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Tuami – Masta Killa
Friday, December 4th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Tuami – Masta Killa

Image: 1601146 Hailing from Richmond, VA Tuamie is one of the beat scene’s
brightest young talents. A true “head” and lover of records, Tuamie
pride’s himself on making beats with unidentifiable samples.
‘Masta Killa’ is no generic beat tape mind you. The album is full of
house, soul, and African rhythms generating a feeling of mid 90’s
nostalgia while maintaining a contemporary sound. ‘Masta Killa’,
considered a cult classic, and was Grand Garden’s first cassette
release and is available now for the first time on vinyl.
Multiple tracks from ‘Masta Killa’ were featured on Tuamie’s ‘The Gift
Volume 4’ (LP) release with DJ House Shoes’ label, Street Corner

• Tuamie has been championed by Knxwledge, DJ House
Shoes, Iman Omari, Ohbliv and others
• Has previously released ‘The Gift Volume 4’ (LP) with DJ
House Shoes on Street Corner Music
• Has also previously released beat tapes with Grand Garden
and Dirty Tapes

1. Yellow
2. Hot Breeze
3. Reoccurring Feeling of
4. Eleven Days Without My
5. Eulb Dream
6. Birds on the Sidewalk
7. Cran Grape Juice
8. Follow Directions
9. -U-N-I-T-Y-
10. 3hree Sounds
1. No Pursuit
2. Unseen Signals
3. Breathing
4. Not Breathing
5. Almond Milk
6. Brain Cell
7. Flowing Waters
8. Only
9. Huemor
10. Quit
11. Thunder Here
12. King of Martin Luthers Available from 29.01.2016

House Shoes Presents – The Gift: Volume Four – Tuamie
Sunday, May 11th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on House Shoes Presents – The Gift: Volume Four – Tuamie

“Knx hipped me to Tuamie about 6 months ago.I was floored. This kid got some shit. Three songs(*) on The Gift Vol IV come from MASTA KILLA, a tape that was released a few months back on Grand Garden Records.” (House Shoes)Limited edition vinyl!https:/…

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He might have been touring the world and turning out essential productions for more than a decade now, but in 2017 HOSH is more vitalized than ever. Part of the reason for this is that the German born artist recently moved to Ibiza. Not in pursuit of the party life, but instead for the natural […]

Mitarbeiter-Charts 2015
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Das Jahr 2015 neigt sich dem Ende entgegen. Aus diesem Grund haben wir wieder einige der Mitarbeiter von Groove Attack, Rough Trade Distribution und GoodToGo befragt, was ihre ganz persönlichen Highlights aus Musik & Film der vergangenen zwölf Monate waren. Nachfolgend sind ihre Antworten aufgelistet. Gleichzeitig möchten wir die Gelegenheit nutzen und uns bei allen […]

Hot 8 Brass Band – Vicennial: 20 Years Of The Hot 8 Brass Band
Friday, November 13th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Hot 8 Brass Band – Vicennial: 20 Years Of The Hot 8 Brass Band

Image: 1599239 New Orleans’ Hot 8 Brass Band toast their 20th Anniversary in typical roof-raising style, with a series of releases and live dates to celebrate this significant and incredibly hard-won milestone. At the centre is ‘Vicennial – 20 Years Of The Hot 8 Brass Band’, a special album mixing brand new tracks with newly recorded classic Hot 8 material, this jubilant LP finds the band on the form of their lives.

Across three albums – 2007’s ‘Rock With The Hot 8’, 2012’s Grammy-nominated ‘The Life & Times Of …’ and 2013’s ‘Tombstone’ – with a host of standout singles, including their iconic version of “Sexual Healing” alongside several other covers and equally impressive originals, Hot 8 Brass Band have told the story of their lives and their city like only they can.

One of the great New Orleans acts, Hot 8 have pushed on through a barely imaginable series of trials. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the separate deaths of four of their band members, and the horror of trumpeter Terrell “Burger” Batiste losing his legs in a car crash, conspired to test these men almost to breaking point. They honour their fallen friends and help to work towards the future of their community by putting their energies into positive projects at home as well as touring as much as they can. They march together and they play their music – a rambunctious yet elegant and super-tight mix of jazz, funk and hip hop – not merely as though, but because their lives depend on it.

The recording sessions for “Vicennial …” saw Hot 8 Brass Band welcoming former members back into the studio, as well as featuring performances from family members of their fallen bandmates (from siblings through to grandparents), giving even more meaning and poignancy to each track, whether new or a revision of one of their classics. Across the album, the vibrant new recordings capture the spirit of a community and make a strong statement of the band’s longevity, vitality and constant progress.

“Hot 8 has helped galvanise its community since 2005, captures both the edginess and transcendent beauty of life in its city” – The Wall Street Journal
“Hot 8 music is feel good music… music with a message. It’s life music.” – Hot 8 band leader, Bennie Pete
“Incendiary” -THE OBSERVER
“Irresistible” -MOJO
“Undiluted nourishment for the soul” – THE BIG ISSUE
“One of 2015’s finest albums” – SONGLINES
“Peerless” – METRO
“Those guys have definitely got the horns” – LAUREN LAVERNE (BBC 6MUSIC)

1. What’s My Name? (Rock With The Hot 8) (20th Anniversary Version)
2. Sexual Healing (20th Anniversary Version)
3. Get Up (20th Anniversary Version)
4. Royal Garden Blues
5. Papa Was A Rolling Stone
6. Rasta Funk (20th Anniversary Version)
7. Take It To The House (20th Anniversary Version)
8. It’s Real (20th Anniversary Version)
9. Just My Imagination
10. We Shall Walk Through The Streets Of The City
11. New Orleans, After the City (20th Anniversary Version) Available from 30.10.2015

Various – Santa’s Funk &Soul Christmas Party Vol.2
Friday, December 20th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Various – Santa’s Funk &Soul Christmas Party Vol.2

Image: 1585811 To be honest, Christmas music on earthly radio seems to be the worst in the Milky Way. Just imagine an alien picking up our radio waves on his journey through the galaxy – what would he think of our conception of Christmas music? Having such an impression of our cultural heritage, would he land on planet earth at all? Being extraordinarily tolerant and broad-minded, Paul did – and luckily, I got to meet him.

