” Mr. Stollman had no memory of
how this had happened, but it was subsequently corrected and became a rarity known only to rabid collectors and ESP
fanatics. The one that is on all the CDs (except for one Japanese release with both) and all the rest of the vinyl editions is
the same tune as what is titled “Saints” on Witches & Devils (AKA Spirits, recorded on February 24, 1964). The
anomalous substitution, which does sound somewhat similar, is the same tune known as “Vibrations” on the album
Vibrations (AKA Ghosts) and as “[tune Q]2” in Revenant’s Holy Ghost box set. Martin Davidson (owner of Emanem,
another indie label responsible for many groundbreaking jazz releases) suggested we include this mysterious rarity on
our 50th anniversary CD edition of Spiritual Unity, and supplied the sound file, for which we are grateful. We have kept
the vinyl edition of Spiritual Unity as originally intended. How to get it out on vinyl, then? Well, Bells has long had plenty
of open space on its B-side…
Press Quotes:
“…tenorman Albert Ayler has probably, next to Coltrane and Cecil Taylor, held the most sway on the direction of
improvisation from a “thematic” or ˜phrase-based” approach to that of a purely sonic one.” – Clifford Allen, All About
Jazz Available from 01.12.2017

Celo & Abdi
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Ćelo ist ein Sohn bosnischer Immigranten, aufgewachsen im Frankfurter Stadtteil Bornheim: So gesehen kam Ćelo nicht umhin, den multikulturellen Touch der Mainmetropole von Kindheit an aufzusaugen. Etwas, das sich nicht nur in seiner Art zu leben, sondern auch in seiner Musik widerspiegelt. Bis zu dem heutigen Punkt, an dem er es schafft, mit seiner Musik […]

Hüsker Dü – Savage Young Dü (4LP+Book)
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Image: 1611807 Experience the punishing sonic origins of a punk icon. Collected here for the first time, and skillfully remastered from original board tapes, demos, and session masters, this collection is an authoritative chronicling of the wellspring and maturation of Grant Hart, Greg Norton and Bob Mould—three St. Paul teenagers who’d go on to become the most heralded trio of the American punk underground. Follow the Hüskers to their earliest gigs in 1979, through extensive road dog touring, and to the start of their partnership with West Coast tastemak er SST in 1983.

This primitive stage in the fabled car eer of Hüsk er Dü is presented as a deluxe box set and packaged with a hardbound book crammed full of never before seen photos, flyers, and a sprawling essay with participation from the band. Spread across four LPs or three CDs, 47 of the 69 songs compiled here are previously unissued. Also included are Statues/Amusement, In A Free Land, Everything Falls Apart, and an alternate recording of the Land Speed Record set.

“We created this blistering wall of sound—bright white radio static with occasional melody.” —Bob Mould
“It was like rolling down a hill aware of the bumps, but focusing on blowing people’s minds and completely wearing out the audience.”—Grant Hart
“We didn’t know what hardcore was. We just got up there and played real fast and loud.”—Greg Norton

Package details:

•4 LPs or 3CDs
•Tip on jackets or die cut sleeves
•108-page or 144-page hardcover book
•Linen-finished slipcase
•69 songs, 47 previously unissued
•40 previously unpublished photographs
•12,000 word essay by Erin Osmon
•Sessionography by Paul Hilcoff
•Remastered from the original analog tapes

Side A
1. Do You Remember?
2. Sore Eyes
3. Can’t See You Anymore
4. Picture Of You
5. The Truth Hurts
6. Do The Bee
7. Nuclear Nightmare
8. All I’ve Got To Lose Is You
Side B
1. Chinese Rocks
2. Uncle Ron
3. Data Control
4. Insects Rule The World
5. You’re Too Obtuse
6. Outside
7. Sexual Economics
8. What Went Wrong?

