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Gangbusters – Can You Feel It / Tonight I Want You
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Gangbusters – Can You Feel It / Tonight I Want You

With the release of the movie “Saturday Night Fever” and the soundtrack album of the same name featuring the Bee Gees in 1978, Discomania was sweeping across the nation. And in the Midwest, nearly every nightclub, bar, and bowling alley changed musica…

Wildstyle Breakbeats – Gangbusters / Meetings
Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Wildstyle Breakbeats – Gangbusters / Meetings

Image: 1610664 Charlie Ahearn’s 1983 film Wild Style holds a place in
both music and cinematic history as one of the first
examples of a hip-hop film. Since its original release it has
been widely praised for its hybrid approach as both a
narrative musical and a documentary, and as a time
capsule of sorts into the culture of hip-hop during its
infancy in the 1980s. Besides its classic depictions of
MCing, turntablism, graffiti, and breakdancing, the film
also featured now legendary figures of the genres in
acting roles, such as Grandmaster Flash, Fab Five Freddy,
Busy Bee Starski, and many more. Wild Style went on to
garner an immense cult following, portions of the film
itself would be sampled in records by artists like Nas,
Beastie Boys, MF Doom, and more, and would even be
exhibited by museums in Chicago and Boston as part of
programs on the art of the 1980s.
Beyond the film itself however, Wild Style’s soundtrack
has gone down in music history as a crucial piece of
hip-hop handicraft. During a time where the sampling of
records by Queen or Kool & The Gang was commonplace
in the hip-hop scene, Ahearn took a different route in
soundtracking his film, calling upon seasoned musicians
like Chris Stein of Blondie and R&B session drummer
Lenny Ferraro to produce an entirely original set of
lyricless groove, which would be sampled into true
hip-hop instrumental tracks by turntablist Grand Wizzard
Theodore. The mystery and intrigue surrounding the
breaks became the stuff of hip-hop legend, and a treasure
trove for crate-diggers and vinyl enthusiasts.
In association with premium reissue label Get On Down,
world-renowned DJ Kenny Dope, a longtime fan of the
breaks that made up Wild Style’s soundtrack, re-edited
the tracks into full-length cuts in 2014. KayDee now
presents the singles individually for the first time ever.
Each 7″ is a piece of hip-hop history, as some of the most
highly regarded and sought-after instrumental beats of all
time, from one of the most important music
films of all time. Available from 29.09.2017

Fracture – Better than Tomorrow / Gangbusters
Sunday, May 5th, 2013 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Fracture – Better than Tomorrow / Gangbusters

Image: 1580138 The music is certainly special enough but as the icing on the cake each 12” Is personally handstamped and handnumbered by Fracture himself! These are ultra limited in issue to a mere 500 …..this is certainly a release that won’t be available for long ..In fact if they make it past a day we’ll be very surprised ! So don’t hang around!!! If you do you will almost certainly miss out on another piece of Metalheadz History.

METHXX02 Welcomes Astrophonica’s own Fracture to the Metalheadz camp with an incredible Limited Edition 12”, featuring the tracks “Better than Tomorrow”, and “Gangbusters” .”

We would usually sum up the 12’ in our own words but we believe Goldie’s own comments to Fracture upon first listen of the lead track probably do the release far more justice than we could!

Whilst sat on a plane to Australia last year Goldie immediately fired off the following comments to Fracture himself to express his overwhelming approval of the Music ….

“Im pulling out my teeth wanting to beat the guy next to me with a Snare and 10” dubplate !!!! This is one of the most original things I’ve heard in a long while! I HAVE to have this on Headz!!”

So there it is ….!

Goldie’s long standing A&R abilities go without question, the whole foundation of the Metalheadz label is built on them, so with comments like these it goes without saying that the release is certainly something special and an essential addition to your collection!

If that wasn’t enough, backing up the A side to equal measure on the flip side is “Gangbusters”

This sees Fracture continuing the theme of last years hugely acclaimed “Get Busy” with a return to his unique signature blend of break arrangement underpinned perfectly against a huge low end backdrop of pulsating 808’s. The success of The Metalheadz label has been built on representing the absolute pinnacle in future Music with unrivalled quality and Gangbusters is exactly that, an outing from Fracture that highlights everything that is so good about electronic music that continues to ever expand the envelope.

With content as special as this is we felt that it was only right that we reflected this in its presentation. Available from 15.04.2013

Kenny Dope – Wild Style Breakbeats
Thursday, September 4th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Kenny Dope – Wild Style Breakbeats

Image: 1591428 The breakbeats from “Wild Style” and the story of how they came to be re-edited by Kenny Dope packaged in a 28 page hardcover book with seven 7” singles containing the fabled breaks from the legendary Charlie Ahearn film.

”When it comes to “Wild Style”, it’s a movie that I have loved since
I was a kid, because of what it stood for and how it showed real
hip-hop culture to the world. As I became a producer in the late
1980s and into the 90s, when I listened close to the breakbeats that
the DJs used in the film, I could tell that they were done in a
studio….but I never knew the actual story behind them. It was
always a mysterious thing, and no one seemed to know
much about it.”
– Kenny Dope

“Wild Style Breakbeats” not only features a 7” single including each of the
breaks from the film, it also tells the story of those breakbeats in words and
pictures. The 14 page hardcover book is written by Brian Coleman with
reminiscences from Charlie Ahearn, DJ GrandWizzard Theodore, Fab 5
Freddie, Leonardo “Lenny Ferrari” Ferraro, Chris Stein and many more.
“We didn’t want to be dependent on the hit of the month but, more
importantly, I was afraid of (filming) MCs rhyming off a pile of
records that I wouldn’t be able to clear”
– “Wildstyle” director Charlie Ahearn

And so, with a vision about the movie’s backbone: instrumentals that would
replace breakbeats that DJs in New York were using at the time, Ahearn
enlisted Fab 5 Freddy to oversee the production of material specifically for
the film. Freddie comments, “It was very smart on Charlie’s part…he said we

A- Down By Law
B- Subway Beat

A- Cuckoo Clocking
B- Crime Cut

A- Gangbusters
B- Meetings

A- Military Cut
B- Busy Bees

A- B Boy Beat
B- Jungle Beat

A- Yawning Beat
B- Baby Beat

A- Razor Cut
should create our own, so I went and did that.” Using the “Orchestra” from
the public access show “TV Party” (where Freddy was the camera man)
original recordings were made for the film. That orchestra consisted of
Leonardo “Lenny Ferrari” Ferraro on drums and Blondie’s Chris Stein.
“From an audio perspective, I got the 2 track mixdown tapes of the
final breakbeats from Charlie. I went in and re-EQed everything and
did re-edits, to make all of the originals-which were only about a
minute each- longer. I didn’t want to put in anything that wasn’t
there originally, so I didn’t add kicks or snares. I just wanted to
enhance what they already had.”
– Kenny Dope

The story of the breakbeats, the backbone of “Wild Style” has never been told
so thoroughly and colorfully (in both words and glorious pictures) as you’ll
find in this collection spearheaded by Kenny Dope. This is more than a
collection of audio, this is documentation of an integral part
of hip-hop history! Available from 15.08.2014

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