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Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey

Image: 1596682 Fresh from 1986, all time Garage-House-Afro crossover classic… Absolutely timeless House anthem! Need we say more? “Ma Foom Bey” is one of THOSE records, totally flawless, big in the dance everytime. Stripped back drum machines, that cavernous, instantly recognizable bass-line & those chants, killing sound-systems stone dead!

As we said before, dropped on Easy Street in ’86, edited by the legendary Tony Humphries & subsequently caned by 3 generations of DJ’s across the galaxy ever since. Every home should have a copy of this, no collection is complete without it. A record that will never go out of style & will always provoke some buckwild reactions on any dance-floor it’s dropped on!

Shout out to Easy Street, %100 legit re-issue, re-master & re-press, essential wax!


A. Ma Foom Bey – Love Chant Version
B1. Ma Foom Bey – Rhythm Version
B2. Ma Foom Bey – Special ZZB Version Available from 08.05.2015

Peter Gordon & Love Of Life Orchestra – Condo
Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Peter Gordon & Love Of Life Orchestra – Condo

Image: 1611783 Foom presents the new Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra EP, Condo.

A1. Condo
A2. Neighbours
A3. Candy Store
B1. East Village
B2. Condominium

Foom presents the new Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra EP, Condo.
“Condo” (the title song) is a little-known gem from Peter Gordon’s catalog,
pairing David Van Tieghem’s motorik drum programming and found
percussion with the transparent and vibrato-free vocals of Rebecca
Armstrong (Armstrong was also a member of Steve Reich’s ensemble, and
contributed vocals to the definitive ECM recordings of Steve Reich’s Music
For 18 Musicians, and Tehillim). Prior to them working together, Nik Colk
Void (of Factory Floor) wrote to Gordon that: “(Condo) completely catches
my personality and when I feel disillusioned or need comfort, I always put it
on, and it makes me feel good and strong.” Their correspondence
culminated in the Peter Gordon & Factory
Floor collaboration, Beachcombing.
The EP is comprised of a remastered version of the title track, “Condo”
(which originally appeared on 1981’s Casino EP), along with 3 previously
unreleased tracks from the same 1981 sessions. “Neighbors” uses “Condo”
as its foundation, with Peter Gordon’s solo on top, “Candy Store” sees the
full band iteration of the Love of Life Of Orchestra, including Rebecca
Armstrong on vocals, Fred Maher on guitar and Bill Laswell on bass, “East
Village” relies only on synthesizers and electronic percussion, with a chorale
layered upon a deep groove. The EP closer, “Condominium,” is a nod to
those DJs who would play the title track at a slower tempo. The EP’s titles
are a comment on the gentrification of NYC’s East Village, which began in
the early 1980’s and continues to this day, driving out low-income residents,
including artists, writers and musicians, such as Gordon, Van Tieghem and
[Background: In 1981, Peter Gordon joined up with video artists Kit
Fitzgerald and John Sanborn to form Antarctica, a label devoted to releasing
new video music work. The Bologna-based Expanded Records label
released the CASINO EP (on which Condo originally appeared) with the
Antarctica imprimatur, in 1982. Gordon and Van Tieghem returned to
Aquarius Studios in Geneva in (where they had recorded Peter Gordon &
Love Of Life Orchestra’s Genevaalbum the year before). Some of the tracks
from the Geneva II sessions appear on the Antarctica videos, NEW MUSIC
FROM ANTARCTICA LP and CASINO. The Antarctica label was unable to
sustain itself, however, which left a few tracks from the Geneva II sessions
unreleased until now.] Available from 13.10.2017

DJ Marky – Presents Influences Vol.2
Friday, April 7th, 2017 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on DJ Marky – Presents Influences Vol.2

Image: 1609291 BBE present volume two of Influences compiled by DJ Marky.

Tracklist: CD1 Mixed:
1- William DeVaughn – Blood Is Thicker Than Water
2- Maryann Farra & Satin Soul – You Got To Be The One
3- The Pasito Allstars – Cosa Nostra
4- The Brand New Heavies – Dream Come True (Joey Negro Reality Mix)
5- Benelux & Nancy Dee – Switch (Instrumental Version)
6- Clyde Alexander & Sanction – Got To Have Your Love
7- Phortune – String Free
8- Maurice – This Is Acid (K & T Dance Mix)
9- Hardhouse – Check This Out
10- Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Timeline
11- Laurentius – Karate Samba
12- The Manuel Azevedo Quartet – Futebol De Bar
13- Double Dee Feat. Dany – Found Love
14- Manfredo Fest – Jungle Kitten
15- Skanna – Find Me
16- Origin Unknown – Truly One (Remix Pt I)
17- Roni Size Reprazent – Watching Windows (DJ Die Gnarly Mix)
18- Influx Datum – Meant Love

CD2 Unmixed:
1- Benelux & Nancy Dee- Switch (Instrumental Mix)
2- Clyde Alexander & Sanction – Got To Have Your Love
3- Esther Williams – Last Night Changed It All
4- Influx Datum – Meant Love
5- The Brand New Heavies – Dream Come True (Joey Negro Reality Mix)
6- The Armed Gang – Are You Ready
7- Jack Frost – Clap Me
8- Manfredo Fest – Jungle Kitten
9- Skanna – Find Me
10- Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey
11- Lars Bartkuhn – Karate Samba
12- Dave Angel – Rotation