Side C
1. Statues
2. Amusement
3. Writer’s Cramp
4. Let’s Go Die
5. Walk With The Wounded
6. Industrial Grocery Store
Side D
1. Drug Party
2. Call On Me
3. Termination
4. I’m Tired Of Doing Things
5. Stick It To Me
6. Wheels

Side E
1. All Tensed Up
2. Don’t Try To Call
3. I’m Not Interested
4. Guns At My School
5. Push The Button
6. Gilligan’s Island
7. MTC
8. Don’t Have A Life
9. You’re Naive
10. Strange Week
11. Big Sky
12. Ultracore
13. Let’s Go Die
Side F
1. Won’t Say A Word
2. Don’t Try It
3. Private Hell
4. Diane
5. Sex Dolls
6. In A Free Land
7. What Do I Want?
8. M.I.C.
9. Target
10. Signals From Above

Side G
1. From The Gut
2. Blah, Blah, Blah
3. Punch Drunk
4. Bricklayer
5. Afraid Of Being Wrong
6. Sunshine Superman
7. Signals From Above
8. Everything Falls Apart
9. Wheels
10. Target
11. Obnoxious
12. Gravity
Side H
1. Do You Remember?
2. Travel In Opposite Car
3. It’s Not Funny Anymore
4. Real World
5. Out On A Limb
6. It’s Not Fair

CD Tracklist is same order, split as follows:
CD1 – Sides A, B, C
CD2 – Sides D, E, F (Tracks 1-5)
CD3 – Sides F (Tracks 6-10), G, H Available from 26.01.2018

Various – Afro Rock Vol.1
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Image: 1553443 Reissue of the influential “Afro-Rock Volume One” on Strut!

A1. Jingo – Fever
A2. Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats – Heavy Heavy Heavy
A3. Steele Beautttah – Africa
B1. Mercury Dance Band – Envy No Good
B2. Dackin Dackino – Yuda
C1. K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas – Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’Awu
C2. Orchestra Lissanga – Okuzua
D1. Super Mambo 69 – Sweeper Soul
D2. Fathili & The Yahoos – Mabala
D3. Bokoor Band – Onukpa Shawarpo
D4. Nkansah And Yaanom – Pem Dwe
D5. Jingo – Keep On Holding On (Part 1) – Bonus Track

‘Afro Rock Vol. 1’ is one of the most important compilations of heavy original ‘70s
Afro funk and soul to be released in recent years. Originally surfacing on Duncan
Brooker’s indie Kona label in early 2001, the album single-handedly kick-started
the thirst among jazz, funk and soul fans and ‘diggers’ to rediscover lost music
from Africa made during the ‘60s and ‘70s from a time when many countries were
gaining independence and celebrating a Pan-African identity within their music. The
album was one of the frst to reach a far different audience to the traditional ‘world
music’ market and spawned many further projects and labels in its wake. A year
later, the ‘Nigeria 70’ compilation surfaced on Strut and labels like Soundway and
Analog Africa would continue to unearth amazing lost gems from the Motherland.
The album is testament to the determined work of Brooker following several
research trips, especially to East Africa – Kenya and Zaire. It brought to light East
Africa’s fnest funk band, Air Fiesta Matata, led by the recently deceased Steele
Beautttah, ‘The Nigerian James Brown’ Geraldo Pino from Port Harcourt in Nigeria,
and the storming Afro jam ‘Yuda’ by Dackin Dackino, a previously unreleased gem
from Zaire discovered on a discarded reel. The album has remained in?uential
since its release with tracks appearing on other Afro compilations and on TV and
the big screen – Jingo’s ‘Fever’ featured in Kevin McDonald’s 2006 hit flm, ‘Last
King Of Scotland’.
Out of print since 2015, the album is being reissued on Strut in its original form with
the extra dynamite unreleased psychedelic cut by Kenya’s Ishmael Jingo, ‘Keep On
Holding On’ taken from the original master tape. The package features the original
sleeve notes by Duncan Brooker along with new additional notes providing further
background to the album and tracks.

– Groundbreaking African music compilation from 2002, first vinyl reissue since 2015
– includes Jingo’s ‘Fever’ featured in the film ‘Last King Of Scotland’
– Album features rare photo and sleeve notes by compiler Duncan Brooker
– Consistently in-demand album among DJs and fans of African rare grooves

Fela Kuti, Gilles Peterson, Soundway, Analog Africa, Ebo Taylor, Matata, Manu
Dibango, William Onyeabor, Oscar Sulley, Slim Ali, Geraldo Pino, Orlando Julius,
Vaudou Game, Orchestre Poly Rythmo Available from 29.09.2017

Space Captain – All Flowers In Time (LP+MP3)
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Image: 1611800 ‘All Flowers In Time’ is the debut album from Space Captain, built around the themes of love and nostalgia with a pinch of bitterness and betrayal. With intricate arrangements of fluttering guitars, sparkly keyboards, and cyclical layers of background vocals, all bound together with dreamy indie-pop melodies for a sweet curve-ball of a finish, this beautifully crafted release takes the Brooklyn 7 piece to new heights.