Paul admits – unlike other extraterrestrials – that the human race might be able to survive on its own. This makes me appreciate him more than other aliens. And when it comes to exceptional musical taste, Paul and I have even more in common. In the past centuries, Paul has celebrated innumerable Christmas seasons across the universe. Of all things, this year it is planet earth that has something seasonal to offer – something the galaxy has never seen before. Yuletide nerd Jan Kohlmeyer has put together an amazing collection of hip-shaking Christmas songs. Despite Paul’s advanced age and wealth of experience, he has never encountered such an impressive selection. Not in the entire universe.

Asking Paul about this compilation puts a big smile on his face: Santa’s Funk & Soul Christmas Party Vol. 2 is simply intergalactic! There is no better instruction manual for decorating the Christmas tree (Little Jimmy Thomas – Deck the Halls). It is a most righteous accompaniment to seeing the first snowflakes dancing through the air (Tina Roberts – Snow). Galactic garden gnomes will surely have a fling to Pearl Bailey’s Jingle Bells Cha Cha Cha, and all Martians will be snapping their fingers to Gee Whiz, it’s Christmas. At his 874th anniversary this December, Paul’s grandad will get up and boogie to Martin Mull’s Santafly just like Christopher Walken did in Weapon of Choice. Fortunately, Paul realised how crackbrained it is to celebrate Christmas without his beloved (Jimmy Jones & his Versatiles – Christmas is a drag without you baby), so he split to be back home in time and left me to pass on this farewell: Merry Christmas everybody!

Dr. Jule S. – Alien expert, November 2013

intergalactic sales pitches: – both CD booklet and deluxe gatefold vinyl LP contain liner notes and label scans of all 45rpm singles – the majority of these songs appear on a full-length album for the very first time – extensively remastered for premium sound quality

“This is one excellent compilation, and you have done a fine job to keep the quality of tunes just as high as on Volume1!” (THE CRAIG CHARLES FUNK AND SOUL SHOW)
“Such a great soulful & funky alternative to the ‘usual’ Xmas releases from back in the day. As always Tramp dig deep and present a maxi full of quality rare soulful grooves…Very Nice!” (Dr Bob Jones)
“If Santa Claus was a DJ he would keep this record right in his bag forever.” (Fab Samperi)


1. Deck The Halls – Little Jimmy Thomas
2. Christmas Is A Drag – Jimmy Jones & His Versatiles
3. Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas – The Beginning of the End
4. Jingle Bells – Rev. T.L. Barrett ft. The Youth For Christ Choir (Part 1)
5. Black Christmas – Don Smith
6. Xmas Commercial Blues – Nancy Lee ft. Al Johnson & Soul-Jers
7. Lonely Christmas Tears – Bobby Allen & Exceptions
8. A Letter For Christmas – Salem Travelers
9. Snow (Like The Snow) – Tina Roberts
10. Jingle Bells Cha Cha – Pearl Bailey
11. What The World Needs For Christmas – Meditation Singers
12. Snowmans Stomp – Steve Gray
13. Santafly – Martin Mull ft. The Sondra Baskin Glee Club
14. Santa Claus, Jr. – Jim Cagle
15. Merry Christmas Baby – Short Stuff Available from 29.11.2013

Lee Perry And The Sufferers – The Sound Doctor (1972 – 1978) (Pressure Sounds)
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This release is subtitled with ‘Black Ark Singles And Dubplates’. Another highlight in the Pressure Sounds series, as always best possible sound quality and liner notes / track by track notes.

CD PSCD0076 / 2LP PSLP0076
Release: 09-11-12
New album by Foreign Exchange’s Nicolay …
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“Shibuya” is the new project from the creative minds of Nicolay and Phonte Coleman, better known as The Foreign Exchange, whose sophomore album, the independent r&b/soul smash “Leave It All Behind” (TFE/Hard Boiled; Oct. 2008), continues to gain momentum as the duo and their extended family of singers and musicians currently tour the United States […]

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Known to the world as Mavado or more recently “The Gully God”, the singer behind the eerie wails of “Anywayyy!” and “Gangsta For life!” which have dominated the airwaves was born David Constantine Brooks on November 30, 1981 in the micro-ghetto community Cassava Piece within Kingston, Jamaica. Before getting his break in the music business, […]

Nostalgia 77
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Nostalgia 77 aka Ben Lamdin first burst onto the scene with his heavy, new funk based sound in 2002. Unleashing a string of club friendly tracks on Tru Thoughts’ hugely influential 7Sevens imprint, he then followed suit with his seminal debut LP entitled “Songs For My Funeral” in February 2004. Swiftly moving away from the distinctive raw funk of his previous singles, “Songs For My Funeral” saw him branching out to explore a more downtempo and jazz infused style. The success of the album thus encouraged him to progress with this approach for his new album offering, “The Garden” (Tru Thoughts). A style which he describes as “a combination of soul and jazz composition with computer based production techniques” …

Staff Charts 2003
Thursday, December 18th, 2003 | Tags: ,
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Attention everybody! Wanna know more about what’s up? We drop a list with the music that some of Groove Attack’s employees have been listening to the past year. So if you wear flip-flops and a tank top, drink Pickfords Old Style Cola Beer and go mad for Loleatta Holloway listen up ‘cuz this list is for you!

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