Globally renowned for his vibrant, melodic sets and
productions, Brasil’s DJ Marky has been playing records
for over a quarter of a century, making his debut at the
tender age of twelve (yes, really). In the late 90’s,
Marky’s fresh energy and eclectic influences provided a
much-needed tonic for the UK’s Drum & Bass scene, his
sun-drenched crossover anthem ‘LK’ eventually entering
the UK Top 20 in 2002. The intervening years have been
spent spinning records all over the world to rapt
audiences, as well as absorbing more and more wideranging global sounds to add to his distinctive style.
Marky’s long awaited debut album finally dropped in
2015, aptly titled ‘My Heroes’, reflecting this
uncommonly humble artist’s habit of constantly
championing his favourite musicians and musical
inspirations. With this unselfish spirit firmly in mind, we
are proud to announce the release of ‘Influences’, a
compilation album and DJ mix showcasing a selection of
Marky’s favourite music, created with a healthy disdain
for genre-puritans and an emphasis on fun. Taking in
traditional Brazilian music, disco, acid jazz, early house
and of course a little Drum & Bass, ‘Influences’ is more of
an invitation to a barbecue in the São Paulo sunshine
than a chin-stroking ‘back to mine’ selection. Few artists
display the ability (or the will) to transcend the genre in
which they most thrive, but Marky is quickly establishing
himself as a powerful tastemaker, perhaps even South
America’s answer to Gilles Peterson or Laurent Garnier.
Fans will revel in the acid house and latin rhythms which
provide much of the DNA of his Drum N Bass stylings,
while casual listeners will simply discover a seamless
music journey through a breathtaking number of eras
and styles. A music-lover and fan first and foremost,
Marky’s infectious enthusiasm for his craft has never
been more evident than on this very special record.
For fans of: Goldie, Gilles Peterson, DJ Spinna, LTJ
Bukem, Boiler Room, Jamie Cullum, Annie Mac, Fabric.

Key selling points:
? DJ Marky has headlined Lovebox Festival in
Victoria Park London & was a special guest playing
at Norman Jay MBE’s “Good Times Sound System”
at Notting Hill Carnival, in 2012
? Some of Marky’s songs can be found on the video
game, FIFA Street 2.
? full press & radio campaign in key territories Available from 19.05.2017

Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco – Paradise Row Vol.3
Thursday, September 8th, 2016 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco – Paradise Row Vol.3

Image: 1606294 After a Summer of trips around the globe to play at Croatian festivals, Balinese beach clubs and a variety of underground establishments, Pedro & Dicky deliver the latest episode on their own Paradise Row label.

The EP fuses their love of Disco, House, Italo and Balearic sounds and is a proper party-starting, medium sized player with tracks that are ripe for most dance floor moments and occasions.

The up-for-it, head-nodding arps and discoid thrills of ‘Dance To Love’ get things going in style.
While the chunky House and Barbarellas inspired vibes of ‘I Think I Can Feel Something’ will really get you moving. This one has been going down a storm in the clubs this Summer.

And finally, things come to a grande finale with ‘Perfecto’, which cooks up Italian influences with Ma Foombey style longings to make for a sound as Balearic as large hierbas on ice.

B2. PERFECTO Available from 23.09.2016

Mind Fair – Take Me To The Bridge
Friday, September 19th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Mind Fair – Take Me To The Bridge

Image: 1589799 The second half of the Mind Fair double header is the 3rd and 4th of 4 new tracks, none of which will be on their hotly tipped and eagerly awaited eponymous LP due later this year on Golf Channel !

‘Take me to the Bridge’ is a cover of the disco classic featuring the vocals of Lauren Faulkner & Charmaine Bains, all percussion and sweet sweet rhodes, perfect morning music.
‘Let the Music Take Your Mind’ does just that, a languid groove that liquefies your brain and transports you slowly down the river, drifting on a lazy summer day with nothing to do except watch the trails…

The package is rounded out by a remix from Joel Martin and Gerry Rooney aka The Velvet Season and the Hearts of Gold which takes over where their own filthy bangers ‘Camel Toe Central’ and ‘Wild Honeyz’ left off.
It literally booms out and just screams warehouse, dragging the ghost of ‘Ma Foom Bey’ kicking and screaming into saucer eyed 2014.

Both 12’s feature stunning full colour artwork by Thomas Bullock aka Tom of England of Rub n Tug fame.

B. C.E.R.E.M.O.N.Y (VELVET SEASON & THE HEARTS OF GOLD REMIX) Available from 05.09.2014

Fumaca Preta – Fumaca Preta
Friday, September 19th, 2014 | Posted in Products | Comments Off on Fumaca Preta – Fumaca Preta

Image: 1592454 FUMAÇA PRETA’s hard hitting, free-wheeling debut LP brings together elements of tropicalia, psychedelic rock, fuzz funk, musique concrete, acid house, radiophonic electronics, hair metal, voodoo and African, Brazilian and Latin rhythms. Beaming down from another planet and sonically stretching across decades, ‘FUMAÇA PRETA’ will be released on Soundway Records on 29th September.

FUMAÇA PRETA (pronounced Foomassa Pretta – meaning Black Smoke) started as a studio experiment when Alex Figueira, a Portuguese-Venezuelan producer and percussionist, invited some old friends to join him in the tiny analogue studio he built on the back of his house in Amsterdam.

After producing 2 critically acclaimed 45s, Fumaça Preta continued to work in the Barracão Sound Laboratory, swiftly producing their debut album. All musical boundaries collapsed during recording as the band drew upon their vast array of varied influences.

Live, FUMAÇA PRETA becomes a quintet that swerves in and out of endless musical avenues but never loses the rock solid heavy psychedelic groove that drives them.


A1 : Pupilas Dilatadas
A2 : Toda Pessoa
A3 : Eu Era Um Cão
A4 : Você Enlouqueceu
A5 : Recitando à Toa
B1 : Fumaça Preta
B2 : Amor Tece Dor
B3 : Tire Sua Máscara
B4 : Perdidos Available from 17.10.2014

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