Extensive influences range from Thundercat through Amy Winehouse to Bon Iver, but Space Captain are never anything but themselves, as this release shows. It sees the band moving away from the electronic and experimental sounds of their previous EP, instead taking them back to when they first formed, whilst also pushing the boundaries of their familiar R&B realm. For the band, ‘All Flowers In Time’ quite literally signifies the flowering of their careers and the work they have put in to get there.

“Really interesting…a sound of their own” – Lauren Laverne (BBC 6Music)
“Brave new, soulful sounds” – DJ Mag
“A planetary collision between otherworldly flights and earthly crawls… beautiful” – The Wire
“Space Captain’s music carries an energy and originality that deserves listening to” – The Deli

A1. Side Eye
A2. Blue
A3. Daybreak
A4. Sycamore
A5. Loveline / The Drive Home
B1. Cells
B2. Hollow
B3. Hours
B4. Flood Available from 01.12.2017

Peter Gordon & Love Of Life Orchestra – Condo
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Image: 1611783 Foom presents the new Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra EP, Condo.

A1. Condo
A2. Neighbours
A3. Candy Store
B1. East Village
B2. Condominium

Foom presents the new Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra EP, Condo.
“Condo” (the title song) is a little-known gem from Peter Gordon’s catalog,
pairing David Van Tieghem’s motorik drum programming and found
percussion with the transparent and vibrato-free vocals of Rebecca
Armstrong (Armstrong was also a member of Steve Reich’s ensemble, and
contributed vocals to the definitive ECM recordings of Steve Reich’s Music
For 18 Musicians, and Tehillim). Prior to them working together, Nik Colk
Void (of Factory Floor) wrote to Gordon that: “(Condo) completely catches
my personality and when I feel disillusioned or need comfort, I always put it
on, and it makes me feel good and strong.” Their correspondence
culminated in the Peter Gordon & Factory
Floor collaboration, Beachcombing.
The EP is comprised of a remastered version of the title track, “Condo”
(which originally appeared on 1981’s Casino EP), along with 3 previously
unreleased tracks from the same 1981 sessions. “Neighbors” uses “Condo”
as its foundation, with Peter Gordon’s solo on top, “Candy Store” sees the
full band iteration of the Love of Life Of Orchestra, including Rebecca
Armstrong on vocals, Fred Maher on guitar and Bill Laswell on bass, “East
Village” relies only on synthesizers and electronic percussion, with a chorale
layered upon a deep groove. The EP closer, “Condominium,” is a nod to
those DJs who would play the title track at a slower tempo. The EP’s titles
are a comment on the gentrification of NYC’s East Village, which began in
the early 1980’s and continues to this day, driving out low-income residents,
including artists, writers and musicians, such as Gordon, Van Tieghem and
[Background: In 1981, Peter Gordon joined up with video artists Kit
Fitzgerald and John Sanborn to form Antarctica, a label devoted to releasing
new video music work. The Bologna-based Expanded Records label
released the CASINO EP (on which Condo originally appeared) with the
Antarctica imprimatur, in 1982. Gordon and Van Tieghem returned to
Aquarius Studios in Geneva in (where they had recorded Peter Gordon &
Love Of Life Orchestra’s Genevaalbum the year before). Some of the tracks
from the Geneva II sessions appear on the Antarctica videos, NEW MUSIC
FROM ANTARCTICA LP and CASINO. The Antarctica label was unable to
sustain itself, however, which left a few tracks from the Geneva II sessions
unreleased until now.] Available from 13.10.2017

Los Camaroes – Resurrection Los
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Image: 1611757 — The electrifying final album from Cameroon’s legendary Los Camaroes, available on LP for the first time since 1979.
— Recorded live to two track at the Mango Bar in Yaoundé, Resurrection Los was the last collaboration between bandleader Jean Gabari and groundbreaking guitarist Messi Martin.
— Deluxe LP reissue features notes on the history of the band by original keyboardist Mbambo “Johnny Cosmos” Simon, plus all new interviews with producer Nicolas Mongué and engineer Emmanuel Guyssot.

Cameroon, 1978: it’s like any good western movie. A man drifts through the plains at the furthest edge of the country in search of two former gunslingers, hoping to coax them out of retirement for one last showdown. Except this time, the weapons are guitars and the gunslingers are Jean Gabari and Messi Martin – the calm sheriff and his hot-headed deputy – who had led the band Los Camaroes to superstardom at the beginning of the decade.

Los Camaroes emerged at the end of the 1960s from the town of Maroua in the northern, predominantly Islamic area of Cameroon. After changes in name, in lineup and in management, they worked their way south to the capital to make a name for themselves, in the span of only a few years they changed Cameroon’s music scene forever, leaving a trail of sold-out nightclubs and monster radio hits in their wake. Then, at the height of their popularity, they broke up.

The band had been led from the beginning by Jean Gabari, whose level-headedness and evenhandedness inspired the respect and devotion of his musicians. But it was Gabari’s alchemical collaborations with guitarist Messi Martin that drove the band to its greatest heights. Martin had developed an innovation that would earn him fame throughout Cameroon as the “king of Bikutsi”, as Johnny Cosmos explains:
“The primary instrument in Bikutsi is the balafon, and Messi came up with a trick that consisted of chewing small pieces of paper until they reached the right consistency and then stuck them between the strings of the guitar. This trick, which made a guitar sound like a balafon, catapulted him to stardom and turned him into the founder of Modern Bikutsi.” (Check the song “Bezimbi” to hear Messi Martin´s wizardry on a Bikutsi tune)

Martin’s extraordinary talents were matched by a character of great unpredictability. He had been lured away from the band before by the promise of success and, in 1975, when Los Camaroes were at the peak of their power, he left them once again. Gabari tried to keep the band going, but his own longstanding battles with ill health eventually forced him to return to his hometown. With Gabari and Martin gone, the rest of the musicians drifted away in search of other gigs. By 1978, Los Camaroes were no more than a rapidly fading memory.

But then came the resurrection.

From out of nowhere, a businessman named Atangana Joseph appeared in northern Cameroon. His goal: to track down the original members of Los Camaroes and get them back together for their one final shot at immortality. The musicians reconvened at the legendary Mango Bar in the capital city of Yaoundé, the very place where, years earlier, they had established their reputation as one of Cameroon’s most fearsome live bands.

Producer Nicolas Mongué and engineer Emmanuel Guyssot were called in from Douala to record what was being billed as a comeback album. There was talk of going into a studio, but Los Camaroes had always thrived on the energy of the nightclub scene, they decided instead to record it live to two-track in the Mango Bar.

The six tracks on the album were performed by a mixture of new recruits and veterans from the original Camaroes lineup – including Mpouli “Dodo” Emmanuel and Boloko Michel on Guitars, Eyango Claude on Organ, the percussion duo of Ndi Bellui and Enama Leon, and vocal contributions from Sala Bekono Joseph and Ngoebang Jean Marie – but the urgent rhythms and shimmering guitars sound like a band who simply picked up where they had left off. It seemed that everyone on the record was inspired by the exhuberant reunion between Martin and Gabari, the two magicians from which Los Camaroes had been born and born again

The album, Resurrection Los Vol. 1, was completed in only a few days. There would be no Volume 2. The music that emerged during the Mango Bar sessions was the culmination of a fifteen year musical bond between Gabari and Martin, and what was supposed to be a comeback album ended up being a last testament — Gabari would die only a few years later and Martin, without his foil, would never find the same level of musical success. Even at the time, these two titans of Cameroon’s music scene seemed to realise it would be the last time they would ever work together. The resurrection of Los Camaroes was short-lived … but it produced a masterpiece.

The Analog Africa Dance Edition reissue of Resurrection Los was remastered by Frank Merritt at the Carvery and comes with a wonderful poster housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve featuring the story of the band as told by original keyboardist Mbambo “Johnny Cosmos” Simon, as well as new interviews with the production team who supervised the now legendary Mango Bar sessions. This essential slab of Cameroon’s musical history, previously unreleased outside of Africa, is available on LP for the first time since 1979.

1. Resurrection Los 6:53
2. Beton Sala 5:25
3. Miss Ya Ntem 4:40
4. Mindzuk Ya Enyin 5:43
5. Bezimbi 4:02
6. Mbembe Ndoman 5:22 Available from 29.09.2017

Walter Gibbons – Jungle Music
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Image: 1556553 Strut present a new reissue of Walter Gibbons’ ‘Jungle Music’ compilation LP, the definitive collection of Gibbons’ groundbreaking remixes during the heyday of New York’s disco era.

A1 Jakki – Sun… Sun… Sun… (Walter Gibbons Original 12” Edit) 9.19
A2 Gladys Knight – It’S A Better Than Good Time (Walter Gibbons Acetate Mix) 12.21
B1 Tc James & The Fist O’Funk Orchestra – Get Up On Your Feet (Keep On Dancin’) (Walter Gibbons Mix) 11.11
B2 Sandy Mercer – You Are My Love (12” Version) 7.32
C1 Bettye Lavette – Doin’ The Best That I Can (Walter Gibbons 12” Mix) 11.04
C2 Arts & Craft – I’Ve Been Searching (Walter Gibbons 12” Mix) 9.58
D1 Harlequin Fours – Set It Off (Walter Gibbons 12” Mix)
D2 Luv You Madly Orchestra – Moon Maiden (12” Mix) 8.50
D3 Arthur Russell – Calling All Kids (Walter Gibbons Mix) 7.16

Walter Gibbons remains one of the most important and unheralded DJ / remixers in New York dance music history, a pioneer of reel to reel edits and the art of the remix and a tangible link between early hip hop and disco through his quickfire turntable skills developed during the mid-70’s.

At his famed residency at Galaxy 21 (alongside a then young percussionist, Francois Kevorkian), Gibbons perfected his turntable prowess, mixing two copies of records seamlessly at a similar time to Kool Herc’s famed block parties across town in the Bronx in 1975. He was among the first to make his own reel to reel edits of tracks, extending breaks and restructuring tracks specifically for the dancefloor. As a direct result, he was the first DJ to be granted access to multi-track tapes as Ken Cayre’s Salsoul Records brought him in to re-work Double Exposure’s ‘Ten Percent’ in ’76, a mix that would set the blueprint for disco, the 12″ format and all future dance music mixes.

This compilation focuses on some of the more adventurous and ground-breaking mixes that Gibbons produced during the disco era including a freeform treatment of Dinosaur L’s ‘Go Bang’, Paradise Garage favourite ‘You Are My Love’ by Sandy Mercer and underground disco rarity, ‘I’ve Been Searching’ by Arts & Craft.

– Reissue of the definitive compilation of 12” mixes by Walter Gibbons
– Features rare and acetate-only mixes released widely for the first time
– Includes full Walter Gibbons biography by author Tim Lawrence + rare photos
– Original LP release in-demand and now fetching large sums on Discogs Available from 15.09.2017

Daniel Avery
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“Electronic music is unique in that, whilst it has an immediate effect on the body, the culture surrounding it has the ability to run deep into your life. Whenever I’m in a club, I want to give myself up to music. This is the very thing that excites me the most. Witnessing a DJ create […]

Dinosaur L – 24/24 Music
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Image: 488745 Repress! Dinosaur L is an alias donned by Arthur Russell, a man whose contribution to dance music from the
late seventies and through the eighties was formidable but only quietly acknowledged. His innovative
and left field dance records were way ahead of what people were used to hearing at the time.
He was a cellist who studied classical and Indian music. As well as his great strides in dance music he
was also involved in the New York downtown avant-garde music scene and produced some albums in
a more avant-garde/experimental vein as well as trying his own unique approach to pop. He scored
several hits on the underground New York dance scene at clubs like The Paradise Garage (Larry Levan
was a huge supporter). His biggest tunes, “Go Bang!” and “Is It All Over My Face?” were worldwide
club hits and are still played today as classics. His records have influenced the scene from his first
dance record in 1979 to the present day and his work has been much sampled.
Sadly Arthur died in 1992, but his music lives on and his influence is still felt on the dance music scene,
his tunes still sound great and are still moving many dancers around the world, so his spirit lives on.
Sleeping Bag Records and Traffic Entertainment Group is proud to present Dinosaur L’s “24->24
Music“ for the first time ever on double LP. Includes the original album tracklisting plus rare 12”
remixes and edits.

A1. #1 (You’re Gonna Be Clean On Your Bean)
A2. #5 (Go Bang!)
A3. #2 (No, Thank You)
B1. #7
B2. #3 (In The Corn Belt)
B3. #6 (Get Set)
C1. Clean On Your Bean #1
C2. #5 (Go Bang!) (Francois K Mix)
D1. Go Bang! (Thank You Arthur Edit)
D2. In The Corn Belt (Larry Levan Mix) Available from 08.09.2017

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